Dream destination: Hawaii

My husband and I have talked about traveling to Hawaii for years. It’s on our bucket list of trips to make together. Just look at that gorgeous photo – can’t you almost feel the warm breeze off the ocean, hear the gentle swish of waves? Ahhh.
But shh, don’t tell him – I’ve already been there without him! Well, virtually anyway. 🙂 It’s one of the things I love about being a writer. Researching exotic locales isn’t as great as going, but I still have a lot of fun.
After reading a news story about an airplane that lost its fuselage, I thought: what a great idea for a story! The plane didn’t crash, and no one was injured, but yikes, the tension on that flight. Which two people, I wondered, could I put on that plane?
An uptight, overworked heroine, of course, and her polar opposite – a laid-back surfer. The result was Going with Gravity, my contemporary romance. Going with Gravity was a 2011 EPIC finalist!
It’s now re-released on Amazon and Smashwords
Here’s an excerpt:
“My purse.” She scrambled out of bed. “What the hell is wrong with me?” She grabbed it from the table and pulled out her Blackberry, still off since yesterday. And she hadn’t charged it, either.
“I can’t believe I’m such an idiot.” Rummaging through her laptop case, she pulled the cord out and plugged it into the device.
His bare footfalls padded up behind her, and he laid a hand on her back. “What’s wrong?”
He looked so sweet, so concerned. What was he doing in her world? His very sanity and groundedness threw off her edge.
“Michelle’s going to kill me. I never called her yesterday.”
He slid his arms around her. “She’ll get over it.”
Her head against his chest, she whimpered, “If only that were true.”
He kissed her hair. “Let’s get something to eat. When we get back, you can call her. It’s too early now.”
Of all her options, that sounded sensible. Michelle would hate her more if she woke her up so early – what was the time difference between San Diego and Hawaii anyway? Ten and a half hours between New York and Hawaii, but she hadn’t planned to stop on the West Coast. It must still be a few hours’ difference, at least, especially since Hawaii didn’t observe daylight savings time.
He patted her rear. “Get dressed.”
Her bag. She’d left it at the airport. “Ugh. The same clothes. How disgusting.”
He tugged on his shorts. “I don’t know. They bring back good memories, don’t you think?”
She lay her blouse and skirt on the bed and smoothed the wrinkles. “That’s true. Oh.”
He tilted his head in question.
“My panties.” She’d have to go commando.
A leering smile crept across his face. “Oh yeah. Sorry about that.”
“Don’t be. I’m not.” She disrobed and stood there. “Sure we have to get breakfast now?” Once they landed in Honolulu, she might never see him again.
He walked to her and took a deep breath as his hands wandered down her back. “You should have something to keep up your strength.”
She kissed him, and pulled him onto the bed. “I will. Later.” She had two years of loneliness behind her, and who knew how many ahead of her. Time was of the essence.
I’d love to give away an ebook of Going with Gravity! Just leave a comment on this post and I’ll select a winner tomorrow night. Just tell me — what’s your dream destination? And be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you. Aloha!