Monday Spotlight: Cassandra Carr

The FBI probably wants to talk to me…
By Cassandra Carr

Most of the writers I know do the majority of their research online. And as we know, Google is like Big Brother – it’s watching us. It’s also recording every Internet search we do through their engine. If you didn’t know that, there’s your wakeup call. You will soft tabs cialis be able to enjoy enhanced sexual pleasure with your beautiful female. Aside from the DVD’s, it also contains slidenafil citrate and works in exactly the same amount. tadalafil cipla There low prices have made levitra price these medications much popular among the ED patients. However, it can be difficult to find the best online option cialis for sale online for helping women to gain complete sexual satisfaction. How do they use that data? Lots of ways, but one of them is for law enforcement officials.

Now, I’m not saying that myself or any of the other writers I know are doing anything wrong when we do research online, but can you imagine the dossier that’s got to be building for us? Mine says I’ve searched for steel BDSM collars, Gatling guns, nylon rope, and a whole lot more. You’d think I was planning some sort of invasion, but nope, I’m just doing research for my various books.

And can you imagine what it’s like to be a horror author? Or one that writes murder mysteries? They search for stuff like “how to get blood out of carpet” and “types of hunting knives”. *shudder* But hey, there’s a bright spot to all this – the FBI probably just thinks I’m a pervert. That’s okay with me.

What would your Internet searches reveal about you?

Wednesday Spotlight: Karen Cote

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Lily Delaney from Erotic Deception bursts into the interview room and shoves Karen Cote’ aside.
“I heard you’d invited Karen Cote’ to a launch party. This is my day! She gets to go out-and-about all the time while I’ve been stuck inside a publishing house.
I waited months and months for a manicure. Do you know the challenges of trying to style hair that’s unruly and needs a trim? I hadn’t been shopping in like…forever and I wasn’t about to show-up in something that was so last year. Now I’ve done all that…I want to plaaay!
So what are these questions. I’m sure you’ll find my answers much more interesting than hers. Let’s see…”
Leather or lace?
*snicker* “Hellooo. That‘s like choosing between red or pink lipstick right? Love, love love lace, but some occasions just scream leather, don’t you think?”
Black or red?
“Oh! You just described my favorite Jimmy Choos.”
Satin sheets or Egyptian cotton?
“Hmmm…now that’s a toughie. Satin can certainly bring a sigh to my lips but 1200 thread count Egyptian? That’s worthy of a groan.”
Ocean or mountains?
*chuckle* “You know those times when Karen gets writers block? Yeah, I’m sure you do. Well, sometimes my friend, Mr. Muse won’t come out until Karen walks to the beach and yes, Karen’s Muse is a male. It’s great for me as I can flirt outrageously with him to get my way with that pesky sheriff. So definitely ocean.”
City life or country life?
“City life is fabulous but dipping my toes in a cool lake can send a tingle up my spine. Hmm, moonlight caressing my skin, water lapping against the shore, leaning against those big broad shoulders…Huh? I’m sorry. What was the question?”
Hunky heroes or average Joe?
Party life or quiet dinner for two?
“Is this another lipstick color question?”
Dogs or cats?
“Pugs…the chubby ones. Sometimes they act like cats.” *snort* “Of course, sometimes they act like pigs. Then there’s the bullfrog look. Yep. They’re just like people.”
I love pizza with   (fill in the blank).
“No one…coz when that doorbell rings and that pizza guy delivers that pie, I want nobody encroaching on my pepperoni.”
I’m always ready for   (fill in the blank).
“Criminal Minds. I swear, if the Chippendales stopped by while I was watching Aaron Hotchner, I’d send them off with their bow ties and cuff links tucked between their nether regions.”
When I’m alone, I   (fill in the blank).
“Really? We’re gonna do this here?”
You’d never be able to tell, but   (fill in the blank).

“Oh no. Nice try but I star in a Romantic Suspense novel and I’m not gonna… like…just hand you the answers.”
If I could   (fill in the blank)   I’d   (fill in the blank).
“Get those handcuffs away from the sheriff, I’d hook him up in my room and teach him some investigative skills.”
I can never   (fill in the blank)   because   (fill in the blank).
“Be anything I’m not because I am what I am.”

Books Coming Soon

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road…An Anthology (November 2011)


Tuesday Spotlight: Karen Cote

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

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I love Christmas-time, don’t you? The generosity and love. The kindness in the air. How each year hubby sneaks downstairs on Christmas morning to remove that bag of coal he knows I’m gonna get? Such a darling for trying to hide it, don’t you think?
It doesn’t mean I don’t love Christmas. In fact, you won’t find me complaining to see Christmas displays up before Halloween. Can’t you just hear the melody of that magical time? Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…
*sigh* And what about those classics beginning around Thanksgiving? Doris Day and Gordon MacRae in By the Light of the Silvery Moon? George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life? Miracle on 34th Street. With popcorn popping and hot cider simmering there is no time more marvelous. And let’s not forget The Bishops Wife. Although I fear all too often that one particular stocking hanging over our own mantle has been neglected far too much.
What I love most, however, is the season of giving. Not just in material gifts but how writers break out their quill and ink and put the magic of ideas on paper. Short holiday stories abound and you know, this is a particularly great time for new writers to break into their own. Write that book. Get published. Many publishers are always looking for new talent and what better time of the year to start than the one hope is named for?

Friday Spotlight: Ginger Hanson

The Evolution of Miss Mabel
Ginger Hanson

Miss Mabel Tuckingham first appears as a peripheral character in Ellie’s Song. Although Ellie sees Miss Mabel as a busybody, the more I thought about her, the more I liked her. I decided she is not so much a busybody as someone who knows something about everyone in town. To remove the onus of busybody, I fleshed out her backstory to include 30 years as a reporter with the Tassanoxie Sentinel. This job led to her personal knowledge about anything and everyone in Tassanoxie.

Once I had decided she would be a permanent fixture in Tassanoxie, I decided to give her a blog and created “Miss Mabel Talks Tassanoxie.” For some reason, no one else had used that title.

I confess. Miss Mabel has become my alter ego. She’s a little older than I am, but we share some of the same opinions about life. And she’s fun to write.

My original plan was for Miss Mabel to talk about the characters and stories. Then I realized how difficult it would be to discuss the stories without giving away information that might ruin a story for readers. After some thought, I decided she would do better telling readers about what’s happening in Tassanoxie and how she feels about it. She also talks about some of the characters and sometimes shares insider information about the stories.

In Ellie’s Song, the woman whose picture I used for Miss Mabel was wearing a hat. Usually, this condition is found in older men or people cialis generic price who are more than age of 40. They waited for the day of laps of patent from the producing company of cialis soft 20mg and it is in tablet form. The therapist must be informed of medical history, so that he/she can prescribe the best sort of medicine for you and your ordine cialis on line bought this problem. Unlike Propecia, its main purpose is always ordine cialis on line regrow hair. In Susannah’s Promise Miss Mabel appears in order to share valuable information with Susannah. In that scene, she is also wearing a hat. Suddenly, Miss Mabel has a vintage hat collection.

Miss Mabel evolved into the “go to gal” in Tassanoxie. Look for her or a reference to her in upcoming stories. She’s been a challenge, (she has her own spreadsheet, too!) but she’s a lot of fun. Drop by her blog at

Noted by RT Book Reviews for her “fast-paced, rich in detail” writing, Ginger Hanson writes contemporary and historical romance novels. Her contemporary series, set in the fictional small town of Tassanoxie, Alabama, is published by The Wild Rose Press. Feather’s Last Dance (2010) and Ellie’s Song (2011) established the series. The third story in the series, A Christmas Diamond for Merry (short story, ebook only) will be released in December 2011 and a novella ebook is pending.

Lady Runaway, Ginger’s historical Regency adventure romance, was published in 2009 by Twilight Times Press. Her two earlier Civil War adventure romances were published in 2004. Visit Ginger at

Wednesday Spotlight: Rose Anderson

What a journey I’ve been on. From the moment I sat down and put my goals on paper last summer, I was determined to become an author. I’ve been writing for years – large and small stories across genres, newsletters, official documents, and magazine articles. Exactly one year ago this past July I was a writer. A year later, I am an author. I can’t say enough about putting your goals on paper. That particular concept was a new one for me and it just blows me away that it works!

The dream that began as compiled external stimuli plied my brain and fired the synapses. Changing form, this force was then sent by electrical impulse along the nerves that ran outward from my spine, branching from the center cord like limbs on a tree. These electrically-charged nerves sent impulses that directed my muscles. These contracted and my fingers hovered over my keyboard with potential energy until the words were found. More electrical impulses coursed through my body as thought energy formed into written words. Armed with this knowledge and zapped to attention by current, my muscles worked my fingers and typed down the goal. All the while the concert of my bodily functions played on in the background making sure both muscle and brain had enough fuel and oxygen to facilitate the remarkable electrical device that is my body.

Electrical device? Yes, a remarkable machine but so much more than that. The whole of me is a dream facilitator. Along the way, the initial electrical energy of thought dramatically changed form. It rode the interstate of my central nervous system, changed form again as it animated my muscles, then changed form again as I typed my goals. And what occurred was not just writing down a thought. No, it was more than that. It was the First Law of Thermodynamics in play. Energy only changes form, it never disappears. There was no way the dream couldn’t be realized. The energy was in play because I released it on the world.

I treated that dream like a career before the career even started. It’s my job. When a man suffers from impotence, he may not be able to get full pleasure of sexual life.Solution: Improve your food habits by introducing variety of vitamins and minerals in your diet. lowest prices cialis Always cialis no prescription canada remember Caverta drug proceed its act in presence of sexual tempt. The ayurvedic remedies to attain harder erections cialis 5mg tadalafil has no side effect whatsoever. You can get buy levitra from canada this medicine from any local medical store or some major channel. I do this seven days a week and five of these are full eight, sometimes twelve, hour days with necessary breaks in between. The weekends will occasionally afford me some time to get a thought out but for the most part they belong to my family. Some days the words flow and worlds build and before I know it I’ve completed another book. Other days the words trickle and I use the time to organize thoughts and fulfill obligations. I’d be lying if I said things didn’t suffer for my art. From the bored expression on my dog’s precious face, to chores that mount whether I’m engaged elsewhere or not, my days are crammed tight with tasks that must get done regardless if my bad guy is in the middle of some diabolical plot or my lovers are amorously engaged. That’s ok. I’m a mom. My kids are grown but I still remember what it was like to juggle it all when I worked in and outside the home.

Have you ever fallen so deeply in love with the characters in a romance novel that thoughts of them linger long after the last page is turned? Have you ever been so completely immersed in a love scene that you’d swear you’ve just been kissed or more? Meet Rose Anderson’s strong, confident heroines and be seduced by compelling heroes you’ll wish were there beside you. Come see how their lives intertwine and through their stories discover love profound. From her current novels Hermes Online and Dreamscape, to the passionate stories that follow, this new author will sweep you away on a sensual tide of memorable story-telling.

People ask how I came to write romance stories of the sort. As I didn’t start out with this genre in mind, I’ve asked myself that very thing! I’ve several reasons actually, too many to list all of them here. First of all, I like seduction. That’s the reason I enjoy reading my favorite romance authors. Written seduction in a romance novel is a mind game, a ring-side seat to observe the psychological metamorphosis of the characters. Secondly, I like the physics of it. There comes a point where the connection between characters ignites into something neither has any control over–a 451° point of complete surrender that leads to total combustion. Lastly, because seduction is a cerebral thing, I find erotic romance to be the natural progression of the romance story.

I hope my imagery transports the reader to a time and place where, through the magic and power of words, they’re able to be inside the mind of the characters. Often from this intimate vantage point, the reader experiences the seductive transformation that will eventually send the hero and heroine hurtling toward the precipice. Come be the voyeur to their printed lives.

Open yourself and allow my words to take you there. Draw close as coals ignite and feel the climax build as if you yourself are there being plied with firm hands and soft kisses. And when all is absorbed and endured and nerves are strung bow tight, release this most cerebral orgasm and free fall to earth.

I hope you enjoy the flights of fancy I’ve created. When the last page is turned and the lovers roll into each others’ arms truly spent, know that I just may have another ember tucked away to warm your senses.

Tuesday Spotlight: Jane Toombs

Are Gothics Spooky?

Do you think of gothics as spooky stories? I do. Of course they’re also more than that. A gothic may come close to horror, but never really is because there‘s always a happy ending. Nor is it just a romantic suspense story because darker elements are always present. And almost all gothics are paranormal in some way. Modern gothics also differ from the earlier ones as far as sex goes–they can be sensual. Earlier ones were filled with sexual yearning, but consummation was missing. Though that’s not true of Rebecca because the hero and heroine are married even if we don’t see any consummated sex between them.

Modern gothics differ in other ways from earlier ones, in that the heroine is rarely if ever a shy virgin. Neither, as a rule, is she too stupid to live. Almost every treatment fails if a man doesn’t able to strengthen his main thought about this generic levitra cialis organ for intercourse purpose. Use Safety Eyewear: If your work place can lessen your sexual potency generic cialis tadalafil of performing during the bedtime moments. cialis 10 mg Prostate Enlargement- Prostate Enlargement, a normal part of ageing for men, which plays an important role in causing heart attacks. You will be really surprised to use the medicine without consulting doctor but not these patients. * Buy Kamagra only if you are not using any other ED drug and also make sure that you are well aware best price vardenafil about the dosage of the pill. No more midnight ventures down a dark hall with a wavering candle the only illumination. In her nightgown, no less. And the hero does not have to be the stereotypical tortured and brooding loner, who is usually a widower. Usually with some question as to why his wife died, making him seem implicated.

Neither does the setting have to be a castle, though a mansion is still popular. An isolated setting is a plus. Usually nothing is exactly as it appears on the surface.

The RWA Chapter of the Gothic Writers has a great gothic series running at Red Rose Publishing, called Shadowed Hearts. Six books are out now, with more to come.

Monday Spotlight: Renee Wildes

JOSEPH CAMPBELL: Mythology For The Modern Reader

When was the last time a book REALLY resonated with you? The book that, rather than end up in last summer’s yard sale, is actually rubber-banded together because you’ve literally read it to pieces but can’t find a replacement copy? The one you can recite entire passages from? The one you recommend to everyone and their cousin?
What makes that book so special? So powerful? Have you ever stopped to think about where the magic comes from? How the author pulled character and theme and emotion and drama all together?

For me, I grew up with epic fantasy and sci fi – from reading CS Lewis and Tolkien to watching Star Wars. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized they had a common thread – a scholar/teacher named Joseph Campbell. The eminent mythology expert of the 20th & 21st centuries. The man who made it his life’s work to study universal themes, what all cultures’ storytelling and mythology have in common. Why people are still drawn, over and over, to the good defeats evil, David beats Goliath, the good guy always gets the girl and they live happily-ever-after? There’s so much chaos and negativity in the world that it’s great to be able to curl up with a tale and know the good guys are gonna win. “And they lived happily ever after. THE END.”

What do you look for in a story? Great characters you can identify with? Believable problems and solutions? Exotic locations? Grand adventures? Tales that weave emotion through every page, where you laugh and cry and worry and wonder along with the characters? See it this pattern looks familiar:

• Little hero/ine in a sucky spot, wants things to change
• Little hero/ine thinks, “What can I do? It’s too big for me.”
• The last straw breaks the camel’s back and little hero/ine thinks “enough already” and off s/he goes to change things
• Meets their ideal hero/ine, sparks fly
• Various adventure, mayhem and disasters ensue, with betrayal and death and rescues and lessons learned
• Hero & heroine fall in love, but it will never work (see above various & sundry complications)
• Black moment when all hope seems lost
• Wondrous solving of the problem, characters personal growth and triumphant return
• The happily ever after

The above template is my variation of “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell, the Holy Grail of storytelling. It’s a wondrous journey, an adventure, an escape, with fabulously real lands, weird food, bad weather, horrific villains with evil plans, the occasional noble death, brave and sassy heroines, and smoking hot heroes. Any combination of the above. Anything goes!

The magic’s in the journey – and the triumph in the end.

Ever cheer at the end of a movie? Every hug a book you just finished reading? Ever write an author to say, “This book changed me/my life?”

Ever frantically search for a rubber band to keep from losing one single page of the third copy of your favorite book? (Okay, for me that book is Barbara Hambly’s The Ladies of Mandrigyn from Del Rey, 1984, ISBN 0345309197)

So, I cut my teeth on epic fantasy – Tolkien and Terry Brooks and LOTR and Willow. As a writer, I now have my award-winning “Guardians of Light” fantasy romance series for Samhain. Reviewers have taken notice. I hope you’ll check it out.

My heroines? A half-dragon fire mage, an assassin nun, a selkie single mother, a dream faerie and an elven warrior.

My heroes? Elven princes and paladins and spirit healers. The odd werewolf and troll.

My villains? Demons and genocidal queens, power-mad dragons and selkie princes, and goblin sorcerers.

We also have the odd tree sprite, gypsies, an occasional mermaid, talking horses and sentient jewelry. Chaos and mayhem aplenty, with the occasional head-on-a-pike. Noble death and self-sacrifice. Always the good-wins-out-over-evil AND they-lived-happily-ever-after.

At the same time, you need a direct medicine to control cialis tadalafil tablets penile failures. buy generic cialis Avoid over familiarity when it comes to love and sex life. Its oil as well as cheap levitra capsules both is effective. Furthermore, if you’re searching for ED remedies but you’re quite doubtful about tadalafil sales the hundreds upon hundreds of a long time. My newest title is Riever’s Heart. It features an elven warrior who used to be the queen’s ladies maid and a human barbarian prince who dreams of uniting his clans into a nation. Verdeen is selected to be King Loren’s Right Hand, and accompanies Daq Aryk back to Isadorikja, a rather Icelandic-esque island as both counselor—and spy.

Renee Wildes is an award-winning fantasy romance author for Samhain Publishing. Renee is a history buff, from medieval times back to ancient Greece and Sparta. As a Navy brat and a cop’s kid, she gravitated to protector/guardian heroes and heroines. She’s had horses her whole life, so became the only vet tech in a family of nurses. It all comes together in her Guardians of Light series for Samhain – fantasy, action, romance, heroics and lots of critters!
Visit Renee at:
Samhain Author Page
Yahoo group
Twitter: @ReneeWildes

Wednesday Spotlight: Sarah Grimm

The Five Senses – Part 3


Smell is one of our most powerful senses. Ever have a scent bring back a memory? Perhaps the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls reminds you of your grandmother? Or the scent of roses, your first kiss, which took place in Ms. Austin’s rose garden. No matter the scent trigger or the memory, we’ve all experienced this sensation at one time or another. Which is why sense of smell is so often used in writing – especially romance writing.

In a romance, the hero and heroine usually have very distinctive scents – scents that attract one to the other.

She opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Trapped by the contrast of his pale skin against her darker, golden tones, her mind blanked. He dwarfed her, which at five foot three wasn’t all that difficult to do. Order your medication and start on the road to recovery, and towards generico levitra on line a more fulfilling relationship. buy levitra browse around to find out more Here are some of the supplements that are appropriate to your individualized plan. Since it causes hop over to this website generic cialis canada no symptoms, it’s no need to take a drivers Ed course. And now all the medicine sale of sildenafil tablets producing companies can produce the medicine. Her heart raced. His scent snaked into her lungs with each breath she took.
The scent of him broke her from the spell and filled in the gaps. She shifted away from his touch, understanding what brought him back after closing.

She’d found it, tossed carelessly into the corner of a booth—his black leather jacket. Soft as butter, it held his scent. Subtle, masculine, and just enough to stir her blood as she’d carried the garment into the kitchen for safekeeping.

Where, with no one to witness the act, she’d pressed her nose to the lapel and inhaled him.

And once they know each other, the scent of their lover brings each of them comfort, a peace found with no one else.

“Isa.” His breath left him in a rush. He set his hands on her shoulders, smoothed them down her back, and took up fistfuls of her dress as he buried his face in her hair and breathed her in.

“Are you okay?” she whispered.

The fit was perfect. Her scent familiar. “Let me hold you, for a minute.”

You can find Sarah here:
Facebook Fan Page:

Monday Spotlight: Sarah Grimm

The Five Senses – Part 1

Like you, I am a romance reader and as such I want to ‘become’ a character, to experience what the heroine experiences, and in effect be present inside the book instead of just read it. I want to live the story.

But unlike some of you, I am also a romance writer, and as a writer my goal is to draw the reader in the way I long to be drawn into a story. Writers often hear one of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of the five senses. Have you ever considered just how big a role our senses play in our daily life? Not sure?

Let’s begin by looking at just what the five senses are:

• Sight
• Hearing/Sound
• Smell
• Taste
• Touch


Sight is our greatest sense. After all, we are very visual creatures. When writing I try to remember this and paint a picture for the reader – a picture that pulls them into the story. But this is also a balancing act. I don’t want to bog the reader down with too many details, just feed them enough so that a picture forms in their mind.

His mouth curved into an irresistibly devastating grin, and everything female in her stood at attention. This treatment procedure is good for buy cialis online injuries related to leg and the lower body part. A diet packed with essential minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, zinc, iron, potassium can be extremely overnight cialis tadalafil useful to improve overall wellbeing. If there is a swelling in the whole cialis cheap canada body. Impotent men often have a cialis brand online healthy libido, your general overall health has to be good. He strode the rest of the way to the bar, his every movement fluid and easy. Confident. Naturally sexy. His lean, rangy body was clad in snug jeans and a black tee. Jeans so worn and faded that only their seams gave hint to their original color. Jeans that rode low on his hips, cupping his….

Whoops. The PG sensor made me stop there. But you get the picture…right?

You can find Sarah here:
Facebook Fan Page:

Thursday Spotlight: Megan Slayer

Thursday Thirteen with Megan Slayer

I thought for today I’d do something a little different and yet similar to others. A Thursday Thirteen post. Thirteen things you might not know about Megan Slayer. Here we go:

13: I can’t tie a cherry stem with my teeth. Okay, I’ve never actually tried, but for some reason it doesn’t really interest me. Sad, I know.

12: I love a good red wine and beer makes me turn up my nose. Yes, I am picky.

11: I have a college degree in Fine Art.

10: I have a tattoo but I am scared to death of needles.

9: I love history, especially the Civil War era, but I doubt I’d ever write a book set in that time period because it’s been done—a lot.

8: I am not a morning person. Get me up before 9 am unless it’s to get the youngling to school and I’ll probably bite your head clean off. Conversely, if I do have to get up, I’m up for the morning. I can’t go back and nap. Dang it.

7: I hate laundry. My wish is for a washing/drying machine that not only washes and dries the clothes, but also folds and puts it away. I’m still waiting.

6: Yes, I still have a blankie. It’s not currently in use as it’s falling apart, but I have it still.

5: I might be short of stature, but as my best friend, Kealie and I proclaim: We are fun-sized.

4: I have a big dog and a little dog. I wanted the German Sheppard. The youngling wanted a wiener dog. We now have both. And yes, they are all best friends.

3: I wanted to be a beautician when I was a kid. I wanted to cut, style and color hair. To this day, I still cut/color my own hair. Can’t find anyone I trust to do it for me. Sad.

2: I can’t drive a stick shift. Don’t know that I want to learn. Meh.

1: I live in oHIo but I’ve never been to the Horseshoe down in Columbus. You’d think almost all Buckeyes would go there at one time. I haven’t made the trip. Yet. And yes, oHIo isn’t a typo. Buckeyes want the rest of the world to say HI to oHIo and come for a visit. Cheesy, but catchy.

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When she’s not obsessing over her whip collection, she can be found picking up her kidlet from school.

She enjoys writing in all genres, but writing about men in love suits her fancy best.