Blackmailed by Her Bully by Sam Crescent

Blackmailed by Her Bully by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (215 pages)
Other: M/F, Masturbation, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Alstroemeria

Twelve years ago, something happened to Ava Marshall, and rather than hide it, she reported it. All this time, she’s believed the man responsible paid for his crime, but she is about to learn nothing is as it seems.

Logan Stanford had his whole life torn from him for an act he didn’t commit. Sent to the gutter, he has built his way back up, and now he’s more than a bully from Ava’s past. He’s the nightmare that is going to make her pay. He’s set to hurt and humiliate her in every possible way. There’s no escape for her.

But the truth will set her free, and when it does, Logan has to face the fact he has hurt the wrong person. Torn between his need to keep her and his guilt, Logan doesn’t know what to do. He’s a selfish bastard who is used to taking what he wants, but he has to let her go.

Only, Ava doesn’t want to be let go. She has spent too long living in the past, and it is time to move on and finally live her life.
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Will Logan give her the chance, or will he push her away?

When people go looking for revenge, things are bound to get dicey. This is no exception for Logan Stanford and Ava Marshall. But revenge can also be sweet. Blackmailed by Her Bully is a dark romance filled with lust and sweet, sweet vengeance.

Ava Marshall has been trying to run from her past but it appears she never wanted to run from the almost innocent bystander, Logan Stanford. Logan, however, is going to take some more convincing to believe the stories of his first love.

Sam Crescent dives headfirst into the seedy underbelly of toxic small-town life and fulfills many dark fantasies within the pages of this novel. It should not be thrown about lightly that this book has themes of past sexual assault, and victim blaming, but for those who feel comfortable enough to read books with those themes will find their way into many descriptive and sensual scenes between our main characters, while also getting to peek into their lives before adulthood where their interlocking stories began.

There was absolutely chemistry between Ava and Logan, but their consecutive journeys to realization of this mutual lust, and maybe the inklings of something more, were often quickly darkened by the past that they were fighting every step of the way in this novel.

As erotic fiction, this book has plenty to offer in the ways of spicy, but it seems to be lacking a hero. I really want to like Logan. I look back on the kid he was in high school, wanting the pretty girl but not knowing how to properly show his affection or how to keep it from his friends, but glossing over what he does as an adult is difficult to do. His character fits his story arc, but it is hard to forgive his actions as easily as Ava seems to. I think his redemptions come a little too easily, and I think the readers would agree that at the very least some groveling on his end could have improved his character greatly.

I wouldn’t call Logan a hero, but I might use the term vigilante. Taking power into his own hands to try and ease the scars of his past, while also in his own way taking leadership and care of an entire city. He was flawed, but wanting to change or not there were still glimmers of that doting boy from the past. And Ava saw that too, whether she acknowledged it or not. Complicated is the best term to describe these two, and though not an easy read I believe these two found what they needed in one another.

Blackmailed by Her Bully is dangerously sexy, daring, and scandalous. Not for the faint of heart. Will Ava and Logan ever be able to get over all of the tainted moments in their past, or will vengeance win out over all?

The Alpha’s Demiwolf by Gale Stanley

The Alpha’s Demiwolf Series by Gale Stanley
Utopia, Book 1
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (62 pgs)
Other: M/F, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower
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Kya: I’m a demiwolf — half wolf, half human, and both species despise my weird mix of genes. Despite the fact I strip for a living, I’ve hung on to my virginity for twenty-two years. Until I got knocked up by a big, bad wolf. Now, I’m going to bring another demiwolf into the world, but his father will never know.

Levi: I’m all wolf, and Alpha of my pack, committed to keeping our bloodlines pure. Then on the night of my bachelor party, I hooked up with a stripper. I just wanted to teach the demiwolf a lesson, but the sex set me on fire. My wolf claimed her and now I can’t get her out of my head. But what if she won’t accept me?

Kya lives in a world where neither side of her is accepted. The wolves see her as half-human, and the humans see her as half-animal. Life is tough for her but she is surviving the best she can. By comparison, Levi is the son of the Alpha and gets everything he wants.

This is an adult novella so expect plenty of spice. This is mainly in one scene when Levi and Kya first meet but there are sparks aplenty whenever they’re together. It was well-written, especially with such a short amount of words. There is world-building, and character-driven changes, all of which make this an enticing story.

If you are looking for a book where animal attraction runs high then I have no hesitation in recommending this as a great coffee-break book. I would love to return to their world so I can see how they are faring.

Vassago’s Reckoning by Ravenna Tate

Vassago’s Reckoning by Ravenna Tate
Demons on Wheels, Book 6
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (113 Pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play/Sex, Public Exhibitionism, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

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Digger and Vassago have plans to take care of rival Mob boss Roberto di Stefano on their own. But when the real reason Marie tagged along with Digger from Brooklyn is revealed, it throws the entire MC club into danger, and puts a major kink in Vassago’s plans.

Marie worshipped Vassago from afar when she was younger. But once he discovers the mess she left back home, she’s convinced she will never be more to him than a casual fling. And that’s if he survives the danger she brought along.

This is the 6th book in the series. Though it could be read as a stand alone my suggestion would be to start from the beginning, if you want a better understanding. The characters or couples who appear in this have already had their story told in the previous books. It gives the background info that can help a bit with the characters. That being said I just wish their were a few more scenes between Marie and her ex or even her life before she came to Demons on Wheels MCs.

Jimmy (aka Vassago) and Marie have known each other since they were children.  Vassago and Marie has a fiery chemistry. Vassago was really understanding and was somehow what grounded Marie. Vassago was a lot more in touch with Marie’s emotions than she was. I loved seeing the talks between them. This book gave these two the chance to develop with each other and that I loved watching.

It had romance, friendship and brotherhood, and a bit of action. For me it was a well rounded book which had enough of everything.

Funhouse by Aurelia T. Evans

Funhouse by Aurelia T. Evans
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (262 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Fetish, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

What’s wrong with a little harmless demonic circus fun?

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Neve is unprepared for the onslaught of lust coming at her from every side—from the sex demons that charge the circus with excruciating sexual tension to her exhibit in the haunted funhouse, where hands stroke her sensitized skin for hours on end without relief. What’s worse, the jinni has more insidious plans for her in the secret Funhouse, private esoteric events where Arcanium can go as far as it wants.

But after a lifetime of combating men’s objectification of her, fighting to be seen as a person rather than as something to seduce, her new raging libido and the impulses that accompany it make the effort all the more difficult. Among the free-spirited and tempting cast of Arcanium, Neve struggles to determine what she’s willing to become.

Neve has lived her life free from the effects of sex and want but one simple misplaced wish brings her into the Arcanium circus. Bell has given her a gift or what one would call a curse and Mikhail is the true man that can help her, but Neve is not so ready to give in to her body’s wants and needs. As Neve finds her place in the circus it seems there are others out there like Bell that have taken notice of her. What will become of Neve and will she survive what Bell has given to her?

Neve’s story is another engaging tale in the Arcanium series. This story revolves around a young lady who never felt any want or need for sex and is given just the opposite from Bell, now sex is all Neve can think about and she is never satisfied. We are along for the ride as Neve tries to learn to control her needs. I really liked Neve she is a smart woman that is not afraid to stand up for herself. She takes what has been done to her and deals with it. Mikhail is a good man but has to do what he must to live and he tries hard to give Neve the space that she needs as she comes to terms with what has happened. I enjoyed seeing the other side of Mikhail and beginning to see what kind of man he truly is.

As Neve learns the ins and outs of the circus we also get to see more from the other inhabitants and their relationships. As Neve begins to settle in as much as one can into the circus readers get to see more of what is going on in it. Bell has his reasons for doing things the way he does but he is not sharing, and it is costing him much. We watch as time and time again Bell hurts people without realizing how much pain it costs and soon it may end up costing Bell. Once again it seems that there is another with powers like Bell that has taken an interest in the circus players and I am eager to see where the author will take this plot line in future books. This is only the beginning of Neve’s story and it does contain some explicit scenes, even one containing tentacles. If you are easily offended this is not a story for you but if you are like me and love a great story full of strong characters and on the risqué side this is one you will enjoy. The author has done a great job keeping this series fresh with each new cast member. Funhouse is a great addition to the Arcanium series

Love Done Write by Amelia Foster

Love Done Write by Amelia Foster
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (67 pages)
Other: M/F, Voyeurism
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Reading every new book by H.R. Reve consumes twenty-four-year-old stylist Sydney Bordelon’s free time. After the latest installment, her inebriated self thinks emailing him—hiding behind username RedLace24—detailing the effect of his words on her libido is a good idea.

Being a forty-two-year-old English professor at a private university and writing erotica makes Harrison Winslow guard his identity closely, never interacting with fans. Until RedLace24.

Flirtatious emails and steamy sexting culminate in a weekend of hedonistic sex and surprising intimacy. Harrison struggles to keep the truth from Red, especially when she discloses her name and opens up to him, revealing that she’s an aspiring author.
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When fate intervenes and his truth is exposed, Harrison must channel the romance of his alter ego if wants to retain the woman who excites his body and challenges his mind.

Sydney has a slight addiction to the sexy weekly updates written by H.R. Reve. Even though they’d never met, never spoken, his writing inspired her dreams and fantasies and he’d never let her down. Harrison knew RedLace24 was one of his most solid and reliable fans. He needed the secrecy that online writing gave him – his career as a teacher demanded he kept it so – but as their written exchanged become more private – and more detailed – will the exposure of their secrets derail their carefully constructed lives?

I found this to be an intensely written and hot short story. Personally, I found I needed to disconnect my brain a little to really sit back and enjoy it. I just couldn’t find it realistic that a writer who needed and wanted to keep their real life completely separate from their erotic writing would want to make such an intimate real-life connection with a reader. The world is full of stalkers and crazies – plus the risk to Harrison’s career and tenure was a real threat – so throwing caution to the wind on a woman he’d only exchanged raunchy messages with just seemed totally illogical to my mind. That said, once I just ignored the “reality” and logical aspect to the story and enjoyed the characters and situation without thinking about it, I really did enjoy the story. It’s sexily steamy and well paced – the characters are engaging and definitely into each other in a big way.

Readers looking for a quick and heavily erotic story should find this really to their liking. The author changes perspectives with the chapters, allowing the reader to glance into both Harrison and Sydney’s heads and see exactly where they’re both coming from. I found this helped ease a lot of my confusion about why someone would risk his livelihood and career over a bit of spicy internet chatting – and also helped me see that Sydney wasn’t a rabid or crazy fan gone wild. It helped me understand where they were each coming from and helped my enjoyment of the story.

For most of the story the conflict comes in the form of Harrison and Sydney setting up their relationship and deepening the connection they began online. Personally I found this added enough tension to satisfy me – there was a wealth of unknowns in meeting a virtual stranger from the internet. Since they’d been intimate and shared sex-pictures and such I felt there were plenty of emotional and relationship pitfalls they both had to negotiate. I admit I was surprised that Harrison wasn’t more concerned throughout the story about sharing his secret “writers persona” with Sydney and the potential to lose his job and career. While this aspect of their connecting certainly isn’t ignored, Harrison seemed to not consider it after a simple thought or two until well toward the end of the story. I felt the emotional and relationship tension and concerns really helped contrasts to the sexy shenanigans they both enjoyed so much together.

Readers looking for a hot and sexy short story should find this ticks a lot of boxes. Disconnect your brain, sit back with a very cold drink, relax and enjoy the ride.

Lust and Other Drugs by TJ Nichols

Lust and Other Drugs by TJ Nichols
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (171 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Dryas

Police officer Jordan and dragon shifter Edra might have to work together, but they don’t trust each other—even if sparks do fly between them.

If anyone finds out Jordan’s a mytho sympathizer, it could kill his career. No one can know that he frequents the satyr dens and uses the drug Bliss. A dead satyr might not get much attention, but two dead humans who appeared to overdose on Bliss? That shouldn’t even be possible.

And it might not be an accident.
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Edra, Mythological Services Liaison, has been covering up mytho crimes to protect the community’s reputation. With a mayoral election looming, the last thing his people need is a scandal.

To get a murderer off the streets, Jordan and Edra will be spending a lot of time together, and it won’t be easy to keep up with their deceptions… or to keep resisting each other.

The world is a mess and it’s up to a dragon shifter and a cop to sort it all out. Throw in problems with drugs and you’ve got the makings of a great story.

The characters are well developed and I enjoyed how they interacted. Jordan has two different sides– the cop side and the the side that wants a relationship. He also enjoys dressing up in lingerie during his off hours. Edra is fighting the connection, not because Jordan is human but because he wants an actual relationship. It was a ton of fun watching them banter back and forth and try not to fall into each other’s arms. It’s fun to see how the dragon culture is different from human’s. For example, in dragon culture, kissing on the lips is much more intimate. Dragons use a kiss to see if they will be able to become mates. I enjoyed the world-building because the author seamlessly added in the mythical creatures.

This world view shows how bad discrimination can be–anyone that is different is considered dangerous and animals. The cops don’t investigate vandalism, stealing, and even a murder of a satyr. I loved how Jordan does everything he can to earn the trust of the Mythos creatures even though it could kill his career. He starts to see how horrible it is to live as a Mytho. He allows himself to become friends with Edra and the group of satyrs. He has to be careful how he approaches the crimes as the police would get suspicious that he is a mythos supporter. Edra, a lesser dragon, is a knight, a position that is a lot like the police. He kept the peace between the different creatures, enforcing the laws. This allows Edra to trust Jordan faster. He wants to be Jordan’s mate, so he is unable to give into his lust. I also loved how much support Edra gets from all the creatures along with the slow trust Jordan is earning. I enjoy how Jordan and Edra’s relationship slowly developed instead of jumping into bed right away.

There is one thing that I wish could have been changed, but I also know why it was done. The ending was very abrupt, drawing you into wanting to read the next in series.

Hot dragon shifters and hot police officers make for a wonderful read. I would suggest this book to anyone that loves dragons and hot men.

Don’t Hold Back by Lynn Burke

Don’t Hold Back by Lynn Burke
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (75 pages)
Other: M/F, BDSM, Voyeurism, Toys (rope play)
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Kelly Sadel has lived her life by a feels-o-meter since showing emotion as a kid was a big no-no. A timid analyst and fur baby momma, she avoids anything that stirs up her boring life. Secretly, she crushes on the man who rides the elevator with her every morning — he’s a unicorn amidst an office full of conservative short-hairs. He also sets her nerves on edge, topping her feels-o-meter to the limit, an oh-no in her carefully constructed world.

Accidentally dumping a box of cupcakes on his loafers grabs his unwanted attention, and he isn’t too quick to let go.

Jamison Byrne has worked his way through the submissives at Monique’s club hoping to find his own little subbie. He wants a collared sub, a woman to enjoy mutual pleasure his ropes bring without getting emotionally involved beyond scening.
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Manipulation comes easy from years of life beneath a narcissistic asshole’s thumb, and Jamison finally gets Kelly to relent — but with her only agreeing to be friends. Jamison sweeps in but finds his feet swept beneath him as her nurturing nature opens him in ways he never expected. Sure he has found his “person,” he needs to find a way to share his darker desires and get Kelly to stop holding back and feel. He knows he can set her free, but does she want him to? Can he help her find the courage to face the emotions that come with submitting her body — and heart?

Kelly couldn’t help but drool over the handsome, buff Jamison Byrne every time they caught the elevator together. While he certainly wasn’t her type and she knew she’d never dare make a move on him, a girl could look, right? Until one morning Kelly didn’t look where she was going properly and ended up dropping a box full of cupcakes onto Jamison’s shoes. Absolutely mortified, Kelly is determined to forget the incident, only Jamison is determined to have her in every way and discover if Kelly is as submissive and sensual in the bedroom as she appeared in the elevator.

I found this to be a seriously steamy, lightly kinky BDSM story. I was a little uneasy at first. While we, as the reader, knew for sure that Kelly was attracted to Jamison I felt that at the very beginning of the story he walked a very fine line between confidence and arrogance. I didn’t think Jamison ever stepped over the wrong side of the line, but I was nervous that even after Kelly gently and politely turned him down Jamison nevertheless had a bundle of self-assurance (thinking how he “knew Kelly wanted him” and how “women didn’t say no to him”). I was pleased the author made it clear that Jamison was interested in Kelly because of the desire and attraction he felt for her – it wasn’t his ego or pique that had him chasing after her. But until Jamison realised he wanted to be friends – not just intimate – with Kelly I worried that this sexy story could have gone either way for me, personally.

There’s a mountain of chemistry and attraction between Jamison and Kelly, but I was pleasantly surprised that they took a good amount of time to get to know each other and became friendly before stepping over to be intimate together. I was pleased for this slower beginning – both Kelly and Jamison have baggage and issues that needed to be worked through and I feel that their relationship was a lot stronger – and more realistic – because of the time and effort they both spent learning about each other and spending time together outside the bedroom. The fact Kelly wasn’t in the BDSM lifestyle and she needed (I feel) to be eased into the kinkier aspects of Jamison’s life was addressed quite well and I thought was handled with care.

Despite the slower-paced start, once Jamison and Kelly become intimate I felt this story really flew high. The attraction, care and genuine feelings between Jamison and Kelly really convinced me they were building something lasting. They were friends as well as lovers and delving into the BDSM lifestyle together. I didn’t feel the kink was too envelope pushing – mostly rope-play and a bit of voyeurism at the club Jamison was a member at – and most erotica readers should find the level of play between Kelly and Jamison to not be confronting.

A steamy and fun read, this was a good short story.

Pleasure Port 27 by Kate Douglas

Pleasure Port 27 by Kate Douglas
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (43 pages)
Other: M/F, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Anal Play
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

An alien construct designed for erotic pleasure, Mira provides a sensual escape for weary travelers across the galaxy. Assigned to Pleasure Port 27, aka Earth, she’s aware she’s being watched.

No one can know she exists, but knowing someone watches her has given Mira a taste of true erotic pleasure. Before she kills her voyeur, Mira wants just one night with the man who is fascinated enough to spy on her.
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Once she meets Evan, however, it’s obvious one night won’t be enough. Is there a chance for love when one is merely a fabrication designed to provide pleasure, a chance to live as a real woman?

She was created to give men pleasure. He wants to give her pleasure, and maybe something more than that.

This tale had a deliciously slow buildup. I relished every scene that slowly but surely pushed Mira and Evan closer and closer to finally meeting each other and finding out if the spark they felt when she noticed him watching her through the window was something that would burn brighter once they were in the same room. It couldn’t have been written better or more clearly.

There was a plot hole involving Mira breaking a major rule that wasn’t explained well. Early on in the story, the audience was told that anyone would broke certain rules would face severe consequences for that action, so it came as a surprise to me to see what happened to this character after she stepped over that line and was discovered. I enjoyed everything else about the storyline, but not being entirely sure what happened here prevented me from giving the higher rating I would have otherwise chosen.

Not only did Mira and Evan have fantastic chemistry, the explanation given for why this was the case made a great deal of sense. I appreciated the fact that the author put so much thought into this part of their lives. It’s not something I’ve seen done very often in this genre, but it really made them come alive in my imagination. I’m looking forward to reading more from Ms. Douglas in large part because of how she handled this portion of the plot.

I’d recommend Pleasure Port 27 to fans of science fiction and erotica alike.

Home And Heart by Sean Michael

Home And Heart by Sean Michael
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (194 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, M/M/M/M, Anal Play, Menage, Voyeurism, Spanking, Toys
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Is it possible to find the heart’s home twice in a lifetime?

Six years ago, Sawyer Burroughs’s life fell apart. His soul mate and husband of four years died of cancer, and he fell into depression… and a bottle. It’s taken six years, but he’s turned his life around and is ready to start again on the other side of the country.
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In his new apartment, he’s welcomed by his young and carefree neighbor, Derek, from across the hall. Derek is eager to make Sawyer feel welcome and even offers him a place to stay when Sawyer arrives ahead of his furniture. The upstairs neighbors are just as friendly, and soon Sawyer finds a place with the friends-with-benefits threesome. He’s not the shy, vanilla lover they think he is, though, and he’s hiding more than a pair of nipple rings. As it happens, the guys have kinky secrets of their own, but for four men to make a BDSM relationship last, they’ll have to figure some things out.

Years after the death of his partner, Sawyer decides it’s time to start fresh somewhere else. He sells everything possible and moves half way across the country. He’d moved into an enormous old house that had been divided into four smaller apartments. His neighbors were friendly and even though Sawyer found himself shy in his new surroundings, Derek, Ben and Luke were all great guys and more than open to sharing some sexy pleasure. Can Sawyer find himself a real home for the second time?

This is a seriously smoking hot story. I love how the foursome seemed to come across as being quite natural – despite the complexities of the inner-workings of the relationship. While Derek and Sawyer definitely start off having their own chemistry I loved how it was clear Luke and Ben were certainly interested in Sawyer for his own merits and the somewhat casual threesome of Derek/Luke/Ben didn’t get rocked at all with the addition of Sawyer into their home and relationship. I feel this is definitely proof of the author’s excellent writing – as the whole situation didn’t come across as strange or stilted to me. It was easy, emotional and the chemistry and connections were definitely there and I personally found the whole thing completely believable.

While a story like this could have turned out to be totally about the sexy shenanigans going on between the four kinky boys living in the large house, I really loved how each character was shown to us and as a reader I could really get to know them. While there is absolutely plenty of fun, lighthearted – and kinky – sex going around, there’s delicious aspects of the men talking and getting to know each other, going about regular daily lives and doing things outside the bedroom. I felt this really lent a good balance to the story as a whole and made each man about more than just the sex and physical connection between them. While the plot *is* Derek, Ben, Luke and Sawyer all getting to know each other and working on their foursome relationship, there were plenty of chats, fun times and eating pizza together. They had that relationship and connection outside the bedroom as well as inside.

Sweet, sexy, hot and kinky, this is a great full length story and one I really enjoyed. The BDSM was strongly present throughout the story but not over the top. I loved how even though the characters were all at different stages (and needed different levels) of the BDSM lifestyle their love and affection for each other let them all share between themselves and support and help one another. Even with the complexities of their relationship/s and different levels of need this gave the overall story a really strongly romantic and warm feeling to my mind.

Sexy, spicy, fun and filled with laughter this was a really lovely full length story that I greatly enjoyed. I feel it would appeal to a wide range of readers and is absolutely worth checking out.

Sight by Kait Gamble

Sight by Kait Gamble
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (50 pages)
Other: M/F, Voyeurism
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met?

Chloe has. Or, at least, she’s fallen into lust with the man who lives in the apartment opposite hers. Night after night they catch glimpses of each other going through their evening routines. But it’s a delicious surprise when things take a more salacious turn inviting her into a voyeuristic fantasy.
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Mason can’t believe his luck that he’s found himself in what can only be described as the perfect relationship. Companionship, nightly stress relief, and all without having to deal with any drama. All he has to do is look across the way at the gorgeous siren in the window who’s more than happy to play along.

But what happens when watching is no longer enough?

Chloe had endured a horrendous day and wanted nothing more than to eat, then relax in the bath with a lovely glass of wine. Getting an eye-full of the handsome man who lived in the penthouse on the opposite side of the street from her was also an added bonus. Mason didn’t know anything about the woman who lived on the opposite side of the street except for what he could see – and boy did he enjoy watching her. What will happen when Chloe and Mason finally meet?

I found this to be an interesting and fun short story. I was really pleased that the author alternated between Mason and Chloe’s view-points each chapter as this really helped me get a good feel for both of them and I feel the story wouldn’t have been the same without it – especially as the two of them take some time to actually meet and not just watch each other. I was a little disappointed that there was a fairly important grammatical error near the start (“Where this for me…” instead of “Wear this for me…”) and while often very small editing mistakes slip by me this one completely jolted me out of the sexy and fun moment in the story. I also felt a little bit like the plot with Chloe’s ex-boyfriend was a little unnecessary. While I understand this added conflict into the plot I personally felt there was plenty of tension in Chloe and Mason falling in love with each other and knowing they didn’t really know the other properly. There was plenty of doubts, questions and longing in the romance between Chloe and Mason and I personally felt this was ample conflict and a fresh outlook – dating only by sight. In comparison the whole ex-boyfriend thing felt a little cliché and unnecessary, but readers who prefer ample conflict in their stories might feel quite differently to me in this matter.

Aside from these two small blips I found this a really interesting story – rather similar to how I imagine an old-school peep show might be like. The author did a great job to my mind in expressing how both Chloe and Mason could only view each other – no talking or communication other than through what they each saw – and yet how they really could connect on quite a deep level and fall slowly in love with each other like this. Instead of instant gratification, or a quick getting to know you phase Mason and Chloe had plenty of unanswered questions, but got to know each other on a different yet still intimate level. I found this refreshing and quite different.

A quick read this story covered plenty to my mind – with hot sex, two interesting characters and a different style of romance. A good story I really enjoyed it.