Christmas in Blue Dog Valley by Annie England Noblin

Christmas in Blue Dog Valley by Annie England Noblin
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Romance
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Welcome to Blue Dog Valley. Home of the Fighting Elk. Population 3,411.

When Goldie McKenzie, DVM, vet to the L.A. pet stars, arrives from Los Angeles to Blue Dog Valley she realizes three things.

Never agree to upend your life when you’re hungover

Pot-belly pigs are not true farm animals

She’s going to need a warmer coat

At first Goldie is nothing more than a fish out of water, with few clients and few friends. But after a less than pleasant encounter with a man whose dog is suffering from a possibly fatal case of bloat, she’s finally earning the trust and goodwill from her fellow Blue Dog Valley citizens. Her clientele grows to include the many farm animals in the town, including a horse named Large Marge, a cape-wearing therapy alpaca, and a yardful of sweater-wearing goats. Add in Kevin, the “worst sheepdog in Blue Dog Valley,” and a Sphinx cat named Airport, and Goldie is having the best time a vet can have. . . aside from the annoying attractive town grump, Cohen, who seems intent on making sure she always feels like an outsider.

With her newfound goodwill, Goldie comes up with an idea to reinvigorate the once flourishing Blue Dog Valley: a Christmas carnival. A petting zoo, pictures with Santa, a baking contest, what more could they want? After only some brief resistance from Cohen and his father, they begin the great plan to reinvigorate Blue Dog Valley.

Will Christmas be enough to salvage this dying town—and be enough to bring Goldie closer to a certain grumpy man?

This was the cutest romance ever. I totally fell in love with this story. The synopsis says it best, “Christmas in Blue Dog Valley by Annie England Noblin is a delightful small-town holiday novel that’s bound to warm your heart with hilarious animal antics and Hallmark movie charm.” Christmas in Blue Dog Valley is the perfect feel-good holiday novel that readers won’t want to miss. It’s the perfect addition to any upcoming holiday or Christmas-in-July roundups!” I couldn’t agree more with those statements. Whoever wrote those remarks were spot on.

I personally love Hallmark movies, so this book was my cup of tea. Speaking of tea, I wish I could sample some of Cohen’s cider. It sounded delicious. Cohen is the hero, and he is kind of standoffish but in a comical way. Goldie, the heroine, has no problem speaking up for herself, especially when Cohen is in a ‘grumpy’ mood. Together they make Wisconsin warm and fuzzy. The winter setting with all the snow was refreshing to read since it’s currently toasty where I live.

The prologue immediately caught my attention making me continue onto Chapter one and so on. I actually couldn’t stop until I reached the end of the story. It was that good. The cast of characters in the small town wee well developed and relatable. In fact, I wish I could meet them and all their pets too. I’d love it if book two came out quickly since I fell in love with everyone in the small town of Blue Dog Valley. If this was a real destination, then I’d put in on my list to go visit someday.

The plot was creative, original and genuinely heartwarming. I personally felt there was an inspirational message of forgiveness threaded throughout the story. The acts of the townsfolk made for the perfect Christmas message, Peace on earth and goodwill to all men.

I’ve never read a book by Annie England Noblin but after reading this story, I’m interested to read another book by her. What else can I say other than this is a must read. I hope you love it as much as I did.

All I Want for Christmas by Rebekah Pace, Alexis J. Pride

All I Want for Christmas by Rebekah Pace, Alexis J. Pride
Publisher: Level 4 Press, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational, Holiday
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum


James sells toys. He’s a workaholic and he’s made a very good living, even if his wife and four children don’t appreciate it. Truth is, his marriage is falling apart and he barely recognizes his kids.

So when James’s youngest daughter, 7-year-old Reba, asks God for a Christmas miracle to “fix” her family, something most unexpected happens—unexpected and horrible. The Christmas tree catches fire and the house burns down, taking with it all of their possessions.

One bad thing leads to another as rock bottom gives way to new lows and the family is sent spiraling down a dark and unfamiliar path. Reba wonders if God decided to give her the very opposite of what she prayed for.

Finally, separated and destitute, James and the family are left with absolutely nothing—nothing but a brand-new understanding of what’s actually important in life.

Now James must rekindle his faith, learn what’s truly important to him, and find a way to win his family back. If he can pull it off, there may just be that Christmas miracle waiting for him.

I picked this book at random, and I honestly believe it was meant for me to read. I’ve grown tired of the same-old, same-old types of stories I’ve been reading, and I wanted something different. I didn’t know I needed to read All I Want for Christmas until I was halfway through. It tugged at my emotions more than any book I’ve read in quite some time. This story of a family going from highs to lows and clawing back up again through the grace of God, is a powerful read. This novel is not for the faint of heart, or anyone looking for a fast read. This is a story that a reader needs to spend some time with.

A few weeks ago, I finally watched the movie, War Room. When things started happening to the Harrison family in this book, it carried echoes of that film, but this book has its own journey and what happens to James is a lot worse than what happens to Tony Jordan in the film, War Room. I think the movie had more scripture and passionate faith and it benefited from the guidance and wisdom of Ms. Clara. James and Fran didn’t have anyone in their corner like that. And anyone who could have been, James, with his pride, arrogance and internal fears, would be, and is, blind to it. For an inspirational story, I was amazed at how Fran repeatedly looked for guidance in all the wrong places. I read the titles of those books she kept reading and I felt like calling her up to say, “Fran! Those kinds of How-To books aren’t the answer!!”. But the authors of this novel weren’t going to make it easy on their characters. Lessons had to be learned, and sometimes, the school of hard knocks is the only way.

At times, I felt the story’s pace was bogged down by the details of every little thing that happened, which occurred like heavy megalith dominoes. One bad thing led to another, and another. The seemingly perfect family has a “come to Jesus” moment that was a long time in coming. The authors also went into great depth about the tragedy that affected the whole Harrison family. In the background of my mind I thought, yeah, any parent responsible for their kids must have this horrible thought or worry that this could easily happen to them. It can happen to anyone, really. That means I understand why the authors went to such pains to give a reader a chance to really know the main characters. It’s so you’d feel deeply for them as they went through the court proceedings, the lawyers, the harsh realities that children can find themselves in through the overworked CPS system, the losses and the PTSD such things can leave behind -. it sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? But that’s the point. There has to be something more, a savior, and there is, but it’s a gentle progression because like chess pieces, everything needed to be in the right place. Things needed to happen, and Mr. & Mrs. Harrison and all four of their children needed to experience situations that helped them grow, to understand, and be ready for the miracle.

It’s a miracle that their youngest daughter, Reba, prayed for under the advice and guidance of her Oma (grandmother). She did receive acknowledgement that her prayer was heard, but I’m sure the little girl never imagined what had to happen in order for it to come to fruition. Faith was tested. James needed to have his priorities reset, Fran had to rediscover her faith in God and remember how it was when she went to church, what made her and James happy when their marriage was young, and their kids were little. The person with the most growth and change had to be James since it was his pride and refusal to communicate and treat Fran like an actual partner in their marriage that allowed things to progress as far as they did. Yeah, his work ethic didn’t produce the results he thought it would. His priorities were a little skewed. This novel is all about change, growth, deep love between husband and wife and the family they created, being open to God’s will and not being selfish and short-sighted in using the talents God gave them. And God gave the Harrison family some pretty awesome gifts. They were woefully underutilized – but that all changed when two people stepped up and offered Fran and James something important that came out of left field. Hope. That was the start of the miracle.

The upswing in their fortunes didn’t happen overnight. The authors take a reader through the whole journey. I felt the fear, the hopelessness, the worry and the feeling of being overwhelmed and lost – but then there was hope. There was optimism. With hard work, and coming together as a family, the hope became a reality. The joy and happiness, the satisfaction and the overall LOVE burst forth from the pages. Yeah, God closed a door in James’ life – hard, but the one that opened up was three times as large. Everything became clearer and the changes brought a deeper satisfaction with rewards unthinkable in the early parts of their crisis. This miracle didn’t just heal James and Fran’s marriage, it brought the family together. In the process, the kids made new friends, better friends – their blessings are too numerous to count but what made it extra wonderful were the people they met along the way, Officer Friendly, Paster Phillips, Casper, and Pastor Murphy, just to name a few.

There is so much more I could mention. This novel is definitely character based. The story is told in different points of view, mostly James and Fran’s, but there are others, so readers get an idea of the motivation behind the actions and dialogue that happen along the way. The story is well-written, and the characters are more three-dimensional than not. This is a great book for readers of Christian Fiction who enjoy seeing someone overcome seemingly insurmountable odds because faith opened their hearts to the will of God. Miracles do happen, just not the way WE think they should. All I Want for Christmas is testimony to that. I’m glad I read this novel.

Lexi’s Christmas Cowboy by Ashlynn Monroe

Lexi’s Christmas Cowboy by Ashlynn Monroe
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Holiday
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Lexi Smithe has always kept her feet planted firmly on the ground. As an administrator for Reining for Respect, she’s devastated when they lose the funding for the program that provides equestrian sports to foster kids. She knows all too well how this program changes lives. And the worst part is the Justice family didn’t even give them an explanation. What she never imagined, was a news story would bring her face-to-face with the most eligible bachelor in Texas before she’s even had her morning coffee.

Hudson Justice doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the charities supported by his family. He’s too busy running Lucky Star, his family’s 520,000 acre ranch. His brothers both have a hand in company affairs, but when he discovers someone in his inner circle has been funneling funds away from the charitable trust, he’s left wondering who’s the thief. When he tries to do a little PR repair, he meets Lexi Smithe. She’s a spitfire he’d sure as hell like to take for a ride, in more ways than one. But he put his big ol’ size 14 in his mouth. He wants to win her over, but she’s not the kind of girl that money can impress.

A cowboy, money, a trust, the girl he wants and the need to find trust. You’ll find it all in this story.

I love a good Ashlynn Monroe story and this one was great. The moment I started it, I breezed right through it. The writing kept me in my seat, and I stayed up far past my bedtime to finish. I mean, with a cowboy like Hudson, how do you not want to keep reading?

I liked Lexi and Hudson because they’re real. I mean it. They felt real and reading this was like being a part of their world. Lexi knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to get it. She’s also not afraid to say no. She’s a real problem (in a good way) for Hudson and the chemistry was fantastic. Hudson, for all his money and status, is still a cowboy and has the ability to goof up. I liked his determination not only to figure out where the money is going and to find the culprit, but to win over Lexi.

If you’re looking for a wonderful holiday romance, then this might be the one for you. It hit all the right notes for me.

The Night Bartender by Alexa Piper

The Night Bartender by Alexa Piper
Fairview Chronicles, book 9
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Aaron has come to Fairview to find his ex’s teenage sister, who went missing in the city. As a witch both rich and powerful, Aaron follows a trail that leads him to a bar frequented by supernaturals and to a bartender who attracts Aaron’s attention — and not just because the bartender is keeping something from Aaron. When Aaron runs out of leads, he follows the mysterious and pretty bartender, and the next thing Aaron knows, he’s foiling an attempted abduction.

Ilya has built a quiet life in Fairview mixing drinks and flying under the radar. He is a banshee, and the psychic ability and mild telepathy that comes with that makes Ilya a sought-after commodity. That carefully constructed life Ilya built for himself breaks into a thousand pieces when a handsome witch starts asking questions and becomes Ilya’s rescuer mere hours after they meet.

The witch, Aaron, vows to protect Ilya and to keep his secret. Now Ilya has to decide whether he will give Aaron his trust and risk a lonely but safe life as a night bartender in a wintry city in which people disappear only to then turn up murdered.

Two men who probably shouldn’t mix are just what the doctor ordered.

I love a good Alexa Piper story and this one delivered. The characters are quirky, the story hot and the chemistry off the charts. I devoured this story in one sitting and couldn’t wait to get to the rest in this series. The pacing was great and though this is book 9, I didn’t feel lost by not reading the others.

I liked the way the tension and action carried the story. Yes, there is heat between Aaron and Ilya, but they have a job to do, too. It was fun to read about them getting together and their exploits.

If you want a good story for a lazy afternoon or one guaranteed to heat up the night, then this is the one you’re looking for. Recommended.

Paws For Christmas by Anna Swann

Paws For Christmas by Anna Swann
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Emily Saint-Claire has one Christmas wish: to take a few weeks off from her demanding job as co-CEO of Bow-Wow Enterprises, an international nonprofit organization that matches rescue dogs with people who need rescuing. She is just hours away from hopping into the car with her pup, Gracie, and driving to her parents’ home in the mountains when a series of disasters strike.

First, a text from her ex. Next, a humiliating TV interview, in which she tearfully reveals she wants a new job. And the worst blow of all: A surprise work assignment that will take her to the picturesque country of Marisol to cover the prestigious Royal International Canine Invitation dog show. Yes, it’s a dream assignment, but she’s exhausted and homesick.

Emily cancels her vacation plans and reluctantly flies to Marisol, convinced Christmas is ruined. But is it?

When she meets a disheveled stranger, she assumes he’s a freelance photographer. Wrong. He’s the prince of Marisol. Emily is beyond embarrassed, but the prince is intrigued and extends a gracious apology—she must be his guest at the palace, where she can work without interruption.

Yet, instead of peace and quiet, Emily finds happy chaos, thanks to frequent visits by the widowed prince’s two curious children and their shoe-munching dog. Increasingly, she finds herself anticipating their visits. And increasingly, she finds herself attracted to Prince Alexander, who shares her love for animals. In a season of surprises, Emily learns that love comes when we least expect it.

This was a really cute book. I was in the mood to read a Christmas story in the summer heat and this one satisfied my craving. While the synopsis reveals most of the story it’s still worth the time to read the story in action. The effort that was put forward in developing the cast of characters was impressive.

The reader is presented with the opportunity to get to know the heroine, Emily, long before the hero, Alexander is ever introduced. Emily is a woman who works too hard and wants more than just work in her life. A reality all too real for many women in today’s world. It’s a struggle to find that happy balance. I bonded with Emily immediately as we share a love for dogs.

I got a giggle when Emily did finally meet Alexander in a mistaken identity scene. It was a pleasure to turn the pages as their romance budded and bloomed until the last page with a happily-ever-after love.

Alexander was kind, generous and compassionate. It was relaxing to read his pursuit of Emily. Together they were entertaining especially when Emily was learning to dance. The chemistry between them was sensual and irresistible.

This was my first Anna Swann romance book, and I would consider another book by her. I treasured the inspirational message that was threaded through out the story that “sometimes life’s biggest disappointments lead to its greatest joys.” Anna Swann wrote that quote in her “Dear Reader” note in the beginning of the story. It makes me think of Garth Brooks’ song “Unanswered Prayers” where he sings “Cuz some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers”.

Paws for Christmas left me feeling full of hope and joy. Definitely pick this book up if you are craving a holiday romance.

Tidings of Joy by Margaret Daley

Tidings of Joy by Margaret Daley
Publisher: Harlequin Love Inspired
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Inspirational, Holiday
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

He came to Sweetwater to repay a debt. Chance Taylor didn’t expect to have feelings for his new landlady, Tanya Bolton. He could see newly widowed Tanya had worked hard to put the pieces of her world back together, caring for her wheelchair-bound daughter and taking a job at the local bank.

Chance’s arrival interrupted Tanya’s routine…and brought unexpected happiness to her life.

But the secret obligation he struggled with meant Chance could lose Tanya—and his chance for a fresh start—forever.

A man with baggage, a woman with different baggage, but a pull that’s undeniable. Oh, and it’s Christmas.

I picked this book up because of the dog on the cover. I won’t lie. I like a good black Labrador book. This one didn’t disappoint. It’s cute and sweet. I liked the characters, and I wanted them to have a happy ending. I also wanted to know if the dog got a happy ending, too. Thankfully, everyone did.

I liked the friendship between Tanya and Chance. They hit it off right away, even when they didn’t realize it. It was cute. It also showed that sometimes the best things are worth waiting for. I liked the side story of Tanya’s daughter coming out of her shell and Chance showing them both they weren’t alone.

If you’re looking for a cute holiday read, then this is the one for you.

Christmas Quilt by Cooper McKenzie

Christmas Quilt by Cooper McKenzie
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Holiday, LGBTQ
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Christmas is coming and Jordan Potter has no idea what to get the man who has more money than many small countries, and claims he wants nothing for Christmas. With his quilt business growing and still too shy to hire help, Jordan knows he is neglecting his man. When Mac starts disappearing for hours at a time, Jordan wonders if his man is cheating on him.

For Mac Carlyle, Christmas is just another day on the calendar. When he sees Christmas is important to Jordan, he wants to make their first holiday as a couple special. He just doesn’t have a clue how, so he goes to the woman who knows his man best, Nana Georgia who makes an outrageous suggestion.

Is Mac cheating? Can Jordan come up with the perfect Christmas gift for his man? Will Mac finish Jordan’s gift in time?

Comfort food in the form of a short story!

I haven’t been feeling great and unfortunately my down time meant I needed things to do. Why not read? I did and this is one of the first things I picked up to read. I’m so glad I did. Not only was this a cute story, but it made me feel better. Truly.

Mac and Jordan are just plain cute together. They’ve been together a while and are now engaged. They want to get married but aren’t in a hurry. That’s okay. They’re still crazy about each other and it shows on every page. It’s also Christmas and they want to make it special.

I loved how each character dealt with the concept of a Christmas gift with conditions, among them only spending $50 per person. Jordan is a quilter and he makes them for a living. Mac isn’t a quilter at all. I loved the determination in each man to make their gift perfect – and yes, there is a Christmas quilt in this story. I won’t give away any spoilers. There is heat and heart in this little story, too. The angst is high, but that’s what works for the story.

If you’re looking for comfort food in the form of a short story, then this is the one for you. Recommended.

Christmas Together by Beth Linton

Christmas Together by Beth Linton
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Holiday, Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Grace and Dylan are doctors working at the same hospital and they’re best friends—until he kisses her.

Dr. Dylan Gray hopes to move his relationship with Grace from friends to lovers, but after one kiss, she pushes him firmly back into the friend zone and follows an American soldier overseas.

It took Dr. Grace Phillips only a few months to realize that turning Dylan down was the biggest mistake of her life. Now she’s back, single, and hoping he’ll give her a second chance.

After a passionate night, their relationship finally seems to have a future … and then Grace makes a Christmas Eve discovery that will change everything.

Is their romance over before it’s begun, or can they find a way to move forward together?

Second chance romance? Count me in!

I picked up this story because I love a good second chance romance. This one delivered in a big way. I liked the writing and will happily look for more books by the author.

Dylan and Grace have great chemistry. They’re fun together and I liked seeing them work out their issues. She’s flighty for a good reason and he’s desperate to get her back. I loved that they worked together as doctors, too. It added a nice twist to the story.

This one is relatable, too. I won’t give away any spoilers, but the situation between Grace and Dylan is one many readers can relate to. I liked how the author wove the Christmas time of year into the story, too.

If you’re looking for a satisfying quick Christmas read, then this might be the one you’re looking for. I loved it.

Christmas with the Billionaire by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino

Christmas with the Billionaire by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … or is it?

Alora Harris is working her way up at Nelson Industries. Everything is going her way—her client list is growing and Christmas is just around the corner. Her best-laid plans end at the holiday office party. Too much alcohol mixed with a lot of pent up attraction leads to a night she’ll live to regret.

Adam Nelson doesn’t do relationships. Family is a word that makes him cringe. But he’s had his eye on Alora for some time. After one night of lust, he wants more. He wants to claim the curvy blonde for himself, but can he be everything she deserves?

With Christmas just around the corner, Alora and Adam will have to decide what’s most important. Will they take a chance on love or spend the holidays alone again?

A chance on love and forever? Sign me up!

I love a hot short story and this one certainly delivered. There was heat and passion right from the start and the characters are fun, too. I liked the pacing of the story. Yes, this all happens fast, but it’s like going on a wild ride where you don’t want to miss a moment.

Alora has some issues, but it makes her more relatable. She’s attracted to her boss and doesn’t want to seem like she’s using him. This humanized her. Then there’s Adam. He’s got issues, too. I liked that he was a guy with cash, but he didn’t throw it around or act like a jerk. He was humanized, too. The chemistry between them leapt off the page and I had to read more. I wanted to know what would happen for them.

This is a hot Christmas story that should satisfy at any time of the year. If you’re looking for a quick read that packs a holiday wallop, then this might be the one you’re looking for. Give it a try.

Thankfully in Love, A Thanksgiving Anthology by Anna L. Stewart, Kayla Perrin, Melinda Curtis and Cari Lynn Webb

Thankfully in Love, A Thanksgiving Anthology by Anna L. Stewart, Kayla Perrin, Melinda Curtis and Cari Lynn Webb
Publisher: CAEZIK Romance
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

USA Today bestselling romance authors come together for Thanksgiving to tell the stories of four women who have not had the best experiences with the men they have dated in their pasts. With the help of family and loved ones this holiday season, can they learn to open their hearts one more time? If they can dare to make the leap, they could find themselves finally, thankfully in love…

There’s no place like home, especially during Thanksgiving. After spending ten years as an officer and analyst with a special division in a federal cyber-investigation, Tripp Atsila is on the brink of burnout. He returns home and meets Parker Rutledge, who changed her name and moved to a small town hoping to leave the damage her ex-husband caused behind. Now someone’s found her; someone who wants to make her pay for her ex-husband’s crimes. Can she trust Tripp? Can she trust anyone?

Miranda Cox isn’t looking forward to heading home for Thanksgiving. She’d raved to everyone that Matthew was the one; now she has yet another failed relationship under her belt. Despite working as a translator in Ottawa, and loving traveling abroad, she’s thirty-four and still single. Little does she know that a chance encounter at Union Station in Toronto with her childhood friend, Taz Morrison, will lead to a very special holiday. Is it finally their time?

Chef Drew Barnett has been hired to create the perfect Thanksgiving for a potential restaurant investor and is forced to work in the client’s guesthouse kitchen due to a power outage in the main house. Jilted bride and food critic Claire Rothchild is pet-sitting a friend’s St. Bernard in the same guesthouse. Drew doesn’t know what to make of a food critic in his kitchen, just as Claire doesn’t know how to stop interfering with his dishes and passing tidbits to a mooching pooch. Is this a recipe for a Dog-Gone Holiday? Or for love?

Born with a degenerative eye disease, photographer Kelsey Thomas knows two things: she will be blind within five years and her family wants to see her married and settled first. Then Kelsey’s boyfriend breaks up with her one week before she planned to introduce him to her family at her grandmother’s island commitment ceremony. At the resort bar, she meets Dr. Noah Lawson. He spends his life inside his lab developing cutting-edge techniques to slow the progression of vision loss. He’s been offered funding with strings—save the eyesight of a relative of a wealthy investor—but he’s reluctant to agree. Noah is smitten by Kelsey—so much so that he agrees to be her fake wedding date for the Thanksgiving holidays. Too late, he realizes her connection to his potential investor. Is this a set-up? Or fate?

There are four stories in this one book. I traditionally avoid anthologies because I have a hard time writing reviews for them. However, I saw Anna J. Stewart was one of the authors and since she’s one of my favorites, I was compelled to break tradition.

Book one: No Place Like Home by Anna J. Stewart

I can testify that the first story was amazing. I read it super-fast and it kept me on the edge of my seat. The romance story is between Tripp Atsilla and Parker Rutledge. It’s the perfect damsel in distress scenario who is saved by a gorgeous hero. Tripp Atsilla comes from a wholesome family who all love and accept Parker as one of their own.

The suspense comes from those who put Parker in danger and Tripp is more than equipped to save the day. But how he does it is worth the read.

There were several plot twists that were unpredictable and the chemistry between Tripp and Parker was sensual and breathtaking. I really enjoyed the entertainment value and consider this story totally worth my time.

Book two: Second Chances by Kayla Perrin

Second Chances was quite enjoyable. This was my first book written by Kayla Perrin and I was pleased. This love story was between Taz and Miranda. The title of this story was appropriate since that is exactly what Taz and Miranda were all about. They knew each other in the past but the timing wasn’t right then. Years later they get a second chance to make the timing right and it’s a heartwarming story. Miranda’s family was wholesome and friendly. Taz’s mom was endearing. Everyone, including myself, was cheering for Miranda and Taz to give true love a chance. It was a great read.

Book three: Dog-Gone Holiday by Melinda Curtis

This was a cute story about second chances. This plot was very similar to book two. In this one, the hero, Drew, and the heroine, Claire, knew each other in their past but things didn’t work in their favor. Apparently, they were too young to communicate the first time and honestly, they each still have personal struggles to resolve including their shaky communication skills. They were reunited with the help of Claire’s sister and a talking dog. The personal conflicts they had to deal with were Drew’s struggles to open his own restaurant, and Claire being in the midst of a divorce settlement. The talking dog was far-fetched but can be accounted for saving my attention when the characters lost it. While I appreciated the attempt at creativity and originality, I wasn’t a huge fan of this one, especially since the previous story had a similar narrative. Still, it was cute.

Book four: Love Guides the Way by Cari Lynn Webb

I’m happy to say that Thankfully in Love / A Thanksgiving Anthology ended strong with the fourth and final book. The heroine, Kelsey, is a strong leading lady and she has to be because she is going through a health scare. The hero, Dr. Noah Lawson, is Dr. Mcdreamy and has the potential to possibly help Kelsey. Kelsey’s family is overpowering but in a loving way. I loved the setting where this story took place. I felt this was a heartwarming story to remind us that life is precious and to cherish every moment. The chemistry between Kelsey and Noah is sweet. I really liked reading this one.

Overall, I enjoyed the anthology. It was entertaining to read four stories about second chances, overcoming bad dating experiences, and love and/of family during the Thanksgiving holiday season. Each book is a complete standalone read. I always like to be exposed to new authors especially since each writer has their own style which is great because no two readers are the same. If you are curious, you can find detailed plot summaries for each story on Amazon.

I’d recommend this anthology if you’re in the mood to feel that wholesome Thanksgiving spirit.