Her Monster by Sam Crescent

Her Monster by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (108 Pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Caleb Carson is not a good man. All of his life he’s trained to be part of the family business. The Carsons kill, they hurt, and do whatever is necessary to stay in charge. Still, when he’s handed an eighteen-year-old girl as payment for a debt, he’s pissed. He takes the girl and keeps her protected. In return, he kills her father, as he doesn’t like loose ends.

Faith doesn’t get attached to anyone or anything, and she knew it was only a matter of time before her father’s gambling affected her. Now she belongs to Caleb, but … he’s different. She knows he’s a monster, but Caleb intrigues her. When she’s in his arms, it’s unlike anything she’s ever felt.
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Caleb doesn’t do love, and he never will. Faith deserves so much better, but he can’t let her go. Why not have something for himself for a change?

Will Caleb keep Faith and learn to fall in love? Can Faith bring herself to love the man who owns her?

This book was absolutely fantastic!

Once again Sam Crescent has worked her magic and written an amazing story for Caleb and Faith. I loved watching these two cynical people fall in love. Neither one of them believed in love so it was that much sweeter to watch them slowly take the fall. Caleb was one of those dark heroes that Sam Crescent does so well, while Faith was a quite a surprise in her straight forwardness and strength. She was one of the curvy women that I’ve come to expect from this author but that was as about as alike as it went. I think she was one of Sam Crescent’s stronger heroines.

Her Monster was a short story but it was very well developed. It was a fast paced story so I read it straight through from start to finish in one evening. I loved the main couple, Caleb and Faith, and how Sam Crescent let me catch up with Beast and Hope from Her Beast, and also how much Dewayne seems to be growing up a little bit. I assume that his book will be next and can’t wait to read it.

Her Monster was a bit hit with this happy reader. I look forward to whatever Sam Crescent comes up with next.

The Fashionista And Her Lumberjack by Larissa Vine

The Fashionista And Her Lumberjack by Larissa Vine
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (51 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

April knows that it’s going to be the holiday from hell. She’s facing a whole week of camping in the wilderness with her best friend, her best friend’s new boyfriend, and with Rory—a lumberjack. April knows that she and Rory won’t get along. He’s too rugged and muscular to ever be her type—even if his sinful blue eyes do have an unsettling effect on her.

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But over the next few days—to the backdrop of pounding surf and old growth forest—April and Rory’s feelings toward one another change. But can their passion overcome their prejudice enough to find romance—and maybe even love?

April is excited when her best friend, Miranda, finally falls for a guy. Only he lives in Canada, and after a few too many Mai Tai’s April agrees to fly out there to go on a camping holiday with Miranda’s new man and his best friend. Only April and camping don’t mix very well and she and Rory get off to a rocky start. April is determined to try and enjoy the experience – for Miranda’s sake if nothing else – but against all odds she finds herself becoming more and more attracted to Rory.

I found this to be a fun and lighthearted story. I worried a lot at the start that April was a bit too focused on external appearances and her very typical yuppie lifestyle. It was clear to me that she wasn’t malicious or vapid, but just like Carrie from Sex and the City annoys me after a while so too did April feel a little two-dimensional to me. Thankfully though, April’s character did an awful lot of growing and exploring and I really started to get on board with her little journey of self-discovery with Rory. My only other slight disappointment was the conflict between Miranda and Dan felt rather over-blown to me, though I definitely understood the plot-related purpose it served.

Overall though I found this to be a fresh, fun and different story and feel readers who enjoy chick-lit style stories should really love this. I also appreciated how April and Rory had a slow-burn to their romance, giving them (and me) time to grow into the blossoming relationship. The sex was hot and lovely – but was only one small aspect to the story so readers who like more plot and characterization to the stories should definitely find this appealing.

A fun and happy sort of book, this was a lovely quick read and one I enjoyed.

Her Best Friend’s Husband by Doris O’Connor

Her Best Friend’s Husband by Doris O’Connor
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (77 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/M/F, Ménage, Anal Play, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Your best friend’s wedding is not the time to realize how much you love him…

Wedding organizer Naomi Young is not only head-over-heels in love with her best friend, she lusts after his husband.

Which is all kinds of wrong—isn’t it? Maybe not. Especially when she discovers the attraction is not as one-sided as she thought.

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Convention be damned. Happiness is to be found in the soft curves of Naomi’s body, as long as they can convince her that this is forever. Only time will tell if the loving twosome can become an even more loving threesome.

A surprise of a lifetime…

Naomi is a dark-skinned woman with curves everywhere who agrees to organize her best friend Josh’s wedding to Dawson. The only thing is she never thought that upon returning they would make a move on her. Both of them!

Dawson is a Dom while Josh and Naomi are both subs. This is a BDSM story. The chemistry between Dawson and Naomi was the first thing I noticed when I started reading the book. There were instances where I was sure he was attracted to her but then there were other occasions where he sounded more annoyed or angry with her. The wedding was a bit confusing but the book also had some off-the-charts sizzling scenes.

The book tried to show how the relationship between Josh and Naomi progressed from best friends to lovers. I would have very much liked to see more of how Josh and Naomi’s relationship changed. A highlight for me was when it showed Naomi and Dawson getting to know each other and becoming more attuned to each other.

The author did a wonderful job in portraying the chemistry between the characters and pulling the reader into the love story even though this book had a short length. There definitely was a romance here.

This is a smooth and steamy read and I would love to read more about these characters.

Casual Car Cravings by Storm Stone

Casual Car Cravings by Storm Stone
Publisher: Deep Desires Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (46 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 2.5 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Englishwoman Jemma James is regretting that her hot fling with Las Vegas bad boy Damon McDermott is about to a halt as a brief business trip approaches. With one day left, Jemma cannot resist her craving to experience Damon’s untamed passions again.

Jemma is blown away by this man; his sensuality and stamina know no bounds. He takes delight in pleasuring her and driving her wild. But even after their passions are spent, their night together is spent bonding, with touches of light humor. She even discovers Damon’s playful side.

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But it’s not how long she can keep the secret that troubles her. As she lies in Damon’s arms, her real predicament is how much longer can she keep her secret before it ruins her ability to enjoy even the welcome escape of his embrace?

A hot story for a lazy afternoon.

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started this book. I read the blurb, but I didn’t realize it was part of a serial. Had I known there were more books before and after, I might have looked at the book with a different understanding. Still, there is enough heat in this book to sizzle the reader screen.

Jemma and Damon have chemistry. Once they’re together, they ignite. When they’re apart, all they can think about is each other. I liked the idea of these two people on a collision course with each other. There was the makings of a great short story.

But there were some quibbles. The story straddled the line between hot and erotic. Some phrases used made me think it was a hot read, but then other things like the mention of anal sex were added which nudged it toward the erotic side of the spectrum. For readers who want heat, then this might be a tad too hot. If you’re looking for down and dirty erotic, then this might be a tad tame. Another quibble was the writing. While it flowed, there were more than a few typos. I was ripped out of the story trying to figure out what the author meant. This might not be a problem for some readers, but was for me. With a little more polishing, this book could shine. Also, this book is part of a serial. I have nothing against serials, but had I known going in, I might have tried to start with book 1, rather than book 3. I got confused on the storyline and felt more than once that I’d missed something. If you’re considering this book, don’t hesitate to pick it up, but go for book 1 first.

If you want a hot read that’s enough for a lunchtime read, then this might be the book for you. It’s hot, short and the characters sizzle.