Collateral Damage by Harley Wylde & Paige Warren

Collateral Damage by Harley Wylde & Paige Warren
Owned by the Mob 1
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (99 pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Dryas

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Viktor: Death and destruction cling to me, blood and violence just a way of life. I didn’t climb my way toward the top of the Bratva by being a saint. I may be gruff and dangerous, take what I want when I want, but when it comes to Cerys, I find that I can’t be harsh with her. She’s gentle. Sweet. An angel. My myshka. She’s the light to my darkness. Now that I have her, I know that I can’t let her go. I’ll make her mine in every way possible. Only one problem. Artur Orlov. He wants me to marry his daughter, but I won’t. I didn’t count on him retaliating by taking my myshka from me. I’ll get her back, and if she’s been harmed in any way, I won’t stop until every last man responsible has breathed their last.

Meet Cerys, a blind woman who is abused by her father and who lost her mother. Victor is a high member of the Russian Bratva and Cerys catches his interest. He even gives her a nickname myshka which means mouse. To protect her from another one of his commanders who had been pushing him to marry his daughter, he married Cerys.

Cerys is a strong woman, who has to face the outside world suddenly. She had never gone very far from her home and each experience is new for her. It’s obvious by several experiences that she has trouble in crowds, for example when she was going to get new clothes and had a panic attack. She is surprised at the difference in Victor from when they are home and when they were out in public. Like any of us facing a new situation and the love that develops so quickly, she is unsure if he really wanted her forever or if he would leave her. What she learned about her sexual preferences surprises her. She ends up liking the spanking and even the anal play.

Victor is a tough, hard-hearted man and able to keep himself and Cerys safe. He was attracted to her at first sight and impressed by her bravery, even knowing that her father was a jerk. He When he noticed all the bruises on her and finds out that it was his father’s fault, he even went back to show him that he had ruined a treasure. The poor guy didn’t know how to handle a woman he wanted to keep, and when he gives her jewelry he doesn’t understand why she is not ecstatic. He opens his heart to her, slowly realizing that he loved her even though he thought he was never able to love.

I did think that their relationship was too fast and the fact that they fell in love so quickly was a little crazy. I did enjoy the story, especially being blind myself and reading how she navigates the world. The author does a good job keeping her in character. This is a wonderful love story where a hard man learns that love makes a man stronger than being seen as a man who kept himself apart.

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