Wednesday Spotlight: Rose Anderson

What a journey I’ve been on. From the moment I sat down and put my goals on paper last summer, I was determined to become an author. I’ve been writing for years – large and small stories across genres, newsletters, official documents, and magazine articles. Exactly one year ago this past July I was a writer. A year later, I am an author. I can’t say enough about putting your goals on paper. That particular concept was a new one for me and it just blows me away that it works!

The dream that began as compiled external stimuli plied my brain and fired the synapses. Changing form, this force was then sent by electrical impulse along the nerves that ran outward from my spine, branching from the center cord like limbs on a tree. These electrically-charged nerves sent impulses that directed my muscles. These contracted and my fingers hovered over my keyboard with potential energy until the words were found. More electrical impulses coursed through my body as thought energy formed into written words. Armed with this knowledge and zapped to attention by current, my muscles worked my fingers and typed down the goal. All the while the concert of my bodily functions played on in the background making sure both muscle and brain had enough fuel and oxygen to facilitate the remarkable electrical device that is my body.

Electrical device? Yes, a remarkable machine but so much more than that. The whole of me is a dream facilitator. Along the way, the initial electrical energy of thought dramatically changed form. It rode the interstate of my central nervous system, changed form again as it animated my muscles, then changed form again as I typed my goals. And what occurred was not just writing down a thought. No, it was more than that. It was the First Law of Thermodynamics in play. Energy only changes form, it never disappears. There was no way the dream couldn’t be realized. The energy was in play because I released it on the world.

I treated that dream like a career before the career even started. It’s my job. When a man suffers from impotence, he may not be able to get full pleasure of sexual life.Solution: Improve your food habits by introducing variety of vitamins and minerals in your diet. lowest prices cialis Always cialis no prescription canada remember Caverta drug proceed its act in presence of sexual tempt. The ayurvedic remedies to attain harder erections cialis 5mg tadalafil has no side effect whatsoever. You can get buy levitra from canada this medicine from any local medical store or some major channel. I do this seven days a week and five of these are full eight, sometimes twelve, hour days with necessary breaks in between. The weekends will occasionally afford me some time to get a thought out but for the most part they belong to my family. Some days the words flow and worlds build and before I know it I’ve completed another book. Other days the words trickle and I use the time to organize thoughts and fulfill obligations. I’d be lying if I said things didn’t suffer for my art. From the bored expression on my dog’s precious face, to chores that mount whether I’m engaged elsewhere or not, my days are crammed tight with tasks that must get done regardless if my bad guy is in the middle of some diabolical plot or my lovers are amorously engaged. That’s ok. I’m a mom. My kids are grown but I still remember what it was like to juggle it all when I worked in and outside the home.

Have you ever fallen so deeply in love with the characters in a romance novel that thoughts of them linger long after the last page is turned? Have you ever been so completely immersed in a love scene that you’d swear you’ve just been kissed or more? Meet Rose Anderson’s strong, confident heroines and be seduced by compelling heroes you’ll wish were there beside you. Come see how their lives intertwine and through their stories discover love profound. From her current novels Hermes Online and Dreamscape, to the passionate stories that follow, this new author will sweep you away on a sensual tide of memorable story-telling.

People ask how I came to write romance stories of the sort. As I didn’t start out with this genre in mind, I’ve asked myself that very thing! I’ve several reasons actually, too many to list all of them here. First of all, I like seduction. That’s the reason I enjoy reading my favorite romance authors. Written seduction in a romance novel is a mind game, a ring-side seat to observe the psychological metamorphosis of the characters. Secondly, I like the physics of it. There comes a point where the connection between characters ignites into something neither has any control over–a 451° point of complete surrender that leads to total combustion. Lastly, because seduction is a cerebral thing, I find erotic romance to be the natural progression of the romance story.

I hope my imagery transports the reader to a time and place where, through the magic and power of words, they’re able to be inside the mind of the characters. Often from this intimate vantage point, the reader experiences the seductive transformation that will eventually send the hero and heroine hurtling toward the precipice. Come be the voyeur to their printed lives.

Open yourself and allow my words to take you there. Draw close as coals ignite and feel the climax build as if you yourself are there being plied with firm hands and soft kisses. And when all is absorbed and endured and nerves are strung bow tight, release this most cerebral orgasm and free fall to earth.

I hope you enjoy the flights of fancy I’ve created. When the last page is turned and the lovers roll into each others’ arms truly spent, know that I just may have another ember tucked away to warm your senses.

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