Lead Me Home by Candi Wall – Spotlight and Giveaway

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Home Is Where the Heat Is, Book 2

As far as Chloe Garrison is concerned, Nick Westing was carved by the gods. Her one and only plan while visiting her best friend in Texas: get that sexy cowboy into her bed as often as possible until it’s time to return to New York.

After a whirlwind week she slips away, thinking it best to make a clean break. Except she can’t get Nick out of her head. And when he unexpectedly walks into her office, her first instinct is to find her defenses before she loses her panties.

Nick jumped at the chance to accompany his brother to New York for a photo shoot, but now that he’s here, he’s pissed. Seems Chloe is doing everything in her power to ignore him. The tender part of him understands her need for space.

The wilder side of him teases and torments her until she finally admits she’s missed him. Even though she walks away, in his book it’s a win. Because one way or another, he’s going to convince her they belong together.

Enjoy an excerpt:

His lopsided smile made Chloe’s stomach tighten with anticipation. “Well it’s too late now. You chose to throw down the gauntlet, and now it’s just you and me, cowboy. If you wanted to know how far I’d go, you should have just asked.”

The intensity of his gaze, ripe with undisguised promise, told her they’d both be winners tonight. Win or lose, Nick Westing would be a connoisseur in bed. Losing might not be the worst thing that could happen. Being at his beck and call—his servant—for the next twenty-four hours could prove ultra interesting.

“What’s next?” Miya’s voice interrupted her thoughts. “Whiskey?”

Chloe groaned. The swap in drinks had been Shawn’s idea. Miya’s boyfriend was one of Chloe’s favorite people in the world, but after his suggestion that they switch to each other’s choice of drink every five minutes, she wasn’t sure she liked him at all. The only concession to choking down Nick’s choice of whiskey was watching him pucker up on her sweeter, mixed shots.

“Whiskey it is,” she conceded.

The muscles in her arms were beginning to tingle with exhaustion. She had to find a way to throw Nick off balance—figuratively of course. If she gave him a shove, she’d be disqualified. But there was one thing she’d learned about men. Cock ruled. If she played her cards right, he’d be hers for a full day.

“Hey, Nick?” She kept her voice at a whisper.

He looked her way. “Yeah?”

About the Author: MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_LeadMeHomeCandi Wall is probably the only person whose real name is more epic than any pseudonym she could have come up with – even as an author! She writes because the voices in her head have to come out somehow. Animal rescue-ess, mother of four, and soccer mom by day, she spends her free time writing – often on napkins at kids’ games because she never knows when a juicy story will reveal its delicious self. She once wrote a sex scene at a wrestling meet. Shhhhhh!

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Interview and Giveaway: Michelle Roth

7_28 roth TheDarknessCalls-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-banner2

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Michelle Roth, whose latest book, The Darkness Calls, was recently released. Leave a comment or ask the author a question for a chance to win a copy of the book.

Michelle is a huge romance fan and has been since she was a teenager. She said she considered herself a writer the first time she wrote nonstop all night, getting to bed at eight in the morning.

“Was I a good writer? Probably not. When you give up something you love, like sleep.. or you forgo a normal creature comfort to get words on the page – that makes you a writer in my opinion,” she told me.

Michelle uses a pen name, keeping her first name and adding her mother’s maiden name.

“She was my biggest fan, I think,” she told me. “When she passed, that was part of what spurred me to write. I stopped asking myself ‘Why?’ and started asking myself ‘Why Not?’. It’s an homage to her, really,” she told me.

Most of Michelle’s work, until this release, has been contemporary erotic. The Darkness Calls is her first attempt at a paranormal romance.

“I decided that it would be interesting to a universe where vampires and humans knowingly coexisted. I enjoyed the plotting for this immensely,” she explained. “The questions stopped being … How will they fall in love and how will I tear them apart only to reunite them and started being.. How do I do all that when one of them needs to drink human blood to survive? That adds a brand new layer of tension, I think.”

“How do you judge what makes a good erotic story when writing your own fiction?” I asked.

“I try to make sure my characters never stretch plausibility with their reactions. Scenes where someone finds out this guy they’ve been with is a werewolf (when they never knew such a thing existed before that moment) and then they immediately go to bed together? That’s outside the bounds of plausibility. When woman lets a random billionaire dom she just met that night tie her up and make her his sex slave? That’s outside the bounds of plausibility. It’s gotta be honest and real in order to connect with others, I think.”

Sometimes ideas just happen for Michelle. She’ll be at the store and see someone, or she’ll hear a song on the radio and a glimmer of an idea will spark. She might read a book and think but what if the characters had done this instead. Suddenly she’ll be typing away madly on her phone or scribbling ideas in her notebook, with one small thing creating a torrent of brainstorming.

She did have a period of time, however, where she had writer’s block for a few days.

“For me, it was torture. I’m always writing,” she said. “If I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing. How did I fix it? I went back to the characters. I find that if something isn’t flowing, it’s because I’m forcing the plot and characters to do something that just isn’t right.”

Finally, I asked, “What advice would you give an author who wants to write erotica?”

“Think about positioning. He can’t balance on his elbows and have one hand on her breast and another on her clit. Just can’t happen, cookie. Think about that kind of stuff. And for god’s sake… Make it honest, whatever you write. Be sure that your characters are doing things that make sense based on who they are.”

7_28 roth thedarknesscalls1mWhen Lilly Ferguson narrowly avoids being mugged after work, she’s shocked to find that she’s gotten the attention of Talan McKenna. He’s the sinfully handsome owner of the Foxwood Casino and Spa where she works. There’s only one problem, though…

Talan is one of the Transfigured. Like half a million others across the globe, he possesses a very specific genetic mutation. It leaves him with the inability to age, an aversion to sunlight, and a thirst for human blood. When he learns of Lilly’s tragic past, he worries that it’s an obstacle he’ll never be able to overcome.

Despite her heartbreaking history with the Transfigured, Lilly immediately senses that Talan is different. Where her fears once lay, there’s only a sense of peace and comfort. Just as they begin to build a love made to last several lifetimes, a shadowy figure from her past emerges and threatens to destroy everything.

About the Author:7_28 roth me2 Michelle Roth is a novelist from the Great White North (Toronto, ON). When she’s not disappearing into foreign lands, or making two perfect strangers that she invented fall in love, she’s probably curled up somewhere with a glass of wine and a good book.

In her spare time she is typically hanging out with her awesome boyfriend and their two equally awesome cats. She likes taking road trips to nowhere in particular, cooking elaborate meals then making other people do the dishes, and being nerdy on the internet. Her books are currently available on http://www.michelleroth.net.

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Shoshanna’s Short Shorts by Shoshanna Evers – Spotlight and Giveaway

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MediaKit_BookCover_ShortShorts1-HRIf you’re in the mood for a quickie (ahem), you’ll love this collection of eleven sexy short stories from New York Times and USA Today bestselling erotic romance author, Shoshanna Evers —“Queen of the erotic novellas.” (Fandom Fanatic). This collection pulls Evers’ published stories together from nine different anthologies into one volume. Includes a never-before-published story, plus the bestselling Overheated!

Enjoy an excerpt from Forced Orgasms
Copyright 2015 Shoshanna Evers. All Rights Reserved.

Tonight, he was paying to make his dream a reality, a reality that would last for exactly one hour once his doorbell rang. The escort service called the woman “Genevieve,” although as far as Ivan could tell she seemed more like a Jenny trying to look worth her sticker price.

She seemed very friendly, and calm, although Ivan was looking forward to seeing the desperation on her face he knew the evening would bring. Was that sick? Probably. But she’d love it. At least the first fifteen minutes of it, anyway. His cock hardened, straining against his slacks.

“Jenny,” he said cordially, kissing her cheek.

She didn’t correct him on the name. Maybe he’d been right about her, or maybe she was smart enough not to start off an evening with a client by correcting him. Maybe she’d let him call her whatever he wished.

“Take off your clothes, please,” he said.

Jenny gave him a saucy smile and pulled her expensive dress over her head, leaving a matching black-and-red lace brassiere and thong.

“Beautiful,” he said appreciatively. “But those need to go too.”

“Wow, get right down to business,” she said, laughing. “I’m surprised.”

She sat down on the couch, but he shook his head.

“I have a special chair for you. Why are you surprised?” He nodded over to the corner, to the bondage chair he’d pulled out of the garage and shined with leather cleaner and stainless steel polish. The chair had cost more than she had.

“I was told you weren’t interested in sleeping with your escorts,” Jenny said, eyeing the leather straps attached to the chair and sitting in it anyway.

“No, I’m not,” he replied. It was the truth, after all. “I just want to watch you be pleasured with my vibrator, over and over. Does that sound good to you?”

She laughed. “Sure! I never get to come during these—” Jenny stopped speaking suddenly, as if someone had put the mute switch on her. More likely, she’d remembered a rule the escort service had given her. Ivan imagined it went something like: Don’t complain about other clients. It makes the man you’re with now feel like he’s not the only one, and it makes him wonder if you’re complaining about him to the other men.

“Good. Spread your legs.”

Jenny complied, spreading her thighs wide so that her ankles touched the straps on the bottom of the chair. Ivan made quick work out of restraining her.

“Hands behind your back, gorgeous,” he said, and she obeyed, silent now. He used fuzzy red cuffs to handcuff her wrists. The cuffs looked cute and playful, but their bondage was real.

“I’m going to make you come until you pass out. Does that sound like a good idea?”

She laughed again, and Ivan recognized it for what it was—nerves. “Yes. I’m yours for the next…” she looked up at the large metal clock ticking above the fireplace, “forty-three minutes.”

Ivan stifled a groan of desire. Forty-three minutes. Forty-three minutes to watch her come, and come again, and squirm, and scream. Then beg…and beg. And come again.

The memory of this evening would fulfill all of his masturbatory fantasies for the rest of his life. Which was good, because after this he’d probably be cut off from this particular escort service.

Ivan plugged in the long white vibrator, pressing the thick round head against her. Frowning, he dipped his fingers down and spread her nether lips until the vibrator nestled directly against a tender spot. His fingers came back shiny.

“This turns you on?” he asked, surprised.

“Yes,” she admitted shyly.

He flipped the switch to Low and watched her face, her reaction as the vibrator buzzed to life.

“How’s that feel?”

“Amazing.” She tilted her head back, a look of ecstasy on her face.

About the Author: MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_ShortShortsNew York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Shoshanna Evers has written dozens of sexy stories, including The Man Who Holds the Whip (part of the NYT bestselling MAKE ME anthology), I Am Not Your Melody (from the NYT bestselling Cowboy 12-Pack), Beauty & the Beast: an erotic reimagining (from the USA Today bestselling Wicked Hot Reads), The Enslaved Trilogy and The Pulse Trilogy from Simon & Schuster Pocket Star, and the national bestseller, The Tycoon’s Convenient Bride…and Baby.

Her work has been featured in Best Bondage Erotica 2012 and Best Bondage Erotica 2013, the Penguin/Berkley Heat anthology Agony/Ecstasy, and numerous erotic BDSM novellas including Chastity Belt and Punishing the Art Thief, originally from Ellora’s Cave Publishing.

The non-fiction anthology Shoshanna Evers edited and contributed to, How To Write Hot Sex, is a #1 Bestseller in the Authorship, Erotica Writing Reference, and Romance Writing categories.

Shoshanna is also the cofounder of SelfPubBookCovers.com, the largest selection of one-of-a-kind, premade book covers in the world.

Shoshanna is a New York native who now lives with her family and three big dogs in Northern Idaho. She welcomes emails from readers and writers, and loves to interact on Twitter and Facebook.

Sexily *Evers* After… ShoshannaEvers.com

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The Vale Vacation by Vanessa Vale – Guest Blog

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Vanessa Vale, who is here to visiting with us to celebrate the release of her newest book Sweet Justice.

If you follow me on Facebook at all, you will have seen posts about the Vale Vacation—a road trip from Colorado north to Banff, Canada. As a western author, obviously I used the trip as ‘research’, always on the search for the hottest cowboy. One place where there were cowboys in abundance was the Calgary Stampede. Holy hot cowboys! They were everywhere! Snug jeans, plaid button-up shirts, huge belt buckles and the infamous hat. Yes, I was ready to swoon over the virile manliness that abounded. It could also have been the 100+ temperatures, but I’d like to think I was all overheated because of the men.

Now that I’m home I have all those great pictures (most of them are mental ones) of the fine men in cowboy hats who will all merge into the heroes in my books. My latest book, Sweet Justice, has one hot, virile, dominant and very possessive bounty hunter. Who doesn’t want to be claimed!?

7_27 vanessa sweet_justice_smallWhen Piper Sinclair finds herself hauled in by a bounty hunter in connection with her family’s crimes, the sheriff’s word that she wasn’t involved should be enough to make her captor let her go. But Wiley Easton isn’t buying it. He’s heard tell that a woman was involved in the crime spree that left several people – including his own father dead. If the sheriff won’t lock her up until the judge arrives, he’ll keep her captive and naked so she can’t escape. When the judge shows up the next morning to side with the sheriff and explain that Piper wasn’t involved, he’s furious to find that Wiley has kept an innocent woman naked in his hotel room. Because Piper has been so dishonored, the judge orders Wiley to marry her.

Wiley Easton never considered himself the marrying kind. But now he not only has a wife related to his father’s killers, but one determined to help him track down the woman who almost sent her to the gallows on a case of mistaken identity. The chase won’t be easy, and along the way Wiley will learn that his new wife is headstrong, stubborn and passionate. As he awakens her to a new world of carnal delights, he becomes protective.

But when the only way to track down a notorious female criminal means putting Piper in harm’s way, will this rugged bounty hunter be strong enough to risk her safety by going undercover in a gritty brothel?

Enjoy an excerpt:

The sun was high overhead and hot. Sweat trickled down my back and three days of dust clung to my skin and clothes. My whiskers itched and I had the mood of a poked badger. I’d been searching for the group of men who’d carried out a string of robberies across the Montana Territory over the past three months, but up until now, I’d had no leads and no luck.

But perhaps my luck was about to change.

Riding from Miles City to Billings to Bozeman, I’d followed the Sinclair’s path of illegal activity to the small town of Zenith. I knew their ranch was just over this rise. That’s what the townsfolk had said—that it was three miles southeast of town—and if I just kept the tallest peak on the mountain range in the distance directly in front of me, I’d ride right onto their land. The information was shared easily enough, for no one in town seemed overly keen on anyone in the family, except the one female Sinclair. They excluded her from their less than positive commentary, which seemed odd. The first robbery victims had said three men and a woman had held up the train, and the Sinclair family fit that description to a T. Sure, they’d given a good description of the perpetrators, but there hadn’t been a match until now. I didn’t care if the woman was a Sunday school teacher; if she committed the crime, I’d catch her. She had to be a wife or a mother to so easily participate in the wrongdoing without being considered. What woman would hold up trains and stages? What woman would be involved in crimes where innocent people had been killed? Innocent people like my father. I’d learned over the years, even from my own mother, that women were sometimes even craftier than men.

Being a bounty hunter these past ten years, I’d learned there were all kinds of people; mostly the ones I dealt with weren’t the good kind. Their values were skewed toward the wrong. Their consciences, if they had any, were weak. So when I looked to the other three men riding with me, we pulled out our rifles from our saddlebags and prepared. The Sinclair family was dangerous and I

About the Author: #1 Amazon Bestseller in Erotic Western and Historical Erotica

Who doesn’t love the romance of the old West? Vanessa Vale takes the sensual appeal of rugged cowboys a step further with her bestselling books set in the Montana Territory. They are much more than just sexy historical westerns. By introducing sexual taboos into this otherwise traditional romantic setting, Vanessa has won the loyalty of a fan base that never knows quite what to expect with each new series.

And as a resident of Wild Wild West, Vanessa Vale finds plenty of inspiration for her work, for who doesn’t love a handsome cowboy?

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The Male Romance Novelist by Serge de Molier – Guest Blog

The Male Romance Novelist
by Serge de Moliere (“The Romance Whisperer”)

7_24 Sergeatwork[The author lives and writes in NYC and draws on the diversity of this great Metropolis. Genres include romance, erotic romance, sci-fi and contemporary.]

When I confided to a female friend that I was a published author of romance, she gave me an odd look. Then she asked if I was writing under a woman’s name. I told her that I wasn’t.

I didn’t think I could pretend to be a woman, nor did I want to. While the majority of popular romance writers may be women, real men not only eat kitsch but they also write romance (and there are also males who read romance titles). For example, bestselling author Leigh Greenwood is actually a man (Harold Lowry) and a former president of the Romance Writers of America. He noted that after writing forty or more books, the publishers began putting his photo on the back cover so readers would know he was actually a man.

Thomas Elmer Huff, who predated Lowry, was also a popular author who wrote twenty five romance novels under various female pen names (e.g. Beatrice Parker) as did Bill Spence (a/k/a Jessica Blair). But some men have not been reluctant to identify their gender. Notably, New York Times best-selling author Nicholas Sparks (who, according to his website, has sold more than 97 million books), has written a number of romance novels. Perhaps the best known of these is the tear jerker, The Notebook, which was also made into a film. Other less well-known contemporary male authors include Cheetan Bhagat, Michael Gonzale and Robert James Waller.

What is “romance” anyway? According to the Romance Writers of America, novels are classified as of the “romance genre” if the central theme is about “individuals falling in love and struggling to make the relationship work” and if they include “an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending”. There is nothing in this definition that requires the author of such a love story to be a woman. Falling in love is part of the human condition. It does not discriminate between males or females, although certain men may be reluctant to talk about passion openly.

In fact, the very first novel that might properly be called a “romance” was by a man, Samuel Richardson. According to Wikipedia, Samuel Richardson, who was an author and book printer, published a novel entitled, “Pamela: Or Virtue Rewarded” in 1740. In contrast, the legendary Jane Austen did not complete the first draft of “Pride and Prejudice” until 1797.

“Pamela” tells the story of a beautiful young woman working as a maid in the home of a rich, socially upscale landowner referred to as “Mr. B.” In the novel, Mr. B is smitten by Pamela’s beauty. Shortly, he becomes so enamored with her charms that he at first tries to seduce and then rape her. Perhaps fortuitously, he is unsuccessful in these pursuits. Later, a humbled Mr. B turns romantic and woos Pamela; and eventually she accepts his fervent marriage proposal. Thus, Pamela’s virtue is rewarded and wedding bells ring out at the end of the story. Richardson’s novel was a best seller in its time, although Wikipedia notes that it was also criticized for licentiousness.

Is it more difficult for the typical male writer to pen a romance? As an author, I am always trying to improve my craft. I find that, as with any genre, practice makes perfect. My first efforts at writing romance ended up (thank goodness) in the trash heap and hopefully will never be dredged up. But then again, my first efforts at writing science fiction were equally disastrous.

The human condition flourishes only where love abounds. This quote from Humphrey Bogart says it all: “I was born when you kissed me, I died when you left me. I lived a few weeks while you loved me.”

I have published two titles by Etopia Press now available on Amazon books: “Love Yoga” and “White Heat” (http://www.amazon.com/Serge-de-Moliere/e/B00Y6YHTR8). For curious readers, below is the blurb for “Love Yoga”.

7_24 serge LoveYoga-BySergeDeMoliere-453x680Morgan is a popular African American yoga instructor. After her studies in India, students flock to her classes. But without her own studio, money is tight. Her personal life is a wreck since her lover cheated on her.

When an attractive man enters her studio, Morgan is instantly drawn to him. When she discovers the attraction is mutual, things quickly escalate, taking a passionate turn. Is this the man of her dreams? Or will Morgan end up once again as a man’s sex toy?

Buy the book at Amazon.

Romance – Main Course or Side Dish? by Kate Hill – Guest Blog and Giveaway

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Kate Hill, whose latest book The Red King, was recently released. Check out the giveaway at the end of the post.

Romance – Main Course or Side Dish?

From the time I was a kid and saw the movie Love at First Bite, romantic stories have been my favorite. If romance is food, then I generally prefer it as a main course. I enjoy other types of stories too, but I still like a little romance mixed in.

Though a die-hard romance fan who loves to watch a relationship grow between the main characters, I believe a good romance generally needs other elements as well. What are my favorite side dishes that complement romance? For me a story usually requires some kind of action. I enjoy battle scenes and one-on-one fights. If characters go on an adventure, whether it’s a hike through a forest or a trip into outer space, it’s fun to go along on their journeys. I also enjoy historical or fantasy settings and paranormal elements. Vampires, aliens, shapeshifters, ghosts and magic add a fantastic layer to the story and take me away from the real world for a short time. Even subtle paranormal elements in a story are enough to add spice to an already deliciously romantic dish.

What is your preference? Do you like romance as the main course or a side dish? Either way, what other ingredients make a story even tastier for you?

If I could create a recipe for favorite fiction, mine would be:

Kate’s Fictional Smoothie

1 cup of romance
1/4 cup action
1 tablespoon paranormal
Historical (to taste)

Blend and enjoy!

What fictional recipe would you create?

7_23 theredkingkatehill200x300Part of the Knights of the Ruby Order series.

Torn from her beloved convent home, Delia is forced to marry Areus of Lortia. The contract states she must deliver an heir within a year or the marriage can be annulled. Delia vows to control her fate by ensuring there will be no child–until she is mesmerized by Areus, the proud, virile warrior king.

Areus agrees to marry Delia to gain her father’s army to continue his fight against Hypatios, the mad prince of Zaltana. He doesn’t expect to fall in love with a convent-reared mouse, but from the first, Delia rouses his lust and touches his heart.

Their life together hangs in the balance as the war with Zaltana advances and Areus discovers Hypatios is far more than just his sworn enemy.

Enjoy an Excerpt:

Seated at the high table between her husband and her father, Delia had never felt more angry or frightened. She had thought to escape this fate.

She told herself that she still could. All she needed to do was see that there was no heir. Katerina had again been helpful by providing an herb that prevented pregnancy. Delia must be careful with that secret, however. If Areus and her father found out–she didn’t want to think about it.

Yet she would be mistress of her fate. If they wanted to treat her like a broodmare, then they deserved to be lied to and tricked. Areus had already proved himself inconsiderate and disrespectful. He hadn’t even spoken to her since the meal started. He and her father engaged in conversation while Delia, like her mother, sat in silence.

Delia lifted her gaze to that of her maid, Echo, the only person at the ceremony to whom she felt close. When Delia had been sent to the convent, Echo had gone with her. To Delia, she was much more than a servant, but her closest friend, despite a seven year difference in their ages. The maid offered an encouraging smile and Delia tried to return it, but didn’t quite succeed.

Finally Areus said, “You haven’t asked why I was late, but you deserve an explanation.”

He had spoken to her father. Not to Delia.

Urion waved his gnarled hand. “Not necessary. I’m sure you had good reason.”

“I’d like to know,” Delia said in a loud, clear voice.

“Silence, girl,” Urion snapped. “If you don’t–”

Areus held up his hand and Urion stopped mid-sentence.

No one had ever silenced her father before and certainly not with a mere gesture.

“My wife has the right to ask,” he said. His green gaze held hers. “Before I left, a group of Zaltanian soldiers crossed our border. There was a skirmish and I couldn’t leave until it was settled. I sent a messenger to tell you, but his horse went lame halfway here. We found them on our way. My apologies, Delia.”

“No. It seems I’m the one who should apologize,” she said, hoping she didn’t look as taken aback as she felt. She had assumed the worst, that their wedding meant so little to him that he hadn’t cared about showing up on time. “I hope the casualties were minimal.”

He nodded. “No one on our side was killed. This time. We were lucky. Zaltana pushes harder all the time, trying to wear us down.” He turned back to her father. “Now that our kingdoms have allied, we can discuss strategy against them.”

Urion looked rather surprised. “Strategy? You mean defensive, of course.”

A slight but almost wicked smile tugged at Areus’s lips. “Now isn’t the best time to discuss it.”

“Agreed,” Urion said. Despite his gruff demeanor, concern shone in his eyes.


Did Areus plan to attack Zaltana? Doing so would be suicidal, yet he couldn’t hold them off forever and two kingdoms united against them were stronger than one. Not to mention Areus had connections to the Knights of the Ruby Order. Still, during the battle for Tanek even the knights had suffered severe casualties and they were among the strongest warriors in the world.

The feast continued long after dark. Despite the dry meat, everyone ate and drank freely–everyone except Delia. She didn’t have much of an appetite. Areus didn’t overindulge, either, though he seemed to have a healthy appetite. Of course he and his men had ridden hard to arrive and they had fought a battle just before leaving.

Most people were still celebrating when Areus glanced at her and said, “We should retire.”

“Of course,” Urion said with a leering grin. “You traveled hard today and I’m sure you want the comfort of a soft bed and a softer wife.”

Delia’s felt a bit ill. Such an innuendo from her own father was disturbing.

Areus ignored the remark, his attention fixed solely on Delia.

Enter the Giveaway:

You must be 18 or over to enter this giveaway. Void where prohibited by law.
To enter for the chance to win a pdf download of one backlist book in the Knights of the Ruby Order series (winner’s choice of title), leave a comment below stating that you would like to be included in the giveaway. Three days from the time this post goes live, a winner will be chosen at random from the entries. The winner will be contacted by email and also posted in a comment here. Thank you!

About the Author:

Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, Kate Hill started writing over twenty years ago for pleasure. Her first story, a short erotic vampire tale, was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels.

When she’s not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out and spending time with her family and pets.

She enjoys hearing from readers and she can be contacted at katehill@sprintmail.com. Kate also writes under the name Saloni Quinby.

Website | Twitter | Facebook.

Buy the book at the author’s website.

Welcome to Paradise by Heidi Lynn Anderson – Spotlight and Giveaway


This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. The author will be awarding a $10 Starbucks gift card to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

MediaKit_BookCover_AvasAwakening_HiResWhen Ava stumbles into Paradise and comes face-to-face with her dream man, she has a feeling she’s standing on the precipice of something life-changing. Not to mention, she couldn’t be more surprised to learn her supposedly prim and proper aunt Julie was actually part owner of the premier sex club in Miami and a top-notch Dominatrix.

Navy SEAL Logan Turner always knew he needed more out of life than the next mission. That’s why he opened Paradise with his best friend Julie. It didn’t hurt that he could reap the benefits of owning a BDSM sex club. But when a sexy, doe-eyed woman walks in, his control slips for the first time ever.

MediaKit_BookCover_MaggiesLongingWho would have thought a plan to get the attention of one man, would have Maggie Blake taking two men to her bed?

Maggie Blake has one desire, to experience what the way too sexy Brian O’Malley has to offer in bed. Too bad he thinks of her as an annoyance and not as the hot, willing woman she is.

Brian O’Malley has one rule in life. Never let a woman too close, but club Paradise’s sassy little bartender threatens to change that rule and wiggle her hot little ass into his damaged heart.

MediaKit_BookCover_Julie'sSurrender_HiResMistress Julie has worked to gain control of her life and overcome a tragedy from her past, and as a co-owner of Paradise, Miami’s premier BDSM club, she thought she had everything. But the truth is she longs for something more—something like the happiness her closest friends have found with their new partners.

Nick’s sexual specialty is playing “guest star” as the third in his friends’ ménage encounters. He’s especially good at reading a situation and adjusting accordingly, and giving and receiving pleasure—and then moving on. But once he meets Julie, Nick begins to rethink his ideas on relationships.

Nick and Julie get along great outside the bedroom, but Nick will need all his skills at discerning a woman’s deepest desires to show Julie that what she thinks she wants isn’t exactly what she needs.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

Enjoy an excerpt:

“You must have done something wrong. A dozen girls under your tutelage got themselves pregnant, shamed the school and ruined its impeccable reputation.”

When the tight-knit group of students wound up expecting within three months of one another, someone’s head had to roll. It made sense it was hers. Ava wasn’t a nun, wasn’t married and was low man on the totem pole.

Being the sole guidance counselor at an all-girls high school, she was well versed in the workings of overactive hormones and the complications of the teenage mind. Ava doubted the pregnancies happened by accident. She thought there might be some kind of pact going on but had no proof. It was pretty bad when seventeen and eighteen-year-olds were having more sex then she was.

The students went home and had lives, apparently more exciting ones than she had. There was nothing she could say to change the priest’s mind.

“Well, Father Donavan.” Ava stood and walked to stand in front of the old man. “If you’ll excuse me, I need to clean out my office.”

He rose. “I’ll send Sister Mary Elizabeth in to oversee you.” He pushed past her and out of the room.

What am I going to do, steal the picture of the Pope hanging on the wall? She slammed the door behind her, stomped back to her desk, picked up her cell phone and dialed.

“Nick’s House of Pleasure.” Her roommate and best friend answered.

About the Author: MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_AvasAwakeningBy day, Heidi Lynn Anderson is a wife, mother, and owner of a small Green-Cleaning company. By night, she spins erotic tales featuring hunky heroes and the women they love. When not working or writing, Heidi likes spending time with her husband and son, doing what Florida has to offer.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Eve’s Rescue by Sarah Marsh – Spotlight and Giveaway

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MediaKit_BookCover_EvesRescueEvangeline Scott was hoping for a fun night on the town after a hellish day. What she couldn’t have imagined was getting kidnapped by alien slavers and then left to die on an abandoned ship.

Kai Dallen and Roan Quinn were having some bad luck of their own when they found themselves set up by an old adversary and trapped in the vault of a Dhuaation Pharaoh’s ship with no way out. When Khaman-Ra makes them an offer they can’t refuse, the two space pirates end up rescuing a ship full of human female cargo. All three males are immediately drawn to one of the beauties and make an agreement to satisfy everyone’s desires. The only problem is, they didn’t think to ask Eve and when she wakes up to find that she’s now married to three aliens she’s mad as hell. By the time all four of them realise their true feelings, will it be too late, as a woman from Roan’s past threatens to ruin it all?

Enjoy an excerpt:

“Thanks, Matty, but I think I can figure it out. I appreciate the dress. Is there something else you needed?” she asked trying politely to get him out of her room so she could try to figure out just what the hell she was going to do now that she was stuck on an alien spaceship.

He tensed up and looked confused for a moment, then he must have remembered that she had no idea what she was doing here, because he relaxed and smiled patiently at her again.

“Yes, my lady, your husband and his consorts have assigned me the honor of being your tutor and companion until you have acclimated to your new circumstance,” he answered proudly.

Eve stood unblinking across from him for several moments.

“I’m sorry, I think I just hallucinated. I thought you said husband,” she said with a seriously confused frown.

“You are unwell, my lady? Shall we go to medical? The pharaoh would be quite distressed if we did not address this right away,” he said quickly, taking a step toward her.

“Stop,” she said, her hands coming up. “Did you or did you not just use the word husband in relation to me?”

Once again the poor man gave her the confused tilted puppy dog look, and she started to think perhaps it was just a translation error and that the word meant something else to these aliens. Relief instantly flowed through her. That had to be it. He must mean something completely different, and here she was, typical freaking out Earther newbie, losing her shit over some grammatical error. How embarrassing, well funny, yeah, but embarrassing nonetheless. Once he could see her relaxing he also let out a relieved sigh and smiled.

“Yes, my lady, your husband, or would that be husbands by your Earth standards? Dhuaatian mating habits do not normally include anyone other than the primary couple. However, there certainly is no law prohibiting more than two persons from entering into a marriage contract. I have so many questions about your planet. We will learn much from each other over the next while, don’t you think?” he said, rambling on, sounding like an excited child talking about a trip to the zoo.

Eve didn’t really hear much after the word husband came out of his mouth again, oh, except for the word husbands that followed shortly after it. She for damn sure heard that!

“This better be some miscommunication, Matty! Because I’m one hundred percent sure that I don’t remember getting hitched in between getting kidnapped and waking up in here!” she yelled at the old man as his eyes grew wider and wider, realizing his mistake.

“Miss, I am sorry to distress you. There was no other way for the pharaoh to ensure your safety. You had to be mated, or the slavers would just have tried to acquire you once again. This way you have the protection of the Coalition as well as the Dhuaatian people, and no slaver would dare come after you now,” he said, taking her hand, trying to soothe her.

“But you said husbands. Did he marry me off to a harem or something?” she asked. She realized that shooting the messenger wasn’t the fairest of responses, but who the hell marries someone while they are passed out?

“Oh no, my lady, the pharaoh married you himself. As well as the Sirotian security chiefs Lord Kai and Lord Roan. The four of you are now bound,” he answered.

About the Author:Sarah Marsh was born in British Columbia where she still lives, she has only recently began her writing career finding it the perfect outlet for taking the edge off a nine to five office job. She’s been a science fiction and romance junkie for years and when her imagination started to take the characters she’d read about even further in their adventures she decided to try writing something of her own. Sarah’s also a former pastry chef and spends a lot of time cooking and baking for friends and family as well as painting and knitting. Her biggest weakness is animals of any kind, she loves a happy ending.

Website | Facebook

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Stolen Moments by Cara Bristol – Spotlight and Giveaway

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MediaKit_BookCover_StolenMomentsIs it crazy to be jealous of a fictional character?

While Mary Sue is proud of her construction-worker husband Billy’s new-found success as an author of spanking novels, she also finds herself resentful of Beverly Golightly, the fictional heroine who gets everything Mary Sue wants: her man’s undivided attention, lots of hot loving, and many delicious spankings.

But is Mary Sue’s jealousy any crazier than the plan she hatches to recapture her husband’s attention?

Enjoy an excerpt:

She whirled around and planted her hands on her hips. “Are you going to sit there or are you going to give me a hand?”

Billy smiled, unfolded himself from his chair and sauntered over to her. “I’m going to give you two hands.” He ducked his head to snuggle against her neck and squeezed both ass cheeks.

“Billy!” She protested with a wiggle, but giggled all the same. “We have to get the kitchen cleaned up.”

“Okay.” He kissed the other side of her neck, inhaling the scent of her shampoo. He wrapped one arm around her waist, cupped the V between her legs with his other hand, and pulled her against him.

“I’m serious,” she said, but rubbed against his hard-on, which prodded her lower back. Victory! He grinned, and slid his hand up to cover her breast. He thrummed the nipple.

“What else needs to be done?” From what he could tell, she’d finished everything: stowed the leftovers, put their few plates in the dishwasher, and wiped off the counters.

“I don’t know…things.” She rolled her head to the side, baring her neck. Her nape and throat were very sensitive. Paying attention there offered an almost surefire way to put her in the mood.

Billy followed the slope from ear to shoulder, kissing and nibbling. Mary Sue shuddered.

He smiled against her skin.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Not laughing.” He shook his head and drew a circle with the pad of his thumb over a hard bead poking through her tank. He loved the tight, skimpy tops she wore. Around the house, she went braless. Something else her alter ego emulated. Only Beverly had pranced around town like that—which had led to a spanking and a lecture on modesty by the heroine’s boyfriend. Billy brushed his lips over Mary Sue’s ear. “You want to move this to the bedroom?”

She slipped out of his hold, and with a teasing smile, said, “I think maybe the oven needs cleanin’.”

“I’ve got something for the oven, but it doesn’t involve cleaning.”

Mary Sue half groaned, half laughed. “That is so bad. I hope you write better than that!”

“Darlin’, writing is the last the thing on my mind right now.”

About the Author:MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_StolenMomentsCara Bristol continues to evolve, adding new subgenres of erotic romance to her repertoire. She has written spanking romance, contemporary romance, paranormal, and science fiction romance. No matter what the genre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

Website | Newsletter Sign-up | Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Twitter | Tsu | Google+

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Beauty Submits to Her Beast by Sydney St. Claire- Spotlight and Giveaway

MBB_TourBanner_BeautySubmitsToHerBeast copy

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perf5.000x8.000.inddRancher Caitlin Olsen is in complete control of her life. After years of taking care of others, she’s on her own and loving every minute. She has her horses and her ranch. What more does she need? Yet deep inside, she yearns to give up all her responsibilities and simply experience life. When a friend suggests she try a bit of BDSM role-play, she does her research and accepts an invitation to Pleasure Manor for a fairy tale event.

War hero and Dominant, Damon Steele is a loner. His failure to keep his men alive destroyed too many hopes and dreams. He won’t be responsible for anyone else’s life or happiness ever again. There’s no room in his life—or his heart—for romance. Instead, he satisfies his needs at BDSM clubs and never with the same sub. Taking part in the fairy tale event at Pleasure Manor is difficult enough, but when Beauty challenges him both in the bedroom and out, he’s not sure he can control his inner beast.

Watch the book video:

Enjoy an excerpt:

Caitlin woke during the night in the heavenly bed beneath the open skylight. She’d fallen asleep with her very own prince, in her very own miniature castle. Overhead, the wind rustled through the trees, and the lonely call of their owl drifted into the tree house. Stars winked above. She snuggled deeper. The bed with its feather comforter and mattress top along with the Egyptian cotton sheets was like sleeping inside a cloud.

She turned and stretched out her arms, needing to feel Damon and to prove she wasn’t dreaming. His side of the bed was empty.

Sitting, she frowned. A low sound from the other room caught her attention. “Damon?”

The moan came again. Caitie grabbed the robe she’d used after her shower and left bed. She found him thrashing on the couch. A slanting beam of moonlight revealed a face twisted with pain.

He called out, flung out his arm. Caitie quickly realized he was trapped in the throes of a nightmare. Unsure what to do, she went to him. She knew from the many vets on her ranch not to touch him in case he thought she was an enemy and tried to attack in defense of whatever stalked his mind.

She turned on the lights. He’d removed his leather pants and slept in his own skin. A quilt was twisted beneath him, half on the floor. She couldn’t stop herself from staring. Even asleep, the man had the most impressive body she’d ever seen.

She frowned when she spotted a long, deep, ragged scar furrowed his upper thigh from just shy of groin to his knee. The muscles were taut, and spasms rippled beneath the puckered skin. Good lord. No wonder he limped. She sucked in her breath and sat on the edge of the couch. She knew enough to know he was both lucky to be alive and to have his leg.

“Damon. I’m here. Can you hear me?” As though she were gentling a frightened horse, she spoke soft and low, calling his name. At the same time, she slid her palm up his thigh, her touch faint and gentle, applying more pressure so she didn’t startle him. When she was able to touch him fully, she began massaging his thigh with her thumbs, using long, smooth strokes.

Trapped in his nightmare, Damon lashed out. He heard shouting, screaming, and shrieking. He tried to stand. Couldn’t. Hurt—bad. His men. They needed help. Ambushed. Fuck.

“Can’t get them. Can’t save them.” The pain in his thigh took his breath away. Had he lost his leg? The pain. Breathing was labored, and his heart pounded. He was weak, everything going gray, as though his life was draining from his body.

“It’s all right, Damon. You’re dreaming.”

The gentle voice of an angel threaded through his nightmare, soothing, calming. Heaven? He tried to open his eyes, but the light was too bright. “Not—dream. My men. Killed them.”

“Wake now. You’re safe. You’re with me.”

Safe. The soft, low voice promised he was safe.

“No!” He didn’t deserve to be safe. Or soothed. His men were dead. He was not. Families destroyed. His fault. Pain had him gasping. Pain he deserved.

Except the pain was fading, replaced by warmth seeping into him. He relaxed as hands unknotted muscles and warmed him, as his angel talked and tore him from the grips of hell. He opened his eyes and blinked. An angel in white sat beside him. Not an angel. Caitlin.

About the Author:MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_BeautySubmitsToHerBeastSydney St. Claire is the pseudonym of Susan Edwards, author of 14 Historical Native American/Western/Paranormal romances and the author of the popular “White” Series.
Sydney loves writing and sharing stories of love, happiness and dreams come true with her readers. She credits her mother for her writing success. Encouraged to read as a child, she always preferred happy endings which meant romances were her favorite genre. Sydney takes her readers into the world of erotica romance where her characters come together in explosive passion as they solve life’s problems and find true love along with the best sex our hero and heroine have ever experienced.

Sydney’s office is quite crowded with three dogs at her feet and five cats to keep her company while she writes. Three cats always insist on beds on her desk, barely leaving enough room for her monitor and keyboard. Life gets fun when all five insist on supervising…

When not writing, she enjoys crafts of all sorts including quilting, sewing, cross-stitch and knitting. She and her husband of 30 + years are avid gardeners. He takes care of the veggies, and Susan is in charge of the ‘pretties’. Her medicine wheel garden is in a contact state of war: flowers vs. weeds. Sadly, right now the weeds are wining…

While writing, she listens to a wide variety of music. Her current favorites are Blackmore’s Night and David Lanz.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Blog | Goodreads | Pinterest | Barnes and Noble Author Page | Amazon Author Page | The Wild Rose Press Author Page

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