Wednesday Spotlight: Karen Cote

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Lily Delaney from Erotic Deception bursts into the interview room and shoves Karen Cote’ aside.
“I heard you’d invited Karen Cote’ to a launch party. This is my day! She gets to go out-and-about all the time while I’ve been stuck inside a publishing house.
I waited months and months for a manicure. Do you know the challenges of trying to style hair that’s unruly and needs a trim? I hadn’t been shopping in like…forever and I wasn’t about to show-up in something that was so last year. Now I’ve done all that…I want to plaaay!
So what are these questions. I’m sure you’ll find my answers much more interesting than hers. Let’s see…”
Leather or lace?
*snicker* “Hellooo. That‘s like choosing between red or pink lipstick right? Love, love love lace, but some occasions just scream leather, don’t you think?”
Black or red?
“Oh! You just described my favorite Jimmy Choos.”
Satin sheets or Egyptian cotton?
“Hmmm…now that’s a toughie. Satin can certainly bring a sigh to my lips but 1200 thread count Egyptian? That’s worthy of a groan.”
Ocean or mountains?
*chuckle* “You know those times when Karen gets writers block? Yeah, I’m sure you do. Well, sometimes my friend, Mr. Muse won’t come out until Karen walks to the beach and yes, Karen’s Muse is a male. It’s great for me as I can flirt outrageously with him to get my way with that pesky sheriff. So definitely ocean.”
City life or country life?
“City life is fabulous but dipping my toes in a cool lake can send a tingle up my spine. Hmm, moonlight caressing my skin, water lapping against the shore, leaning against those big broad shoulders…Huh? I’m sorry. What was the question?”
Hunky heroes or average Joe?
Party life or quiet dinner for two?
“Is this another lipstick color question?”
Dogs or cats?
“Pugs…the chubby ones. Sometimes they act like cats.” *snort* “Of course, sometimes they act like pigs. Then there’s the bullfrog look. Yep. They’re just like people.”
I love pizza with   (fill in the blank).
“No one…coz when that doorbell rings and that pizza guy delivers that pie, I want nobody encroaching on my pepperoni.”
I’m always ready for   (fill in the blank).
“Criminal Minds. I swear, if the Chippendales stopped by while I was watching Aaron Hotchner, I’d send them off with their bow ties and cuff links tucked between their nether regions.”
When I’m alone, I   (fill in the blank).
“Really? We’re gonna do this here?”
You’d never be able to tell, but   (fill in the blank).

“Oh no. Nice try but I star in a Romantic Suspense novel and I’m not gonna… like…just hand you the answers.”
If I could   (fill in the blank)   I’d   (fill in the blank).
“Get those handcuffs away from the sheriff, I’d hook him up in my room and teach him some investigative skills.”
I can never   (fill in the blank)   because   (fill in the blank).
“Be anything I’m not because I am what I am.”

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