I used to love winter–sledding, skiing, snowshoeing in the woods, ice skating–lots of fun.. Then I got old and creaky and winter is just a matter of being careful not to slip and fall on slippery spots. Except that to look out and see snow falling is still a thrill. It’s like magic how snow alters and changes the world from mundane to beautiful. If I had to plow the driveway or shovel the walk, maybe I wouldn’t feel this way–who knows?

Snow machines were not a part of my younger world because they didn‘t yet exist. But they‘re here now, with all the trails for them and the noise and the danger of your car hitting one when they cross the road to follow a trail… Yes, the trails run through the deep woods, but what are your chances of seeing a deer or hearing a chickadee? Snowshoes make no noise and you see and hear lots of wildlife.

I’m afraid I get a bit jaundiced when I go downtown and see all the snowmobiles lined up by the bars. Which accounts for why almost every serious snowmobile accident I hear about involves alcohol. Progress isn’t always great. So you can drink and drive a snowmobile without penalty–unless you consider death a penalty. Ah, but I don‘t mean to rant.

I‘m actually writing a winter-set story with snowmobiles used by the bad guys to threaten those in a snowbound house in the deep woods. The Viking is my snowmobile expert as he‘s used one everywhere from the Sierras to joyriding on the ice of the lower Michigan inland lakes.

I’ve not finished with that book yet, but I do have one coming out this month that has nothing to do with snow–Terror From Before, the third book in my DANGEROUS DARKNESS SERIES from Red Rose Publishing. Each book in this series stands on its own, though the four men in the series were a Special Op group who’ve returned to civilian like believing their leader was killed. Since he’s the hero of the fourth book, Stranger On The Shore, obviously he’s alive–but really strange.

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About the Author:

Jane Toombs, the Viking from her past and their calico grandcat, Kinko live across the road from the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula wilderness. If you include both published novels and novellas, Jane’s count is up to ninety published books, with more to come.
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Tuesday Spotlight: Jane Toombs

Are Gothics Spooky?

Do you think of gothics as spooky stories? I do. Of course they’re also more than that. A gothic may come close to horror, but never really is because there‘s always a happy ending. Nor is it just a romantic suspense story because darker elements are always present. And almost all gothics are paranormal in some way. Modern gothics also differ from the earlier ones as far as sex goes–they can be sensual. Earlier ones were filled with sexual yearning, but consummation was missing. Though that’s not true of Rebecca because the hero and heroine are married even if we don’t see any consummated sex between them.

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Neither does the setting have to be a castle, though a mansion is still popular. An isolated setting is a plus. Usually nothing is exactly as it appears on the surface.

The RWA Chapter of the Gothic Writers has a great gothic series running at Red Rose Publishing, called Shadowed Hearts. Six books are out now, with more to come.



Reviews, as every author knows, can be good, bad or indifferent. Good ones warm our hearts. Indifferent ones make us reassure ourselves that while the reviewer my not have liked the book a whole lot, at least he or she didn’t think it was a waste of time to read. We can deal with that. But no author I know is indifferent to a bad review, including me.

This topic came up when I was considering finding an epub for a gothic saga I wrote some years ago. This saga got a really bad review from Romantic Times, which was a great shock to me. The reviewer felt I’d jerked her out of one generation’s story into the next way too abruptly and gave it a one.

My only “one,” but I never forgot it. I got a real shock when I pulled out scrap-books to look for another review a publisher wanted for a different book and found five really good reviews for this same “one” gothic. How had I forgotten about them? I realized then that any author can focus too much on a bad review.

Which means we’re only human. But then, so are reviewers.

The gothic? I plan to go over it. If I find I’ve written some bad transitions–and I may have–they’ll be smoothed away. I’ll also take care of any other rewriting needed. Why bother? I think because my first published book, Tule Witch, was a gothic and all these years later, I still love the gothic genre. Still, I do intend to change the title.

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And, no, crows aren’t common there. They have mostly ravens.

Jane Toombs, the Viking from her past and their calico grandcat, Kinko, live across the street from the south shore of Lake Superior , They spend three seasons enjoying the wonderful weather and the winter season holing up and complaining. Kinko the most. Jane’s up to going on ninety published books now and has stopped counting the many novellas. Check out Jane’s website at


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                           APRIL AND TWO FOOLS FOR LOVE

By April, those of us in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are so tired of snow, we greet April Fool‘s Day with joy.  The month is almost always kind to us Yoopers.  The snow has melted (except in the deep woods), the temperatures hover in the fifties or even the sixties,  the red buds of the maples swell up ready to burst into leaf and the pussy willows open to show their soft white buds.  
For the Viking and I,  Aprils Fool’s Day is an anniversary of sorts.  I was living in Upstate New York in 1994 and the date marks the day he called me from Nevada to ask if he was the Swedish hero in my Ladies Of The Lake, a historical saga reprinted by Amber Quill Press. 
So April first is a romantic date for the two of us. And now that we’re living back in the Upper Peninsula where we grew up, April not only means spring is here, but also a time for us to celebrate being together.
I never imagined a book of mine could produce such a wonderful outcome for me.  Not only did the LASR reviewer love it, Ladies of the Lake became a LASR Pick!  Something brought the book to  the attention of  Jan Tucker, from our home town, who writes for a regional newspaper.  She emailed me and interviewed me for an article. 

The Viking’ s brother, who lived in the area, saw the article, cut it out and sent it to Nevada.  Elmer searched for the book, read it, then  found my  phone number somehow and made that New York call.  I had to admit that he was the only Swedish male  I’d ever known well, so perhaps I had based that hero on him.  We met in second grade when I “skipped” there from first grade was seated in front of him.  He claims he fell in love with me then.  

The phone conversation told him I was a widow and told me he’d been divorced for eight years. And we both learned that in July he’d be attending a family reunion in Lower Michigan and that I’d be attending a wedding there only forty miles away on the very same weekend.  I think that convinced both of us it was meant to be, and when we met in July we both knew for sure.  Old or young, spring is a time for love and we consider April is the most romantic month in the year.    

 Jane Toombs, the Viking from her past and their calico grandcat Kinko live on the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula wildrerness. They enjoy romantic springs, gorgeous summers, colorful falls and tolerate miserable winters.  Jane’s edging up on ninety published books and still hasn’t counted her many published novellas and short stories.    
Book buy URLS available at:
Jane Toombs web site: (click on authors, then my name) 



Yes, it’s after Valentine’s Day, but in many parts of the world including the northern states of the USA, winter still hasn’t released its icy grip. It’s also Ash Wednesday, so the days of Lent are upon us. Where I live, on the south shore of Lake Superior, warm weather is a long way off. What to do? I wish we could make all of February the “Love” month. As the golden oldie from back even before my time says, “I’ve got my love to keep me warm.” Which would be wonderful if everyone did have a love to do that.

Being human makes us all less than perfect, so it can’t happen to all. Except in movies, music and books, whether electronic or print. I’m not talking about sex. While sex definitely plays a part in certain kinds of love, it doesn’t in all. Mother love, for example. Or a small child’s love for his grandparents, or a playmate.

In my own life, the Viking from my past tells me he fell in love with me when my first grade teacher brought me into his second grade room because I was “skipping” a grade. He was seven and I was six, and he got so wrapped up in placing me on some kind of imaginary pedestal that we never became anything more than friends. I had no notion of this and, after graduation, we went our separate ways, eventually marrying others. In my case, twice.

If I hadn’t been a published author we may have never met again. His brother sent him a article from our home town weekly paper about a new book I’d written, so he went out, bought and read it. Got my phone number off the ‘Net and called on April Fool’s Day, from Nevada to New York, to ask if by any chance the Swedish hero in the book was even partly based on him. When I thought about it, I realized he was the only Swede I’d ever known very well, so I told him he could be.

As we talked I found he’d been divorced for eight years and he learned I was a widow. Furthermore, in June we were visiting our separate relatives on the same week-end in Lower Michigan only forty miles apart. prescription for cialis purchase The breast augmentation is also done. Eastern literature review The nose is cheap tadalafil india part of the “treasure trove” of intel which the SEALs snatched from Abbottabad along with that bullet ridden fiend. They’ll tell you that there’s “no evidence” that detox diets have any health benefits. (Then in the very sentence, they’ll talk about detoxing for drugs, alcohol, metabolic and diet.) What I’ve seen over the tadalafil online india years of recommending detoxing for healing is that there are many forms of detoxing that will work. During physical intimacy if cialis pills price you go through any kind of harassment because of the device. He invited me to a Sunday lunch. No longer was I on any kind of pedestal and so he kissed me for the second time in my life. The first was when we were in our twenties and he stopped by the hospital where I was finishing my nurses training on his way back home from Michigan State, a kiss that surprised me.

The third kiss came when I got off the plane in Reno in August when I went to stay with him for a while–and it was the clincher. We haven’t been apart since. Going on sixteen years now. Talk about incredible luck! So it’s never too late for love.

That is, in essence, s what our Jewels of the Quill Magical Kisses Valentine Anthology tries to show: Love strikes when and where it will. My story, “The Third Kiss” comes from my own life, as well as an old Scottish belief that the third kiss is the magic one that tells you it’s love. But only if that kiss comes from the one who gave you the first two. Unfortunately, the heroine in my story is sure she hates the guy who first kissed her…

Bio: Jane Toombs has eighty plus published books to her credit and twenty some novellas. She lives on the south shore of Lake Superior with the Viking from her past and their calico grandcat, Kinko. Summers are fantastic, but the least said about winters, the better. Jane writes in most genres, but her favorite is paranormal romance. She belongs to Jewels Of The Quill as Dame Turquoise. This is a closed group of twelve published authors who promote each other. They also do anthologies, some of which have won awards. Magical Kisses, their Valentine Anthology is presently a Finalist for the EPIC Award .