Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Book Blogs

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

Before I started volunteering as one of the bloggers for Long and Short Reviews, I didn’t know much about the world of book blogging at all. One of my favorite parts of writing some of the Top Ten Tuesday posts for this site over the past year and a half has been getting to know a lot more about this topic.

For that reason, everyone on this list is someone I originally discovered through the Top Ten Tuesday meme. I rarely if ever comment on their posts, but I do read and enjoy them quite a bit.   Do go check them out if you’re not already familiar with them. They’re all wonderful for their own unique reasons.

1. Quixotic Pixels

I’m in awe of people who instinctively know how to take a good photograph, and Amy is one of those folks. As much as I like her reviews, it was the photos she shared that originally drew me into her site because of how much I admired her skills in this area. Also, it’s a lot of fun to get glimpses of someone’s other interests in life. (You’ll see me mention this again in this post. It truly is something I value highly!)

2.  Lindsey Reads 

Lindsey has such a friendly and conversational writing style. She shares so many happy little details she shares about her life in her posts that her blog almost feels like having coffee and catching up with a friend even though I’ve never met her in real life. It’s lovely when bloggers add such personal touches to their posts.

3. Laughing Listener 

I’ve discovered so many interesting books thanks to this site. I have no idea where Loretta finds ideas of new titles to add to her TBR list, but she’s good at uncovering stuff that doesn’t seem to be talked about on a lot of other sites from what I’ve seen.

4.  Chrissi Reads 

Chrissi is so consistent. She blogs about a pretty wide variety of genres from what I’ve observed so far, but she always seems to find the cream of the crop no matter which genres she’s talking about this week.

5. This Side of Storyland 

One of the coolest parts of this site is how often it talks about the mechanics of writing a good story. I’ve seen posts there on everything from character development to how to create an attention-grabbing setting. I wish more book bloggers wrote about this stuff, to be honest.
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6. A Great Read 

This blogger writes about YA and urban fantasy books. I adore both of those genres, so I’m always eager to see what she has to say about what she’s read. I suspect our bookshelves would have a lot of overlap if we ever compared them.

7. Book Haven 

Not only does Greg write detailed and balanced book reviews, he reviews films as well. I always appreciate his honest, and often humorous, take on what he did and didn’t like about the stuff he’s read or watched.

8. The Wayfaring Bibliomaniac 

First of all, I love the title of this blog. Don’t you?

I also like the fact that this blogger is so well rounded and willing to share bits of her personal life with her audience when it’s appropriate. For example, her day job is as an assistant dog trainer. Knowing small, personal details like this one about book bloggers only makes me appreciate their reviews even more.

9. Literacious 

The owner of this site is also a library director. It always gives me a thrill to hear what librarians recommend reading. I mean, they’re basically the experts on this topic, right? Her reviews of picture books are excellent as well, and I’m saying that as someone who’s wrote quite a few of them myself. Our world needs more reviewers for that age group.

10. Foxes and Fairy Tales 

This blog is so thorough and thoughtful. If a story needs a trigger warning for disturbing content, I know that it will always be mentioned at the beginning of the review. The blog owner is also really good at seeking out diverse stories and letting the readers know in advance that a particular story features, say, a character who is LGBT+ or from a particular ethnic group. I’m constantly on the lookout for this kind of content, so it’s nice to have come across a site that values it so highly.

What are some of your favorite book blogs?