Santa Wore Leathers by Vonnie Davis

Santa Wore Leathers by Vonnie Davis
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short Story (111 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Take one man-shy reporter, a gorgeous ex-Navy SEAL turned firefighter, add in a thong-stealing dog… and Christmas will never be the same again!

There’s only one thing on Becca Sinclair’s Christmas list this holiday season – her very own column in the local paper. And if she can build a huge blog following, her wish just might come true.

Enter Dan ‘Wolf’ Wolford aka the man-whore next door and the new star of Becca’s popular, post-divorce blog about men. A Navy SEAL turned commander of the Florida Marine Rescue Unit, Wolf’s the very definition of the word alpha – and with an endless rotation of women on his doorstep, this hunk on a Harley has Becca and her female followers all hot and bothered!

All Becca wants for Christmas is her newspaper column, right? But when she finds herself the target of Wolf’s irresistible attentions, her snarky comebacks become less and less convincing and, suddenly, she’s not so sure anymore…

Looking for a warm, lighthearted romance with a bit of an edge? Then Santa Wore Leathers is worth checking out. Becca and Wolf are a great couple, once they figure each other out. It’s the getting there that makes this novella so engaging.

In Wolf’s point of view I get to see his reaction to Becca. It’s satisfyingly entertaining because he loses the capacity for speech and logical thought. He truly becomes a horn-dog but the only woman he’s panting after is Becca. I thought the love advice he received and whom it received it from made for some of the most endearing scenes in the whole book.

No, wait – I think Becca’s canine companion, Einstein, was the most endearing, and hysterical. I strongly believe Einstein knew something about the two humans long before they did. Personally, I think the beloved dog was the true matchmaker of the story. His many ‘gifts’ to Wolf provided no end of chuckles and giggles.

As for Becca, she had to overcome some serious distrust. Unfortunately Wolf provided reasons himself that fed her fear. The poor guy seemed to suffer from ‘open mouth, insert foot’ syndrome and when he messes up, it’s a whopper. What was frustrating was that he was so super close! This is where the light BSDM came in, with the blindfold and restraints. It wasn’t a lifestyle he was introducing her to but a means to teach her to trust. Because of that, I didn’t list BSDM in the list of tags but as some of the other things he did certainly falls into that category, I’m mentioning it here. He was almost to an emotional home run and then, he opened his mouth before he thought it through, and the plot conflict twisted again. Bad Wolf.

When it was Becca’s point of view, it was pleasant enough but when I have to compare whose POV I prefer, Wolf gets my vote. His was much more fun.

There is actually a lot more I could say about this story because it was chock-full of interesting characters and action but the romance was its strongest point and the happy ever after was perfect. I definitely recommend this little nugget to romance readers who want a quick happy ever after that jostles the emotions but delivers a cheerful and fun ending. Santa Wore Leathers is worth every second reading.

The Dragon In the Stone by Doris O’Connor

The Dragon In the Stone by Doris O’Connor
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (152 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Anal Sex, Spanking,
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Penance needs to be paid come what may…

Several Centuries ago Drorgan was cursed into stone. Every twenty five years he is given one night and one day to find the woman willing to accept him in both forms.

It’s the price to pay for his past behavior.

As a lost, lonely little girl Rhonda Butterbaugh was rescued by the dragon in the stone and she has never forgotten her fierce protector. It sparked her fascination with all things dragon. If only they were real. There are no such things as fairytales, however.

When she is attacked on her way home, and wakes up in a cursed magic castle, complete with a fierce dragon shifting lord, her life takes a turn for the surreal.

Determined to break the curse and rescue Drorgan and his kin, she hasn’t counted on Drorgan’s resistance.

Dragons aren’t supposed to be noble.

It’s a fairy tale comes to life. You could say that this is a twist in the beauty and the beast story except the beast is a dragon and the beauty is a librarian.

I loved the beginning. It starts out with the curse and then time changes and you see a child and how she fell in love with anything dragon.

The Dragon in the Stone is smoothly written, never letting me getting lost or asking myself ‘which time period am I in now?’ which is often the case with books that move back and forth between the past and present. I don’t enjoy having to go backwards in a book to reorient myself or keep myself on track.

Drorgan is a dragon shifter, the only one for centuries. He’s been stuck in limbo thanks to a curse for too long because of his past behavior. He’s changed a lot over the years, and seen the changes that the humans have taken. He also knows that if the humans knew about the existence of his species there is a high possibility of he would be killed.

The Dragon in The Stone is a full on erotic story with a lot of hot, spicy moments, bondage, sex, and spanking.

Rhonda is a woman who grew up in a foster home. While Drorgan was cursed to stone until he finds the love of his life that’s willing to not only deal with his human side but also with the dragon side.

My first thought when I read about how Rhonda and Drorgan met was ‘Now, that’s gonna leave a lasting impression on him’. The author put me right in the scene. I was able to see and feel what they felt.

Rhonda is persistent and determined. She has to be to deal with the Dragon who almost always got what he came for or wanted. I liked reading about their spats/talks/conversation. It brought a smile to my face.

Dragons, curses, witches, and magic castles…oh my! Growing up I read a lot of fairy tales and before I started reading erotic I never thought a fairy tale story could be like this. This is essentially a fairy tale BUT a fairy tale for adults, not children or teenagers. It is for readers who enjoy a full body story with more heat than dragon’s breath. Really good read!

Shifting Focus by Cassidy McKay

Shifting Focus by Cassidy McKay
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (95 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

As a lion-shifter, EMT Sophia Lorello has spent her entire life suppressing her wild side. The animal inside her is not only deadly, she’s worse than a horny politician with an unlimited supply of Viagra. And once her lioness gets out, she doesn’t like to let Sophia — or her rules — back in. That’s not a risk Sophia’s willing to take again.

Sophia’s control flies out the window when Special Agent Griff Monroe is assigned to investigate a series of local murders. The fact that he’s dead-sexy, “erases” people for a living, and shifts into a big, scary gryphon could be a problem. Her lioness wants a new toy, and the battle-hardened agent is even harder to resist than catnip. It’s a pity that darned serial killer keeps getting in the way…

When the race to catch the killer rivals their race to the nearest bedroom, shifting focus could be their only hope of survival… if she doesn’t kill him first.

I like Ms. McKay’s stories because there’s always a real story with depth, characters with substance and a plot that keeps the pages flipping. The icing on the cake is the hot romance. The bedroom door is nonexistent insuring that readers feel the heat from the passion and sparks whenever Griff kisses Sophia into oblivion. The author delivers what erotic romance readers seek while giving readers who like more developed plots something to sink their teeth into. Everyone can be happy while reading Shifting Focus.

I liked how Sophia tried to restrain herself. She was an expert at corralling her inner lion but was helpless about resisting Griff. There’s a reason for that, a paranormal one, and it’s a reason she had no clue about. The why of that comes from reading about her history. It really is amazing that she has the job that she does especially when her family history is revealed to the hero and readers.

Griff is a great hero; very take charge, alpha and head over heels in lust with Sophia. I enjoyed watching it morph into something more. His buddy, Hunter, was a fun character. He’s a great side kick yet is just as alpha in his own way. I cracked up when I discovered the reason Sophia seemed to have a bad reaction anytime he was around.

I was most impressed by the humanity of the main characters in the novella. Sure, they’re shifters and can heal fast but Ms. McKay imbued her characters with relatable restrictions on their strength and power that made them seem more realistic, approachable and believable. It was a nice touch and it made their fighting the villain that much more suspenseful, exciting and engaging. I could not stop reading.

Although Sophia reveals a snippet about her family, I found it hard to believe that she knew absolutely nothing about anything with regards to her being a shifter, especially at the age she was when she made the choice she did. Most teenagers not only have a clue but think they know it all at that age. I didn’t feel I was given enough to believe in her self-induced phobia even though it clearly worked as a plot conflict.

The point of view is first person but the author took turns with Sophie and Griff so readers really do get an inside look as to their motivations, fears and the process of their falling in love. I liked that.

Shifting Focus might be short on pages but it delivers a full story, a wonderful romance, the solving of a murder mystery and plenty of sex to blow off steam. It’s a fast read that is perfect for a before bedtime Apéritif of words or a nice way to spend an hour or so in the afternoon. Enjoy!

Shine by Red L. Jameson

Shine by Red L. Jameson
Wild Love Series Book 1
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (185 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M/M, Multiple Partners, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, Menage
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

The fireman is hot—able to burn me. But still, I crave the singe.
The professor is cold—brooding with intrigue, making me yearn for more.
The police officer easily unlocks my laugh—something I thought was caged for life.

Two years ago, before my cheating husband died, he promised he’d right his wrongs–and there were so many wrongs. On his deathbed, he swore he’d send a slew of men to worship me and treat me like a goddess.

I don’t know how, but my husband kept that one promise. Unbelievably, I get to choose between three men—one’s perhaps too hot, another too cold, while the other might be just right. And faintly, I can hear my husband chuckling and whispering that I don’t have to choose.

Maybe—just maybe, they could all be mine…

Sometimes love isn’t all rolled up into one person. For Jane it was rolled up into three men. Each very different and yet exactly what she needed.

I have read a lot of ménage and erotic stories with multiple partners. One thing stood out to me as different in Shine. Typically a ménage or multiple partner relationship starts out with guys who have known each other for a long time not guys who just met. In this story, they started out with “I will have her” and it ended with “we love her and we want to be with her forever”. It was refreshing and added a new level of tension to the story.

Mind you their first meeting was fun to read. It was instant contest to see who is better. It was nice to read how the guy’s relationship with each other changed. Not saying that they fall in love with each other. Their relationship changed from strangers to friends. There is no intimate touching whatsoever between the guys.

This was a book about a widow who’s been grieving her cheating, dead husband for over a year. About how she learns to love all of who she is. About how she learns to let go of her past and her insecurities that have been ingrained in her because of her past. Told in the first person POV of Jane, this book delved into mind of a person whose past has formed who she is at present, both good and bad.

I saw this non-traditional relationship between three guys who loved her immensely blossom and strengthen. Yes, the passion and chemistry she has with each of them is different but in the best way possible. They don’t seem like carbon copy characters with different names. This was one of those erotic books that I will definitely remember.

For the Love of a Fireman by Vonnie Davis

For the Love of a Fireman by Vonnie Davis
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (220 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Molly Devon, a website designer, and her absent-minded father travel to Florida for two months of sun and sand. She wants to nurse a broken heart, and both need to scatter her mother’s ashes—if only her father can recall where he put them!

Grey Barclay, fireman and diver for the Marine Rescue Unit, is slowly remodeling Barclay Beach Bungalows, five little rental cottages he inherited from his uncle. It’s just his luck the first cabin he rents is to a prickly female and her daffy dad! Still, the money looks good in his bank account . . . that is until Molly’s ex-fiancé turns up dead on Grey’s beach.

The police are asking some hard questions but Molly’s providing plenty of soft excuses, and when one of Grey’s bungalows catches fire, Molly is trapped inside, adding fuel to the firestorm of guilt surrounding her.

Grey’s not convinced though. He may be a sucker for a set of well-rounded hips and azure eyes, the color of the ocean, but in the short time he’s known Molly he can see behind the cold façade to a warmth and gentleness that’s hard to resist.

This fireman’s hell-bent on proving her innocence—and keeping her by his side.

This book has it all – humor, excitement, a bit if heavy hitting drama, romance, some eccentric but adorable characters, rambunctious dogs and last but not least, sexy shenanigans. For the Love of a Fireman is complete entertainment.

When I got this book, I had no idea there was BDSM in it, but the premise sounded so good, I took a chance. I’m happy to say that it’s light BDSM, and the heroine was the one being introduced to it. I actually liked how the author presented it, explored it between her characters and made it about emotions, trust and other positives that helped Barclay and Molly’s relationship grow. Because the lifestyle is a tad unconventional, the author used it as part of the internal plot conflict. It worked.

Barclay is a broken man who is afraid of opening his heart again. Molly is juggling a lot of sad emotional baggage on her own – she’s surviving but not thriving. The two truly meet in an explosive encounter that blasted the path to a relationship wide open. There were no tentative steps to take in this story – every step on their journey is bold, productive and revealing. There’s not a boring scene in the whole book.

I laughed out loud quite a few times, especially with the references to James Bond. I got the biggest kick on how Ms. Davis incorporated those humorous little quips into Molly and Barclay’s mating dance.

Secondary characters are very important in this novel. They provide heart, insight and support when it’s needed most. The relationship between Molly’s dad and Milt was priceless. Other important secondary characters were the dogs – they made for effective comic relief.

As for the drama I mentioned earlier, it was brief but intense and gripping. The author wasn’t overly dramatic with the descriptions; she was short and to the point and managed to keep me at the edge of my seat all the way through. I actually re-read that section twice. Molly was so brave!

The focus of For the Love of a Fireman is Molly and Barclay’s romance. The author took the time to let a reader get to know them, care for them, and root for them when things got messy. The BDSM lifestyle isn’t the star of the book, it’s just a part of who Barclay is and how it affected, for good or ill, his relationship with Molly.

For the Love of a Fireman is truly delightful. It’s sexy, funny and warmhearted with just the right amount of external conflict to keep a reader engaged and fascinated. I had an awesome time reading this novel and have no problem recommending it to other romance readers. The story is that good.

Cursed by Lexie Davis

Cursed by Lexie Davis
Charming Bastards MC 3
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (98 pgs)
Other: M/F, BDSM, Spanking, Anal play
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Three years ago, Josslyn Maverick left the MC world to raise her son alone and make a decent living as a realtor. The former MC princess knew nothing about the current war going on between the Charming Bastards and her father’s motorcycle club until her son is kidnapped. Needing his father’s help, she steps back into the MC life, ready to do anything necessary to get her son returned safely to her.

Tank was shocked when he found out he had a kid and that the kid had been kidnapped by a rival. It was fine to go after him in a MC war, but there was a standard rule that you didn’t mess with family and live to tell about it. Despite everything, Josslyn coming into his life was exactly what he needed. She was the only woman Tank ever wanted and he’d been stupid to let her walk away.

While they work together to fix the raging issues between his club and her father’s, Tank realizes there’s more to the story than what meets the eye. Can he protect her and the kid they share? Or will he die trying?

She was forced into the MC life as a child. Come war or worse, that won’t be the life for her son.

Josslyn was born into this lifestyle whereas Tank went into this later on his life. They did not hit off when they first met but their attraction towards each other brought them together. It also produced a child he never knew about until someone tried to take him away. First rule of the MC world, don’t mess with family.

Cursed was a rollercoaster of emotion for me. After I read synopsis and when I completely finished reading the book two things stood out. I realized I didn’t understand the title at all. I couldn’t find any relation of the title to the book. Maybe it referred to Josslyn seeing a repeat of history when her child was kidnapped but I couldn’t be sure.

The one other thing I realized was that, when the synopsis said Josslyn steps back into MC Life, I assumed that she was going to actively be part of it, the same way she was in the past. But that was not the case at all. This is a good thing,  a very good thing, by the time the story ended.

I think the one thing I would say to future readers of Charming Bastards is start from the first book. Yes, Cursed can be read as a standalone. However, for me there were situations where I thought I was missing something interesting, or that I was not understanding it as completely as I thought I would.

Cursed is an erotic biker club romance with elements of violence and gratuitous sex that I did not expect. It’s dark and gritty, very realistic for what this world is more likely like than what is often romanticized in books. I began to understand Josslyn’s character a lot more with some of these elements in it.

The author tried to show Josslyn and Tank’s past relationship and as well as their current one. I saw their current relationship develop into something more and I loved it. I was happy to see that this book has not only an HEA but that justice is served on some really bad people. Readers who want the edgier side of this world should give this one a try.

Wanton Words by Layla Chase

Wanton Words by Layla Chase
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (65 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

A corporate retreat provides laid-back Tadeo Xalvador with the opportunity he’s been waiting for—close quarters with co-worker Kit Emelin. She’s brushed him off in the past, but he’s banking on her brusque manner having less to do with the professional competition between divisions…and everything to do with avoiding the attraction sizzling between them.

Her type A personality drives Kit to view the forest retreat as another place to display her leadership skills. Nowhere in her plans does she allow for a board game of wanton words with the sexy wonder boy of sales. She clings to her rule against dating a colleague. But when coyotes drive them into an empty cabin, adrenaline and lust lead to unquenchable passion she can’t deny.

Kit and Tadeo are both on a company retreat. There’s plenty of chemistry between them Kit can’t deny – but she has a personal rule against dating someone from the same company. But Tadeo is determined to bring them together and won’t be dissuaded.

This is a fun, deliciously spicy story that I greatly enjoyed. Naughty Scrabble, plenty of double entendres and a hero determined to seduce his heroine – what more could a reader ask for? The chemistry between Kit and Tadeo is pretty intense from the start, and it was delightful to see them explore that. As this is quite a short story they jump into it fairly early on – and the sex is scorching hot. I liked how it wasn’t a casual thing, especially for Tadeo. Tadeo – to my mind at least – is the kind of character where it would have been very easy for the author to make him some sort of Lothario – a playboy style of character. But he’d thought seriously about Kit and how he wanted to seduce her and I really enjoyed the care of thought he’d put into it. It made me really love his character and helped me see that this wasn’t some random, casual fling for him.

I enjoyed the fast pace of the story and found many of the descriptions of the retreat’s location really lush and wonderful. I was a little disappointed that the only real conflict in the story was Kit’s own, personal worries – baggage from an ex-lover and worry about hooking up with a co-worker. These concerns while completely understandable made Kit feel less like a strong, modern woman to my mind, particularly as Tadeo had been nothing but sensual, appreciative and supportive.

Overall I really enjoyed this story – the sex between Tadeo and Kit was delicious and graphic, the fun team-building games and other retreat aspects of the story were fun and a good, lighthearted counterpart to the serious, spicy relationship between Tadeo and Kit. A short, quick read that is sure to leave you with a smile.

Restaurant Wars by Shawn Lane

Restaurant Wars by Shawn Lane
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (36 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Thomas MaCaffrey never expected to see his high school crush, Noah Petrie, again let alone have him start working at the same restaurant as Thomas. Noah is hotter than ever and just as annoying, ingratiating himself with the staff and patrons alike. But when Noah becomes the restaurant’s new darling, the war is on.

Opposites can attract, especially when there’s history involved.

I love a friends to lovers story and this one fit the bill. I liked the characters and zipped right through the book. Noah and Thomas were interesting and I would love to see them in a longer book. I liked them as a couple and since this was a shorter story, a little more would definitely make this reader happy. I want to spend more time with them and got emotionally involved.

There were a couple of minor point of view slips and quite a bit of telling versus showing me the story, though. A few times I wasn’t sure whose point of view I was in. Also, the author intrusions took away from the plot, but I was able to keep going. Another run-through by the editor for typos and repeated words would make this gem really shine, too.

The characters are great and interesting. Thomas is relatable because he’s so guarded. He’s been through a lot and came out on the other side in one piece. I liked him. Then there’s Noah. The guy could be clueless, but it was oddly endearing. I liked seeing him grow through the short tale.

If you want a hot story and are short on time, then this might be the right book for you.

A Covert Conquest by Ravenna Tate

A Covert Conquest by Ravenna Tate
The Weathermen Book 7
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Short Story (124 Pages)
Other: M/F, BDSM, Spanking, Anal Sex
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

When Rissa Kerry overhears harmful gossip about the CEO of the company she works for, she makes a phone call to Barclay Hampton. What follows is the adventure of a lifetime for Rissa as she becomes Barclay’s assistant in data recovery from a laptop that might reveal the hackers of The Madeline Project.

But she never counted on falling in love with the CEO along the way. Will she become his next flavor of the month, or this is the real thing for Rissa and Barclay?

Barclay is part of a group of friends financing the efforts to put a stop to The Madeline Project. The program now has a mind of its own, thanks to a virus called Tommy Twister. These men have power, resources, and money, but they’re as ruthless and possessive as the storms ravaging Earth.

“He’d cave one day, too, after the rest of them did.”

This is my first Ravenna Tate story and I loved it.

It has been some time since I read a science fiction story, and this was one that I couldn’t put down.

A Covert Conquest is the 7th book in the Weathermen Series, though it did not feel like this at all. It can definitely be read as a standalone.

This is not an over the top science fiction. The story is set in the future. Barclay is part of an elite group of men who wants to put a stop to the Madeline Project as soon as possible so they can go back to the life they had years ago.

When Rissa overhears a conversation that she thinks the CEO of her company, Barclay, should know about and will appreciate knowing about. It may at first seem that if she hadn’t informed Barclay about this conversation they would never have fallen in love. But I think if she had not informed about that conversation Barclay would have eventually found a way to meet her or be with her. They were meant to be together.

Rissa and Barclay have passionate chemistry, but that’s not only thing between them. Barclay understands her and how good her work is.

The only thing that I did not like was it was a little too short. It felt the beginning was a little rushed but at the end it did not matter at all. The story more than made up for it. This is a short story with a mystery and suspense that becomes a highlight at the climax. The Weathermen are closing in on the hackers. It’s a good time to join them on the hunt.

Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (190 pgs)
Other: M/F, Masturbation
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum


Demigod Andrus Gray may look like every woman’s dream, but when it comes to charm, he sees no point in pretending: He has none and makes no apologies for it. Behaving nicely hasn’t made him the deadly assassin he is today. But is that really the reason he’s still single?

The Goddess Cimil—owner of Immortal Matchmakers, Inc.—thinks yes. So when she foresees a mate in Andrus’s near future, she’s determined to make the match happen. That means hiring aspiring actress Sadie Townsend to help the barbarian “act” a little more civilized.

But are seven days really enough? And why does he suddenly have the urge to throw away an eternity of love for just one night with Sadie?

This is a quirky, fun and bizarre romance story and that means it’s quite entertaining. The delivery starts off with Cimil sort of setting up the scenario of the company, its goals and the players. Each person, like Zac, is over the top, loud and larger than life. There’s not a boring character in the bunch.

Andrus and Sadie are quite the couple. He’s a horndog and she’s a hardworking struggling girl who wants to make it in Hollywood. The two are thrown together in what has to be the most convoluted and peculiar matchmaking scheme ever.

Andrus is not shy with his body (he’s not afraid of a little exhibitionism) or his language. He’s rough, rude and as hot as fresh lava. Sadie has these internal dialogue monologues and quips that are quite amusing especially when she’s trying to not notice Andrus’s fine physical qualities even though she very clearly notices, a lot. And, Andrus notices her noticing. The primal dance between them is quite witty and sexy.

The funniest part was Sadie telling Andrus what she liked in the bedroom department, in detail, and the hero’s very choked response. I was greatly amused.

The conflict is a bit elaborate and manipulative. I could never figure out what the threat was, or if the deadline was as critical as depicted, or if Cimil was playing head games because let’s face it, she’s like a demented Energizer Bunny who majored in Machiavellianism. I had a love/hate opinion about Cimil – at times I was annoyed with her and the way her character was written, and other times, the conflict she imparted was genius. Readers have to decide for themselves which side of the fence Cimil falls on for them.

The biggest surprise was Sadie. I never even suspected the role she played in the novel. What was finally revealed made it even more apparent that Andrus was the most perfect choice for her as a mate. I strongly suspect other readers will agree.

All in all, the first book in The Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. series is a fun launching pad for romantic hijinks in the future. The characters are creative, unique and provide a fresh batch of zany romantic entanglements for readers to enjoy. The next book will be about Tommaso and from the sounds of it, his romantic journey is going to be as madcap as this one.