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Grateful for My Author Friends


An author friend recently shared with me her newest romance novel. I’ve followed its development as it progressed from the basic outline through the shaping of the characters and several revisions. To have the finished novel in my hands felt very rewarding. I was looking forward to snuggling on the sofa with it while the frigid wind howled outside.

On top of that, my friend also shared a hot chocolate recipe. It seemed only natural to try it as I read her novel. The hot chocolate turned out to be epic. I melted a piece of dark chocolate with whole milk. To thicken it, I added a bit of corn starch. You can add either sugar or stevia, if you’re more health-conscious. I also added a shot of espresso for an extra kick. (I needed it as I read late into the night to finish the novel in one sitting.) I mixed some cardamom into the whipped cream and added a dollop of that on top of the hot chocolate.

My enjoyment of the book was that much greater with a cup of hot chocolate. I felt grateful for my author friends. Not just because they’re willing to share their hot chocolate recipes, but because they’ve been supporting me in my writing endeavors since the very beginning. On my way to getting published, I’ve met some great friends, writers and editors among them. I have other, non-writer friends, of course, but as wonderful as they are, there are things they don’t understand about a writer’s life.

It’s an amazing feeling to have someone understand what it means to get the umpteenth rejection and not think you’re being unreasonable if you just want to curl up and cry. Or to support you when you need that extra motivation to finish the manuscript when you start to despair. Or when they write books which inspire you and fill you with warmth when you read them while drinking hot chocolate during the holidays. Such friends make everything easier and more cheerful.

Seven romantic tales of love where royalty, celebrities, and passion meet. A case of mistaken identity, protecting the one you love, or proving you aren’t all about the money…these tales will entice and thrill.

A Royal Pain by Abigail Drake
Getting shot in the bottom saving a visiting royal turns out to be the best thing to happen to, impoverished socialite, Chloe Burkhart in a long time, especially when the prince’s very handsome, very sexy bodyguard, Nicolai, comes to her aid.

Caught by Him by Tammy Mannersly
Blockbuster movie actor, Brody Nash doesn’t quite know what to make of the gorgeous woman precariously perched on his neighbor’s gate, but as they start to get to know each other better, he begins to wonder if she might just be the one for him.

Romancing the Princess by Bridie Hall
A commoner, Sebastian, and Princess Alixandra are set to get married until he begins to wonder if fitting in with royalty is worth sacrificing his principles. Love rules all. Or does it?

All My Memories by Grea Warner
The possibility of reconnecting with an unrequited love leads country music star Finn Murphy on a journey of memories in this special prequel to the Country Roads series.

Me and Tillie by Lisa Hahn
1950s musical film star Oren Cooper returns to Broadway to find new inspiration. Unexpectedly, that inspiration comes in the form of Tillie Parker—his childhood friend’s little sister and an up-and-coming ingénue.

Defending Demma by Melissa Kay Clarke
When faced with an unsavory past, can Demma St. John, rising new starlet, trust ex-Marine Ryker “Digger” McMillan with her secrets and her heart?

His Royal Typeface by Stephanie Keyes
When all is lost, love can be found. Will Prince Asher Tarrington’s unique font design be enough to salvage a royal family and set the tone for true love?

About the Author: Bridie Hall writes young adult and adult contemporary romances. She sold her first story at fourteen. Since then, she has written dozens more, translated books, studied writing, and started writing novels. Her days revolve around stories and words, her sleepless nights involve plotting and inventing fascinating new characters.

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Writing vacation
I’ve always found summertime inspirational. The sun and warm weather make everyone open up to the world, express their emotions more freely, behave more uninhibited. This is especially the case among young adults with most of them being on vacation, the only time of the year they don’t have pressing school projects or the threat of exams hanging over their heads. Since I write young adult novels, summertime is my ideal playground.

Bridie oceanWhile most people relax on their vacations and do nothing at all, I like to write. In the early mornings, with a breeze from the sea toying with the curtains, or after lunch when the rest of the world is enjoying their siesta. The song of the cicadas revives me and wakes up my imagination. I will start writing a scene and realize two hours later I’ve written two or three thousand words without even realizing it. That’s the best sort of writing. The best summer vacation.

Is it any wonder that my next young adult novel that will come out in August from Evernight Teen takes place over the course of one summer? Or that the heroine enjoys the sweltering heat of southern Georgia? I suppose not. I suppose it’s no wonder that the events of my newest work in progress take place during summertime, either. I took my characters to Paris this time, though, on a summer course in fashion design. Perhaps Paris is best visited in spring, but the summer romance my heroine experiences in July is sweet, nonetheless.

My plan was to start writing a story about grief once A Pretty Big Love was published. But things never go according to plan, do they? While on a coffee break a week ago, I suddenly saw an image of a girl discovering a whole new world away from home. What better place for a girl to meet new friends and lovers than Paris? I put the other story on the backburner and started on the new one right away and I’m already very fond of my characters. I plan on taking them on vacation with me.

Since it’s been a couple of years since I was last in Paris, I’m now enjoying my summer travelling on Google maps, reacquainting myself with the streets and sights of Paris. I miss the macarons and bistros, but homemade madeleines are pretty good too. Add a pot of good coffee and I’m all set.

bridie letting-go-teen-small (2)Isabelle is left stranded at the airport, and her only chance of getting home is with her boyfriend’s older brother, Harper. When this good girl and bad boy set off towards home, it turns out that maybe she’s not such a good girl after all. And even bad boys have reasons for their bad behavior.

The road trip is full of shocking revelations and unexpected emotions, bringing the two of them closer than Isabelle ever thought possible. Maybe too close.

About the Author: Bridie Hall sold her first story at fourteen. Since then, she has written dozens more, translated books, studied writing, and started writing novels. Her days revolve around stories and words, her sleepless nights involve plotting and inventing fascinating new characters. The only activity that takes up more of her time than writing, is reading.

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