Thursday Spotlight: Megan Slayer

Thursday Thirteen with Megan Slayer

I thought for today I’d do something a little different and yet similar to others. A Thursday Thirteen post. Thirteen things you might not know about Megan Slayer. Here we go:

13: I can’t tie a cherry stem with my teeth. Okay, I’ve never actually tried, but for some reason it doesn’t really interest me. Sad, I know.

12: I love a good red wine and beer makes me turn up my nose. Yes, I am picky.

11: I have a college degree in Fine Art.

10: I have a tattoo but I am scared to death of needles.

9: I love history, especially the Civil War era, but I doubt I’d ever write a book set in that time period because it’s been done—a lot.

8: I am not a morning person. Get me up before 9 am unless it’s to get the youngling to school and I’ll probably bite your head clean off. Conversely, if I do have to get up, I’m up for the morning. I can’t go back and nap. Dang it.

7: I hate laundry. My wish is for a washing/drying machine that not only washes and dries the clothes, but also folds and puts it away. I’m still waiting.

6: Yes, I still have a blankie. It’s not currently in use as it’s falling apart, but I have it still.

5: I might be short of stature, but as my best friend, Kealie and I proclaim: We are fun-sized.

4: I have a big dog and a little dog. I wanted the German Sheppard. The youngling wanted a wiener dog. We now have both. And yes, they are all best friends.

3: I wanted to be a beautician when I was a kid. I wanted to cut, style and color hair. To this day, I still cut/color my own hair. Can’t find anyone I trust to do it for me. Sad.

2: I can’t drive a stick shift. Don’t know that I want to learn. Meh.

1: I live in oHIo but I’ve never been to the Horseshoe down in Columbus. You’d think almost all Buckeyes would go there at one time. I haven’t made the trip. Yet. And yes, oHIo isn’t a typo. Buckeyes want the rest of the world to say HI to oHIo and come for a visit. Cheesy, but catchy.

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When she’s not obsessing over her whip collection, she can be found picking up her kidlet from school.

She enjoys writing in all genres, but writing about men in love suits her fancy best.


  1. Great list, #7 would definitely make the top of any of my lists too.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  2. Fun! I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue and have won several bets in my younger days for that. Remember that on road trip!!

  3. Cathy – yeah, still waiting on that machine. oh well.

    Linda – ha! yes! ROADTRIP!! You crack me up. I gotta learn to make those right hand turns.

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