Home And Heart by Sean Michael

Home And Heart by Sean Michael
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (194 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, M/M/M/M, Anal Play, Menage, Voyeurism, Spanking, Toys
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Is it possible to find the heart’s home twice in a lifetime?

Six years ago, Sawyer Burroughs’s life fell apart. His soul mate and husband of four years died of cancer, and he fell into depression… and a bottle. It’s taken six years, but he’s turned his life around and is ready to start again on the other side of the country.
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In his new apartment, he’s welcomed by his young and carefree neighbor, Derek, from across the hall. Derek is eager to make Sawyer feel welcome and even offers him a place to stay when Sawyer arrives ahead of his furniture. The upstairs neighbors are just as friendly, and soon Sawyer finds a place with the friends-with-benefits threesome. He’s not the shy, vanilla lover they think he is, though, and he’s hiding more than a pair of nipple rings. As it happens, the guys have kinky secrets of their own, but for four men to make a BDSM relationship last, they’ll have to figure some things out.

Years after the death of his partner, Sawyer decides it’s time to start fresh somewhere else. He sells everything possible and moves half way across the country. He’d moved into an enormous old house that had been divided into four smaller apartments. His neighbors were friendly and even though Sawyer found himself shy in his new surroundings, Derek, Ben and Luke were all great guys and more than open to sharing some sexy pleasure. Can Sawyer find himself a real home for the second time?

This is a seriously smoking hot story. I love how the foursome seemed to come across as being quite natural – despite the complexities of the inner-workings of the relationship. While Derek and Sawyer definitely start off having their own chemistry I loved how it was clear Luke and Ben were certainly interested in Sawyer for his own merits and the somewhat casual threesome of Derek/Luke/Ben didn’t get rocked at all with the addition of Sawyer into their home and relationship. I feel this is definitely proof of the author’s excellent writing – as the whole situation didn’t come across as strange or stilted to me. It was easy, emotional and the chemistry and connections were definitely there and I personally found the whole thing completely believable.

While a story like this could have turned out to be totally about the sexy shenanigans going on between the four kinky boys living in the large house, I really loved how each character was shown to us and as a reader I could really get to know them. While there is absolutely plenty of fun, lighthearted – and kinky – sex going around, there’s delicious aspects of the men talking and getting to know each other, going about regular daily lives and doing things outside the bedroom. I felt this really lent a good balance to the story as a whole and made each man about more than just the sex and physical connection between them. While the plot *is* Derek, Ben, Luke and Sawyer all getting to know each other and working on their foursome relationship, there were plenty of chats, fun times and eating pizza together. They had that relationship and connection outside the bedroom as well as inside.

Sweet, sexy, hot and kinky, this is a great full length story and one I really enjoyed. The BDSM was strongly present throughout the story but not over the top. I loved how even though the characters were all at different stages (and needed different levels) of the BDSM lifestyle their love and affection for each other let them all share between themselves and support and help one another. Even with the complexities of their relationship/s and different levels of need this gave the overall story a really strongly romantic and warm feeling to my mind.

Sexy, spicy, fun and filled with laughter this was a really lovely full length story that I greatly enjoyed. I feel it would appeal to a wide range of readers and is absolutely worth checking out.

And One Makes Four by Sean Michael

And One Makes Four by Sean Michael
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (44 pgs)
Other: Multiple Partners, M/M/M/M, Menage, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Now that zoo shifters Stripe, Xeno and Shen have been rescued, Pirou finds an expert to help them learn how to live their own lives.

Levi is good at his job, professional and passionate about helping. After all, he was a rescue once himself. He always provides whatever help he can, and he never takes advantage of his charges.
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These three are different, though, and when Shen makes overtures, Levi finds himself unable to resist the sweet kit. Stripe, Xeno and Shen come as a package, though.

Is there a way for three to become four?

Levi was an experienced professional – excellent with rescued cat shifters and knowing how to help the adjust – something he had sorely missed when he, himself, had been a rescue shifter. Levi could see that Stripe, Xeno and Shen had already formed a bond and that gave him hope they would make a full recovery, something Levi wants more and more as time passes and the threesome becomes four.

This is a super short but very satisfying read. I was pleased that it picked up pretty much exactly where the previous story left off and continued with the three rescued shifters’ story. While I do feel this can be picked up as a stand alone I must admit the reader will likely get far more from the story if they’ve read the book directly previous to this in this series. I feel it’s important to note only the most immediate past book *has* to be read – the others don’t appear to have any direct link to this one so a reader wouldn’t need to go back to the very start of the series.

Having read the previous story I was really glad that the three shifters became attached to Levi and welcomed him quite promptly. In such a short length story it could have been far too easy for the plot of the three rescued shifters and their wariness to have taken over the majority of the story, leaving little room for the romance and sex. While I can understand to some readers this might feel as if it’s a case of insta-lust and the foursome jumped in too early, I knew there’d been quite a build up in the previous story and so this didn’t feel so “sudden” to me. Indeed, I was glad to see the group sex scene and read of the attraction Shen and Levi in particular had. This story really does only cover a few hours’ worth of time and so is incredibly brief and I’m not sure it will be to all readers’ tastes.

A short, quick and easy read with some steamy sex and lots of emotion I enjoyed this story and feel it rounds out the previous book perfectly.

Abducted by H.C. Brown

Abducted by H.C. Brown
Cops and Floggers book 3
Publisher: Luminosity Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (35 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, M/M/M/M, Anal Play, Spanking, Toys, Menage
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

After stripping at Safeword, Thorn is abducted by Master Riley, the tall, blond and sexy Dom he noticed in the audience. Taken to a private dungeon, the last thing he expects to find is three sex-starved Doms waiting to punish him.

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Disillusioned with men after his previous Dom betrayed him, he wonders if Master Riley—Mr. Tall, Blond and Sexy, is the one man to make him fly.

Thorn is a stripper at Safeword – a private BDSM club. Plenty of Masters desire him, but after being betrayed and blackmailed, Thorn has some serious trust issues. When Riley Jacob is introduced to Thorn, he knows he is exactly the sort of Master who can tame Thorn. Riley knows Thorn is into group scenes, so Riley gets two of his good friends – Casey and Dale – to give him a hand. Riley sets out to prove to Thorn that he has what it takes to be the man’s Dom.

I found this to be a super-spicy story. Riley and Thorn are the main pairing for this short story. Casey and Dale are good friends of Rileys and in a committed – but open – relationship. A lot of the book is the four men enjoying themselves together. While Riley “kidnaps” Thorn to start with, there was discussion during the abduction scene, and while Thorn doesn’t know exactly what’s going on initially, I don’t feel the scene was written harshly enough to be a true “Forced Seduction” type of scene – it certainly wasn’t one to my mind. Riley also introduces himself properly fairly promptly and I didn’t feel anything in the story was written to lend itself to be misconstrued as rape. I feel this shouldn’t be a trigger for most people, but the fact there is an abduction-ish scene should be taken into account when considering reading this story. The fact the whole story is written in the first person perspective (jumping back and forth from Riley’s to Thorn’s head) also helped keep any worry of Forced Seduction or true rape/abduction pretty much out of the question – at least from my opinion.

For such a short length I feel the author did a good job establishing the characters. Sadly, though, Riley and Thorn felt a lot more developed to my mind. I feel this was again because we jump a lot between both their heads in the first-person narrative. While I didn’t mind the head-hopping or the first person perspective, I felt this meant I really didn’t know much at all about Casey and Dale. What are their preferences? What were they like as men and not just as extras in the foursome scenes? I didn’t get a very solid understanding of either man and I couldn’t help but feel this was an opportunity the author missed. I really would have enjoyed getting to know them a little better, even though the main relationship was between Riley and Thorn.

I was also a little surprised that neither Riley nor Thorn were more deeply into the various BDSM games. While they both were unquestionably into group sex and exhibitionism, aside from a little flogging there wasn’t a lot of kink involved for either of them. On the one hand I found this refreshing – after all, not all BDSM is about whips, chains and pain – but I think from the blurb and set-up of the story I’d been expecting a story with a lot more kink in it. I still thoroughly enjoyed the BDSM elements here, and the writing was very well done to my mind, but this really felt more like a Foursome erotic romance story, not quite what I’m used to from a story heavy on the BDSM elements. I feel readers looking for a heavy, kink filled BDSM story might not find exactly what they’re looking for here.

With interesting and different characters and a fast-paced, good storyline I greatly enjoyed this short story. I will certainly be looking for more both in this series and by this author.

Combine by Sean Michael

Combine by Sean Michael
A Hammer Novel
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (188 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Menage, Anal Play, Toys, Spanking, M/M/M/M
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Dom and sub couples Peter and Devon, and Max and Swan, are joining their lives together. After a week at The Briar Rose, they know there’s a lot of work to do, and they’re all committed to making sure what they have together succeeds.

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As they learn to live and bond together, they discover things about each other that makes them fall more deeply in love, helping to cement their relationships.

Then an unexpected attack on Peter and Max threatens to upset the balance they’ve created, and Swan and Devon must join forces to give their subs what they need to push through and thrive. Will this stumbling block break apart their hard-won new family, or will it forge a stronger foursome?

After a week merging their two couples at a B&B, Peter, Max, Devon and Swan are finally moving in all together as a blended group. But as with any new relationship there can be bumps and it takes time to get comfortable with each other. Can these two couples combine their lives, love and create something new?

I really enjoyed this sensual story. It’s a progression from Sean Michael’s book “Blended Family” but can easily be read as a stand alone. Mr Michael has done an excellent job of laying out the backstory without massive info-dumps or making it feel like a rehash of old stuff. I was pleasantly impressed by the seamlessness of having Max, Peter, Devon and Swan’s story and relationship progress while still explaining how far they’d already come on this journey. I also really loved how all four characters had their own style and quirks. With four main characters it would be easy to have one or more appear too similar – or perhaps be somewhat overlooked in the narrative, but I found them to be all unique and interesting and take equal shares of the spotlight. The author is to be commended in my view for meshing the various threads of story perfectly to make an excellent foursome.

This is a highly erotic tale, and while there’s plenty of BDSM play and toys, I found it sweet, charming and extremely tasteful. I could also strongly appreciate how the plot and storyline basically *is* the foursome coming together. I loved reading about the small hiccups of couples moving in together, finding their new pace and settling in with each other. There of course was some outside conflict about half way through – and while I found the problem the four men faced sad, it was also a strong reminder of how some pockets of the world is today. Bittersweet. Most of all though, I loved seeing these characters I enjoy coming together, sharing their bodies and home and finding their new rhythm together.

I felt Combine is a strongly romantic story with excellent characters, a realistic plot and interactions and more than a hint of laughter. This is a wonderful story and one I happily found myself engrossed by. I can’t wait to crack it open and start reading it again for pure pleasure. A vibrant, wonderful tale.

A Man, A Jersey, and a Tight End by AM Riley

A Man, A Jersey, and a Tight End by AM Riley
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (195 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, M/M/M/M, BDSM
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Cactus

Since Brian and his three bears first set up house, the demands of Paul’s long distance job have put a strain on all of their relationships. Jim feels that everything is dumped on him; Scott is still unsure about being a sub; Brian’s brattier than ever; and when Scott brings home a ‘stray’ in the form of a young brat named Joshua, the household is set on its ear. Of course, the brats handle the situation in their own fashion and Jim and Paul have their hands full.

They’ve got their plays scrambled and it’s going to take a lot of hard work to find the proper balance between discipline and love.

Four men together make a happy home, but what happens when a stray is brought into the mix? Brian and his three bears have somehow made it work all living and loving together. But with Scott and Paul on the road a lot for work, Brian and Jim are left to try to keep everything together. When Scott brings home a lost twink, some of the relationships begin to change. Can this foursome keep it together or is there room to grow?

A Man, A Jersey, and a Tight-End is the sequel to Goldilocks and His Three Bears. I’d highly suggest reading the first book before tackling this sequel as the relationships are established in the first book and this one is actually much deeper and more meaningful. In Goldilocks, the two main couples are established – Paul and Brian, Jim and Scott – while the foursome regularly mix it up and have an open policy for everyone, especially Brian. Now those relationships are tested with real life. This story focuses more on the emotional bonds and how to make such unorthodox couplings really work. It still has the same light, playful touch to the sex scenes but the characters feel deeper and more real this time around. So this drug carries dual advantage for browse this link now tadalafil overnight shipping the Kamagra pills is that they are available at very reasonable cost and provide same quality of results to an affected personality. Side Effects From time to time patients taking this drug experience viagra online for women the following side effects. This is especially made for the young generation who wants results quickly. online cialis buy viagra shop https://regencygrandenursing.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=36&Itemid=285 Prescription from the doctor is necessary for the student.

Also the issues brought up are more intense. Not all of these issues are well handled. Most are glossed over very easily and quickly, more for the plot point of the issue than the actual resolution. The story does try to bring up more in depth issues than the last book. Additionally there are numerous sex scenes, enough to please any fan. There are almost too many but as always Ms. Riley is an excellent writer so this isn’t a bad thing. If anything it keeps the tone playful and light with a lot of rough-housing and enjoyable banter.

This is a pretty successful and entertaining sequel, though it’s not perfect. It would have been nice to see some of these issues really addressed but overall the solid writing and fun characters make for a good story. If you’ve read the first book, definitely pick this one up and if you’re new to the series start now, it’s worth your time.

Goldilocks and His Three Bears by A.M. Riley

Goldilocks and His Three Bears by A.M. Riley
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (130 pgs)
Other: M/M/M/M, menage, anal sex, bdsm, multiple partners
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Cactus

Brian, a young transplant to Los Angeles, frequents the leather bars where he meets Paul, a big, tattooed, Harley riding leather daddy who introduces Brian to the ways of a sub. Brian is instantly smitten, but then Paul travels out of town on business leaving Brian in the dark about the status of their relationship. Enter Jim, a big nurturing “Momma Bear” who helps Brian deal with his loneliness. Coincidentally, it turns out, Jim is also one of Paul’s roommates and then Jim goes out of town as well, leaving Brian with a key and a request to water Jim’s plants in his absence.

Brian is doing just that when the third roommate, Scott, appears, an overly friendly little baby bear who snuggles up to Brian immediately. Soon Brian and Scott are sharing a ‘friends with bennies’ type relationship.

It all comes to a head when Paul and Jim return home and surprise Scott and Brian in bed together. Now Brian has to make some hard choices.

Can Brian find a place in this unusual household? One that’s just right?

How is one boy supposed to choose between three comfortable beds, and the sexy men that come with them? Brian meets leather daddy Paul late one night at a bar and soon they’re spending a lot of time together. Although he’s never met Paul’s roommates, Brian feels things could be getting serious. That is until Paul has to leave town for a few months with nothing settled between the two. Brian wanders the city hurt until he meets Jim and eventually Scott, Paul’s roommates. One by one they show him what he’s missing until a twist of fate puts all three men plus Brian in the same room. Now if only Brian knew what to do.

Goldilocks and His Three Bears is an adorable romance. It’s one that features multiple partners, which is not always a reader favorite. I would urge those readers to give this one a chance though as it’s pretty mild and a light hearted take on the subject. There are two main relationships that form over the course of the novella, Paul with Brian and Jim with Scott, then the four men come together for a group sex session at the end. While there are multiple partners, the story shows how each man adds something important to the mix. Rafael Palmeiro a major league baseball player on one occasion featured in an advert featuring what is universally called “The Little Blue Pill”. buy levitra from india is a staple of American society – the focus of limitless tonight show monologue jokes and a popular conversation theme anywhere. Nobody can on that point there once you need help this most. viagra cheap no prescription Take regular walks, eat healthy, and maintain your saturated fat consumption to 10% of your daily calories. free generic viagra They are exceptionally active cialis generika 40mg in conducting qualitative researchers before actually manufacturing products. Paul is the Daddy Bear, the commanding one while Jim is the Momma Bear, the nurturing one. There is Scott, the fun loving one and Brian, the baby bear who bounces from the slightest bit of sugar. They come together as a loving family that just happens to love each other in a physical way as well.

One other important element is the mild BDSM portion. Brian and Paul are in a Daddy/boy relationship while Jim and Scott are more about control. It all works well though, and the story shows how and why the men get what they need from the various relationships. The sex depicted and BDSM elements are pretty mild and shouldn’t turn many readers away. In fact the sex feels natural and works well within the framework of the story. It shouldn’t shock or upset even unfamiliar readers. Instead the story feels full of love and joy between the men.

Goldilocks and His Three Bears is a very cute and very sweet romance. It’s got a few elements that may not be to some readers’ liking but it’s done in a very skillful way that engages readers. The great writing, cute men, hot sex scenes, and pure fun of the story make this a very easy novella to recommend. If you haven’t read this, do so now. It’s the perfect light summer read.

The Captain’s Beloved by Scarlet Blackwell

The Captain’s Beloved by Scarlet Blackwell
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Full Length (166 pages)
Other: Anal play/sex, spanking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, toys, BDSM, M/M, M/M/M, M/M/M/M, Multiple partners
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Amaryllis

It’s four months since Josh Addison fell for Kane Kessler, the Captain of his vacation cruise liner. He never thought to set eyes on him again but Kane’s come all the way to Anchorage to see him.

For Kane this is a casual hook-up during his downtime. He wants to prevent his heart getting involved at all costs. But Josh, hopelessly in love, has different ideas…

On the very first page, Captain Kane Kessler comes at Joshua in supercharged inferno of white-hot sexual heat. And it just gets better from there.

I just love Josh. He’s such a well-crafted character. A handsome, sexy yet somewhat nerdy bookworm. He’s sweet, funny and so touchingly giddy over the captain. Yet he’s all man; there’s nothing feminine about him. Ms. Blackwell has certainly mastered the art of creating complex masculine characters.

This story has all the humor and emotion that made The Captain’s Man so enjoyable. It’s a very novel feeling to laugh so hard while at the same time feeling my heart contract over what the characters are going through. Poignantly funny is the best way to describe it.

Kane Kessler is stern, commanding, tender, and sexy all at once. In short, alpha hot. viagra generico cialis Well you might know that in today’s globe thousands of people are going through high cholesterol. Overweight or browse around description generika viagra cialis obesity impacts the cardiovascular system and improve blood flow. Being a single, straight guy… you are inclined to want to know how to get a woman turned on. pdxcommercial.com viagra online Therefore, it can be stated that these centres of physiotherapist Glasgow play an imperative role in preventing and generic soft viagra check out that link controlling erectile dysfunction. We get a deeper view into Kane in this sequel and the conflict between him and Josh deepens. Kane is not as sure of his own emotions and this along with Josh’s insecurities fuels their conflict. The Christmas they share is so touchingly romantic it made me cry a little.

The sex is…wild, unabashed, wickedly sexy. This not for the faint of heart. The conflict is entwined through the whole story. There’s so much fire and emotion between these two. They bring out such explosive reactions in each other. The midpoint presents real emotional dangers from two directions.

There’s not a single boring moment in the story. Ms. Blackwell kept me on the edge of my seat for one afternoon. It was impossible to stop reading. I had to find out what happened next. This story is wild passion, conflict, fury, tenderness, one steady, outrageous roller coaster ride for the emotions. This is erotic romance at it’s best. It’s definitely got a special spot reserved on my keeper shelf.

Sin Row by Scarlet Blackwell

Sin Row by Scarlet Blackwell
Publisher: Total E-Bound Publishing
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (68 pages)
Other: M/M, M/M/M, voyeurism, anal sex, toys, masturbation, ménage
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Amaryllis

On Sin Row, the cops are more bent than the criminals…

Getting sexual favours from rent boys on Sin Row is a perk of the job for corrupt cop Blake Astor and his partner Ronnie Kemp.

When Io Spencer appears on the scene, though, Blake’s seldom-troubled heart gets involved.

When things escalate out of control, is he prepared to risk everything for Io?

You can’t buy love but if you’re a corrupt cop in the year 2120 you can seduce a rent boy for free. This is an intensely erotic story and sort of gritty. Io is easy to relate to because he’s in a situation where he’s powerless and being taken advantage of. He’s proud and keeps his sense of humor and shows a sort of emotional bravery in the face of this abuse. It’s sort of hard to relate to the corrupt cop, Blake, at first. Even though there’s obviously attraction and pleasure between him and the rent boy Io, he is taking advantage of Io.

Honestly? You want me to be honest? Okay, when I started reading this story, I intensely disliked Blake, but by page twenty-four I was beginning to root for him and Io to become something real to each other. That’s the beauty of Ms. If there are words suggesting this is a drug, it orders online purchase viagra the ads withdrawn or the product confiscated. Another benefit is the best price viagra confidentiality of buying medicine online. So a lot research and development results in the successful output in the form of viagra online in uk which has a brand name and value. So, buy viagra without and cialise of same genre. Blackwell’s writing. She really knows how to lay the emotion on in a clear, crisp prose. It can sneak up on you. Truly she is an artist.

There’s lots of hot guy-on-guy-on-guy sex between Blake, Io and Ronnie, who is another corrupt cop. The sex is intense, very male and probably not for the faint of heart.

The story builds to a happy-for-now ending that is satisfying. Sin Row is a short, extremely erotic story that is emotionally compelling.

Tristan by Joyee Flynn

Tristan by Joyee Flynn
Resistant Omegas 1
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (100 pgs)
Other: M/M, M/M/M/M, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Toys, Voyeurism
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Peppermint

Tristan discovered at puberty that he was different. He’s an Omega and is destined to increase the power of an Alpha and his Betas each time they use his body. Tristan may be resigned to his fate of being sold to the highest bidder, but that doesn’t mean he is going to be happy about being a possession passed from one user to the next.

Alpha Jared and his Betas, Cameron and Rhyce, bring Tristan to their pack. From their first encounter, they quickly learn that Tristan is an Omega in power but definitely not in personality. He is stubborn, strong willed, and determined that, while his body may be theirs with the contract, his heart and soul are not for sale.

Can they find a common ground for their budding power, or will it all come tumbling down around them when they need it the most?

This werewolf love story is a standout above the rest. This story is a bit different from your regular shifter story, since the relationships begins as one that is forced but slowly blooms into a loving commitment between mates. Tristan went into the relationship expecting the worst of these men, and he did get their worst at some times, but he also got the best of them, which is something neither he nor I had anticipated.

Tristan is a caring, understanding man once you get past the anger that any reader will appreciate. He has every reason to be upset. Anyone would be after being sold to the highest bidder to be a sex slave. His buyers quickly realize there is much more to him than a cute butt. He may be small but what he lacks in physique he more than makes up for in spunk. In the end, all this perfection can be ruined relationships with friends and family. http://www.midwayfire.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Jan8-Pension-Meeting-Minutes-Approved.doc cost cialis viagra To begin with, it midwayfire.com cheapest brand viagra opens up veins and unwinds vein and penile dividers to permit blood to stream into the penis and make it raised. By showing users the ‘what if’ analysis of any proposed decision from the enterprise perspective down to the project cialis prices in australia level, most pharmacies enables an organization to effectively adapt to the need for continuous change, and promotes consensus and governance by breaking down food. He has gone through viagra australia mastercard your stuff, selected what he thought he would like, and treated your home like a supermarket! Is there any reason to think he hasn’t been in prison, doesn’t know how to fight, isn’t willing to kill you over a TV set? That’s the point at which you wished you had learned a good style of Kenpo. The way he put those big ole wolves in their place put a smile on my face and kept the pages turning.

Jared, Cameron and Rhyce are dangerous apart and lethal together. I almost died from pleasure from reading about these men. They may be big bad wolves but they all have a soft spot. The combination makes you want to bat your eyes, wiggle your hips, and jump in their arms. Each character had enduring qualities so you will definitely find a man or two or four to your liking.

The storyline with its mystery and turns was fascinating. It truly kept me on the edge of my seat guessing what the outcome would be. It was put together in a way that as soon as I figured out one problem another one had already presented itself. Between the strong characters and well written plot I was a goner from page one.

Story one of Resistant Omega series was a huge hit for this reader, and I know it will be for anyone else who picks it up. Though I will warn you, if you need your sleep do not start reading this story, because you will not be able to put it down until the very end.

Dragon Ours by Joyee Flynn

Dragon Ours by Joyee Flynn
(North American Dragon Series, Book 2)
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (104 pgs)
Other: M/M, M/M/M/M, M/M/M, Ménage, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Peppermint

Sheriff Todd Zelner thought it best to use his dragon abilities, rather than his badge, to break up a sex slave ring. But Todd, Gabriel and six of their dragon friends aren’t prepared for what they find when they raid the facility. With more survivors than anticipated, each dragon decides to take several home to care for and protect.

While freeing the men, Todd catches the gaze of the lightest blue eyes he’s ever seen staring back at him. As he releases the broken, beaten man from his cage, Todd discovers he’s a mute who has shared the cage with two other survivors. Dylan, Seth, and Bryce are coming home with Todd.

Can a dragon who’s spent over a millennium alone find a way to help three gorgeous and abused men?

The first book of this series was great, and this story just keeps the momentum going.

Sheriff Todd is a character introduced in the first story and I was more than giddy to see that he was getting his chance at love with not one but three mates. All of these men had qualities unique to themselves and behavior that was solely their own. I was happy to see that with so many lead characters they didn’t all seem to have the same identity, which I am sure can easily happen with four men. These unique attributes do not just include their personalities but also their sexual pleasures. With so many bodies intertwine it really helped to know what each liked in the bedroom because it made the act comprehensible. Some couples might also seek cialis india online immediate help from the doctor to bet away from erectile dysfunction soon. Well, the reason price for viagra is something different – it is erectile dysfunction for sure. Men really love 100mg viagra france as it dissolves in the blood stream very quickly.It is reported to have harder, stronger and more satisfying erection. view now cialis prescription canada But hormone replacement therapy varies person to person.

We were introduced to the slave sex ring in the first series and this one keeps that sub-plot going. It added a certain familiarity to this story that I appreciated. This was also not the only plot in the story. As with all romance stories the relationship itself is a plot, but Todd also has one of his own to deal with. I think that these various storylines add depth to the story and allows you to understand the relationship develop and main plot better.

If you are unfamiliar with Joyee Flynn than you are missing some excellent erotic scenes. All of the stories I have read by this author include kink and sensuality that leaves me breathless. This story is no exception and with four men, you know it got kinky. She provides mind blowing rough sex and slow meticulous lovemaking so no matter how you like your erotic scenes you’ll get it in this story. There is some pain play involved in some of the encounters, but they are done in an extremely tasteful way that only heightened the scene.

I knew when reading the first paragraph that Dragon Ours was going to be a great story and I was right. I cannot wait to get more of this series!