APRIL AND TWO FOOLS FOR LOVE

By April, those of us in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are so tired of snow, we greet April Fool‘s Day with joy.  The month is almost always kind to us Yoopers.  The snow has melted (except in the deep woods), the temperatures hover in the fifties or even the sixties,  the red buds of the maples swell up ready to burst into leaf and the pussy willows open to show their soft white buds.  
For the Viking and I,  Aprils Fool’s Day is an anniversary of sorts.  I was living in Upstate New York in 1994 and the date marks the day he called me from Nevada to ask if he was the Swedish hero in my Ladies Of The Lake, a historical saga reprinted by Amber Quill Press. 
So April first is a romantic date for the two of us. And now that we’re living back in the Upper Peninsula where we grew up, April not only means spring is here, but also a time for us to celebrate being together.
I never imagined a book of mine could produce such a wonderful outcome for me.  Not only did the LASR reviewer love it, Ladies of the Lake became a LASR Pick!  Something brought the book to  the attention of  Jan Tucker, from our home town, who writes for a regional newspaper.  She emailed me and interviewed me for an article. 

The Viking’ s brother, who lived in the area, saw the article, cut it out and sent it to Nevada.  Elmer searched for the book, read it, then  found my  phone number somehow and made that New York call.  I had to admit that he was the only Swedish male  I’d ever known well, so perhaps I had based that hero on him.  We met in second grade when I “skipped” there from first grade was seated in front of him.  He claims he fell in love with me then.  

The phone conversation told him I was a widow and told me he’d been divorced for eight years. And we both learned that in July he’d be attending a family reunion in Lower Michigan and that I’d be attending a wedding there only forty miles away on the very same weekend.  I think that convinced both of us it was meant to be, and when we met in July we both knew for sure.  Old or young, spring is a time for love and we consider April is the most romantic month in the year.    

 Jane Toombs, the Viking from her past and their calico grandcat Kinko live on the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula wildrerness. They enjoy romantic springs, gorgeous summers, colorful falls and tolerate miserable winters.  Jane’s edging up on ninety published books and still hasn’t counted her many published novellas and short stories.    
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  1. Awww! What a romantic story. You’d have to believe in destiny with a tale like that.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful story (not just the one in print)! Talk about you happy ever after… Oh and I love your cover! Sounds wonderful! Nice to know true heroes do exist.

  3. Wonderful love story, Jane. Real life can equal fiction any day for romance. Best wishes for your success with this book. Linda

  4. awesome real life love story Jane!

  5. Wow! Incredibly romantic storry Jane! I can see why you would consider April a romantic month:)

    We’ve had a couple of days of warm springlike weather but apparently it’s going away again today as it is now supposed to drop into the lower 30’s …..I really hope it doesn’t kill my tulips!


  6. Love your personal love story Jane. And your book sounds good too.

    I’m a life long resident of MI now living in NC mainly because I couldn’t take the long, cold winters anymore. But, IMO, there is nothing like Spring in Michigan. It is always such a welcomed relief after those cold, snowy winters!

    kkhaas at bellsouth dot net

  7. Absolutely love reading your blog.

  8. What a lovely story!

  9. What a great story, so lovely. Had a big smile on my face reading about it.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  10. What a wonderful love story! Thank you so much for sharing that with us!

  11. That was so sweet and romantic! What a great story and I will be thinking of it all day! Ahhhhhh!!!!! Oh and now I am wanting to read your book! LOL

  12. What a great story. Thanks for sharing.

  13. What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. I love to find out what makes authors tick.

  14. Oh, that is such a lovely, romantic story! Thanks for sharing it with us. So sweet!

  15. What a fab cover and cool title!
    And what a sweet love story, too.

  16. You are an inspiration!

  17. Jane–good for you! Spring is in the air, so love must not be far behind. Best wishes! Celia

  18. What a romantic story! You give me hope for myself! Best wishes for your new book, I shall have to look for it!

  19. What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  20. A sweet and wonderful story from a fantastic romance author! We miss you in NY, Jane!

  21. What a wonderful story. Unfortunately, April fools is not romantic for me. My most vivid memory is getting my tonsils taken out when I was 9 and the doctor coming in and saying “April Fools.” I was not happy even though they said I could have all the ice cream and jello I wanted. It was a rotten trick. -BD


  22. You brought a smile to my face with your lovely true-life story!
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  23. Oh what a great romantic story. I am a sucker for Romance!! Thanks for sharing. Your book always looks like a great read.


  24. What a wonderful story. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    Here in New England, we had a heck of a winter. On April Fool’s Day we had a snowstorm. I guess even Mother Nature has a sense of humor on that day.

    Wishing you the best,



  25. What a cute story. Everything just fell into place for that weekend for you to meet it. It was definitely fate taking a hand in your lives.

  26. What a great story! Your Viking carried a torch for you from grammar school and then hunted you down all those years later.
    It must have been kismet! Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Spring!

  27. What a sweet story! And Kismet! May your love last forever (and may the Viking bring you many more stories!)

  28. what a beautiful story and the book sounds great

  29. What a wonderful love story – would make a great novel !

    I also like your bio: “They enjoy romantic springs, gorgeous summers, colorful falls and tolerate miserable winters.” I read that as “they tolerate it if they have to!” LOL

    Wishing you a wonderfully romantic spring and gorgeous summer.

    Tammy Doherty
    mail_tammydoherty at charter dot net

  30. I enjoyed reading your true life love story. Truly Hope Springs Eternal!

    Denise Golinowski

  31. I am admittedly a hopeless romantic but that’s a really sweet story, I guess your one of the few women out there who’s fairy tale dream came true.



  32. That is such a fantastically beautiful story! Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  33. Congratulations on celebrating your love in APril ! April is a month of celebrations in my family..it is not only my Birthday, but 5 other family members as well !



  34. What a great story! Love can come at any time in our lives.

  35. I got married in April it is a lovely month for love. It can be warm and you can spend your days outside taking long walks or it can be rainy and you can stay in bed. April has it all.

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  36. Great story


  37. What a sweet story!

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  38. I enjoyed the post; it was very sweet.

    I look forward in reading your works, Jane.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  39. That is so sweet, Jane! I’m impressed with your Swede – what a darling romantic! May you have many, many more Aprils together.

  40. What a touching romantic story. I always say there are no coincidences. Things happen when they’re suppose to happen and how they’re suppose to happen. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  41. I love your personal love story, it sounds like something from a romance novel. I also envy you for getting to live on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior.

  42. Hey, another Michigander! (facing north and waving frantically from the Detroit area). I live in a small suburb just outside of Detroit (where I was born and have lived most of my life).

    Happy April! Such a sweet story, you and the Viking. I hope you two had a nice celebration so far this month (wink, wink). And I do believe you’re right. It WAS meant to be!

    Huge congrats on the LASR Pick. And best of luck with Ladies Of The Lake, too. Although it looks like it has brought you TONS of luck. I don’t believe it could get any better!

    ceb 0140 AT hot mail Dot com

  43. I LOVE your real-life love story! What a romantic way to meet!


  44. You got that right. No matter how young or how old spring does bring out love. I need to check out your book “Two Hearts” sound like a sweet love story.


  45. Aww!! What a great sweet, romantic story 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing it with us 🙂
    Ashley A

  46. Thanks for warming my heart on this chilly morning!

  47. Aww! That story has me smiling like crazy!

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