To Catch a Vampire by B.J. McCall

To Catch a Vampire by B.J. McCall
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (93 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Agent Archer Dane is after a vampire. Having been one himself, he understands the creature he hunts. Teaming up with a local cop after the same culprit seems like a good idea. She’s blonde, beautiful and the perfect bait. All he has to do is scent the trap.

Detective Valen Wynn doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but something weird is going down in her town. Blonde women found naked with bite marks on their necks have her baffled and the town on edge. Valen needs help catching the criminal, and joining forces with a handsome fed presents an irresistible solution. After all, there’s no such things as vampires. Right?

I am impressed with Ms. McCall’s version of vampirism and the very suspenseful tale woven amongst all the sexy times in To Catch a Vampire. I am a happy reader.

Truly, I appreciated the fact that the author chose to set the stage first. The crime was detailed enough to give me insight as to both its seriousness, and the level of dedication and disciplined focus that the heroine, Detective Valen Wynn, brings to the case. She took her duty seriously and that comes into play later on.

Archer is the mystery. Even though this story is told in the third person point of view from both their perspectives, there were things I didn’t learn until he revealed it in dialogue to Valen. The hero’s history is fascinating and the fact that what has helped him isn’t 100% a done deal also intrigued me. The organization and Doc, whoever they are, sound quite intriguing. It seems Archer is a work in progress and while he can, he fights the good fight. In this novella, his past comes to haunt him and he has to face it head on. Unfortunately, Valen is dragged into it and she becomes a pawn. I really liked how Archer tried to balance his growing love for her with his directive – bring in the villain or kill him.

Valen and Archer make a good team. I was so worried at one part because I thought she was going to go all ‘Rambo’ and go it alone. Too many books take that tack and I was thrilled that the author had instead the heroine playing it smart. She still was true to her profession, to protect and serve, but as any good cop knows, backup can sometimes be the key to survival in a sticky situation. You can’t get any stickier than facing a vampire that doesn’t want to give up on their ‘fun’.

I was even impressed with how the author wove the bed-action into the plot. It actually served a dual purpose and was essential for the plans Archer had. He just never expected it to become more than just a job. He was risking his heart and that made the final confrontation all the more potent, powerful and gripping. It wasn’t just sex. It was that intense emotional level that gave more clout to this story and made To Catch a Vampire more than just a typical erotic romance. The book has substance and that’s why I enjoyed reading it so much.

I heartily recommend To Catch a Vampire to fellow romantic erotic suspense readers. Ms. McCall managed to balance the thrill of solving a case with the excitement of sexual attraction, creating a novella worth reading. I had fun.

Summer and the Alien Guard by Jessica Coulter Smith

Summer and the Alien Guard by Jessica Coulter Smith
Intergalactic Brides 11
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Urban Fantasy,
Length: Short Story (98 pgs)
Other: M/F, Masturbation
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

When her family is evicted from their home, Summer knows things can’t get much worse. She blames herself. She should have done something sooner, but now it’s time for drastic measures. There’s only one thing left to do, even if it means tying her life to that of an alien. She drives straight to the Terran Station.

From the moment he first sees the young Human step out of her car, Vordro is mesmerized. He’s never seen anyone so vibrant, so beautiful… or so troubled. He wants to be the answer to her prayers, even if he knows he’s too old for her. The thought of her mating with anyone other than him leaves a sour taste in his mouth. But moving Summer into his home proves to be far more temptation than he’s able to withstand.

When things get off the charts hot between them and Summer ends up pregnant, Vordro knows he’ll do anything to protect her and their unborn child — even if it means defending her from her own family.

If an alien romance story can be mushy, romantic, and character based in a quasi-Sci-Fi setting enough to be a hit, then Summer and the Alien Guard is a must have. This story was so easy to read, it was a pleasure.

It might read as a little too perfect but I believe that it’s because the hero, Vordro, is from a different culture. How they treat women, especially those that are future mates, is every woman’s fantasy on Earth. Who wouldn’t want a rich guy to sweep them off of their feet, listen to everything they say, feed them anything they wanted and take them to the Smithsonian museums on a whim? Who wouldn’t want a man to stand up for their honor with the speed and ferocity of a warrior? I think that’s sexy! And Vordro is all that, plus purple. Yes, in this book, Earth has had alien contact and now has embassies, dating agencies matching up human women with the Zelthranite’s, and Hollywood and the Arts have new inspiration and talents. It’s a fascinating backdrop for a romance.

The novella is definitely character based with the bulk of the conflict stemming not so much from their specie difference as from the disparity in their ages. Summer has no such qualms, but Vordro does. I like how it was resolved. Seems alien men are just as susceptible as regular guys to acts of chivalry, and hormones.

The external conflict comes from Summer’s family and the possibility that the council might not approve of their mating. I honestly was shocked when it was revealed who was involved in threatening Summer. I mean, I did expect it to a degree, but never anticipated it would include a certain person. I was just as shocked as the heroine!

This was a very quick read for me and I was surprised when the book reached its happily ever after ending. I wasn’t ready for it to end. I liked Vordro’s personality. Sure Summer wasn’t as strong as a character, but she was growing, spreading her wings and the author made that quite clear. Under the unfailing support from the hero, Summer’s freedom to choose, to explore and to experience new things and people, and attempting things she never had a chance to before, all contribute to becoming the woman Summer was always meant to be. It’s a beautiful thing to see and the author made sure I knew it.

Summer and the Alien Guard was cute. It’s an easy read, had just the right amount of sexiness to get those juices flowing, and the pace was steady and solid. I just liked it. I hope other readers will give it a try too because there’s a lot to enjoy within its pages.

To Claim a Mate by Jennifer Denys

To Claim a Mate by Jennifer Denys
Publisher: Luminosity Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (60 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Toys, Anal Sex
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Cross the threshold of Balls & Chains, into a world where humans and shifters dominate and submit alike.

Cole Linley is a gay wolf-shifter. In order to appease the Alpha within, he has taken up the BDSM lifestyle and become very experienced. This placates his wolf to a certain extent, but his dearest wish is to find a mate—male, of course. Except, the question is, how to find one in a city surrounded by humans where other wolf-shifters are rare.

Then, one night, he enters Balls & Chains, a BDSM club he frequents, and immediately senses another of his kind. And not only that, it is the scent of a potential mate, Jared Gray. There is only one problem—Jared is collared by another Master.

Jared’s relationship shows all the signs of an abusive relationship. Can Cole get him away from the other Dom and show Jared the delights of BDSM when done properly and what it means to be a beta wolf to Cole’s Alpha?

Living in the city can take its toll on a shifter, especially an alpha like Cole. He enjoys his work and has a home where he can run free but most of all he keeps his beast at bay by going to the club, Balls and Chains. There Cole can let his alpha be appeased by playing with the subs that scene with him. Just like most shifters he longs to find his mate but he has lost hope. Then one night he finds just that at the club but the man that is his mate is already attached to another. Can Cole find a way to get Jared away from the abusive man playing at being a Dom?

To Claim a Mate grabbed my attention right from the start and continued to suck me in as the story continued. Cole is a good man and a well liked Dom. When he finds out Jared is attached, he does what he can and respects that the man is already in a relationship. I enjoyed seeing how Cole goes about wooing and getting Jared away from the abusive man. Because they are mates, their attraction is instant, yet Cole gives Jared time and space before he claims him forever.

Their story is nicely paced and I was quickly immersed in their adventure. The author does a good job of bringing these characters to life. Life seldom gives you what you want but can give you what you need. Cole and Jared learn this the hard way. I loved seeing the two fight for that love. I cannot wait to see more from this world and its inhabitants in the future.

Emotional Rescue by Lily Vega

Emotional Rescue by Lily Vega
Set in Stone
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal,
Length: Short Story (37 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Alistair, a human by day and a stone gargoyle by night, goes along with a scheme that could break his curse, but he risks losing the woman of his dreams.

After being burned by love, Kendra sets her sights on her employer’s hunky gardener for a down-and-dirty romp. Their physical connection has the potential to be the emotional rescue they both need, until Kendra discovers the secrets Al’s been hiding.

I’m always on the hunt for a good gargoyle romance and this pint-sized tale delivered a cute one. I liked the premise and the delivery and I’m thinking this might be the start to a very interesting series. If it goes on as it’s started, then I think readers will be in for a treat.

The basic premise is about a man named Alistair who is half man and half gargoyle. His lifestyle comes with challenges and sadness. Until he took the job of gardener, he didn’t have much happiness in his life at all. There’s a secondary character that refuses to even give him donuts. How cruel can a person be? Isn’t being cursed enough? What harm can a little sweetness do, right? Fortunately, a different kind of sweetness comes in the form of the heroine, Kendra.

I liked Kendra because she’s a dedicated worker, really likes Alistair and when the worst case scenario happens, somehow she instinctively knew he wasn’t as she was led to believe. I have to be ambiguous here because this scene where perceptions are corrected and revealed is a huge turning point in the story. Let’s just say is begins and ends with some sexy times until the door opens and the truth comes to light. In no way did I expect the chain of events to end up where they did. I was pleasantly surprised.

The tale moves quickly due to its shortness in length so a reader might feel short changed in development, depth of character or have a hard time believing in their expertise in handling fancy tech and stealth maneuvers for people who have no training as warriors, on any level. Yet, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the overall tale because it was fun, Alistair and Kendra were likable and I thought they were perfect for each other. Their dialogue entertained me and the resolution is filled with hope and promise. The ending is a kind of happy ever after. I mean, it’s sweet, succinct and alludes to an exciting potential future. The one thing this short story did is whet my appetite for more. I consider that a win.

Emotional Rescue is very aptly titled. It’s a short-shot of fun and romance with a nugget of adventure to tickle a reader’s imagination. I am glad I read this little book and think it’s a perfect afternoon indulgence.

Wildfire by Ilona Andrews

Wildfire by Ilona Andrews
Publisher: Avon Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (400 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Revieeed by Xeranthemum

Just when Nevada Baylor has finally come to accept the depths of her magical powers, she also realizes she’s fallen in love. Connor “Mad” Rogan is in many ways her equal when it comes to magic, but she’s completely out of her elements when it comes to her feelings for him. To make matters more complicated, an old flame comes back into Rogan’s life…

Rogan knows there’s nothing between him and his ex-fiance, Rynda Sherwood. But as Nevada begins to learn more about her past, her power, and her potential future, he knows she will be faced with choices she never dreamed of and the promise of a life spent without him.

As Nevada and Rogan race to discover the whereabouts of Rynda’s kidnapped husband and are forced to confront Nevada’s grandmother, who may or may not have evil motives, these two people must decide if they can trust in each other or allow everything to go up in smoke.

Wildfire is an exhilarating ride that left me breathless, excited and bowled over. I have been waiting for this final book in the story arc and it was even better than I imagined. Actually, there was no way I could ever, not in my wildest dreams, have guessed what was in store for me when I jumped back into the world that Ms. Andrews has created.

There were so many elements that made this novel the blockbuster that it is. It was like reading about an adventure that included the X-Men, Godzilla vs. Ghidorah, and Anita Blake & Edward (the early books).

The one thing that stood out for me is that I felt I was there, in the thick of battle, wild-eyed with adrenaline coursing through my veins. So much so, that I read this until I reached the very last page. So what if it took me until 1 AM. It was worth it.

One thing is for sure, this is not a standalone read. Not really. I mean, Ms. Andrews does do a light recapping of main points as a refresher but nothing can effectively prepare a reader for the shocking conclusion of Wildfire like reading the first two books, Burn For Me and White Hot can. No, a reader simply has to be absorbed into the world of Rogan (Connor) and Nevada from the get-go. A reader must understand the man Rogan was before he met the heroine because throughout the novels his character grows more human, reachable, and even lovable, in a guns/ammo/wild magic kind of way. I met Nevada when she was small potatoes in the investigative businesses and one decision, one job, changed not only her life but the lives of her entire family. Wildfire brings everything they’ve learned, everything they are and pushes them into being something they never thought they’d be.

A very strong plus for this novel is family, Nevada’s family. I enjoyed meeting every single brother and sister, her mother and maternal grandmother. I can’t say I enjoyed meeting her paternal grandmother because there is absolutely nothing about that woman to like. There is, however, a lot to fear and with good reason. The revelation of what that woman did in the past and how it affected Nevada and her siblings has to be read to be believed. Someone needs to crack her like a nut and I hope Nevada is the one to do it. Payback.

I got the biggest kick out of the blue kitty and Sergeant Teddy. I never guessed how important they’d eventually be but I was certainly not surprised. Not when a reader knows where they came from and just how adorable Matilda is.

Even though I chose spicy as the heat level in this book, it’s more spicy-light. There was just enough to make me happy because I really, really love how Ms. Andrews wrote Rogan when he’s fixated on Nevada. It’s sexy, it’s sultry and oh, so VERY romantic! His passion is so contained and yet it’s powerful and the author made me FEEL it. Wow. Nevada is one satisfied woman, many times over. 🙂

I could go on and on about this novel. The writing, the dialogue, the descriptions, the atmosphere, all of it worked, but the action scenes? They were so well done; all of them were significant, rousing, exciting, provoking, thrilling and dramatic. The tension, the suspense and the edge-of-your-seat need to read page after page is compulsive and addicting. I enjoyed the planning and execution of the final showdown. I was hoping for an ending that fit the couple that Rogan and Nevada have become. I was not disappointed.

I adore this series, love most of the characters and I want to thank Ms. Andrews for creating people in a world that I crave to re-visit. The closest I can get is to re-read all three books. I think Rogan is hot, sexy and sort of scary. Nevada is formidable in her own right and is the perfect balance for Mad Rogan. There is not one thing about this novel, or indeed this series, that I didn’t like. All three are on my keeper shelf and there they shall remain. Wildfire pushed all my happy buttons

Wish You Were Here by Asta Idonea

Wish You Were Here by Asta Idonea
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (54 pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

​​The death of Oakley’s sister has left his family broken and buried beneath their grief. In an attempt to get out from underneath their pain, they rent an isolated cottage in the Cotswolds. For Oakley, it’s an exercise in futility. He doesn’t see much hope for things to get back to the way they used to be, and he’s bored and restless as he waits out the time until he can return to the city and university. All of that changes when he meets local boy Bobby, and the connection between them is instant. Within a few days, Oakley is ready to walk away from everything to stay with Bobby. However, Bobby has problems of his own, and they might be more than the budding romance can survive. But they might also give Oakley a new perspective on his own situation.​

Life might not seem beautiful, but it’s a wonderful ride if you open your eyes.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I opened this book. I knew it would be interesting when I finished the first chapter and raced right through to the second without a second thought. The writing captivated me and I wanted to know how this person, Bobby, could exist where he did in the conditions he did. I was certainly drawn in.

I liked Oakley, too. Bobby’s initial reaction to him amused me. “What kind of name is Oakley?” It’s a very young person thing to say. But I liked Bobby and Oakley both. Oakley has been hit hard by the passing of his sister. He’s dealing with the remorse of living while she isn’t and feeling he’s not reacting correctly. He’s very human in his reactions and I wanted to hug the poor guy.

This isn’t a super hot story from a sex scene point of view and that’s fine. It worked for me and the story.  If you want a short story that you won’t soon forget, one with heart and remarkable characters, then this might be the one for you.

His Name Is John by Dorien Grey

His Name Is John (An Elliott Smith Mystery) by Dorien Grey
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Genre: Suspense/Mystery, Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (194 pages)
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Review by: Astilbe

Elliott Smith wakes up in the hospital with a head injury…and an invisible companion. At first, he’s convinced “John” is just a figment of a damaged brain, but when Elliott is fully recovered John is still around—and desperate to find out who he is. Reluctantly, Elliott agrees to help, and discovers Chicago PD has a John Doe on their hands with six bullets in him—who died in the ER at the same time Elliott was there.

As Elliott digs deeper into the mystery of John, he stumbles on a body hidden behind a wall for 80 years, meets a sexy artist who could become more than just a one-night stand, and uncovers a deadly secret that has haunted a nun for two decades.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to listen to the voice in your head no matter how strange it may be.

The pacing was perfect for the subject matter. This is the sort of thing that’s meant to be savoured slowly, and I had plenty of opportunities to do exactly that. There was always plenty of time to adjust to a new clue before the next one was shared with the audience. I relished having so many chances to figure out what was really going on as I was reading.

This is a very minor criticism, but it would have been nice to have a few more clues about when this story took place. The dialogue felt completely casual and contemporary, but there were other scenes that reminded me of the 1970s and 1980s due to the fact the characters almost never used modern technology like cell phones or computers. As much as I enjoyed it, I’m still not entirely sure that I picked the right time period for it.

One of my favorite parts of this book was how it handled the paranormal elements of the plot. Was John a real ghost, an odd, lingering effect of Elliott’s head injury, or something else entirely? This question made it impossible for me for me to stop reading, especially once Elliott came up with a fairly decent answer to it and was able to turn his attention to figuring out who John Doe was and why he died.

Speaking of the mystery, it sure kept me on my toes. I wasn’t able to figure out all of it before Elliott did, and that isn’t something that normally happens when I read this genre. The fact that Mr. Grey was able to keep me guessing until the very end is one of the many reasons why I enjoy his work so much.

If you’re in the mood for a smart, slow-burning mystery, look no further than His Name Is John. I can’t recommend this tale highly enough!

Seal Wolf Undercover by Terry Spear

Seal Wolf Undercover by Terry Spear
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (292 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Review ed by Xeranthemum

Never be so foolish as to fall for the enemy…

Special wolf agent Jillian Matthews has joined the jaguar-run United Shifter Force to track down a deadly criminal. She’s even willing to work with PI Vaughn Greystroke―until the hot, growly SEAL wolf makes the mistake of getting in her way. Naturally, she shoots him. Who could blame her?

Vaughn Greystroke has always worked alone. But when a string of attempted murders puts him in the crosshairs, teaming up with the Shifter Force begins to sound like a good idea. Even if he has to work with alluring―and potentially treacherous―Jillian Matthews. Vaughn is a trained SEAL, after all. He can surely keep his distance from Jillian…no matter how much she’s getting under his skin.

Unraveling a mystery always makes for a great plot. It’s how an author weaves the story that creates an experience to remember and Ms. Spear found a unique hook that I totally could get into.

When Jillian shot the hero, Vaughn, not only was it totally unexpected but once he figures out just who shot him, the sparks start to fly. What I found fascinating is there were so many people shooting at one time or another, I could never figure out who was the criminal. Who really was against whom and just who were the bad guys and where’d they come from and why in the world were they in this little town anyway? Then to find out not only who they were but WHAT they were just sucked me into the adventure. There was so much to find out in this novel that it was easy to keep flipping the pages into the wee hours of the morning.

Imagine my surprise when I found some of the characters were channeling Mel Fisher in their pursuits. That was another treat for me because I love stories like that. It’s a lure that many people would find hard to resist.

There are a lot of smiles throughout the story every time Jillian and Vaughn are together. Their dialogue was fun, snappy and gave me insight into their personalities. Then of course there is the romance which completely worked for me. I liked the heat and how it evolved their relationship towards the next step. In fact the author used a lot of scent references to engage a reader’s senses. There’s a lot of sensual imagery as well to keep readers who like the hot stuff very happy.

Ms. Spear delivered some action packed scenes that were well written, suspenseful and very believable. I mean, once I got to the part when the motivation was revealed, it was so human. This might be a paranormal romance story but the people are just like every other human you read about – including the criminals. This was a very down to earth kind of plot conflict and it worked, probably because one of the villains was so understated for most of the book. What a surprise!

Seal Wolf Undercover is an action story about people with motivations like folks that might live next door to you, except they go furry. Some of their problems are unique to being shifters but the way Ms. Spear writes about her characters never seem farfetched. Being able to relate to a hero and heroine’s emotions and cheer for them as they overcome challenges as they fall in love is one of the best things about this author’s books. Her characters get me every time. This was really fun read and a solid recommend to other paranormal romantic suspense readers.

Claiming His Human by Doris O’Connor

Claiming His Human by Doris O’Connor
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (149 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Shifters defend their mates to the death…

Bear shifter Darius Longton never expected to find his mate in his favorite coffee shop, but one sniff of her scent in the air is all it takes for his bear to know the truth. This delicious, sinfully curvy redhead is his.

Too bad she’s human and far too fragile for his volatile bear.

Holly Trent cannot understand the instant attraction she feels for this man. One look from his heavy-lidded eyes is all it takes to set her knickers aflame with lust. However, she will not be another notch on his bedpost, no matter how much his voice alone makes her want to sink to her knees.

But when a customer gets heavy with her, everything changes. Darius’s defense of her places them both in terrible danger. Thrown headfirst into shifter council politics, it falls to Holly to save her mate.

This was another great paranormal romance from Doris O’Connor. I love all kinds of shifter stories, but the bears are my personal favorites. I loved this story and how the many plot twists kept me guessing and turning the pages until the end.

The best part of this particular book was the lovable main characters. Darius was a sexy growling bear shifter who was, at first, hesitant to claim his human mate. Holly was a human who was oblivious to the existence of the shifter world. Darius planned to charm her first but in the meantime he left the door wide open for a sinister plot to unfold. Holly was stronger than anyone realized and I really loved that about her character.

This book was very exciting and loaded with fast paced action, plot twists and scorching hot sex. It is the sixth book in The Projects series. This is the first book that I’ve read in the series , but let’s just say that my interest has definitely been hooked now. I think it’s worth going back to read the rest of the books so that’s what I am planning to do as soon as I can.

Sub for the Lion by Angelique Voisen

Sub for the Lion by Angelique Voisen
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (51 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Play, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Can a broken lion and an ex-soldier fix each other?

Forty-year-old werelion Lance has retired from the lifestyle. When his mate and sub died, Lance thinks there’s nothing to live for…until he catches a glimpse of twenty-two year old Jax. When he sees the tattered soul behind Jax’s eyes, he unthinkingly agrees to do four domestic discipline sessions with Jax. As long as there are rules in place, Lance’s heart remains safe, or so he thinks.

Jax doesn’t understand his instant attraction to the werelion Dom. He’s frustrated by the rules Lance set in place. Four sessions, no strings attached—but what if Jax wants more? Old demons from the past continue to haunt him, but his time Lance helps him forget. Can the two men heal and move on or will their pasts prevent anything good from taking hold?

Two men, each dealing with their own pain. Lance and Jax are both living with their pasts. One man has lost his mate and the other man tries to deal with the after effects of his time as a soldier. Both are hurting, but maybe they can help each other. Neither man knows what to expect as they meet for their sessions. They need what the other man can give them but can they let go of the past and try for a future? Will love have a chance to grow or has the pain taken root and keeps everything out?

Jax and Lance’s story may be a short read but it has a lot to say. Their story is packed full of emotion and turmoil. Each man must come to terms with his own feelings and just where he wants to go. Their attraction is evident from their first meeting but the two men must learn to trust again. Can they open their hearts and let the other man in or are the walls too thick? There is a lot of inner turmoil with each man and I enjoyed watching both men figure out what they wanted. From the first time Jax comes to do a session with Lance we see how hot the two are together and it only gets hotter between them. The two are good together; both in and out of the bedroom. Life moves on and it was nice to see Lance and Jax trying to move on along with it.

Their story moves along quickly and had me right from the start. The author does a good job of bringing these men and their emotions to life. At times, it pulls on your heartstrings and has you hoping for love. These two men learn the hard way that love can heal if you let it.