Blackmailed by Her Bully by Sam Crescent

Blackmailed by Her Bully by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (215 pages)
Other: M/F, Masturbation, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Alstroemeria

Twelve years ago, something happened to Ava Marshall, and rather than hide it, she reported it. All this time, she’s believed the man responsible paid for his crime, but she is about to learn nothing is as it seems.

Logan Stanford had his whole life torn from him for an act he didn’t commit. Sent to the gutter, he has built his way back up, and now he’s more than a bully from Ava’s past. He’s the nightmare that is going to make her pay. He’s set to hurt and humiliate her in every possible way. There’s no escape for her.

But the truth will set her free, and when it does, Logan has to face the fact he has hurt the wrong person. Torn between his need to keep her and his guilt, Logan doesn’t know what to do. He’s a selfish bastard who is used to taking what he wants, but he has to let her go.

Only, Ava doesn’t want to be let go. She has spent too long living in the past, and it is time to move on and finally live her life.
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Will Logan give her the chance, or will he push her away?

When people go looking for revenge, things are bound to get dicey. This is no exception for Logan Stanford and Ava Marshall. But revenge can also be sweet. Blackmailed by Her Bully is a dark romance filled with lust and sweet, sweet vengeance.

Ava Marshall has been trying to run from her past but it appears she never wanted to run from the almost innocent bystander, Logan Stanford. Logan, however, is going to take some more convincing to believe the stories of his first love.

Sam Crescent dives headfirst into the seedy underbelly of toxic small-town life and fulfills many dark fantasies within the pages of this novel. It should not be thrown about lightly that this book has themes of past sexual assault, and victim blaming, but for those who feel comfortable enough to read books with those themes will find their way into many descriptive and sensual scenes between our main characters, while also getting to peek into their lives before adulthood where their interlocking stories began.

There was absolutely chemistry between Ava and Logan, but their consecutive journeys to realization of this mutual lust, and maybe the inklings of something more, were often quickly darkened by the past that they were fighting every step of the way in this novel.

As erotic fiction, this book has plenty to offer in the ways of spicy, but it seems to be lacking a hero. I really want to like Logan. I look back on the kid he was in high school, wanting the pretty girl but not knowing how to properly show his affection or how to keep it from his friends, but glossing over what he does as an adult is difficult to do. His character fits his story arc, but it is hard to forgive his actions as easily as Ava seems to. I think his redemptions come a little too easily, and I think the readers would agree that at the very least some groveling on his end could have improved his character greatly.

I wouldn’t call Logan a hero, but I might use the term vigilante. Taking power into his own hands to try and ease the scars of his past, while also in his own way taking leadership and care of an entire city. He was flawed, but wanting to change or not there were still glimmers of that doting boy from the past. And Ava saw that too, whether she acknowledged it or not. Complicated is the best term to describe these two, and though not an easy read I believe these two found what they needed in one another.

Blackmailed by Her Bully is dangerously sexy, daring, and scandalous. Not for the faint of heart. Will Ava and Logan ever be able to get over all of the tainted moments in their past, or will vengeance win out over all?

Intrigue Me by Lacee Hightower

Intrigue Me by Lacee Hightower
Tangled Pleasures Book 1
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (155 Pages)
Other: M/F, BDSM, Anal play, Fetish, Spanking
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

What’s a person to do when they discover everything they’ve believed is nothing but lies?

I grew up wealthy, a spoiled rich kid some would say, blessed with a natural athletic physique and erotic good looks that could get me into the panties of just about any girl I set my mind to.

I wanted … what I wanted.

And that meant one thing: the beautiful brunette from study hall—but she left me high and dry.

Today, I have a heart made of stone. I’m angry, a professed lifelong bachelor and a sexual sadist.
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My soul is a cold river.

Eight years later, she’s back in my life and holding secrets that are ruthless, unforgiveable.

I want to punish her, make her cry, make her suffer. I want to hate her for what she’s done.

But I want my hands on her.

Mine. All mine.

I simply want … Ava Montgomery.

Intrigue Me is a romantic BDSM, sadism story with heart. I never thought that was possible. This book is an eye opener for sure and not for the fainthearted. Unlike some romantic BDSM books, this novel goes a lot deeper. The main characters are Tage and Ava and they have quite the history. It’s a long and painful one. One that included a child, Melli, with Down Syndrome.

This was a difficult read and even more difficult to write a review for. The author did a wonderful job of portraying sadism and showing the emotional side of the characters as well. Each character is so well written and different. You get the good guys, not so good guys and the ones that makes you smile with their humor.

The plot twists were brutal and painful. Intrigue Me has the sweet ‘aww’ moments, the ‘I can’t get enough of you’ moments, the ‘screw you’ moments and so on. It’s sweet, sad, with endless passion and chemistry as well as hurt; there is every emotion in that spectrum here. The author tried–and succeeded, I believe–in writing an erotic romance story which touches and captures the heart of it all, while making sure the chemistry and passion of both still burned as high as ever.

Intrigue Me is an erotic BDSM with sadism in it so readers be warned. However, it is soft as well. This book is perfect for readers who love their story plots with a lot of intense passion and heart.

Her Dangerous Crush by Megan Slayer

Her Dangerous Crush by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (123 pages)
Other: M/F, Spanking
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Danil Jordan never wanted a second chance at love. He had the woman he loved in his arms — until she left him for another man. He embraced the bitterness and displeasure with his brothers because they had the things he wanted — love and passion. Can he change his ways and have the love he deserves? Or will her past tear them apart?

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There’s a chance they can make the passion burn into something permanent. Will they take the chance or walk away before someone gets hurt?

It had been three years since Danil’s wife had separated from him, wanting something different. While Danil had still loved his wife and wanted to make things work, a year ago she and their two young girls had died in a car crash, removing any chance Danil had of putting his family back together. Maura enjoyed her job as a maid in the Jordan’s family home, despite the fact her half-brother had stolen Danil’s wife away before they’d died in the car crash. Maura knew it would never happen, but she yearned for Danil to really see her and want her even half as much as she ached for him.

I found this to be a steamy and slightly unusual love story. Danil’s mother is completely overbearing and determined to rule his life, mainly by selecting a new wife she approves of. Quite a bit of the story revolves around Danil and various friends who his mother tries to set him up with, all while Danil has a covert relationship with Maura. Personally, I didn’t find the situation very sexy. I could see where both Danil and Maura were coming from, but it didn’t feel naughty or taboo to me, but awkward and difficult.

It was a relief to me when Maura finally admitted who her family was to Danil and that final secret was aired out. I was also pleased that Danil was calm and listened to her explanations and didn’t simply hit the roof or over-react without understanding the entire situation. There was plenty of conflict in the story already – from Danil’s mother and the various other women – and so a mis-communication about secrets and history would have been a little too much for me. I feel readers who have already read some (or many) of the previous books in this series might have a better idea of the “big picture” and feel a lot more attachment to the characters – particularly Danil and Maura – and perhaps this story shouldn’t be picked up as a stand-alone and read by itself.

While I didn’t feel as invested in Danil and Maura as I could hope, they were clearly attracted to each other and had some good chemistry. I really enjoyed how Danil and Maura respected each other and were prepared to listen and respect each other while still enjoying a steamy and passionate affair.

If You Really Go Demon by Sean Michael

If You Really Go Demon by Sean Michael
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (50 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Toys, BDSM, Spanking
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Griff has been living with a terrible secret for centuries. He’s a high demon, but he has wild needs and desires to be a pleasure demon — to submit to another. Such things are forbidden in hell, but he finally breaks down and confesses his desires to his best friend Savilry, risking not just their friendship but his own safety.
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He could never have dreamed Savilry’s response, and Griff will never be the same again.

Griff and Savilry have been best friends for centuries, but even after that long association each demon still has his own secrets. Can they survive the truth?

This is a hot and sexy quick read. I enjoyed the dynamic between Griff and Sav, their friendship and deep connection really came through to me and was easy to follow along with right from the start. Despite the fact this is set in Hell and a totally different world I was pleased that there wasn’t a lot of world-building that I needed to catch up on or understand, this made it so much easier for me to pick up. I was also really glad that even though this is the second book set in the world it stands alone completely fine just by itself – I haven’t read the previous book and while I think there was a reference to the two previous characters Griff and Sav are front-and-centre here and their story is the main focus.

The sex is hot and a little bit kinky – but should be suitable for all levels of erotica readers. There is some very light BDSM, but nothing too heavy and I feel even readers who aren’t usually keen on kink or BDSM stories should find this book light enough to suit their tastes. What I really enjoyed is the main aspect to the story was Griff and Sav exploring this new level to their friendship and relationship and exploring with truth and honesty what they each wanted and craved from the other. I found this to be refreshing and really interesting to read and I greatly enjoyed how much the two men cared for each other and how clearly they wanted to make this new level between them work.

Hot and sexy, this is a great, fast read.

Collateral Damage by Harley Wylde & Paige Warren

Collateral Damage by Harley Wylde & Paige Warren
Owned by the Mob 1
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (99 pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Dryas

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Viktor: Death and destruction cling to me, blood and violence just a way of life. I didn’t climb my way toward the top of the Bratva by being a saint. I may be gruff and dangerous, take what I want when I want, but when it comes to Cerys, I find that I can’t be harsh with her. She’s gentle. Sweet. An angel. My myshka. She’s the light to my darkness. Now that I have her, I know that I can’t let her go. I’ll make her mine in every way possible. Only one problem. Artur Orlov. He wants me to marry his daughter, but I won’t. I didn’t count on him retaliating by taking my myshka from me. I’ll get her back, and if she’s been harmed in any way, I won’t stop until every last man responsible has breathed their last.

Meet Cerys, a blind woman who is abused by her father and who lost her mother. Victor is a high member of the Russian Bratva and Cerys catches his interest. He even gives her a nickname myshka which means mouse. To protect her from another one of his commanders who had been pushing him to marry his daughter, he married Cerys.

Cerys is a strong woman, who has to face the outside world suddenly. She had never gone very far from her home and each experience is new for her. It’s obvious by several experiences that she has trouble in crowds, for example when she was going to get new clothes and had a panic attack. She is surprised at the difference in Victor from when they are home and when they were out in public. Like any of us facing a new situation and the love that develops so quickly, she is unsure if he really wanted her forever or if he would leave her. What she learned about her sexual preferences surprises her. She ends up liking the spanking and even the anal play.

Victor is a tough, hard-hearted man and able to keep himself and Cerys safe. He was attracted to her at first sight and impressed by her bravery, even knowing that her father was a jerk. He When he noticed all the bruises on her and finds out that it was his father’s fault, he even went back to show him that he had ruined a treasure. The poor guy didn’t know how to handle a woman he wanted to keep, and when he gives her jewelry he doesn’t understand why she is not ecstatic. He opens his heart to her, slowly realizing that he loved her even though he thought he was never able to love.

I did think that their relationship was too fast and the fact that they fell in love so quickly was a little crazy. I did enjoy the story, especially being blind myself and reading how she navigates the world. The author does a good job keeping her in character. This is a wonderful love story where a hard man learns that love makes a man stronger than being seen as a man who kept himself apart.

Blindfolded For Love by Sean Michael

Blindfolded For Love by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (61 pages)
Other: M/M, BDSM, Waxing, Spanking/Flogging, Toys, Piercing
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Will it take a blindfold to help two longtime friends see what’s right in front of them?

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It takes Rick Hernerby, the mutual friend who introduced them in the first place, to finally get the ball rolling with a devious Valentine’s Day gift neither Jared nor Dorian will soon forget.

When Jared’s friend purchases him a mysterious night at a swanky hotel with promises of a good time and plenty of pampering, Jared is suspicious but curious. While he’d been led into light-hearted trouble plenty of times, his friend had never really steered Jared wrong. What Jared finds is his deepest and most closely held fantasies are being offered to him on a plate along with Jared’s best friend – Dorian – ready and more than willing to Dominate him. Can Jared and Dorian retain their friendship and turn it into something permanent and fulfilling to them both?

I enjoyed this short story. It’s written in a light and happy manner and as addictive as ice cream. I enjoyed both Jared and Dorian’s characters and their chemistry together was smoking hot. A tiny quibble would be that I’d have enjoyed seeing the two men interact as friends first – so I could get a feel for their dynamic together before they added sex and the intimacy of a BDSM relationship. With the short length of the story though, and the fact that the pace needed to move along to fit everything in, I can completely understand why this part of Dorian and Jared’s relationship wasn’t shown on-page.

The sex is deliciously explicit and hot to read. The BDSM was kinky but still felt wonderfully realistic to me and I’m always a sucker for a friends-to-lovers style of story as it’s such a well-known and utterly believable dynamic. I also really enjoyed how this story stood pretty much completely as a stand-alone. While it’s part of a series (Nailz) and the friend – Rick – who set the hotel stay up for both Jared and Dorian is one of the main characters in the first story (Pierced), Jared and Dorian are both completely the focus of the story. I also was amused and appreciated the quick glimpse at Will, the piercer and Rick’s boy, which helped show that all was progressing smoothly between the two men. Readers can easily pick this up as a stand alone and see if they enjoy the dynamic of this sort of story, then go back to Pierced and enjoy that equally well.

Reader looking for a quick, happy and kinky short read should find this ticks all the right boxes. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and am eager for more in the future. A sexy, hot and quick read.

Properly, or Not At All by Lucy Felthouse – Spotlight

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Lucy Felthouse whose Properly, Or Not At All is now available in audiobook format! Good news for audiobook fans who love a spanking short story—Properly, Or Not At All is now available to listen, thanks to the amazing talents of Frankie Holland!

Can a husband and wife cope when one of their favourite sexual pastimes is taken away from them?

Tristan and Jayme are not only devoted husband and wife, they are also Dominant and submissive, with a particular penchant for spanking. They’ve been playing delicious kinky games for the fifteen years they’ve been together, and couldn’t be happier. However, when Tristan develops a health issue that means he can’t redden his wife’s backside for a while, it puts them under a lot of strain. It’s a big part of their sex life, and they’ll miss it badly.

They try to find a way around their unfortunate predicament, but in the end, Tristan declares he will either spank Jayme’s bottom properly, or not at all.

The prospect of no spanking at all dismays Jayme, but she has no other choice. Or does she? She continues to put her mind towards the issue and she indulges in some solo experimentation, with mixed results.

But how will Tristan react when he finds out his wife has gone behind his back?

Enjoy an Excerpt

“You know what this fucking means, don’t you?” Tristan snapped, slamming his car keys onto the hall’s side table and storming into the kitchen.

Jayme hurried after him, her heart racing. Tristan rarely got angry—sure, he often pretended she’d done something wrong and faked being pissed off about it when they played D/s scenes, but real anger—it was something that just didn’t happen. She wasn’t quite sure what had sparked it, either. The news had been unfortunate, yes. Inconvenient, yes—but it wasn’t the end of the world. Tristan’s only choice was to follow the doctor’s advice.

“Um, I take it you mean aside from the obvious?” she ventured quietly, not wanting to piss him off even more.

“Yes,” he said on a heavy sigh, making it clear his anger and frustration weren’t aimed at her. “Come here, you.” He held out his arms, and when she went into them, he hugged her tightly and kissed the top of her head. “Fucking hell, Jayme, I’m really going to miss spanking that beautiful arse of yours.”

“And I’m going to miss you doing it,” she murmured into his chest. Then, pulling back so she could make eye contact, continued, “But we’ll cope. There’s loads of other stuff we can do—we can still have fun. As much as I love it, it’s not worth making the problem worse, or screwing up your recovery once you’ve had the op. Your health is more important, babe.”

“Mmm…” came the reply, along with a very displeased expression.

“Hey,” Jayme said sharply, raising her eyebrows, “you might be in charge in the bedroom, mister, but I’m putting my foot down here. Hopefully you’ll get a date through for the operation really soon. And the sooner you have the op, the sooner you’ll be recovered and we can get back to normal. In the meantime,” she grinned widely, “we’ll just have to get creative, won’t we?”

Much to Jayme’s relief, Tristan finally smiled. “You’re right, as always, wife of mine. Clearly I’m not happy about this—fucking carpal tunnel bollocks, spoiling all our fun—but it could be a lot worse, I suppose. At least they’re not operating on my dick.”

“True.” She giggled. “That would take some creativity of epic proportions!”

“It would. So, does this mean we have to have sex more often, then?”

Frowning, Jayme replied, “How do you figure that out?”

“Well, if it’s too risky to spank you, then surely wanking is going to be bad for my wrist, too. And I’m not sure that when the doctor asked if we had any questions, he meant of this nature, did he?”

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“I don’t.” He shrugged. “But you can’t blame a man for trying, can you? Especially when that man’s wife looks like you.”

“No, I suppose not.” She grinned, then slipped her arms around the back of his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Closing her eyes, Jayme allowed herself to get into the touching of their lips, the parting, the questing tongues, shoving all thoughts of not being able to have her arse reddened to the recesses of her mind. She loved Tristan with all her heart, and their relationship was so much more than sex and kink, so they’d just have to get on with it.

And what better way to get on with it than to find a way around their unfortunate predicament? She pulled Tristan’s bottom lip into her mouth, then sucked and nibbled at it, enjoying the guttural sounds this elicited from his throat. Letting go of his lip, she then sucked at his tongue, mimicking fellatio on the warm, wet flesh and smirking to herself as his rapidly growing erection pressed against her stomach.

God, yes. The two of them had been together fifteen years, married for thirteen, and were still crazy about each other. What was a little break from spanking in the scheme of things?

Sitting back suddenly as something occurred to her, she said, “Hey, gorgeous. Shall we take this to the bedroom? I’ve had an idea.”

Tristan grabbed her hand and they immediately headed for the bedroom. “Of course. What’s your idea, sweetheart?”

“Well, now,” she replied, grinning wickedly, “that would be telling, wouldn’t it? You’ll just have to wait.”

“Damn,” Tristan muttered, picking up his pace. “I can’t even threaten to punish you unless you tell me.”

“We’ll see.”

After throwing a confused look over his shoulder, he led them up the stairs and into their room before ushering her in and closing the door behind them. “God, you’re gorgeous,” he said, pulling her back into his arms.

“Now, now,” she replied, pushing his chest and wagging a finger at him. “No trying to butter me up just so I’ll cave and tell you what I have in mind.”

Adopting a mock-shocked expression, he said, “Moi? Would I do such a thing?”

“Yes! You bloody would!”

“Yeah, yeah, all right, all right. I totally bloody would. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true. You are gorgeous, and I love you. And I want you.” Gesturing towards the erection that tented his jeans, he gave a wry grin.

“And you’ll have me,” Jayme shot back matter of factly, beginning to remove her clothes. “Now, Sir, could I respectfully ask that you get naked?”

About the Author Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller), The Persecution of the Wolves, Hiding in Plain Sight and The Heiress’s Harem series. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 170 publications to her name.

Website | Newsletter | Twitter | Facebook | Facebook Group | Amazon Author Page | BookBub Author Page

Buy the book at your favorite online venue.

Royal Flush by Sean Michael

Royal Flush by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (93 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Fisting, Anal Play, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Three years ago, Royal played slave to Mike’s Master while working undercover in the leather community, and their relationship has never recovered. After a perp’s accusation of impropriety, Royal and Mike decide taking early retirement with a pension is easier than fighting false charges. Nursing his wounds in a bar, Royal’s interrupted by a man from his past, from the very time when things with Mike started disintegrating.

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Royal had been a police officer for ten years, the last three of those undercover. After some false allegations from a bad collar, he’d been squeezed off the job and nothing had been right since then. Even though it had been a number of years, Royal hadn’t forgotten Bone – the piercer and BDSM Master who had pierced Royal’s cock before he’d gone undercover. When they meet again, this time nothing is stopping them from truly getting to know each other.

I enjoyed this quick read – steamy and sensual with a good level of kink in it. I liked how things were simple and easy for Royal even though he had a bit of baggage and some genuine trepidation. I felt like the scene with Royal’s ex-police-partner was a little brief. While it absolutely helped bring the conflict and tension to a head the antagonism felt just a little out of the blue to me and I feel a bit more detail before and after this scene would have really rounded the story out.

I loved both Bone and Royal’s characters though and the chemistry between them absolutely sizzled. Readers looking for a good amount of spice and kink should feel this really fits the bill. This story isn’t dark – Bone has been in the lifestyle a while and Royal isn’t a virgin to these games. I found it refreshing that all of Royal’s experience with BDSM though had been undercover and therefore “not real” in a sense. This was a delicious way to have many things new and fresh for Royal without him appearing to be completely innocent. I loved that balance and found it really helped sell the story to me and I greatly enjoyed it.

With some seriously smoking hot sex scenes, plenty of various kinks – sounds, plugs, piercings and restraints – but nothing felt over the top of excessive in the style of the story. Best of all the attraction and chemistry between the two men felt realistic to me and it was clear they were both completely into each other which was just lovely.

A kinky, steamy read that was highly enjoyable for me.

A Valentine For Chelsea by Raisa Greywood

A Valentine For Chelsea by Raisa Greywood
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short story (92 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Cupid needs to be shot with one of his own arrows.

Chelsea hates Valentine’s Day. She hates the pink and red hearts hung all over town, the kissy faces everyone makes, and the cringe-worthy cards. The one thing she actually loved, her dog Princess, is happy in a new home, and Chelsea has no one to celebrate with. Not that she would. The whole holiday is a marketing ploy to get people to spend money.
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Tennyson Barber is happy. He’s got a brand new medical practice and the company of beautiful women whenever he wants it. Why then, is his inner daddy so fascinated with Chelsea Grant? She’s coming off a bad marriage and has a whole mess of problems he should avoid. Tennyson is nobody’s knight in shining armor, but he wants to slay Chelsea’s dragons anyway.

Grab a huge drink, disconnect your brain and relax back and just enjoy the fun and spicy ride this book offers. I enjoyed the very faint edge of paranormal aspect to the story – a few rather interesting Guardian angels had small parts to play in the story – but overall I found this contemporary romance to be fun and rather naughty in a very good way.

Tennyson is trying hard to get his medical business up and running, and while Chelsea has caught his eye, he’s not interested in dating anyone local in case things turn sour and his enjoyment of bedroom games became public knowledge. Chelsea isn’t looking for an intimate partner either, with her ex-husband cleaning her out and discovering a few days later that she’s pregnant. Chelsea is broke and struggling to find work, a lot more interested in putting food on her table than running around dating the new guy. But fate – and a determined Guardian Angel – shows then both just how well suited they are in every way.

I was really pleased the author gave quite a bit of the background and character details in the start of the story. I can see it would have been easy to just have Chelsea and Tennyson bump into each other and fall into insta-lust, but I really feel the story is stronger and more believable for the slower pace in the beginning. While I felt the BDSM elements to the story could have been a little more subtly woven into the start, I found this aspect to the story both tasteful and not too over the top.

My favourite part of the story was hands down the interactions of the characters and the lovely feeling of a small town that permutated through the story. While there was quite the hint of kink that I found surprising at times overall these were interesting, fairly normal people I could relate to and feel believable. Tennyson and Chelsea’s romance also was logical and captured my interest from the start. All the characters – but Tennyson and Chelsea in particular – were well written, layered and for me, personally, really made this story exceptional.

With a deliciously slow pace, exceptional characters that I adored and some really steamy BDSM sex this was a great read and a story I know I’ll enjoy again in the future.

Heart of the Storm by Gemma Snow

Heart of the Storm by Gemma Snow
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (210 pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, spanking, Anal Sex, mild BDSM, Menage
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Cade and Sawyer might be Hollie’s biggest risk yet…

Ten years ago, Hollie Callihan left her best friends Cade Easton and Sawyer Matthews in the middle of the night for fear of breaking their hearts—and broke her own instead. She’s spent her whole life chasing adventures on distant shores, but spring floods in the Black Reef Mountains force Hollie, Region VIII FEMA Response Director, to return to Wolf Creek, the town where she left her heart in two.

Cade and Sawyer are now Wolf Creek’s chief of police and fire captain, Hollie’s first line of defense in emergency response…making them unavoidable. Her former friends are all grown up now and totally at odds since she left.

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But facing genuine destruction and danger alongside Cade and Sawyer helps Hollie learn that vulnerability and trust aren’t dirty words. If she’s brave enough to let Cade and Sawyer in on what had her running all those years ago, Hollie might just find that taking the biggest risk of her life leads to its biggest adventure—three hearts beating as one.

A natural disaster that FEMA agent Hollie Callihan can fairly accurately predict leads to a reunion collision with her past that no one could predict.

It was unnatural to want two guys, right? That’s what a younger version of Hollie told herself nearly 10 years ago. The heart wants who the heart wants but she couldn’t see a way without hurting one of them so she chose to spread the love…err, uh heartache actually. Coming face to face with much more grown up and commanding versions of the boys she left, as well as some surprising new trouples (tri-couples) in town, has Hollie questioning her reasons to go and embracing her reasons to stay. I was sad right along with them, for the time they had lost, and I think the author did a good job of conveying that.

Cade and Sawyer aren’t what anyone in town would call friends or even frenemies. I actually thought that was an interesting twist from the author because in most scenarios like this, the guys are typically at least friends with the same goal. Not these two so, I looked forward to seeing exactly how they would work things out between themselves and still convince Hollie to give them (the three of them) a chance.

The story flows really well and the constant threat that looms over the town, the impending natural disaster, kept the tension ratcheted up for a good portion of the book. When it finally hits! Expectantly destructive and well described. I felt like I was battling Mother Nature right along side of them.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for some nagging grammatical errors, this book would be close to perfect. Not like every other sentence or even page but unfortunately noticeable to the observant.

Readers looking for a story where the guys or girl are constantly denying themselves of what they want shouldn’t read this book. If instead, they appreciate a lust/love temptation that can’t be denied, Cade/Hollie/and Sawyer’s reawakening is the way to go! It’s powerful and emotional and just a bit raw. And it made me want to go check out the three books that precede this one. That’s some good story telling in my book.