Hard Limits by Elle Aycart

Hard Limits by Elle Aycart
Bowen Boys Book 4.5
Publisher: Loose Id LLC
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (163 Pages)
Other Content: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Nico Grabar, head of one of the most ruthless cartels in the world, is in the last stretch of a two-year nightmare. His agenda is full. He has a criminal organization to run. A cover to maintain. A promise to fulfill. Too bad he’s bleeding to death in the middle of nowhere, about to meet his Maker on a deserted street. A fitting ending to a bleak existence, really.

A beautiful bride, dressed in a thrift-store wedding gown with raccoon eyes and a choke collar, and covered from head to military boots in blood, rescues him. It’s the Grim Reaper, made over just for him. What an honor.

Seriously. Who finds a frigging drug lord in serious need of resuscitation while coming back from a bachelorette party during the wee hours? Paige, aka Goth waitress at Rositas and a magnet for psychopaths, of course.

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Or worse–what if he doesn’t?

Paige is a strong woman, but has been hurt before by people who were supposed to love her.

I did not think at all that Nico would be able to get her to open up. But with every meeting I knew they would end up together. I just had to find out how they would do it.

Nico is a drug lord who finds himself betrayed or attacked. Vulnerable, he does not expect a ‘Goth princess’ to come and save him. But that is exactly what happened.

The back story was really touching and the build-up to that made me want not want to end the book. However, the book was a good sized for the story. Not too long or short, with enough expressions, actions and chemistry embedded in it to satisfy me. Hard Limits is an erotic romance about working through Paige’s hard limits and healing completely. It was a touching as well sizzling hot romance.

The book is part of a series, which I had an inkling of when going into it. I do think it stood up by itself very well.

I did love the secondary characters that made this more fun and occasionally comedic.

For romance lovers who love the mafia romances, this is a must read.

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