Hard Limits by Elle Aycart

Hard Limits by Elle Aycart
Bowen Boys Book 4.5
Publisher: Loose Id LLC
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (163 Pages)
Other Content: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Nico Grabar, head of one of the most ruthless cartels in the world, is in the last stretch of a two-year nightmare. His agenda is full. He has a criminal organization to run. A cover to maintain. A promise to fulfill. Too bad he’s bleeding to death in the middle of nowhere, about to meet his Maker on a deserted street. A fitting ending to a bleak existence, really.

A beautiful bride, dressed in a thrift-store wedding gown with raccoon eyes and a choke collar, and covered from head to military boots in blood, rescues him. It’s the Grim Reaper, made over just for him. What an honor.

Seriously. Who finds a frigging drug lord in serious need of resuscitation while coming back from a bachelorette party during the wee hours? Paige, aka Goth waitress at Rositas and a magnet for psychopaths, of course.

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Or worse–what if he doesn’t?

Paige is a strong woman, but has been hurt before by people who were supposed to love her.

I did not think at all that Nico would be able to get her to open up. But with every meeting I knew they would end up together. I just had to find out how they would do it.

Nico is a drug lord who finds himself betrayed or attacked. Vulnerable, he does not expect a ‘Goth princess’ to come and save him. But that is exactly what happened.

The back story was really touching and the build-up to that made me want not want to end the book. However, the book was a good sized for the story. Not too long or short, with enough expressions, actions and chemistry embedded in it to satisfy me. Hard Limits is an erotic romance about working through Paige’s hard limits and healing completely. It was a touching as well sizzling hot romance.

The book is part of a series, which I had an inkling of when going into it. I do think it stood up by itself very well.

I did love the secondary characters that made this more fun and occasionally comedic.

For romance lovers who love the mafia romances, this is a must read.

Crystal Coast Christmas by Sierra Brave

Crystal Coast Christmas by Sierra Brave
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday (Christmas)
Length: Short length (72 pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

After escaping a bad relationship and moving into her aunt’s guest quarters, marine biologist Jessica Butler has sworn off love and relationships. Still, she can’t resist a night of no-strings passion with hunky soldier, Captain Chase Culpepper. Their evening sizzles, leaving Jessica satisfied but wary. Her ex did a great job of destroying her self-confidence, leaving Jessica reluctant to take the plunge into romance again. While Chase is asleep, Jessica runs.

Chase can’t believe he’s found his sexual equal in Jessica. When he wakes up alone the next morning, he’s determined to make Jessica his, in spite of her reluctance to put her heart on the line.
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Jessica’s sworn off men for good, but the faster she runs, the more Chase finds to love about her. What will it take for him to win her trust and her love?

Jessica is not in the Christmas spirit. Alone after her now-ex cheated with a woman Jessica considered a friend, she just can’t find it in herself to get into the holidays this year. Chase loved Crystal Coast and was enjoying his usual morning jog when he literally bumped into Jessica. They got off on the wrong foot but Chase is pleased when he has the chance later to make it up to her.

This is a light and fun Christmassy story. Jessica has been pretty badly burned by her ex and carries that baggage around for a fair bit of the start of this story. I felt this made the book drag a little and personally would have preferred if she’d had a bit more time (off-screen) to come to terms with the betrayal. While this did admittedly add a good dose of conflict into the story, I just didn’t like how Jessica wasn’t really open to Chase emotionally in the beginning, and how she kept on expecting him to turn into a jerk.

Despite this – Jessica was more than happy to jump into bed with him, which I found weird since she clearly didn’t trust him and I wasn’t even convinced at their first intimacy that she even liked him. It felt a bit too much to me like rebound sex. Jessica was thrilled that Chase paid her attention and was flirting with her, and since he was handsome she decided to have sex with him and didn’t expect it to go anywhere. While it struck me as realistic, it certainly wasn’t romantic and I felt pretty bad that Jessica had been so messed up emotionally by her ex. Considering Jessica’s poor opinion of most men and her running away before Chase woke up the next morning a small part of me was hoping Chase would go off and find some other girl who could love and appreciate him.

While I never really warmed to Jessica’s character after such a difficult beginning, I was extremely relieved how as the story progresses Jessica manages to stop acting silly enough for me to want her out of the story. When her ex keeps on trying to drag her down Chase works overtime to build up her self-confidence and finally Jessica realizes that not every man in the universe is a jerk like her ex and so she starts to become more emotionally and romantically available for Chase. I found the jump from here into sex-hungry kinky woman a bit of a stretch, but have to admit I did love the steaminess of the sex scenes between Jessica and Chase and certainly felt that their emotional and romantic connection improved a huge amount. There’s some very light spanking and a few toys, a little bit of anal play and the last quarter of the book just flew for me in a very happy manner. I do feel it was worth sticking through to reach this far happier space.

This is an emotional story with a fair bit of baggage, about Jessica finding her way again after being seriously burned. While the heroine annoyed me a fair bit I found the ending of the story to be rewarding. With a smoking hot hero who is perfection in almost every way this was a decent read with some steamy sex scenes that helped me keep turning the pages.

Ruthless by Kara Lowndes

Ruthless by Kara Lowndes
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (84 pages)
Other: F/F, Toys
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

A small-town lesbian in the big city. It should be easy. Except for Ruth, it’s anything but predictable. Born with powers she can’t explain, she escaped to the sprawling metropolis of Dollar to figure out why she was endowed with her mysterious gifts. But, three years later, she’s none the wiser–until she gets hit by a car and a mysterious nurse named Killian comes to her rescue. But Killian has a dark past that she’s desperately trying to leave behind and, as a dangerous organization uncovers Ruth’s secrets, they must fight to keep their intense romance alive.

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Ruth and Killian had excellent chemistry. It was nice to see them get to know each other for a little while in the beginning before anything physical happened between them. Due to how shy they both were about sharing certain important parts of their pasts, this was a smart decision on the author’s part. It also gave me a chance to figure out their personalities right away which was something I was glad I got to do.

I would have liked to see way more time spent on the world building. Ruth’s background was especially confusing because of how little she knew about her powers, why she had them, or what she was capable of. While I didn’t expect every question about her background to be answered, it would have been helpful to at least have a basic understanding of how powerful she was and what, if anything, she wasn’t able to do. I was also never quite sure how her abilities fit into what life in this universe is like in general, and that made it difficult to imagine how certain scenes played out.

With that being said, Killian’s backstory was much more well-developed. I enjoyed the process of slowly uncovering clues about what happened to her in the past and why she was so jumpy in certain situations. Her extraordinarily cautious nature made perfect sense to me once I’d come up with an educated guess about what had caused it. I couldn’t wait to find out if my theory was correct and was pleased with how much thought I had to put into this aspect of the plot.

I’d recommend Ruthless to fans of urban fantasy and erotic tales alike.

Crystal Coast Chemistry by Sierra Brave

Crystal Coast Chemistry by Sierra Brave
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (61 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

As the saying goes, one night at the Crystal Coast is all it takes to find love.

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At just twenty-two years old, military logistics specialist Tanner Tolsten isn’t open with his homosexuality, and he would be embarrassed to death if his buddy Jake Devoe found out about the crush he has on him. An evening out to celebrate Jake’s graduation from college seems to take a turn for the worse when Jake takes one look at their waitress and loses his heart. Then Tanner sees Ryan serving drinks behind the bar.

After a night of hot passion, both men are smitten, but when confronted with bigotry, Tanner must admit his true self or risk losing Ryan forever.

Ryan likes his job and enjoys his home-town, but being a gay man in a small, conservative place certainly wears after a while. He’s seriously looking forward to taking a summer break with his friend, Caroline at Crystal Coast. The beach – full of shirtless studs – is exactly the sort of therapy he needs to refresh his mind and revitalize himself. Tanner is in the Army and still mostly in the closet – but he can’t deny the strong attraction to Ryan when the two men meet. Can their chemistry turn into something more?

This is a fun, summery and sexy short story. I liked both Tanner and Ryan’s characters and the sex between them was explosively hot. I found the sex to be deliciously explicit. I was a little disappointed, however, with the “conflict” aspect of the plot. A somewhat clichéd misunderstanding, the situation – while completely serious – felt rather like it had been simply inserted into the story as the obligatory argument/conflict aspect to the plot. Add on to this, despite the seriousness of it, barely a few pages was given to Tanner and Ryan discussing it and with what felt to me like no effort or proper discussion it was forgiven and practically waved away. This resolution made the conflict feel even more derived and insubstantial to me. I really felt as though the whole situation could have been handled differently and better.

With a strong cast of secondary characters the absolute high point of this story for me was all the different people. Ryan and Tanner both came across to me as vibrant, complex and interesting characters and each of them had a small number of equally impressive secondary characters in their lives. Add in some very hot and well written sex and this is a fun, summery short story that is sure to appeal to a lot of readers wanting a quick and spicy read.

Sword Dance by Qeturah Edeli

Sword Dance by Qeturah Edeli
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (279 pages)
Other: M/M, anal sex
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Lilac

Lord Duncan Friseal knows little about courting men, but he knows something about his affair with the mysterious and seductive William is amiss. Despite his sexual bravado, William remains guarded and refuses to fully embrace their erotic magnetism and Lord Friseal’s unequivocal affection. Complicating matters are Lord Friseal’s impending nuptials to the conniving Lady Moira MacKenzie and the repercussions of his father’s sudden illness. Even amidst such adversity, Lord Friseal is inspired to fight with everything he has to win William’s love.

Scarred by his past, William is determined to protect himself by keeping Lord Friseal at bay. But even as he begins to accept the sincerity of Lord Friseal’s devotion, some demons just refuse to die…

A direct sequel to Prick of the Thistle, this continues the love story of Duncan the laird of Faoltaigh Castle and William the feminine actor.

To be honest, this book should have been a part of the first which was rather slow and ended practically mid-scene, everything up in the air and unresolved. However, your opinion of the first book might change or be tempered if you read this second book right after it. I guarantee that several things will become clearer. In short, this book is better than the first in the series.
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One of these things becoming clearer will be Duncan’s wife, Moira. In the first book, she’s pretty much vilified as a conniving, power-hungry woman who blackmails Duncan into marriage. But in this book, she’s transformed. We learn why she behaved the way she did, and the marriage takes a turn toward… an emotional threesome of sorts? In fact, a word that didn’t exist back in her day to describe what she is gives her a layer that breathes life into a relatable, three-dimensional character. I despised her in the first book, liked her in this one.

As for the main characters… Man, at times Duncan really needs to grow a pair. Sometimes he’s strong and confident and decisive. Then at other times, for example with his mother, he’s an indecisive coward. Her reaction was to be expected, given the times and religious influence, but his was not. Duncan has a perplexing inconsistency to his character, sometimes sure, other times weak. That discrepancy shows here a lot. It’s not just about internal conflict with different people, but a definite disparity.

The same disparity appears with William, the second hero. We learn a lot more about him in this book which is good. But he’s a bit of weather vane, if you get my drift. He claims to want to stay at the castle with Duncan—yet at the very next scene he runs away. He does this a couple of times. He vows to stick around, but then doesn’t. After the first few times this aspect got a little aggravating.

In this book, one of the main schisms actually comes from Duncan’s mother who finds out about her son and William. This results in a major plot development, related to my point above. However, the main story revolves around freeing William from his past, namely the abusive monster who’s still hunting him after all this time. The climax was well written and satisfying as a conclusion, if somewhat vague about the motivation of the villain. I didn’t really understand why this beast was so intent on getting William back. But figuring that out was a small matter.

In any case, what I liked about this story the most was William and his transformation. He changes from a cold-hearted man who liked nothing but sex into a man who learns to love after a lifetime of abuse. He goes from an actor lost on the moors to a fine clothier at the castle. He comes to accept that running away isn’t the solution. In the first book, William remained a mystery all the way to the end. Here we discover what makes him tick, what he fears, what he dreams of.

As an historical story, this isn’t perfect. The language is awfully modern at times, but I did appreciate all the different languages, how they gave a window into the Highland culture and way of life. It seemed organic and flowed nicely. In fact, the writing style is quite beautiful, with lovely use of words, if a bit slow at times, but I think that is the author’s unique voice at work. High marks from me.

In short, I recommend this story to everyone who likes their historicals with their heroes facing both sweet and trying times but enjoying a happy ending. And there’s more sex here than in the first book. As for the future, I don’t know if this series will have more books but if so I will be checking them out. As stated already, recommended—read both books, one right after the other, for the best experience.

Lost in Vengeance by H. R. Savage

Lost in Vengeance by H. R. Savage
Wolf Creek Shifters Book 1
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (300 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Shifter Catrina Macintyre has roamed the wilderness of Alaska as a lone wolf for six years. Imprisoned in her wolf form by a promise to her mother, she seeks the opportunity to discover the truth about her parents’ murders. When an Alpha saves her and takes her to his pack, she has to decide whether he will aid her…or destroy her.

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Their undeniable attraction toward each other threatens to collapse Cat’s defensive walls. She’s torn between the hope of a future, and the lingering pain of her past. The truth may be more than either of them anticipated, threatening not only Cat, but the whole Shifter race.

​ Will Killian convince Cat to abandon her quest for vengeance before it destroys them all?

What attracted me to this book was the storyline. However, I was reluctant to read it for the same reason, since I had recently read a book with the kind of same story line before and that book was not as good as it could be.

This one was worth the curiosity of ‘will it be better?’ because I absolutely loved it.

I loved how the story started and the development of the characters and the plot while more backstory was seamlessly shared.  What I enjoyed more were the main characters and their relationship, and how they started. The supporting characters for this book are just as interesting as the main ones. There is a second book in this series ( I just checked) and I am reading it, as soon as I read this book again.

Lost in Vengeance was a diamond. I did not expect it be good and it shocked me how much I was into it until the ending and the HEA. I love a book with a good HEA. Recommended.

Prick of the Thistle by Qeturah Edeli

Prick of the Thistle by Qeturah Edeli
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (281 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lilac

Despite Lord Duncan Friseal’s surly disposition, William finds the heir to the wealthy highland thanedom of Faoltaigh irresistible. After Lord Friseal saves William from a fate worse than death, William grows obsessed with his penetrating fuck-or-kill gaze and aches to discover what lies beneath his great kilt. Lord Friseal appears ignorant of William’s affections, but no matter; William has dealt with his fair share of capricious men and it will be only a matter of time before Lord Friseal succumbs and gives him what he craves.

Lord Friseal realizes too late how dangerously attracted to William he is. He cannot resist the temptation of a man who knows exactly what he wants and where he wants it. Constrained by his station, clan, and religion, Lord Friseal must decide if his passion for a sensuous but traumatized Englishman is worth risking his family’s future and the fate of his immortal soul. Circumstances continue to thwart his swelling sentimentality as William proves to be emotionally distant for all his sexual appetite, and Lord Friseal’s intrusive houseguest, Moira MacKenzie, draws ever closer to the truth.

A Scottish lord saves an Englishman from the wolves out on the moors, brings him back to his castle, and tries to figure out the mystery and allure of him.

From the beginning, I was struck by the beauty of the writing. The author has clearly researched the style, culture, and language of the era and the country. Her descriptions are beautiful and the scenery is vividly brought to life. The writing style is very evocative, and the barren nature and lavish mansion became familiar ground as the story progressed.
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The main characters—Duncan, the Scottish thane, and William, the lost thespian—are a curious pairing. They seem to have nothing in common. Apart from the apparent physical femininity and startling beauty of William, I wasn’t sure I understood the attraction Duncan felt for him.

Duncan came off as a more appealing character. He’s kind and strong, smart and capable, and his awakening feelings for a man for the first time were depicted extremely well. I liked him a lot. Even though toward the end he turns into something of a sissy when it comes to his shy daughter and his horrible would-be bride.

William, in comparison, seemed less attractive. His propensity to think of nothing but sex made him somewhat uncouth and surly. His past does explain some of that…

However, and I can’t stress this enough, despite the length of this book, you will NOT be getting a whole story. This ends so abruptly, in the middle of a scene, everything up in the air, that I was incensed. It immediately made me lower the rating. One would think three hundred pages is enough to write a clear and satisfying ending. Alas, that is not the case.

As a result, we learn next to nothing about William. His mystery is by the end of the book… still a mystery. None of my questions about him were answered. That is rather annoying, wouldn’t you say?

What makes this oversight more vexing is that this is a good book, a very well written historical gay romance. We get a lot of sexually tense scenes between Duncan and William—though not a lot of actual sex. The setting and the people feel real and relatable. The plot moves at a swift pace, even if the first chapter is ripe with exposition. And yet, personally I didn’t want to miss a single word.

So overall, I do recommend this to everyone who loves historical gay romances, with a caveat. Thus far the series, Heartwood, has only two books out. Not having read the second, I don’t know if the story reaches a worthwhile conclusion in that one. Here, it does not. If you take that into consideration, though, this is a book I liked and you might like as well. I’m pretty sure I will be checking out the sequel.

Claimed by the Vampire, Seduced by the Werewolf by Kryssie Fortune

Claimed by the Vampire, Seduced by the Werewolf by Kryssie Fortune
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (187 Pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

After seven centuries, Elias, a former Spartan turned vampire, finds his eternal bride. Seth, Elias’s werewolf half-brother, scents his mate.

Vampire and werewolf loathe each other. The only thing they agree on is that Tempest is their mate–and they’re not sharing.
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A prophecy will force Tempest, a twenty-first-century witch, to choose between them. As the half-brothers vie to win her heart, they teach her about spanking, the way pain heightens pleasure, and the ecstasy of multiple orgasms.

A vampire can’t survive without his fated bride. A werewolf dies if he loses his mate. Their future rests in Tempest’s hands. Which one will she choose?

I loved this great paranormal menage book!

I’ve recently become a devoted reader of Kryssie Fortune’s books. This one is is a stand alone story although it is connected to the Scattered Siblings series. I loved the idea of half brothers Elias and Seth being mated to the same female and their love for their witch helping to heal a bond that had been torn apart by betrayal. Tempest was feisty enough to take on both of her supernatural mates but first she had to find her hidden strength. Of course, there was the trouble with a prophecy that was seemingly insurmountable and a formidable enemy added into the mix.

The characters in this book endeared themselves to me because fate had not been kind to any of them. It was Elias who tugged at my heart the most though. I loved the sexy menage sex scenes too. This was one very hot story! It was fast paced and loaded with action, as well.

Kryssie Fortune did a fabulous job on this book. Her writing was amazing and the dynamics of this supernatural world promise many exciting books to come for my future reading bliss. Meanwhile, Hades has more redeeming to do so that I can get my hands on the next book soon.

Immortal Need by LeTeisha Newton

Immortal Need by LeTeisha Newton
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (231 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Verbena

Ayah Miller’s having a hell of a day. She just buried her father, and found she’s a millionaire. Now it turns out she’s a pawn in a battle between Gods and a Goddess. At least, that’s what Sevani, the hotass who just kissed her within an inch of her life, says. And if an Immortal Watcher, like he tells her, then he’d know.

It sure seems plausible when bullets start flying, swords start swinging, and only half the fighters are trying to kill her.

She’s just starting to get comfortable with Sevani (and falling for him) when she learns it’s probably not her he’s been kissing: it’s probably the soul of his long-lost wife she’s carrying.

Now there’s no one she can trust. Not Sevani. Not Valeria, Alexander, and Lei who fight alongside him. Not Freya, the Goddess who created the Watchers, who hides behind her pretty smiles. And certainly not her family, because it’s one of them who wants her dead.
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Can she stay alive long enough to learn who she can trust, and whether she’s who Sevani loves?

Ayah had suffered one loss after another. The latest would be the biggest blow. Her life would never be the same.

No matter how close knit a family thinks they are, money has a way of clouding judgements and turning love ones against each other. Spending most her life caring for one person or another, Ayah is naïve in relationships, making her the perfect target for someone’s greed. In a span of twenty-four hours, she’d lost someone very dear, gained more wealth than she knew what to do with, and learned she was marked for death, possibly by someone close to her. Her salvation? A man of jaw-dropping proportions and charm who claims to have loved her in a past life. Talk about a lot to swallow. Despite his questionable motives, she will have to choose between trusting her head and trusting her heart; her life depended on it.

Sevani had endured hundreds of years of slavery under the control of a Goddess who’d lost her mind long ago. While not something one ever got used to, he’d accepted his fate, even welcomed it for he deserved all she did to him and more. He’d betrayed the one person he loved most and now her blood would forever stain his hands. If only he could go back and change that fateful decision, stay his reckless blade; things would have been so different. One violent act had ended not one, but two lives, for his state of being was anything but normal or desired. Resigned to do Freya’s bidding as one of her Watchers, the only light in his long years of dark servitude is his friendship with Lei, Valerie, and Alexander. Like him, they had pissed off the Queen of Mean and were trapped in the Hell she’d created for them. Slaves to her evil whims, it seemed they’d never be free. All they could hope for was that she never discovered how important their bonds of friendship had become for she would surely use it against them.

Sevani and Ayah (Nila in another life) have an endearing love that has spanned hundreds of years. Despite his betrayal, Nila’s soul still searched for him through the ages after her death, taking on one life after another until at last she had found him. But the bitter rage of an insatiable Goddess threatens to tear them apart once again as her orders for Sevani are to repeat his betrayal and kill the one woman whom he loves more than life itself. Sevani has to decide between disobeying his captor and facing tortures beyond comprehension—Freya had proven herself quite creative when it came to inflicting agony—and losing his love to the cold steel of his blade once again. While it seemed neither outcome looked favorable, it didn’t take long for him to decide what must be done. Ever the leader, the foundation, the rock to his small team of emotionally scarred immortals, Sevani has no choice but to follow his heart. This decision makes him not only candy for the eyes, but honey for the soul as well.

Ayah can’t understand why her head tells her to run from the weapon wielding maniac standing in her bedroom, professing to be her immortal protector, but her body wants nothing more than to saddle up to him and offer everything she has to give. Is she crazy? It sure seems so. Yet despite the warring of her psyche, her heart tells her to trust him. It doesn’t seem she has much choice for the danger he predicts coming is soon at her doorstep. Suddenly thrust into an inconceivable world of gods, guns, and bloodshed, she handles her situation better than most probably would. That’s not to say she follows directions well, she doesn’t, and that lands hers in trouble more than once. But her spunk, intelligence, and ability to open her mind to the unknown creates a very likable personality that quickly takes root, detailing a wonderful character that you can’t help but cheer for. She takes her punches and keeps on going.

Overall, Immortal Need by LeTeisha Newton proved to be an exciting read full of action, adventure, and plenty of hot-between-the-sheets activity. There were some point of view violations and word errors, but not enough to detract from the story. I enjoyed reading Immortal Need and would certainly recommend it to others.

Not all larger-than-life warriors are good guys, Ms. Newton’s characters can attest to that, but they are no less appealing or likeable. Despite having to do horrible things to please the Goddess who commands them, they want nothing more than their freedom, to end the betrayal, murder and bloodshed that has become their existence. While Ayah might be a damsel in need of saving, she may also be the salvation this team of Watchers needs. I encourage you to grab a copy of Immortal Need by LeTeisha Newton, it’s a tale worth reading.

Engaged to the Lone Wolf by Selena Illyria

Engaged to the Lone Wolf by Selena Illyria
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length : Full Length (231 pgs)
Other: M/F, Spanking
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Exiled lone wolf, Gunner Foster, has never had a true pack and family around him. Always on the move and on the lookout for danger, he can’t afford to be attracted to–much less want something more with–the vibrant and sexy Valerie Archer. When she offers him money to pose as her fake fiancé, he decides that the money could help him out and allow him to spend more time with Val.
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All hell breaks loose when Gunner is outed as the son of one of the werewolf world’s most notorious packbreakers. When Gunner tries to gain entrance into Val’s pack, he’s denied.

Despite their mutual attraction and their desire to explore their growing bond, they have a lot going against them. Will they choose self preservation or fight to be together?

Valerie and Gunner meet by chance in a small town and the attraction is instant, but now is not the time to investigate their feelings. Both have their own agendas that must be met. Gunner is on the run and has secrets that he cannot share yet Valerie won’t ignore the pull he has on her. She is ready to spend what little time they can have together before everyone must evacuate the town. Soon Valerie needs Gunner’s help and asks him to pose as her fiancée.  He can’t deny her. Will the two be able to fool her family while Gunner stays hidden and ahead of those trying to kill him?

Once again, I was quickly immersed in a wondrous tale from Selena Illyria. The author does a great job of bringing the characters and this world to life. I loved Gunner. He is a good man who has been wronged and is surviving the only way he knows how. Valerie is a strong woman who stands on her own and is ready to fight for what she wants and what is right. The two complement each other nicely and work well together. I enjoyed watching their relationship take shape and seeing the two fight for their love. Their attraction may be strong right from the start but we get to see the two work hard at finding their happy ever after. Love does not always conquer all but it helps and Gunner and Valerie learn this the hard way.

Their story moves along at a good pace and with some twists and turns along the way. It will grab your attention and not let go until the very end. I loved that this story is full of well-rounded characters who stand out. Not only do we get to see Valerie and Gunner but many of the secondary characters shine. It gives you the feeling of knowing the inhabitants of this world and wanting to come back for a visit again.