Her Best Friend’s Husband by Doris O’Connor

Her Best Friend’s Husband by Doris O’Connor
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (77 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/M/F, Ménage, Anal Play, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Your best friend’s wedding is not the time to realize how much you love him…

Wedding organizer Naomi Young is not only head-over-heels in love with her best friend, she lusts after his husband.

Which is all kinds of wrong—isn’t it? Maybe not. Especially when she discovers the attraction is not as one-sided as she thought.

Dom Dawson Monroe has never had a problem going after what he wants. Both he and his new husband Josh Garrison enjoy a woman’s soft touch, so who better to satisfy that need than the one woman Josh is madly in love with? Time to claim them both as his submissives.

Convention be damned. Happiness is to be found in the soft curves of Naomi’s body, as long as they can convince her that this is forever. Only time will tell if the loving twosome can become an even more loving threesome.

A surprise of a lifetime…

Naomi is a dark-skinned woman with curves everywhere who agrees to organize her best friend Josh’s wedding to Dawson. The only thing is she never thought that upon returning they would make a move on her. Both of them!

Dawson is a Dom while Josh and Naomi are both subs. This is a BDSM story. The chemistry between Dawson and Naomi was the first thing I noticed when I started reading the book. There were instances where I was sure he was attracted to her but then there were other occasions where he sounded more annoyed or angry with her. The wedding was a bit confusing but the book also had some off-the-charts sizzling scenes.

The book tried to show how the relationship between Josh and Naomi progressed from best friends to lovers. I would have very much liked to see more of how Josh and Naomi’s relationship changed. A highlight for me was when it showed Naomi and Dawson getting to know each other and becoming more attuned to each other.

The author did a wonderful job in portraying the chemistry between the characters and pulling the reader into the love story even though this book had a short length. There definitely was a romance here.

This is a smooth and steamy read and I would love to read more about these characters.

Voracious by Jenika Snow

Voracious by Jenika Snow
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (81 Pages)
Other: M/M/F, M/M, Anal play, Menage
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

She’s hurt, scared…and their mate.

After leaving their community due to an altercation with their shifting council, Alric and Sam, wolf shifters and mates, start their new life on their own terms. But when Dalia, a lost and injured female wolf shifter, pleads for help on their doorstep, the two wolves know they can’t turn her away. She’s hurt, scared…and their mate. With Dalia under their care, it takes everything in their power to curb the beasts inside that demand they claim her.

Running from an abusive past, Dalia will take help in any form. When she finds a cabin in the middle of nowhere, she hopes the inhabitant is her salvation, at least for the time being. What she didn’t expect to find were two savagely attractive wolf shifters who are her mates. As she heals physically and mentally, she finds herself not wanting to fight the powerful pull her mind and body have toward the two males, even if her past could destroy everything.

A Happy Ever After….

Voracious was a story line that I have read before but with the nice surprise of having characters who are memorable.

This is a short story, very well brought together and kept me in the story until the end. One thing that captured me is that this book sounded like a series, but unfortunately, it is not.

The main thing that kept this from being a truly fantastic book is that the background story seemed incomplete. I wanted to know more about how Alric and Sam came together and more about the pack they came from.

When Alric and Sam, mates and lovers, find Dalia in the front of their doorstep they’re surprised. They finally found what has been missing all these years. But their mate is in danger. The story quickly evolves but, for me, it was the perfect speed for a short story.

Alric is the Alpha and Sam the submissive in the relationship, however the relationship between them morphs into both of them becoming protectors with a few other surprising changes. The passion and chemistry between all of them was off the charts hot!

Try this one if you like a short paranormal erotic story with a bit of suspense and romance.

Heidi by Jennifer Labelle

Heidi by Jennifer Labelle
I Dare You book 1
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (52 pages)
Other: M/F, M/M , M/M/F, Multiple Partners, Voyeurism
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead walk into a bar…

After an embarrassing encounter with her roommate Nathan, Heidi Taylor is in major need of a drink and a place to hide. She calls in her two closest friends, Zoey and Meagan to help rescue her. After they meet at a bar and the liquid courage sets in, she comes up with an unusual plan in the form of a dare for each one of them.

Heidi fell in love with a man who’s off limits and she’s afraid to tell him how she really feels—until a bet is made and her friends challenge her to make a move. But Nathan De Costa makes it easy on her when he suggests she needs a little spice in her love life, and designates himself as her something spicy.

Heidi, Zoey and Meagan are best friends. Half drunk at a girl’s night out, the three agree to complete a dare made by the others within a certain timeframe. Heidi has been lusting after her roommate, Nathan, forever. So when Zoey and Meagan dare her to tell Nathan of her feelings she’s nervous but knows it’s well beyond time she tell him. Can they move from friends to more without ruining the relationship?

This is a fun short story filled with plenty of sizzle. I was really interested in how different Nathan’s character was. Far from the usual hero material, Nathan had – from my perspective at least – multiple anti-hero style characteristics. He was cocky and full of self-assurance, plus he was a bit of a man-whore. Despite all this Heidi is deeply in love with him and from the first few pages I was eager to see how the author would get these two together, but more importantly how Nathan would stack up being the hero. I felt deeply intrigued at all the conflicting parts of the scenario – the hero who wasn’t a hero, the heroine who was shy but still owned her sexuality. It was refreshing and a very different outlook.

I ended up a little confused about Nathan’s sexuality – it was never fully explained whether he was bi or just loved people and sex of all flavours. I also was a little disappointed in that I didn’t really end up buying that Nathan genuinely loved Heidi when they finally got together. They’d been living platonically for three years and while the chemistry was there, he hadn’t felt strongly enough about her to act on it. Additionally, he’d had plenty of “love em and leave em” relationships – and tons of M/M flings as little as a week before declaring his love for Heidi. The change was just too drastic for me to find it believable. Additionally, the moment things stop going his way, Nathan reverted back to what he knew (carefree flings) so this made me seriously question the strength of his feelings. Both Nathan and Heidi were too caught up in their passion and the newness of it all for me to feel this new loving relationship between them was properly explained.

A part of me really wishes this book had been full length. I’d have loved a bit more time and background into both Zoey’s and Meagan’s dares being set up. I fully understand why a bit more time and a slower pace is impossible with such a short word length – but I really felt there was so much left unexplored it just felt a shame the pace moved so quickly and there wasn’t more time devoted to fleshing out the details. The conflict between Nathan and Heidi really felt like it appeared almost out of nowhere. In this scene especially I feel more time and explanation would have changed this from making me feel a bit confused into having the scene help build the solid relationship between Nathan and Heidi and make it far more believable for me. I still fully enjoyed the quick, sharp ride the author took us on – but a part of me would have found the story more satisfying if we’d been able to relax and enjoy some of the key scenes more thoroughly.

When Nathan and Heidi finally get together properly – the heat level is scorching and the pace really ramps up. It’s a wild ride and I fully intend to look out for Zoey and Meagan’s story too.

The Dragon King: Not So Ordinary by Marie Harte

The Dragon King: Not So Ordinary by Marie Harte
Ethereal Foes Book 4
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Full length (151 Pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F, Ménage, BDSM, Anal Sex/Play
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

What good is being king if you can’t burn your own rules?

Ethereal Foes, Book 4

In the two years since Jentaron hatched, he’s grown into an adult blue dragon full of the knowledge of his royal predecessors. He’s a true king, even if the other denizens of the Ethereal, those demons, havoc, angels and the like, continue to test him.

But he’s got heavier worries. Namely, an unspeakable danger that threatens all life as the planet knows it. He can feel it, can sense that he’s got a bigger role to play than just pissing off the Ethereal.

With the blood elves and havoc making more trouble than usual, magic no longer flowing freely in the Abyss, and angels massacring everything demonic they can get their holy hands on, the Balance has reached a tipping point. Time to take charge before the rules change.

What’s a dragon to do but create his own chaos? He’ll take a mate or two, instill fear where needed, and finally return dragonkind to the Ordinary—the human lands—where a dragon will decide the fate of the worlds.

Because he’s king, and he says so.

As the Dragon King, Jentaron is the most powerful being in the lower realm. But he has kept the true strength of his abilities hidden, letting others believe he is less than he is. He knows that what is coming soon will change all the realms, and if what he has foreseen comes to pass, it will be war, with the very existence of all beings in jeopardy.

Zelec is one of the strongest of the higher demons, but even he needs to take time to relax. When he encounters Ella in a bar in the Ordinary, he realizes that there is something different about her. He quickly realizes she is a nephilim, a rare offspring of an angel and a human, and powerful in her own right. Zelec doesn’t do love, but something about Ella continues to draw him in. When she has a vision of horrible beings set to conquer the planet, she collapses, and Zelec takes her to the only safe place he knows of in the Ordinary…James Sinclair’s penthouse.

When Jentaron encounters Ella there, he realizes that she is part of his destiny, one of his mates, and that the other is Zelec. Only if all three bond together can they hope to defeat the Hunger, and evil like no one has seen. The hunger is determined to destroy all in its path, but with Jentaron leading, there is a union of angels, demons, dragons and all other paranormals in this world, all united to meet a common enemy. Can the different groups work together to defeat the Hunger, or will the petty squabbles endanger all of humanity and the other realms? Can Ella and Jentaron convince Zelec that they want him forever, not just for the battle ahead? And will the shock of learning about their parentage cause Ella and Zelec more problems?

The Dragon King: Not So Ordinary is the final episode of Marie Harte’s Ethereal Foes series. It is a story filled with danger, passion and lots of surprises for many of the characters that live in this world. The world building has been consistent throughout, and the characters continue to be well crafted and unpredictable. I like that, even after three previous books, there was more to learn about each character, and there were many surprises revealed in this one.

Jentaron is the King of the Dragons, and he is a mix of innocence and sensuality. Those around him continuously underestimate him, and belittle him. He hides his power, because he knows it is not the right time to let others know what he knows; that there is a war coming, one that could end the world as they know it. He knows he must unite the many different groups, angels, demons, dragons and other beings if they want to defeat their common enemy. Watching as Jentaron slowly reveals his actual powers is a treat, and as he finds his mates to boost his levels, I really enjoyed watching him finally come into his position as a leader. I also liked that he did not lose his joy in the little things in life, and still enjoyed having fun, in spite of the pressure he is under.

Ella is a strong and powerful female, but she has no idea that what she calls her ‘family gift’ is in fact a powerful effect of being a nephilim. She thought she was human, and only after meeting two super hot males does she learn what she really is. As she grows closer to Jentaron and Zelec, she begins to discover just how powerful the three of them are together. I like Ella, with her snarky attitude and her determination to see where the relationship with her guys will go next. I loved that she was willing to accept who and what she is, and I really laughed when she finally met her father and discovered the source of all her power.

Zelec is a strong and sexy higher demon. He says he doesn’t do love, but his actions don’t match his words. He has a vulnerability that very seldom shows, but both Ella and Jentaron sense that there is more to him than he lets on. I love Zelec because he doesn’t apologize for anything…he is a demon and proud of it. He is an especially powerful demon, and the reason behind his powers becomes clear when his parentage is finally revealed to him, almost by accident. He is determined to leave once the battle is fought, but I enjoyed watching as Ella and Jentaron broke down his defenses and showed him that they loved him, just as he is.

This story brings in the worst danger possible, a horde of beings determined to decimate every being on the world, and destroy humanity and the other realms as they have done to many other worlds before. There is humor in this, and lots of dragon/demon/nephilim passion, but there is also danger and fear as well. It shows that to be victorious, sometimes enemies must unite in the face of overwhelming odds to defeat a common foe, and that only with a true sharing of passion can the enemy finally be defeated. There are surprises here, some very shocking and one I did not see coming at all. I found this to be a very satisfying conclusion to the Ethereal Foes series, with all of the threads brought together to a close. I do recommend a lot of cold drinks, air conditioning and tissues, as there are tears, laughter and lots of very hot and passion filled scenes.

Havoc and Hell by Marie Harte

Havoc and Hell by Marie Harte
Ethereal Foes Book 3
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (116 Pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F, M/M, Ménage, Anal Sex/Play, BDSM
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

When a demon and a dragon get busy, “burning up the sheets” gets real.

James thought stealing a royal dragon egg was a terrific idea—until the prank went sideways. His sister and twin brother have done their penance. Now it’s his turn. Ten days of servitude to Teban, the dragon prince—James’s best friend. Such a light sentence has to have a catch, so James does what any good demon would do. He bolts.

His string of bad luck holds steady when he falls prey to a pretty woman with sharp teeth. Kihra is havoc, a race of lower-realm creatures even demons fear. When she joins forces with Teban, their torment becomes delectable sin. No vice is too addictive, no demand too brutal when it comes to satisfying his lovers’ needs.

All seems hellishly perfect—until the angels arrive for some payback. Kihra’s kidnapped, Teban is missing, and James suffers the beatdown of the millennium. But he has no intention of letting his lovers go, though he risks the wrath of the demon king, the ire of the dragons, and an angelic punishment that could start a world-ending war.

Steal a dragon egg…blame it on the angels…what could possibly go wrong?

James Sinclair learned that not all pranks are good ideas, especially if the dragon egg in question just happens to be a royal egg, and holds the next King of the Dragons. For his penance, his father Asael sentences him to ten days of servitude to Teban, prince of dragons and brother to the, now hatched, egg in question. While Teban is James’ best friend, James is not quite sure what is in store, so he does what any smart demon would, he runs. Unfortunately, James gets lost, and is caught by an adolescent Havoc, a race he knows nothing about other than they are extremely bloodthirsty and strong. When the young Havoc’s aunt comes along, she has decided she likes how James looks and decides she will keep him. When Teban catches up with James, he is also ‘taken’ by Kihra, and together Teban and Kihra decide to claim James as their own. Things heat up once Kihra and Teban take James back to Teban’s home and each of these three claims the others in a hot and steamy triad. When the angels kidnap Kihra as payback for the prank James started, will James be able to rescue her in time? Will Teban survive his impromptu visit with the Havoc deity Kingu and return in time to save James? Can James accept that he has feelings for both Teban and Kihra? Can these three stay together in the face of opposition from the Havoc and the angels?

Havoc and Hell is a return to Marie Harte’s Ethereal Foes world, where paranormal beings exist and passions run high. This tale gives a glimpse of beings that even the demons fear, a dangerous race known as the Havoc. This is a look into one of the lower realms, with the different beings that inhabit that world. I enjoyed the descriptions of the homelands of the Havoc, and the many ways it differs from what the inhabitants call ‘the Ordinary’ or the realm of humanity.

James Sinclair is a strong and smart demon, twin to Duncan and more than a bit of a rascal. It was his idea that started the whole mess, and now that he is to pay, he does what demons do best…he tries to escape his punishment. When he meets Kihra, he is drawn to her, and is a bit surprised by the strength of his attraction to the woman. I like James and his snarky sense of morality, and his determination to avoid his punishment. I also like that he is honest enough to admit it when he realizes his attraction to Teban as well as the one to Kihra.

Teban is the dragon prince, strong and handsome, and very determined to finally make James his mate. He also wants Kihra in his life as a mate as well. I like the chemistry that is so palpable when these three are together, and I was very impressed when Teban made the ultimate ‘sacrifice’ for Kihra. I like the passion that Teban lives his life with.

Kihra is a wild being, like no woman either of these two males has ever met. I like her combination of sensuousness and innocence, a seductress with a sweetness that shows in her wide eyed amazement of the dragon world. I also like that she is determined to ‘keep’ both James and Teban, claiming that they are hers because of her devotion to her deity, Kingu, as her reward for her life of service to Kingu and her people.

There are some interesting twists to this one. When the angels kidnap Kihra and lay the blame on the demons, there is threat of a war between demon kind and the Havoc, and Kihra must pretend to like Heaven until her rescue comes. There are secrets hinted at but left unsolved for now, and there is a mystery of what the new dragon king knows and his ultimate plan for everyone. I read this late one night and could not put it down. I recommend lots of ice water and tissues, because there are tears and laughter and scorching hot passionate encounters between James, Kihra and Teban.

Centerfold by Kris Norris

Centerfold by Kris Norris
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Short Story (123 pages)
Other: MMF, MM, MF, anal play/intercourse, spanking, exhibitionism
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Lights. Camera…die.

Detective Scarlet Reid has spent the past three months trying to make her alter ego, Ms. December, a ghost of Christmas past. Forced to become the sexy centerfold in a high-stakes undercover assignment, she’s spent more time pulling copies of her naked butt off the bulletin boards at the precinct than she has collaring criminals—and it’s far from over.

A deadly agenda. A gruesome new case has revealed a disturbing trend—one that has placed Scarlet on a list of possible targets. With limited options, she’s going to have to resurrect Ms. December—and her old partnership—which means facing the one man who stole more than just a kiss.

A love worth fighting for. Federal Agent Roman Kinkaid has some explaining to do. His final assignment with Scarlet changed him, and he’s been running from her ever since. But he’s ready to make things right—only he’s not alone. His partner and lover, Special Agent Aiden Cross, is just as invested and determined as Roman is to claim Scarlet as theirs. And they aren’t taking no for an answer, especially when their souls—and Scarlet’s life—are on the line.

They have three weeks to catch the stalker before Scarlet’s time runs out and they lose their one chance at a happy ending.

Angel is a centerfold. Okay, so the popular 80’s song by the J Giles Band pretty much became a reoccurring earworm throughout reading this sexy little short story.

Scarlet, aka Ms. December, is deep undercover when the book opens. Actually, she’s very exposed and is wishing for some cover. I had to laugh in the beginning because she is so clearly uncomfortable in her role as a play bunny being photographed in her birthday suit. She holds her cover well and thanks to a nasty little man who likes to watch, she gets some serious and sweaty one on one time with her partner, Roman. And then all goes to pot. No pun intended but readers will understand that line when they read the book.

Circumstances bring them back to the scene of a crime but it isn’t just Scarlet and Roman. Roman’s partner in and out of bed, Aiden, has feelings for Scarlet and is determined to keep her safe so he and Roman can show her they’re in it for the long haul.

The story was fun and well developed. The sex, HOT! Great dialogue and a villain who isn’t revealed until the very end. There are clues and red herrings but it was fun to guess along the way. This story had it all. What I liked best were the characters themselves. I wish I knew how Roman and Aiden became a couple. These guys are both heavy on the alpha side and both happy to give an erotic spanking when opportunity presents itself. Let’s just say they’re a tiny bit obsessed with Scarlet’s posterior. But it’s sweet and sexy at the same time. They truly dote on her and I couldn’t help but love watching them engage.

Something else I appreciated about this book is that Ms. Norris didn’t weigh the story down with tragic back stories for the characters. They are all in law enforcement in one form or another and the present is what’s emphasized rather than their pasts. I’m not saying how they came to be in the present isn’t important but where they’ve been isn’t as important as where they’re going. The only caveat to that is that I didn’t get to see how Scarlet came to be interested in Aiden before he enters the picture and she’s admitting to herself that she’s been attracted since the first time they met. That was glossed over but it didn’t kill the book for me. I was cheering for them as soon as Aiden walked into the room and started taking charge. It was intoxicating.

I could happily read more stories with Scarlet, Roman and Aiden at center stage. The chemistry was there and so was the love.

This is a quick read for someone who doesn’t have much time but wants a story that is totally satisfying. I’ll be checking out more Ms. Norris’ books to find other great stories.

Missed Connection: Kiss Cam Connection by Kaitlin Maitland

Missed Connection: Kiss Cam Connection by Kaitlin Maitland
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (123 pages)
Other: M/M/F, MM, anal play/intercourse, Menage
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

After years of living together, Micah and Brody are almost ready to call it quits. Brody wants love and family, but Micah refuses to say the L word. When the guys try to reconnect at a baseball game Micah is mistakenly singled out by the Kiss Cam. He finds himself in a passionate lip lock with the gorgeous redhead sitting beside him and instantly knows things will never be the same. If Nena can be the one to bridge the gap between Micah and Brody, they have a chance at forever.

Nena cannot believe her life has gone from stale to spectacular in one amazing kiss. Suddenly the girl with the extra curves has the attention of not one, but two, totally hot men. Micah and Brody don’t just rock her world. They change the way Nena views the woman in the mirror. If only she could convince her overprotective brothers that unconventional or not, this is the life she wants more than anything else.

An impromptu kiss seen around the world leads to a chance at forever, if only they can find that girl again.

I love the premise of this short story. How cool would it be to have a knight (or two) in shining armor rescue the girl from her crappy date and get a sizzler of a kiss to boot? I had to know how the kiss came about, how did the girl react, how did her date react and how did she and her heroes find their HEA? So many questions just from reading the blurb, I couldn’t wait to dive in.

Magdalena “Nena” makes for a very convincing damsel in distress. Seriously, the guy she’s with at the ballpark is a total dog and he treats like one as well. Fate, karma or destiny has them sitting next to long time partners Micah and Brody. These guys are ripe for meeting the girl who can make them complete. These guys are so hot together but when they put Nena in between them it’s off the charts.

There were a couple of issues that slowed me down in the story flow and only because it made me go backwards to be sure I hadn’t misread. Nothing crazy like name changes or time jumps but little inconsistencies in what is said in one place doesn’t match up when it’s repeated in another place. It didn’t kill the story for me but, as I said, slowed the pace because I noticed it. For me, the other issue was how over the top cave man-like Micah tends to be. I think the author could have pulled back just a bit on how his need for control and opposition to the “L” word. Having said that, there are enough hot scenes–the pool play comes to mind–and sweet chemistry between the characters to offset this. I wasn’t distracted for long.

This is a short story so the pace is pretty fast. I thought it was interesting how Brody and Micah reconnect with Nena and they don’t lose any time getting to know each other very, very well. Seriously, there is a lot of sex in not a whole lot of pages.

Brody and Micah were at an obvious stalemate in their relationship but I wanted them to work things out. They felt that adding a third, a female, would push things along and I guess it did get the action headed in the right direction.

This is a fairly quick read. It’s not a book readers are going to have to invest a lot of time or emotion to. It’s just a good quick, hot, hot, hot read. If that’s what a reader is looking for then, look no further. This one will satisfy just fine.

Lasso Lovin’ Anthology by Various Authors


Lasso Lovin’ Anthology by Various Authors
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (190 Pages)
Other: M/M/F, Ménage, Anal Sex/Play, Toys
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

‘Forever Changed’ by Jambrea Jo Jones

Sometimes two just isn’t enough…

Thomas Grey was on leave from the military to be at his mother’s side when she died. Her last request would forever change his life. She wanted him to go see the father he never knew.

Abigail Sommers and Eric Riley work on a ranch owned by Thomas Grey’s father. They are an on again/off again couple who can’t seem to make it work.

The attraction between the three is off the charts, but can they make three work when two wasn’t cutting it?

‘Fortune’s Way’ by Jenna Byrnes

Two men and one woman, thrown together by business, discover they have much more than that in common. But will it be enough to overcome the obstacles they face?

The Double-F-Ranch has been in Dean Fortune’s family for generations. Selling some of the best Appaloosa horses in California, the ranch was lucrative before the economy took a tumble. Searching for answers, Dean and his father look for ways to keep the family business profitable. Unfortunately, they have very different ideas about how to do that.

Miranda McCabe is a ruthless, sought-after business consultant from Los Angeles. Hired by Dean’s father to turn the ranch around financially, Miranda struggles with her own issues. She’s there to work, but can’t stop thinking about the owner’s sexy son, even if they didn’t get off to the smoothest start. She also manages to ruffle the feathers of Kyle Reese, Dean’s ranch foreman. Though judging from the looks that pass between the two men, she wonders if he might be more than just the ‘hired help’.

While Miranda devises a plan to save the ranch, Dean and Kyle put their own plot into action in hopes of saving both the ranch…and Miranda.

‘Tying One On’ by Wendi Zwaduk

She’s the mistake they can’t live without.

Steve Reynolds and Ronan Boyd are happy in their relationship. They own and operate the Circle B Ranch and are very much in love. Both men dated the same woman before they began their own love story. She’s their best friend. But there’s something missing. Would the woman from their past want to be their third?

Trista Connolly knows her place with Steve and Ronan—she’s their friend. She wants to move on with her life after breaking up with her current boyfriend. But she’s still in love with Steve and Ronan. Tylerville isn’t a big city and everyone knows everyone else’s business. She keeps her horse safe at their ranch, but can she keep her heart protected as well?

Things are about to heat up and fast—times three!

Reader Advisory: This book contains voyerism, anal sex and M/M contact.

‘Claiming the Cowboys’ by Alysha Ellis

Two cowboys. One woman to rope ‘em and ride ‘em!

Two cowboys enjoying a passionate bout of sex in the living room is the last thing Sophie expects to see when she arrives to inspect the homestead she inherited from her grandparents. Outraged by what they believe to be trespass, the men insist the prosperous horse stud is theirs.

The confrontation catapults Sophie into a torrid sexual adventure. The only way for her to win is to round up her cowboys and ride ‘em.

Reader Advisory: This book contains M/M sex scenes.

‘Hard Luck Ranch’ by Nan Comargue

When his best friend Wesley orders up a mail order bride, Everett leaves Hard Luck Ranch for good. Or so he thinks…until he realises that there may be room in their marriage for one more.

Emma came out West to marry a man she’s never met but she’s already fallen in love with Wesley through their letters. Life at his home, Hard Luck Ranch, is far better than she ever imagined with a loving husband and a prosperous farm. The only hiccup in her plans for the future is Wes’ best friend, the local sheriff Everett Montgomery, who may share more than a boyhood with her husband.

Everett is trying to drown his misery over his friend’s marriage with shots at the local saloon and sex with the local madam’s brother, Kenneth. But Ken isn’t Wes, the man Everett has loved since he was old enough to know what love was. While Everett loses himself in his heartache, he stays away from the ranch. But he doesn’t expect Emma to come out to find him—nor does he realise that she’s guessed his secret.

Emma loves her husband dearly and she wants him to be happy, even if it means sharing him with Everett. But will the sexy lawman be willing to accept her as part of the bargain?

‘Dust and Desire’ by Demelza Hart

When your best friend already gives you the pleasure you crave, can anyone better it? But tough lives call for tough decisions.

Chase Truman is a man under pressure. He’s got a five thousand acre ranch to manage, he’s lost Blue Ridge mountain, and he can’t find himself a woman. But when he stumbles upon Riff Felton, the man who stole Blue Ridge from him, and finds himself held with a gun against his head, he doesn’t resist. His relationship with Riff goes way back, and soon Chase and Riff are making up for lost time, soothing each other’s pain in the way they love. But something’s missing. Chase wants more and thinks he’ll find it in the right lady. Luckily for him, a breakdown on the railroad is about to deliver Miss Adeline Monroe into his hands, a headstrong, wealthy young woman from Boston with a very modern attitude. But is there room for two in Chase’s life?

Reader Advisory: This book contains anal sex and the use of sex toys.

Cowboys are hot, no matter what the era. In this anthology, there are six steamy, sexy stories of cowboys finding the right mix for their ‘happy ever after’ with that significant pair of partners that completes the circle. Love is love, whether it is modern day, or early western, and these stories focus on the connections between two men and one woman that makes life complete for all three. All six stories have compelling characters, intriguing locations, and even some history between the characters in some way. There are some laughs, some tears and lots of man to man romance, man to woman passion and man to woman to man hotness.

Forever Changed by Jambrea Jo Jones. Tom honors his mother’s dying wish, going to meet the father he never knew. What he gets is so much more when he meets Abi and Eric, and has an immediate connection to them both. Discovering that he doesn’t actually hate the man who is his father, and that his mother had been in contact with him, is a pleasant surprise for Tom and his father Dan, but it is Eric and Abi who make Tom not want to leave for good. Will Tom accept what is being offered, by his father as well as by Abi and Eric?

Fortune’s Way by Jenna Byrnes. When Dean Fortune’s father moved away from the ranch, Dean left his not so dream career as a race car driver, and discovered the life on a horse breeding ranch was much more satisfying to him. Didn’t hurt that the foreman he hired was gorgeous and hot, and they became lovers soon after. When Dean’s father wants to turn the working ranch into a guest ranch, Dean and Kyle have to convince the consultant that is coming to advise something less invasive. When the consultant arrives, she is not what they expected, and Dean falls for her just as quickly as he fell for Kyle. Will these three find a way to save the ranch, and their unique relationship, without anyone being left behind?

Tying One On by Wendi Zwaduk. Trista introduced Ronan and Steve, and knew they were perfect for each other. After all, she’d dated, and loved both of them. Ronan and Steve love each other, but they both agree there is still something missing from the relationship, and they are determined to fix it…with Trista as their ‘third’. They both love her, and will do whatever it takes to convince her of it. Can these two hot cowboys convince their former girlfriend to take a chance on them both, together?

Claiming the Cowboys by Alysha Ellis. The last thing Sophie expected when she entered the farmhouse she had inherited was two hot cowboys making love on the couch of her living room. Hamish Maguire and Jackson Blake run a horse stud on the property, and have been leasing it from her grandmother for some time, but Sophie had no idea about it. When she realizes that they are there legitimately, she turns to leave, but the hot vet convinces her to stay the night, as it is too far to drive with night falling. Can these two cowboys convince Sophie to stay and take a chance on both of them, or will she go back to her boring and lonely life in Sydney?

Hard Luck Ranch by Nan Comargue. It’s a long way from New York to Desert Rose, Texas. Emma has come to join her husband, a man she has never met, except through letters. Wesley Miller wants a wife, someone to share his life with, while his best friend Everett Montgomery doesn’t understand the need Wes has. When Emma meets Wes and Everett, she knows there is something off, but she likes her life as Wes’ wife, until she realizes what is missing…Everett. Wes and Everett share a passion for each other, and Emma is determined to bring the two men back together, to bring pleasure to all three of them. Can this unconventional relationship flourish in this Texas small town?

Dust and Desire by Demelza Hart. Traveling from Boston to Albuquerque by train is an adventure for Adeline Monroe. At just eighteen, she is going to visit her aunt and decide what to do with her life. Her father recently passed away, making her a very rich young woman, and she wants to experience life while she is young. When the train breaks down in the middle of the West Texas desert, the passengers and crew are rescued by Chase Truman, son of the man who owns the property the train is passing through. Adeline is immediately attracted to Chase, and he to her. But Chase also has a secret, Riff Felton, a former ranch hand, and Chase’s former lover. While out touring the ranch, Chase and Adeline discover Riff up in the cabin on the ridge, and Chase goes to confront Riff, with passionate results. When Chase discovers Adeline’s adventurous side, he believes that he and Riff and Adeline could have something special, if he can just convince her to stay on the ranch and become his wife. Can these three come to terms with life in turn of the century West Texas?

Whether it is modern American cowboys, wild west early American pioneer spirited romantics, or Australian stockmen, the passion of two men loving each other and the special woman brave enough to love them both is a hot and passionate reading experience, and these six authors bring romance out in their own special way. If hot ménage is your desire, this one is highly recommended. Very hot, very romantic, and lots of fun as well.

Platinum Passion by Jennifer Lynne

Platinum Passion by Jennifer Lynne
Gods of Love 1
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: Contemporary Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (49 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F, Ménage, Anal Play
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Waratah

Three people. One erotic fantasy. And a twentieth wedding anniversary like no other.

Jeannie longs for the return of passion in her marriage. Jake craves new excitement in the form of another man. Pothos is one of the erotes and an aspect of Eros, the ancient Greek god of love, and this couple’s distinctive yearning has called to him. By the power of the erotes he intends to rekindle the flame of Jake and Jeannie’s passion in a night of desire that will be the ultimate platinum anniversary gift.

And when the gods of love decide your marriage needs a boost, they never do it by halves.

How many couples through the years fall into the trap of complacency with one another? Too many, and it’s really no one’s fault, it is what it is.

What if there were an entity out there listening, ready to help a couple in need, a couple who have lost their passion but not their love? Jennie seemed to conjure her fantasy right from the book she was reading. Pothos was the very meaning of sexual power and passion. He oozed it. Moreover, he was going to help Jake and Jennie get back what they’ve lost.

I really liked this book, it was easy to follow and get caught up in. The emotions were palpable and readers will have a hard time not finding Jennie at the middle of a pleasurable epicenter.

The story is very easy to identify with. Jake and Jennie are over worked and not taking time out for each other as a couple. Jennie tends to fantasize because in a dream you don’t need to think about repercussions or guilt.

This is a short read and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed how the writer had the lead female reading when she started fantasizing. I’ve often wondered how many readers, including myself, substitute our name in for that of the leading ladies we read about.

There is a lot of love between Jennie and Jake. Intense, passionate, complete. Even Pothos felt emotions that he hadn’t felt in all his years. I’d love the chance to read the other books in this series. It can be a stand- alone and I liked that it wasn’t a cliffhanger. I enjoyed it and hope others who look for a bit of the mythical will also.

Camille’s Capture by Evanne Lorraine

Camille’s Capture by Evanne Lorraine
New Eden Chronicles 3
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (184 pgs)
Other: M/M/F, Ménage, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Waratah

Camille, a plump, sweet-natured breeder, is caught in New Eden’s endless war with Baldor. Her mates, Jaxon and Aegis, need cunning and courage to rescue her. They need a miracle to capture her heart.

Warning: This story contains two searing hot alpha males and a sweet, but very determined and lushly curved woman. There’s also plenty of violence, red-hot sex, alien naked naughty bits, male/male intimacy and multiple partner interludes.

Camille is a Sister of the breeding order…taught to believe in one thing and when things don’t happen as planned; Camille takes her destiny in her own hands. It’s not very often that I pull that strongly for the heroine in a story, but with Camille, I couldn’t help myself. Her personality was contagious.

This is a pretty quick read. It’s the third book in the series but even though I hadn’t read the others before it, I couldn’t tell that it was part of the series. It felt like a complete story that wasn’t relying on prior books to prop it up.

The male characters where hella hot and awesome. Aegis and Jaxon are both total alphas but each has his own unique personality. The story line along with the characters interaction with each other just made this a fun read. The hot scenes were an added plus. The way the author came up with the “demon” parts was wow… interesting, loved it!

Watching how quickly the characters melded together for each other was enjoyable. It’s what made me really like the book. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet sci-fi love story with some serious heat.