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Out Now – Testing Tom by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) #erotica #romance #bdsm #femdom

11_20 TestingTomWhen Katrina’s ex, Tom, turns up on her doorstep, he’s literally the last person she was expecting to see. After dumping her and running off with a vanilla chick, Tom broke the Domme’s heart and left her seriously hurting. So when he returns, begging for another chance, Katrina is understandably very confused and protective of her bruised feelings. She finds it very difficult to believe that he’s turned his back on a vanilla lifestyle for good and wants to be with her, a professional dominatrix. Rather than letting her head or her heart figure out what to do, whether to forgive him, she decides to put Tom through a series of challenges that will prove his devotion to her—or not. Testing Tom is not something she’d ever expected she’d have to do, but to her, it’s the only way she can be sure whether he’s back for good.

This is a previously published work. It has been edited for Evernight Publishing.


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Katrina was halfway through an episode of her favorite drama series when her doorbell rang. She jumped, gasping as her heart lurched painfully, then pressed ‘pause’ on the remote control. Wincing slightly as she unfolded her legs from beneath her bottom—she’d been watching the program back-to-back for a couple of hours and she was stiff—she moved to the window and peered out through a gap in the curtains, careful not to let the mystery visitor see her, should she need to ignore them. Cold callers were common in her area, and drove her crazy. If she wanted to buy something, she’d contact them, not the other way around.

As it happened, it wasn’t a salesperson. She ducked back from the window, clenched her hands into fists.

“What the fuck is he doing here?”

He was literally the last person she’d expected to see standing at her door. Prince William or George Clooney would have been less of a shock.

For there, outside her house, stood the man that had broken her heart several months ago. Thomas Black. She hadn’t seen hide nor hair of him since, and now, totally out of the blue, he’d turned up.

Katrina contemplated ignoring him, going back to her show and pretending she wasn’t in. But apparently that wasn’t an option.

“I know you’re there, Katrina,” he yelled through the letterbox, “your car is on the drive, and I can see the glow of the telly through the curtains.”

Katrina decided it was time to get thicker curtains. Not wanting to cause a scene, which her nosey neighbors would no doubt adore, she moved to the front door, unlocked it and flung it open.

“Get in,” she said, quickly closing the door behind him, then turning to face her unwanted visitor. “What the hell do you want?”

He held his hands up in supplication, then spoke. “Look, I know I’m probably the last person you expected to see—wanted to see—but I have to talk to you. Please?”

He adopted the puppy-dog look he’d long-since perfected. Katrina sighed.

“You’ve got five minutes. Sit down.”

They moved over to the sitting area, and Katrina deliberately sat in the chair, so Tom couldn’t sit next to her. Settling onto the end of the sofa nearest to her, he clasped his hands together, presumably to summon his courage, and began.

“Kat, I’m here to say I’m sorry, all right? I was wrong, so wrong, to finish with you the way I did and go off with Alicia.”

“She dumped you, has she?” Katrina clenched her teeth, and felt the rage beginning to build inside her. If Tom thought he could come running back to her because his bimbo had ditched him, then he had another think coming.

“No,” he said firmly, and, she suspected, honestly. “I finished with her, actually. When I realized that I wasn’t happy with her. She never made me feel the way you do, Kat. Not once. And I know, I know it’s my fault. I wanted something… different from what we had, or at least I thought I did. I couldn’t help thinking at the time that what we did was wrong, was weird. Abnormal, even. So when Alicia started flirting with me at work, I started thinking perhaps I should try for something normal. Like everybody else out there.”

He fixed her with his soulful gaze, and continued. “But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Yes, Alicia offered me normality, a vanilla relationship, but I soon discovered it couldn’t satisfy me. Sure, she could make me come in all the usual ways—”

“Ugh, I don’t want to hear this, Tom. I don’t want to hear about your sex life with someone else!”

“Sorry, Kat. Please, just let me finish?”

When she gave a curt nod, he carried on speaking.

“Alicia could make me come in all the usual ways—I am just a man, after all—but it wasn’t the same. Wasn’t as good. It wasn’t long before I started to miss you, miss what we had together, both in and out of the bedroom. I ignored it for as long as I could, forced myself to make the effort with Alicia, but it just got to the stage where I couldn’t do it anymore. Couldn’t ignore what I was, what I enjoyed, what I needed. And that’s you, Kat. I need you, and everything that goes with you.”

As a Domme, Katrina had become an expert in hiding her feelings, whether she was aroused, angry, happy, sad… it was all stuffed behind a stern facial expression. Now, though, she almost faltered. When Tom had left her, she’d remained cool and silent until the door had slammed. Then she’d broken down. She’d been deeply in love with him, and his decision had left her devastated. Months down the line, her love for him hadn’t faded, not one bit, and the fact that he was here, right now, apparently trying to get her back, was something she’d never expected. She didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or throw something at him.

She didn’t do any of those things. She kept her face straight, her thoughts whizzing through her head at a hundred miles per hour. Eventually, after letting him squirm in his seat for a minute or so, she replied. “So what exactly are you saying, Tom? What do you want?” She knew the answer, but she wanted to make him suffer, the way he had done to her after ditching her for something, someone, that could never satisfy him.


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Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:


Timeless Passion by Kayden Claremont – Spotlight and Giveaway

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MediaKit_BookCover_TimelessPassion Museum director Tasha Banner needs a miracle. Without a great deal of luck and even more money, the pioneer museum will close. But when they demonstrate a Scottish New Year’s tradition, a tall, dark, and yummy stranger walks through the door. Have the faeries sent her a miracle wrapped around the man of her dreams or will altering time bring disaster to them all?

Blacksmith Dougal MacBride walks into his home after a long day and finds strangers celebrating Hogmanay when it’s just days before Christmas. Confused beyond belief and incredibly aroused by the curvaceous bundle in front of his hearth, he is torn between the need to return to his time or remain in the present with the woman who may be his soul mate.

Dougal MacBride froze in his tracks in the doorway of his home.

“Happy New Year,” shouted a group of people he didn’t recognize. They stood in a small group gathered around his kitchen table.

They were dressed in strange clothing— brightly-colored coats on the men, women, and children alike. The women wore scandalous dungarees and their heads weren’t covered.

Fear gripped his throat and pounded at his temples. Who were these strangers and what were

they doing in his home? They didn’t seem threatening, but Dougal looked around for a weapon and spotted the fire poker. “What are ye doing here?”

The strangers stared at him with eager anticipation, but for what he didn’t know. “Tell me, what are ye doing here?”

The only decently dressed woman stepped forward. Her floor-length dress was cinched tightly at the waist, accenting her full hips and ample bosom. Her blue eyes twinkled like the clear winter’s sky and her auburn curls, peeking out from under her white bonnet, framed a pretty face.

“Welcome to my home.”

“Yer home?”

The room felt warm to his cheeks, so he knew the fire had been blazing for a few hours. Whatever their reason for being here, he wouldn’t allow them to stake a claim to his home. He waved his hand at them, like swatting at bothersome flies. “Be gone with ye.”

The woman’s blue eyes clouded to a cool gray. “I’m Mrs. MacBride, the Scottish woman in the village and…”

“Yer not.”

About the Author: Kayden loves sexy, well-crafted stories of lust and love. Her sensuous style drives the characters in lustful romps. When she is not crafting erotic romantic stories, she can be found crocheting or making jewelry.

Kayden is a member of Romance Writers of America, Toronto Romance Writers, and Writing Community of Durham Region.

She hopes you enjoy her other books, Hell’s Bounty, Timeless Passion, and her soon to be released Red Hot all published by The Wild Rose Press.

Kayden loves to hear from her readers. You can contact her on Facebook or at her website:

Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Buy the book at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, The Wild Rose Press, or iBooks.

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What’s Under Your Pillow by Jaye Frances – Guest Blog and Giveaway

Jaye Frances is celebrating the release of her newest release, Betrayed, – Book One in the erotica suspense series World Without Love. Leave a comment or ask the author a question for a chance to win a digital copy of the book.

What’s Under Your Pillow?
A friend of mind recently confessed that she sleeps with her e-reader under her pillow. She told me it gives her a sense of comfort, knowing at any time during the night, with a few taps, she can instantly connect with the characters in one of her favorite erotic titles waiting for her on her kindle.

Maybe that’s not so unusual, I thought, until she added, “And I have to feel it in my hands just before I’m ready to fall asleep.” I was certain she was still taking about the e-reader, but there was just enough innuendo to make me wonder . . .

The idea of making a physical connection with the story—either by touching the paper or swiping the LCD screen—got me thinking. I decided it might be interesting to explore the question of ebook versus paperback format, along with the premise that in spite of their differences, one common characteristic continues to make them kissing cousins.

As friends, acquaintances, and readers opened up, so to speak, there were as many responses preferring a printed book as an electronic reader. It became obvious more research would be required . . .

One reader explained that she only reads paperbacks. “I have to smell the book, run my fingers along the paper, mark my favorite pages. And then, at night in bed, I’ll slip the book from my nightstand and read the sexy passages to my man, knowing I can quickly flip to my favorite parts to get things going.”

I found it curious how many commented on the pleasure they received from reading in bed, holding the story in their hands, whether an e-book or paperback, with or without a partner . . .

As I considered this interesting commonality, I thought back to my high school years, when we’d pass around a dog-eared paperback of the current steamy novel. As the book changed hands, we’d skip to the pages with turned-down edges, because those were the only parts we wanted to read—the “dirty” parts. It didn’t matter if there was a hint of emotion or a compelling backstory. We didn’t care. We were fascinated by descriptions of people engaging in sex. Some things never change – thankfully.

With that teen-age memory, I began to make sense of our need to physically bond with the story. Regardless of our personal preferences—paperback, hardcover, or e-reader—we need to involve the tactile part of our perception. When readers touch the screen of a Kindle or Nook, they turn the paper page in an alternative universe.

What conclusion did I come to? Since I received so many compelling reasons from both sides of the e-reader vs paperback question, I decided all the books in my World Without Love series would be available in both formats. In fact, I’ve recently released paperback companions for all my previous books.

You’re welcome. Now jump into bed, and take your favorite book with you.

11_12 Betrayed _1 10-29-15 600 dpiJewel has everything going for her—a handsome husband, a promising future, and lots of time to explore an island paradise she now calls home.

But when a group of strangers accompanies her husband home for a friendly game of poker, her life quickly becomes a hellish nightmare of deceit and betrayal.

Now her very survival depends on entering a world where sex, domination, and money are inseparable, where women must obey all masters, and where every desire has its price.

Betrayed is intended for readers 18 and over due to mature content and language.

Enjoy an excerpt:

Like the rest of the men, Carl had been drinking. And it didn’t take long before he had pitched every penny of last week’s paycheck into the pot.

That’s enough, I thought. You need to stop. But Carl was a rotten mind-reader.

The betting continued, the stakes increasing with every round. Finally, Carl was draining our savings. I had to speak up.

“Carl, can I see for you for a second?”

I felt awkward bringing it up. He had been the sole provider for over a year and had never complained. By rights, it was his money to do with as he chose. But he was in over his head, betting money he didn’t have. That was stupid—and dangerous.

“Uh-oh,” Wiley chided. “Looks like the missus is pulling back on the reins.” He started to say more, but a quick glance from the captain stopped him cold.

“Not to worry, babe,” Carl assured me. “Everything’s under control.”

“It’s a lot of money,” I said. “And I know how hard you have to work for it.”

Carl smiled and gave me his trademark wink as he pushed the last of his chips into the middle of the table.

I knew he was good; he wouldn’t be this confident if he didn’t have an excellent hand. But I could also see his quiet anxiety. The money had pushed him over the edge, the lure of easy cash more important than the fun of playing. It was exactly why I had such an aversion to Carl’s gambling. At some point, the game always seemed to evolve from harmless entertainment into a mythical siren of temptation, turning the players into ruthless competitors.

Another round of bets brought the ante back to Carl.

“What about a little credit?” From Carl’s flippant tone, I knew he was trying to hide his frustration. He desperately wanted to stay in the game.

“Credit? You’ve got that good of a hand?”

Carl backpedaled. “Just want to keep the ball in play, keep things interesting.”

The captain took a deep breath and frowned. “Don’t know if you’re good for it. And I don’t want you turning me into a debt collector. If you can’t play, you need to fold.”

“I’m not asking for much,” Carl argued. “How about if I offer some collateral?”

The captain scanned the room. “I don’t see much here that can be sold for quick cash.”

I could have interpreted his comment as an insult. But he was right. Our belongings were second-hand and well-used, most of them purchased from a local hotel after the owner replaced the property’s aging furniture.

“What about the mantel clock?” Carl motioned to the bookcase displaying the timepiece. “It’s over a hundred years old,” he added. “And there’s also my mother’s silverware, place settings for eight.”

I cringed. The clock was a cheap reproduction and the “silverware” was stainless steel.

“What’d’ya say, Captain?” Carl asked. “Can you give me a thousand on the clock and silverware?”

“No more than I would give you a thousand for an hour of your wife’s time.” He paused to look up and lock eyes with me. “Even as lovely as you are, my dear,” he added. Then turning his attention back to Carl, he said, “Although I will say she comes far closer to a fair exchange of value than that clock or set of steak knives.”

I told myself it was a compliment, even though his words were wrapped in innuendo.

Carl was quiet. Maybe he’d taken offense, though that seemed unlikely. We were both used to his Navy buddies and their flirtatious comments, even their tendency to be a bit “hands-y” with me during their hellos and goodbyes.

I knew he’d been counting the cards, extrapolating the odds. No doubt he was determining the probability of whether the remaining face cards were still in the deck or in the hands of the other men.

Finally he broke the silence. “What would you pay for an hour with my wife?”

I hoped I hadn’t heard him right. “Carl, can I talk to you?”

He looked at me with his familiar sly grin, his way of asking for permission and forgiveness at the same time. “You’ll play along, won’t you babe?”

“That’s enough, Carl,” I cautioned. “Maybe it’s time you fold and we call it a night.”

I could tell from his expression he was ignoring me. Either I wasn’t getting through or he’d turned pig-headed stubborn. I would give him a piece of my mind later.

Focusing on the captain, I tried another tactic. “I’m afraid my husband has forgotten his manners. It’s probably best to finish the game and end the evening on a friendly note And of course, if you’re ever back in Colombo, you’re welcome to—”

“But wouldn’t it be fun to find out?” Carl interrupted. “Just for kicks?”

Until now, the captain had projected his usual quiet, commanding demeanor, his attention focused squarely on the cards. “What are you talking about . . . exactly?”

“I’m saying,” Carl began, laboring over each word, “we put a price on my wife’s favors, for fun, you know, to see how it plays out. We can freeze the money right where it is.”

About the Author:

Jaye Frances is the author of the erotica suspense series, “World Without Love,” including Betrayed, Reunion, and Redemption. Her other books include The Beach, a sci-fi supernatural tale about the possibilities—and horror—of wishful thinking; The Kure, a paranormal-occult romance novel; The Possibilities of Amy, a coming-of-age story of first love; and Love Travels Forever, a collection of poignant short stories. When not absorbed with her writing, Jaye enjoys cooking, taking pictures—lots of them—and sipping a glass of merlot with a side of dark chocolate. Jaye lives on the gulf coast of Florida, sharing her home with one husband, six computers, and several hundred pairs of shoes.

Website | Facebook | Amazon Author Page | Goodreads
Buy the book at Amazon.

The Sorcerer’s Spell by Dani Kristoff – Spotlight and Giveaway

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MediaKit_BookCover_TheSorcerersSpellAnnwyn goes to bed dreaming of making love with her dead husband and wakes up in the body of another woman, a woman who is having hot sex with Dane, a powerful sorcerer. Her body has been stolen by Nira, a sorceress, who feeds her magical power through sex – the kinkier the better.

The curse she laid on Dane turns him into a werewolf every full moon and to complicate matters, Dane’s werewolf friend Rolf, succumbs to Nira when she temporarily repossess her body, causing jealously and confusion. But time is running out for Dane, as he will be a werewolf forever unless he can break the curse.

Rafael from the Collegium of Sorcerers is the only one Dane trusts to help them, but when a wider conspiracy is revealed, it’s up to Annwyn and her developing magical powers to save Dane before it’s too late. But can she seduce an unwilling werewolf to lure the sorceress into a final confrontation?

Enjoy an excerpt:

Nira materialised. Dane kept his face bland, kept his jaw tight; she was not what he was expecting. He thought she would be older, more experienced. Instead, she appeared younger than him.

Her green eyes were wide as she took in her surroundings then narrowed when she saw him. There was no flash of recognition. She frowned and curled her hands into fists. ‘I demand you release me,’ she said, voice surprisingly deep. Hidden in her words was the spell of compulsion, which Dane deflected with a lift of an eyebrow.

The strength of her magic surprised him. Where had that power come from? He had not detected her accessing it. He sharpened his perception, seeing into her. The poles of her power were not immediately apparent and he was unable to gauge her strength.

Yet his summoning still bound her. Her efforts to fight against his hold made her essence slippery and insubstantial. Impatient, Dane inserted mental claws, anchoring her tight so she could not dematerialise.

Nira eased up her struggles, although by the lift of her chin, she had not given up. The muscles of her jaw bunched and her eyes narrowed to slits as power rippled off her. ‘Who are you? What do you want?’ Her expression was blank, giving no sign that there was a silent, magic duel going on between them.

The sorceress circled him. Dane’s gaze lingered on her long, tanned legs; her thighs teasing the edge of her short skirt. Lifting his eyes to study her, he was tempted by her tawny skin and luscious breasts. Her blonde hair was striking against her darker skin tones. Then there were those eyes, that startling green. His breath caught when their gazes locked.

Perhaps ridding himself of this terrible curse would be more pleasurable than he had first thought. He hid what he was thinking behind a frown. ‘My name is Dane Archwright and you cursed me.’

There was a hitch in her stride, and she averted her face momentarily. ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ she said, turning to face him. ‘Release me.’ The accompanying thrust against his hold was anticipated. He squeezed her essence in his mental grip.

‘I’ve tracked the curse to you. There’s no point in denying it.’ His voice was rough with anger.

Unable to hold his gaze, she lowered her eyelids.

He breathed, letting some of his ire slide. ‘I don’t even know you. Why did you curse me?’ he asked, his voice softer, better modulated, now that his anger was under control.

Her lips drew into a straight line and she did not speak. Defiance brightened her eyes.

So, he thought, she will not explain. ‘Remove this curse.’ His voice came out hard, almost a growl, a remnant of the beast that lurked inside.

She froze and then angled her chin to the side. ‘I cannot.’

A growl left his throat, despite his restraint. ‘I’ll give you one last chance. Lift this damned curse.’

She laughed and turned away. ‘Never.’ She gave a mighty mental heave as she thrust against his spell. Dane grinned when his hold didn’t budge.

‘Then you will face the consequences.’ Dane began the ritual of binding, sending threads of power to surround and penetrate her. Bound to him she would have no choice but to obey. When she realised what he was doing, a deep groan of despair rose up from her.

‘No! You can’t possibly do this.’ Her mouth opened as if to scream.

He relished the taste of her fear. ‘You’re not meant to have such power…such knowledge,’ she said through clenched teeth. Bringing her power to bear, she tried to shake him off, to push and tear into him.

‘Ahh…so you underestimated me. A good thing to know. I can and will bind you to me. I will force your compliance unless you remove the curse now.’

She shook her head, frantic jerks. ‘I can’t release you from the curse. It would be my life if I did. That is all I can say.’

‘Do you think I give a damn about your life? You would condemn me to live as an animal forever. Why?’

He waited for her to answer. Defiance locked her face and lips tight. Reluctantly, Dane spoke the final words, sending the last heavy chain of binding to wrap around her throat. He had hoped the threat would have been enough to make her lift the curse. No one went willingly into a binding.

Her eyes rounded with alarm as the spell tightened further. Power smouldered in her eyes as she probed the boundaries of his spell.

As her struggle increased he let a small smile of satisfaction creep onto his face. She was secured.

About the Author: Dani Kristoff is an Australian author based in Canberra, the nations capital. She delights in reading and writing paranormal romance. For the last 13 years, she been concentrating her efforts on science fiction, fantasy and horror. She’s just finished up a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Canberra. Her day job is in the public service. Her partner is also a writer and they live is a big house overlooking the mountains.

Dani has two paranormal series going. Bespelled with Escape Publishing, the prequel Spiritbound out in April 2015 and there is more in train. This series is based on witches and is mostly set in Sydney. She also has a darker more erotic series set in a different world system, starting with The Sorcerer’s Spell, to be followed up with The Changling Curse. The Sorcerer’s Spell is based in Canberra and features sorcerers and werewolves and other magical creatures. It has a particularly nasty sorceress for a villan who uses sex to fuel her magic.

Twitter | Facebook | Website
Buy the book at Amazon.

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Sexiest Rock Stars (And What Makes Them So Hot!) by Dawn Ryder – Guest Blog and Giveaway

10_29 dawn Rock Me Two Times graphic

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by the publisher to celebrate the upcoming release of Dawn Ryder’s newest release, Rock Me Two Times, on November 3. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post to win a copy of the book.

Sexiest Rock Stars (And What Makes Them So Hot!) with Dawn Ryder

Rock Stars…some are just lick-able….

Let’s face it, there is something about a man in leather, who can bring a stadium to its feet. I know there are all sorts of different music out there but heavy metal in all its formats has a certain, gut-wrenching appeal that just gets girls wanting to squeal. So here’s one of my favorites:

I’m going with a classic, Elvis Presley – This icon had a lot of the elements I felt were essential to my hero, Syon, in Rock Me Two Times. One was his love of his music. Elvis actually recorded more songs than most musicians ever do. He wanted to have a television show that showed him and his band working out new music, but was told it wouldn’t hold the attention of their audience. That sort of devotion to his craft amazes me. Elvis had music in his soul, I mean, he actually thought in it. I wanted Syon to be that way, to have his music be the root of his entire being and to have Kate come in and recognize the artist in him.

There are so many types of passion, and music is one that the world stops and listens to. If I’m lucky, someday, one of my books will captivate a reader just as completely as some of the great songs out there that everyone knows.

10_29 dawn Rock Me Two Times coverFirst in Dawn Ryder’s sizzling new Rock Band series.

Rock star Syon Braden writes and plays the most extreme—and profitable—music from the depths of his shredded heart. He’s got a double platinum record, adoring fans, and success for his band Toxsin—but it’s what he can’t have that he craves. Custom leather designer Kate Napier has her sights set on success, and that means keeping irresistible rock stars like Syon out of her bed. The chance to tour with the band and provide them with a fantastic custom wardrobe is too major an opportunity to turn down. But immersion in the dark, wild world of Toxsin on tour means Kate’s about to get rocked…hard…body and soul.

Enjoy an excerpt:

The Staples Center was roaring.

It sounded like a tsunami coming in, or a freight train passing three feet in front of her face. It was more than sound; there was a vibration that traveled through her body, all the way down to her bones. There was a current in the air that practically crackled with excitement.

The bodyguard-slash-security guy showed Kate up to a private box. She followed because she didn’t want to squeal like a little girl and ask to be taken home.

She’d never lost her head like this before.

It was embarrassing on an epic scale. She was pissed at herself for rolling over so easily for a man who wouldn’t recall her name by the end of the night.

The box had plush seats and an open rail overlooking the stage. The lights went down, and the drummer started up. The beat was infectious, taking over her heart until she was sure the muscle was keeping the same rhythm.

The crowd roared again, thrusting their hands up into the air as two guitars joined the drummer. Her nipples puckered again, her memory offering up an image of Syon arching back as he played those final chords. It was like he was pushing the music out of himself, almost as if he were giving birth.

On stage, he was just as raw.

Syon took command of the space completely. The audience ate him up.

And were they screaming. Syon worked them just as skillfully as he did his guitar. He really was lord of all he surveyed. Kate discovered herself leaning forward, being drawn toward the spellbinding energy pulsing on the stage. Sitting still was impossible; her body wanted to move in time with the notes Syon was wringing out of his instrument. She became fixated on his hands; the way he worked his fingers was downright dominant.

Her teeth were clenched by the time the last song finished, she was panting softly and felt wrung out.

But it was fucking wonderful. She was drifting on a high and collapsed back into her padded chair, her composure scattered around her like fall leaves. She felt spent but amped up at the same time.

Fangirls were definitely climbing the respect ladder in her book.

Okay, so she was drooling over a rock star like some high schooler, but at least B.O.B.—her battery-operated boyfriend —was waiting for her at home. All in all, the buzz was worth the slightly stinging blow to her pride, because in some corner of her mind, she believed she should be grown-up enough to realize fantasies weren’t mature. So disappointment wouldn’t stalk her in the wee hours of the night.

A hollow feeling in her gut warned her she was hoping in vain.

As Syon and the rest of the band left the stage, Kate indulged herself in a long moment of reflection. Syon had worked that guitar until it wailed. He had to be hell in bed if he applied even half that effort to pleasing his partner.

“So, what’d you think?”

She jumped, grabbing the armrests of the movie theater-style chair. Her eyes popped open wide, and her belly did a triple flip when she found Syon watching her.

“Ah…” Her tongue suddenly felt like a wad of cotton in her mouth as she scrambled to stand up and turn around to face him. “It was fantastic…”

He grinned at her, a huge, arrogantly pleased expression that showed off his perfect teeth.

God, she wondered if he knew how to bite…

About the Author: 10_29 Dawn Ryder photoDawn Ryder is the erotic romance pen name of a bestselling author of historical romances. She has been publishing her stories for over eight years to a growing and appreciative audience. She is commercially published in mass market and trade paper, and digi-first published with trade paper releases. She is hugely committed to her career as an author, as well as to other authors and to her readership. She resides in Southern California.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Buy the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound, or Apple.

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Writing Tips: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict by Tina Christopher

VBT_TourBanner_FromPrussiaWithLove copy

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Writing Tips-Goal, Motivation, and Conflict

Hi there! Thank you so much for having me.

I love to hear from authors about their process and how they prepare for the next book. It’s fascinating and helps me to rethink—and sometimes adjust—my own.

Over time, well, pretty much with every book, my process changes a little bit. One book I’ll do this, but in the next I’ll add that. But the one thing I will do for every story: I always put together the GMC for my heroine, my hero and my villain.

GMC stands for Goal, Motivation and Conflict and is a book written by Debra Dixon.

It is my bible:).

Even if you don’t outline and are a complete pantser, I recommend to at least think about the internal and external GMC. It will keep you much more focused and will answer the all important question: Why?

In case you are not familiar with GMC, the grid looks something like this:

The Wizard of Oz


Dorothy                  External      Internal
Goal  Overarching Goal: Get home She wants to find her heart’s desire and a place with no trouble
  Intermediate Goals: get to Emerald City, see the Wizard, get broomstick  
Motivation  Auntie Em is sick and Dorothy wants to get back to her (the Wizard has the power to send her home, but he has a price for sending her home, which leads to an intermediate) She is unhappy and trouble follows her everywhere
Conflict  The Witch, the balloon lifts off without her She doesn’t know what she wants


The character can have one overarching goal (get home), but to get there she has to fulfill a number of smaller goals (get to the Emerald City, see the wizard, get the broomstick).

I look at my idea, my characters and what I’m thinking off as the plot and then set out to discover what my heroine’s ultimate goal is, both for the plot of the story and for the internal growth, why she wants to reach these goals and what stands in her way. Every time I do this I gain insight into my character and focus the story.

I am a plantser. I outline what will happen, but then pants the individual scenes.

If you’re interested, here’s the link to buy GMC. Or you can just google it, loads of info on the web:). I definitely recommend the book, just because I like to highlight and comment on things.

Is there something you do with every book no matter what?

MediaKit_BookCover_FromPrussiaWithLoveClara Redbeck has one goal: to prove to the sods at work—and to herself—that the best man for the job can be a woman. To do that, she must prevent a traitor from blowing London to bits. If only the dashing first mate of the dirigible she’d been tasked to plunder didn’t set her aflame.

Garrett Dewhurst has one goal: to execute the coup of a lifetime. His plans do not include a spanking dalliance with the most intriguing woman he has ever met.

With each encounter, the fire between them burns hotter and their need grows stronger. Finally, the cramped cabin aboard the Bismarck becomes their intimate playground, where Garrett introduces Clara to the pleasure of submission and they explore their passion in every way possible.

Clara and Garrett want a future together, but each holds a secret that if revealed could cost them everything. When danger closes in, they have to choose between protecting themselves or the whole of London.

Enjoy an excerpt:

She didn’t respond. Instead she studied him from the tips of his boots to the top of his head and every inch in between. Heat spread through his body, unexpected and not completely welcome.

Then she mirrored his stance right down to the raised eyebrow.

Unable to help himself, he smiled.

It had been a very, very long time since a woman had intrigued him after exchanging just a few sentences. She took his breath away and made him want to laugh. Judging by her frown, this was not the response she’d expected.

Garrett turned to Jens. “I believe you have other passengers to look after. I’ll take care of Miss Riesenbeck and anything she may require.”

Jens nodded. He bowed to both of them and practically ran away.

“I don’t know if I should be insulted at the speed of his departure or pat his cheek.”

Garrett chuckled. “Neither. I just think you are too much woman for him. He wouldn’t know how to handle you.”

She widened her eyes. “And you do?”

He curved his lips and knew his smile carried an edge. “Would you like me to prove it?”

She scrutinized him, leaving him hanging on the lip of the abyss, waiting for her response.

“Give me the tour Jens had promised to escort me on, and I will let you know at the end.”

Challenge curled through him. He bowed lightly but continued to hold her gaze captive. “Please step into my cargo hold.”

Her smile lit up her face. Her beauty was not conventional, but in that moment, it grabbed him by the throat. “Said the spider to the fly.”

“Will you step into my web?”

She turned around and threw a glance over her shoulder. “That has yet to be determined.” She strode to the door, and Garrett fell into step behind her.

About the Author:MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_FromPrussiaWithLoveTina Christopher spent her early years flitting across the Channel between Germany and England. After touring the world extensively—from hanging out with elephants in South Africa to hiking through the wilderness in Alaska—she finally laid down roots in Toronto. Although Canada’s winters may be frigid, Tina’s characters are anything but!

Like most writers, Tina often hears voices in her head, but it took the encouragement of an editor friend to have her actually put fingers to keyboard. While those first stories will never see the light of day, she’s subsequently honed her craft and learned to build not just worlds, but entire galaxies. History has always been an area of interest for her, and she’s enjoys few things more than imagining what could happen when history and future meet.

When not imagining far-away worlds and scorching-hot encounters, Tina can be found on her sofa working through her never-ending TBR pile or venturing into the real world—whether to a nearby café or a passport-required destination. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America Toronto chapter and looks forward to where her characters take her next!

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Taking a Gamble by Trish Edmisten – Spotlight and Giveaway

BBT_TourBanner_TakingAGamble copy

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MediaKit_BookCover_TakingAGambleIt was only supposed be a little harmless fun, a road trip to Las Vegas to prove to everyone that she’s not boring. Instead, Marcy wakes up in a hotel room with her best friend’s brother. Worse, they’re wearing nothing but matching rings! Now, Marcy has to decide if she’s going to take a gamble on Nick or walk away from the best thing she never saw coming.

Enjoy an excerpt:

As soon as she opened her eyes, Marcy regretted the decision. The invasion of light brought an immediate headache, at the same time causing her stomach to churn in protest.

Marcy groaned.

She had a hangover and not just any hangover. This was the granddaddy of all hangovers. Along with the pounding headache and bubbling stomach, it hurt to breathe. One wrong move would send her straight for the bathroom.

Ignoring the throbbing in her temples, Marcy did her best to recall what brought her to where she was.

Wait a minute! Exactly where was she?

Bits and pieces of yesterday floated through her mind. The last thing she could remember with any clarity was Robert’s humiliation made worse by Nick’s eavesdropping.

It didn’t seem possible that it was just yesterday that her best friend, Chelsea, married the man of her dreams. The wedding was beautiful and the reception had been one hell of a party. Right up until the part where Robert said he didn’t want a relationship with her.

That much Marcy could remember. Everything that happened afterward was lost on her.

As much as she hated to do it, Marcy opened her eyes again. Trying to move her head as little as possible, she cut her eyes left and then right.

What in the name of God was Nick Singer doing in bed with her?

About the Author:MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_TakingAGambleTrish Edmisten is the author of several novels, including Extraordinary Will, a Reader Views Literary Award Winner. Her work has appeared in Writer’s Journal, Creative With Words and A Long Story Short. Besides being an author, she holds a degree in criminology. Trish lives in Fresno, California with her husband and their two daughters.

Website | | Blog

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Crazy for Him by Sofia Tate – Spotlight

10_6 tate Crazy-for-Him-Launch-Day-Blitz

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10_6 Tate_Crazy for Him_E-BookRising star Luciana Gibbons has the voice of an angel, the curves of a woman, and a tragic love life she’d like to forget. After dating more than her share of losers, she’s all but given up on men. But when she runs into a gorgeous new singer from Prague-literally colliding against him and his muscles-she may have found the man of her dreams.

Tomas Novotny craves Lucy, body and soul. She is all he’s ever wanted . . . and didn’t know he needed. But with a past shrouded in despair, he can’t risk exposing Lucy to the pain he’s endured. Yet in order to give Lucy the life she deserves, Tomas has no choice but to face the past he’s ignored for far too long . . .

Enjoy an excerpt:

“Will you hurry up, Lucy? You know how Waltz hates it when we’re late!”

I’m rushing with Alli down the hallway to our Wagner seminar at our grad school, the Gotham Conservatory near Gramercy Park, trying to juggle my coffee travel mug in one hand while checking my phone with the other. I frown at the email that just popped up, shoving the phone into my coat pocket. “Correction. He hates it when I’m late. Everyone loves Allegra. And by the way, you still haven’t told me what happened with Money Boy after I left you in front of Lincoln Center.”

She rolls her eyes at me. “You’re such a drama queen. He only picks on you because your German is flawless and he’s trying to challenge you. And we’ll talk about Davison later.”

I turn to look at her with a knowing grin. “Bet your ass we will. And yes, this is true. My German is-”


Without looking where I was going, which I could’ve sworn was down an open hallway, I bump into a wall. But a wall doesn’t grab you by your upper arms, holding them with a vise-like grip.

And a wall doesn’t have a broad chest, solid with muscle.

And a wall really doesn’t have a face with dark brown eyes, an aquiline nose, full lips that smile back at you wickedly, and a mop of dark blonde hair falling across its forehead.

Then The Wall speaks to me in a deep European accent. “Are you all right?”

And that’s when I lose all train of thought.

Alli clears her throat to snap me out of my trance. “Oh, hi, Tomas. We’re just on our way to Waltz’s class.”

“Hallo, Allegra,” The Wall replies to my best friend without taking his eyes from mine, still grinning like a damn fox about to dive into its catch of the day. “Do you speak?” he directs to me.

What an asshole.

That’s it.

“Yeah, I bloody do speak. And you were in my fucking way, so how about you step aside so I can get to class?”

“Are you British?”

I shake my head in confusion. “What?”

“You said ‘bloody. When I learned English back in the Czech Republic, we were taught using British textbooks.”

Oh my God..


That’s what I am right now. Disarmed. I can’t think, and I’ve lost my ability to speak. And I’ve never been disarmed in my life. I’ve always been in control of myself, my environment, what’s going on around me. I have to be because of my size. At the first slightest sense of discomfort, of any type of mocking or insult, my defenses go up and I wield my shield of armor like the fierce warrior maiden Brünnhilde in Wagner’s Die Walküre, my favorite role to sing.

But with this guy, the steel inside me that I usually arm myself with has melted. It pours like molten lava out of my brain, leaving me without the ability to speak. The absence of the armor causes me to turn inwardly with my shoulders instead of ramrod straight with my back as it usually does to prepare myself for battle. My brain has turned to mush. Words escape me. And it’s all because of him. This Tomas guy, whose brown eyes appear to have softened as they roam over my body, a slight grin forming at the corner of his mouth. And that accent….I’ve always had a thing for guys with accents, but this one…it doesn’t hint at a man who considers himself a Lothario or ladies’ man, but someone who knows himself, is confident, and doesn’t pretend to be someone he’s not, someone who doesn’t spew bullshit just to get a woman to like him, and, God help me, someone who is genuinely a nice guy.

And then, there’s that chest of his. When I bumped into him, I felt every corded muscle, every hard ab press against my curves. I imagine his nipples to be mere pebbles on top of his well-developed pecs. I envision myself running my mouth over them, teasing him with my tongue as I take them into my mouth and suck on them until I hear him grunt back at me, telling me not to stop in Czech with that smooth accent of his. Holding onto his biceps was akin to clinging onto a pair of rounded boulders inside his flesh. I could barely hang onto them, and yet, I knew I was safe with him because his hold on me was so assured that I knew he wouldn’t have let any harm come to me. I’m disarmed because a man like that has never shown any interest in me. That hasn’t been my experience.

About the Author: Sofia Tate grew up in Maplewood, NJ, the oldest of three children in a bilingual family. She was raised on 70s disaster films and 80s British New Wave music and classic tv miniseries. Her love for reading started when she received a set of Judy Blume books from her aunt when she was ten. She discovered erotic romance thanks to Charlotte Featherstone. She loves both writing and reading erotic romance. She graduated from Marymount College in Tarrytown, NY, with a degree in International Studies and a minor in Italian. She also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Adelphi University. She has lived in London and Prague. Sofia currently resides in New York City.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Elia Winters on the Road: Top Five Vacation Destinations by Elia Winters – Spotlight and Giveaway

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Elia Winters on the Road: Top Five Vacation Destinations

Coming off a lovely summer vacation and going into a school year, I can’t help wishing for another vacation. Am I spoiled? Yes, absolutely. I’m completely spoiled. Despite this admission, I want to share with you my top five favorite vacation destinations… in no particular order. Spoiler alert: I talk a lot about food.

North Conway, NH. I’ve been going to North Conway since back in college when I was a new skier. I used to ski at the area mountains: Cranmore, Black, Cannon, Wildcat, and Bretton Woods, and do night snow tubing at Cranmore. Since those first days, I’ve started going to North Conway in other seasons as well: hiking Mt. Washington in the summer (I did it once, at least), checking out foliage in the fall, sneaking away for spring adventures in April. I stay at The 1785 Inn, a magnificent B&B with the best bacon anywhere, and eat at places like the Moat Mountain Brew Pub and Beef & Ski.

Gloucester, MA. I went to Gloucester for the first time this past summer, but it’s easily made the top five, and I’ll be back again soon. While I lived most of my life in Massachusetts, I never spent much time on the North Shore. Gloucester has everything I love about life on the water without the tourist craziness of the Cape. Granted, it’s still touristy, but its status as a working fishing town keeps the tourist wildness at bay. Hammond Castle is a must see, with its quirky mishmash architecture and eccentricities. The town of Rockport is wall-to-wall shops and eateries, easy to while away an entire day. It’s practically worth a trip out to Gloucester just for the bread at Virgilio’s Italian Bakery, and I had sushi and a life-alteringly good burger at Minglewood Tavern.

Old Quebec, Canada. I first went to Quebec on a skiing adventure, but when I returned, it was for sightseeing and eating. Eating is a big trend in all my vacations because food. The husband and I tend to go to Old Quebec in the winter, which is a little bit crazy, but we wear lots of layers. Quebec’s winter carnival is a wild ride of snow sculptures and street tobogganing, and we warm up by drinking some delightful ice wine and maple whiskey. We enjoy restaurants like Le Billig Creperie, La Grolla fondue, and Le Trois Becs sandwich shop. When we’re feeling adventurous, we head out to Valcartier for some death-defying snow tubing. It’s a rollicking good time.

Bermuda. Okay, I’ve only been here once, but it was beautiful enough to make the top five list. Our honeymoon was a cruise to Bermuda on Norwegian Cruise Lines, and it was a delightful week of wonderful food and beautiful sights. We visited the famous Swizzle Inn for its namesake Rum Swizzles and some fun souvenirs. I loved the gorgeous Crystal Caves, an underground cave network filled with breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites. Despite spending a few days there, I never made it to the famous pink sand beaches! This means a return trip is in order.

Provincetown, MA. Good old P-town. I chaperone the senior class trip every year, and even though it seems a little odd, we take the kids out to P-town and camp at the Dunes Edge Campground. As such, I’m a little nostalgic for this wacky town on the farthest edge of Massachusetts. Known for its out and proud LGBTQ+ population, there’s lots of adult fun to be seen “after dark” in the summer months – long after our students have gone back home – but it’s got lots to see for all ages. The pizza at Spiritus is fresh-baked and delicious, and following that up with a gelato at the Purple Feather is pretty much the best thing ever. I never go without picking up a new game at Puzzle Me This, an incredible game store. The beaches are beautiful and wild with dunes and grasses, and we always get a bonfire permit to celebrate the beginning of summer. No trip is complete without stopping at the Portuguese Bakery for a malasada and some delicious sweets for the road.

I’ve had so much fun typing this post, but now I’m feeling the pull of wanderlust that threatens to drag me off on another adventure. I might just have to set a book in one of these places until I get to return.

What about you, readers? Have you ever been to any of these places I’ve linked? Where are your favorite vacation destinations?



A war orphan, Astrid Bailey is content living her adult life alone, working as a contract machinist. Her real passion, though, is inventing felicitation devices that promote women’s sexual empowerment and help them find pleasure independent of a man.

The upcoming World’s Fair, with its substantial cash prize, is an opportunity to open the shop she’s always imagined and hopefully solve her financial woes. Except the committee has denied her entry unless she obtains a “sponsor”. Astrid suspects they mean “male”.

Eli Rutledge, noted watchmaker, knows entering the fair will solidify his reputation as an innovator —but he’s fresh out of ideas. Until Astrid approaches him with her outrageous product line. With no other options, though, he agrees to lend her his good name.

As construction heats up, so does their chemistry—and the complications. Astrid is unaccustomed to asking for help, much less sharing credit. And Eli fights an attraction that could spell professional disaster. As the Fair date approaches, Astrid and Eli must decide how far they’ll go. For the business…and for each other.

Product Warnings Contains period-appropriate graphic language, highly inappropriate amounts of M/F and F/F sex, and copious amounts of *ahem* product testing. May *ahem again* “spark” an online shopping binge for *cough* toys. Of the adult variety.


Enjoy an excerpt:

When she met his eyes again, her gaze was resolute. “Mr. Rutledge, I don’t mean to give the wrong impression. It’s very kind of you to come meet with us, when I’m sure there are other things you could be doing.” Astrid put her shoulders back slightly, straightening. “But whether you realize it or not, you’re the very reason we women need groups like this.” With a wave of her hand, she gestured to the other ladies gathered in the room. “You have nothing in common with us. You inherited a successful business from your father, who was already a prominent businessman, and your greatest achievement is to not yet have run it into the ground. Other people have given you everything you’ve ever needed. As a man, you can get a position on the Chamber of Commerce or the Fair Board or the IFCT or the London Business Council or whatever, and know that when you talk, people will listen. And I’m very happy that you have the money to own a shop and rent a booth at the World’s Fair, but to assume that everyone else is in the same position as you demonstrates how completely clueless you are about the plight of women business owners in this city. So no, you haven’t said anything to offend me. Everything about you offends me.”

The room had gone silent, and Eli stood frozen, staring down into Astrid’s face, into her dark eyes that suddenly widened as she realized the magnitude of what she had just said. She flushed, her face and neck and collarbones turning a rosy shade of pink, and she pressed one hand to her lips before turning and rushing from the room.

As she left, Eli watched her go with numb shock. Her words had been incredibly rude, and he couldn’t help but feel stung. What shocked him the most, though, was his sudden and overwhelming urge to kiss her.
About the Author:

Elia Winters has always been a New England girl, despite having spent much of her childhood in Florida. She holds a degree in English Literature and teaches at a small rural high school where she runs too many extracurricular activities. She balances her love of the outdoors with a bottomless well of geekiness.

Elia dabbles in many genres, but erotic romance has been one of her favorites since she first began sneaking her mother’s romance novels. In high school, she kept her friends entertained with a steady stream of naughty stories and somehow never got caught passing them around. Her erotic fiction and poetry have been published online at Clean Sheets and Scarlet Letters under a different name. Elia currently lives in New England with her loving husband and their odd assortment of pets.

Elia’s virtual life is as busy as her real life.

Website | Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook | Pinterest | Goodreads

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My Writing Quirks by Trevann Rogers – Guest Blog and Giveaway

NBTM_TourBanner_TheHouseOfTheRisingSon copy

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My Writing Quirks

Everything about how I write is quirky. Or plain old ridiculous. But you tell me:

• I have to “see” a scene or chapter before I write it. Sometimes, this means I lie down in the dark and let my imagination play. This allows me to vividly describe important details while also reminding me to not overdo it, so that the reader can fill in her or his own particular preferences.

• The television must be on. I have no idea why I need this sort of distraction to do my best work. It might stem from childhood—I always sat in the kitchen with my mom, doing my homework while she watched TV and cooked dinner. Today, I usually play a DVD or watch something “on demand”. A few all time favorites to write to are Storm of the Century, Starship Troopers, and Chopped. I know, crazy, right?

• I snack. Constantly. Potato chips are usually on hand (and much to the dismay of my keyboard, I mean that literally), as well as nuts, olives, pickles…Hmmm. It seems my writing requires salt.

• I cannot write in short spurts. I have to devote HOURS at a time, so that, I suppose, I can also watch television. (See above.)

• I often have to escape from home. My two dogs, Molly and Chloe, seem to think that my writing time is their opportunity to go out, eat, or bark/whine/talk to me. I’ve rented hotel rooms to get away from them, but please don’t let the cat out of the bag. I don’t want to hurt their feelings. I love them!

• My most creative hours, the time of day I feel most alive is after the sun goes down and the moon and stars come out. I suppose I have this in common with Cheyenne and Alexander—sometimes, being myself means Living After Midnight.

MediaKit_BookCover_HouseOfTheRisingSonlgCheyenne is a half-human incubus whose star is on the rise in the Unakite City rock scene. His father, the leader of the supernatural races, would prefer he keep a “low profile”, but screw that. Cheyenne has as much music in his veins as royal incubi blood.

Alexander’s future is all set—finish law school, join the family firm, and marry someone who’d be good for business. Not that he has a say in any of it. He’s barely met the woman his father expects him to marry.

As Cheyenne’s musical career takes off, his carefully constructed life begins to unravel, exacerbated by an ex-lover who can’t let go, a crotchety barkeeper with a dirty mind and a pure heart, a drag queen who moonlights as a nanny, and Alexander—who’s not sure if he’s falling for the incubus or the rocker.

Cheyenne denies who he is, while Alexander hides what he wants. Together, they learn that getting what they truly want means being who they truly are.

Enjoy an excerpt:

While waiting for their drinks, Alexander studied the deep grooves carved into the table, trying to ignore the friction of Cheyenne’s thigh rubbing against his as the musician tapped a heel to the thump of the DJ’s music. Once the drinks arrived, Alexander downed half the bottle before he realized Cheyenne’s large green eyes were staring at him.

“So where’s your girl, Prudhomme? I mean, Prune Danish. No, wait…”

“Prudish. Shit, Prudence,” Alexander sputtered.

Cheyenne’s eyes sparkled. “No, you got it right the first time. Where is she?”

He shrugged. “Home, I guess.”

Cheyenne cocked his head. “Oh, really?” He put his hand on Alexander’s leg. “What’s up? You can tell me.”

“It’s not working out.” Alexander dragged his teeth over his lower lip. “It’s my fault.” He couldn’t keep his attraction to Cheyenne out of his voice. “I don’t know what’s happening to me.”

Cheyenne put his thumb to his lip and paused. “It’s like the drink.”

Alexander tilted his head, not sure he heard correctly. “The drink?”

“Yeah, that nasty ass bourbon. I bet your father drinks it. Your uncles. All your friends. Everybody, right?”

He didn’t answer, but waited for Cheyenne to continue.

“It was just expected that you’d drink it too. So you did.” His hand moved up Alexander’s thigh. “But now, maybe it’s okay to drink what you like. A different brand, a better vintage. Because you want it. Because it tastes better.” Cheyenne licked his lips. “Because it feels right.”

Alexander cleared his throat and brushed his lap, pushing Cheyenne’s hand away. “I can’t.”

“If you change your mind, let me know.”

“You don’t understand. It’s not that easy. My whole life will change.”

“It already has.”

About the Author:Trevann Rogers is a writing pseudonym. She is two authors with day jobs, living in the wilds of Connecticut with Molly, a chubby rescue mutt who’d rather eat and snuggle than just about anything else, Chloe, a tough as nails terrier mix who never met a pillow she didn’t want to kill, and Lil Monkey, a sock monkey who thinks he’s real and hopes no one catches him sneaking out of the window in the middle of the night to live his own adventures. (He claims, among other things, to have written several SyFy movies and had a gig as a male stripper at one of the local establishments. Who knows?)

Apropos for writers, the two women met as pen pals and stayed connected through their love for words and an unquenchable addiction to music. They use a pen name to spare their families questions regarding why their relatives write about gay male rock stars, incubi, attorneys, Were’s and vampires.

Okay, that’s not true. But it could be.

Social worker and executive by day, their hours to write are long after the sun goes down and the creatures who live in the shadows come out to play. Between day jobs and other obligations, they learned long ago that being themselves means living after midnight.

Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter

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