*Coming into Focus by Eagan Daniels

*Coming into Focus by Eagan Daniels
Publisher: Champagne books
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Women’s Fiction
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

Given the choice between being an overpaid assistant to a famous British rock band on the verge of making it huge in America, or staying home to work three menial jobs to take care of a brother who has outgrown the need for her, Willa Reynolds’s decision is obvious: her brother might need her again eventually, and she’ll stick around until that happens.

When you love someone, you don’t leave. She learned that the hard way from her mom. Granted, her dream of being hired as a photographer for music magazine Offstage is a long shot when the only people she mingles with are the customers that come into the coffee shop, but she’ll think of something.

But when her brother announces he’s going to college and practically shoves her out the door, and the rock star in question sweetens the deal by offering to pay her even more and giving her the opportunity to build her photography portfolio in the process . . . Willa has to admit that it seems like the universe is sending her a message.

If you enjoy reading stories about hot musicians, this is the book for you. Willa is a struggling photographer when she meets an up-and-coming British band. This chance meeting changes her life.

This story has a slow start but the more I read, the more invested I became with the two main characters, Oliver and Willa. It’s fascinating to read about Willa as she becomes the person she is meant to be. She is always taking care of everyone, and I love how she learns how to put herself first and to fight for what she wants.

The guys in the band are all British and Willa is American and it’s hilarious when the guys in the band use British slang and Willa has no idea what they are saying. Then, when Willa uses American slang, the guys are equally dumbfounded.

I liked everything about Oliver, he is the drummer in the band and he and Willa are perfect together. He is a good guy. He is low key and very cool and cares about Willa from the moment he meets her.

This is a beautiful love story, and I enjoyed the relationship Willa has with the entire band. The guys are fun loving and entertaining and easily accept Willa into their group. This is definitely a recommended read.

While the Devil Lies Waiting by David J. LeMaster

While the Devil Lies Waiting by David J. LeMaster
Publisher: Champagne Book Group
Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

During the Civil War, the War of Northern Aggression to Southerners, General Elijah Beauregard was heralded, although not within earshot, as a demon. Known for shooting his own men for running from carnage, he had no less respect for his beloved Virginia.

She’d prayed for his demise, yet only received absolution in her own and her child’s death in childbirth. No one else, who dared live in his house, ever died in peace…nor left the premises. Over a century later, and many mysterious deaths and events, he would have his Ginny…again.

If you’re ready for a good ghost story, this is it. General Beauregard of the Civil War is creepy and scary. What makes him worse is that he is motivated to hurt people.

In this book, we jump through time and meet the general’s unfortunate victims as they stay in his house. The setting and atmosphere, the mood are superbly written. Characters—dead and alive—interact in realistic ways, and suspense is strong throughout the story.

We see some of the characters at different stages of their lives. The challenges they face keep the pace of the book quick. It is a horror story, but can anyone have a happy ending? Are the good guys hiding anything?

David J. LeMaster has written a unique tale that readers of this genre are sure to love and remember.

Silence Of The Sands by R.J. Hore

Silence Of The Sands by R.J. Hore
Publisher: Champagne Book Group
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery/Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

His secretary Bertha has gone missing, and so have her mother and a large tourist island. Randy has to find emergency transportation to the disaster zone and fast, if he has to rescue the lost damsels and ease their possible distress.

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Good thing someone stuffed a kitten in Randy’s pocket. Just another typical day outside the office, complete with wayward women and a missing beach.

Randy knew something was up when his half-banshee secretary, Bertha, whirled into the office – over an hour late – grabbed some spare cash then left without any explanation. Randy knows Bertha is usually completely calm and collected, but he’s not initially worried. When Bertha contacts him and beg for help he’s drawn into his most bizarre case yet.

While this is part of a series I haven’t read any of the previous installments and can happily say this book truly stands well alone. I adored catching all the puns and various mangled references (a cat called Schrodinger, for example) and this coupled with the hard-boiled edge of Randy’s voice mingled really well so the story didn’t feel too noir or edgy, but also not just a light and fluffy comedy story either. I thought the author did an amazing job balancing these two and I found myself both deeply embroiled in the mystery aspect to the plot while laughing at the references I caught and enjoying the lighter tone equally well.

Readers looking for a humorous mystery that doesn’t take itself too seriously but still has a solid plot, a wealth of interesting and varied magical characters and an astonishingly well-detailed world should find this story a delight. The pace moves quickly at times and I found myself needing to go back and read more carefully in a few places as the author manages to put a number of clever references and witty ripostes in a very short space of words. It’s easy to overlook small details like this and I’m certain this book will only grow deeper and more complicated in a wonderful way upon further re-reads. This is exactly the sort of book where even on the third or fourth re-read you can catch extra hints, tips and clues and be delighted all over again at the cleverness of the author and characters.

Clockwork Victoria by Barbara Russell

Clockwork Victoria by Barbara Russell
Publisher: Champagne Book Group
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Steampunk, Paranormal
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Chamomile

Catching her is only the beginning.

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Soon Beatrice wonders if her steam-powered gadgets and street smarts will keep her alive long enough to find the darn blueprint. And the worst part? She can’t deny her attraction for Alexander.

This was my first time reading anything by Barbara Russell, and what a wonderful treat it was! A sweet (clean) romance, paired with non-stop action and a beautifully written plot with superb world-building! Steampunk is so often tied to horror, which I only enjoy in small doses. Not so with this one, and I lapped it up in one heart-stopping chapter after another!

I loved how the plot and story are woven together blending the romance and action, steampunk elements and fantasy into a seamless pace and flow that makes it impossible to put down! The characters are another great part of the story. I quickly found I loved the whole cast, and am so glad I got to know them as their story plays out.

A wonderful story my a genre-bending master, Barbara Russell nailed this one with the skilled mastery of words and beautiful author magic to make both world-building and characters fit so perfectly into the story going on around them! 5 stars!

A Damsel in Shiny Armor by Barbara Russell

A Damsel in Shiny Armor by Barbara Russell
New Camelot #2
Publisher: Champagne Book Group
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Chamomile

The Morrigans are rising.
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After fighting dragons, wild Vikings, and clockwork monsters, Nathair is facing the biggest challenge of his life: proposing to Bryhannon. Apparently, flowers and a three-month salary worth ring aren’t enough because she doesn’t seem thrilled by the proposal.

Bryhannon loves Nathair; however, she has a devastating power to control, Reapers to face, and more importantly she has to find the courage to tell him she’s one of the deadly, feared Morrigans.

I haven’t read the first book, but if it’s anything near as enjoyable as this one, I need to soon! Having not read the first, and this being a sequel, the odds were against me liking it so much, so I’m thrilled to say that it’s a hit!

I loved reading Bryhannon and Nathair’s story, and get the feeling, at least in part, that these can serve as stand-alones as they each seem to feature a different couple as the main characters, which served me just fine! I loved getting to meet some of the other characters too, and look forward to reading more of their stories as I read the others in the series!

I really enjoyed this one, and am glad to recommend it to readers of fantasy with romantic and Arthurian elements. I recommend reading the whole series, as they seem to be intended that way, but if one strikes your interest, then they can also be read as a stand alone, or out-of-order if you prefer. Recommended.

Binding Circumstance by Kelley Griffin

Binding Circumstance by Kelley Griffin
Publisher: Champagne Book Group
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense/Mystery
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Alstroemeria

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

To save the life of the man she loves, she’ll have to risk her own.

Costume designer, Leslie Carroll has mastered the art of flying under the radar. She’s had to, or risk being found by the psychopath who almost killed her.

When she literally falls into Hollywood heartthrob Charlie Erickson’s dressing room on her first day of employment, their mutual attraction is instant and undeniable. Despite his star status, Charlie is a sweet southern boy at heart, and for the first time in a long time, Leslie begins to think she has a chance at happiness.
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When her harrowing past catches up to her and targets Charlie, will she run to save herself, or face her monster to save the man who is her future?

Leslie Carroll is exactly the woman I want to be when meeting an incredibly handsome Hollywood actor. Cool as a cucumber, and utterly unimpressed with Charles Erickson’s famous persona. She can see right through to his true self, Charlie Erickson the southern gentleman. As Leslie is a woman leading her own double life, it is so easy to see why these two attract each other.

Binding Circumstance is the kind of book you cancel plans for. Any time I was forced to put the book down I hurried through my activities just so I could get back to the couch, kick my feet up, and get back into the action. The suspense is like a cliffhanger on every page of this novel, making me flip through the pages so quickly the book could have taken flight right out of my hands!

Experiencing the relationship between Charlie and Leslie had me hanging on every word. Getting a peek into their real lives made the story so heartwarming at times. The wonderful moments with Charlie and Nate, and with Leslie and Sissy give this story beautiful connections with representation of people who have loved ones with a disability or with people who have disabilities themselves.

Intermixed with the wonderfully sweet, the readers also get the shockingly suspenseful and terribly thrilling moments as Leslie’s past starts to catch up with her. The plot takes many interesting twists and turns, making it almost impossible to walk away from. Tension kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time wanting to know how it would all shake out but also never wanting the book to end!

The only small warnings I have are the references to kidnapping and rape that may be triggering to some readers. There are a few moments where actions are described, but graphic depictions were kept to a minimum and only used to forward the plot and not to be dwelled upon for longer than absolutely necessary. Unless you have specific triggers to any of the aforementioned warnings, I think this book would be completely safe and enjoyable for you to read.

I would quickly read Binding Circumstance again, having fallen in love with the characters and their stories. Kelley Griffin did an incredible job weaving together the perfect suspenseful mystery thriller with a whirlwind romance, making the plot tightly packed with action and excitement. There is absolutely no question that I will be purchasing her other works and staying up well into the night to eat up her stories!

Surviving the Darkness by Shiela Stewart

Surviving the Darkness by Shiela Stewart
Publisher: Champagne Book Group
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Short story (126 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Dryas

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

Surviving an abduction, and running home to hide, might seem like a good idea. Except home is now run by vampires.

Deborah Carmichael had it all. Fame, fortune, and an amazing gift bringing songs to life on her piano. Until a madman began stalking her. At first he seemed harmless, attending her concerts, asking for autographs. Then he turned creepy, sending photos of himself, wearing identical dresses she wore, including dressing up mannequins in her likeness. But one night she made a deadly mistake: sending her bodyguard away. It was the perfect opportunity for her abductor to strike.
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Rich, debonair, and owner of the only vampire/demon establishment in Jacobs Cove, Zachary Adams has it all. Or so he thinks. When a beautiful, troubled young woman walks into his club, he is instantly taken by her. As he helps her overcome her fears, teaching her to stand up and fight, Zach discovers she is the one. His light.

When her abductor finds her, and takes her captive, Deborah fears this will be the end. Will Zach locate her in time, or will Deborah find the strength to fight?

Warning, this story deals with stalker-ish behavior, someone being held against their will, almost raped, and post traumatic situations. If this will trigger you, please turn away.

Deborah, a famous pianist, was walking into her apartment after a long day but when she enters, she felt that something was wrong. What she didn’t expect was to find Peter Milligan in her kitchen. Peter had been a stalker, sending her pictures of him naked and with a doll that looked like her positioned in sexual situations. He had been at every concert she had and she placed a restraining order against him.

Zach is a shape-shifter who owns several clubs that deal with the paranormal characters such as vampires, werewolves and other creatures. The world had changed after the vampire uprising which had caused the place to be somewhat destroyed. His club was a safe place for vampires to take blood from willing victims. The place had strict rules and those that broke them were punished. Ginny is a waitress who works there and asked Zach if he would take Deborah under his wing and teach her self-defense.

Deborah was a strong woman with a great career. She’s well-known and famous. After the incident she has no self confidence panic attacks and unable to stay anywhere by herself. She is haunted by what happened. Enter Zach, whom Ginny asked to teach her friend self-defense to help regain her self confidence. When he first meets her there is an instant attraction he feels for her. Being a shapeshifter, they feel that there was only one person for them. When he meets her he knows that she is the one for him. He makes sure that he does his best to teach her self-defense. I enjoyed the way he was tender and careful until he earns her trust. He seduces her with soft kisses and touches, never pushing her for more. Their lovemaking was hot and tender, and Zach made sure that she had the opportunity to say no at any time. This shows the bond that grew between them. Some parts of the story happened a bit fast for me, but might be fine for other readers. The author did a great job in showing people how strong they can be after a tragedy.

This is a great read.

A Guardian Betrayed by Renee Wildes

A Guardian Betrayed by Renee Wildes
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full length (201 page)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

As a teacher, Maili is adept at juggling multiple tasks, but this is ridiculous. Erotic dreams make her sleep anything but restful. Her father wants to marry her off to a neighboring chieftain’s son. Her grandmother’s whispered blasphemy about doubting the gods has the local volcano threatening to split wide open.

As she prays in the temple for mercy on her grandmother, Maili expects the mountain to smoke and rumble. She doesn’t expect Afu himself to pop through a dark fissure and squash her flat.

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As an incentive, they’ve given him a maiden sacrifice/bride, a dark-eyed beauty who’s just as determined to seduce him as he is to return home in one piece.

While she’s less than thrilled to be traded like a chicken, one thing is certain. Dax is the man in her dreams…and she’s hell bent on making them come true. Or her people may die.

The sixth book in the Guardians of Light series, this one focuses on Dax. As you might have guessed from the title, he is betrayed and sent far away in a magic bubble. What he finds there will change his life but only if he can survive it first.

I love this series, I really do. They all are standalone stories and yet also still manage to be interlinked. The focus is definitely on Dax and Maili but Dara and Loren, plus others, play a big part in it too. The story is fast-and-perfectly-paced, each chapter leading onto the next without any wasted words. I am hopeful part of the story is a pre-runner to the next book but I will just have to wait and see.

I have tried to think of something ‘bad’ to say, just to keep my review balanced. Unfortunately for me, I just can’t think of anything. I think the characters are fantastic, whether you are meant to like them or not. I couldn’t wait to finish this book, just so Dax and Maili got their HEA but at the same time, I didn’t want to finish as I didn’t want their story to be over.

This is such a great series and I really can’t recommend it highly enough. For any fans of fantasy romance out there, give this a try and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Treachery by John Paulits

Treachery by John Paulits
Lanyon For Hire, Book 7

Publisher: Champagne Book Group
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full length (159 pages)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Assassinations, kidnapping, and a diabolical plot set off by a former friend. Lanyon will need to be at the top of his game to come out of this alive.
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Lanyon is thrown into the chaos of multiple government assassinations. He must find the killers before the assassins turn their attention toward him.

Lanyon goes to Earth to respond to a job offer and finds the entire situation is far more complicated than he originally thought. While this is the first story in the series that I’ve read I found it fairly easy to pick up and follow along. Most of the Sci-Fi terminology and inter-planet travel was understandable and I enjoyed the fact what seemed like a simple job quickly turned on it’s head.

It took me a while to really grasp and understand Lanyon’s character. I could accept this, as the book is seventh in the series, but I did find myself (particularly at the start) wishing the author had given a bit more detail and fleshing out of Lanyon’s character and motivations since I didn’t have any of the previous history of the other books to fall back on and simply know or accept some of his actions and desires. After the first few chapters when a number of different plots began to converge the larger picture began to clear for me and I really started to enjoy the story – and Lanyon’s character – a great deal more.

I enjoyed the quick pace of the story, finding that the plot progressed smoothly and it helped the book roll right along. Readers who enjoy a complicated plot with a number of moving parts should find this full length story really fits the bill. With a number of different species and planets all woven together I feel this detailed Sci-Fi world and set of characters should really fit the bill to fans of this genre.

Fast moving and with strong and interesting characters, this is a good and engrossing read. Recommended.

Fairy Tale Lies: Opposites Attract by DK Marie

Fairy Tale Lies: Opposites Attract by DK Marie
Publisher: Champagne Book Group
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (232 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

She’s sweet. He’s sexy. Together they’re scorching sensuality.

Greta and Jacob aren’t looking for love, but when they meet, their attraction is white hot, melting away all self-restraint.

Both times.

The first is a stormy spring afternoon, spent indulging in each other’s bodies. When they’re abruptly interrupted, they part ways convinced they’re nothing more than an erotic chapter in the other’s life.

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Lust turns to love, but resentments fester. Jacob’s convinced Greta will never see him as anything more than a blue-collar nobody. A temporary indulgence. Greta fears she isn’t strong enough to stand against both her family’s scorn and Jacob’s growing anger.

As tempers flare and passions deepen, they have to decide if their love is strong enough to shatter the cynicism and misconceptions of what it means to be each other’s fairy tale ending.

Greta is astonished when she attends a meeting being held to introduce an important new client and it turns out to be Jacob – with whom she had a brief afternoon fling but was still vivid in her memories. Neither Greta nor Jacob want to make waves professionally, but can they sort out their complicated personal feelings?

I found this steamy and sensual full length novel was surprising and engrossing. I thoroughly enjoyed the authors’ tone and writing style and found it both modern and easy to read, quickly finding myself deeply curious about how Greta and Jacob could resolve their history and build a solid base to begin their relationship again. Each had incorrect, pre-conceived notions about the other and it was amusing to watch them both have to adjust their snap judgments of the other and pretty much start from the beginning again.

The romance moved quite slowly and I both enjoyed this and found it difficult. I love a story where I can really get to know the characters first, understand their motivations and reasons, plus it’s always lovely to see them interact together without all the drama and extra complexities that romance always brings. But since Greta and Jacob had already been intimate in the past it felt a little stilted to me how they tried to wind their relationship backwards and be platonic together, just colleagues and pretend their memories and intimacy didn’t exist. It felt weird and a little unrealistic to me, so in that sense the slowness of the pace of their romance just never gelled or worked properly for me.

I found the intimate scenes between Greta and Jacob to be steamy and well-written, they were descriptive and passionate, but not over the top or too provocative. I thought the author did a good job showing the complexities of Greta and Jacob’s relationship. Each of them had sensible reasons behind their actions but – particularly in the beginning – neither were very good at expressing or conveying themselves to the other. I was a little disappointed that they both tended to make assumptions and react without clearly understanding where the other was coming from – that felt a bit silly to me, personally. But I was pleased particularly once they both began to see the other wasn’t as bad as they had originally assumed they both tried hard to communicate better and understand what was really happening.

For the most part I thoroughly enjoyed this steamy and fun romance, finding the winding and complicated road Greta and Jacob traveled together to be interesting and a great read. There were a few clichés – Greta’s ex and the smarmy co-worker who wanted to get in her pants both felt a little like plot-devices to ramp up the competitiveness and tension – but I have to admit they worked a treat to make the story feel more complicated. I enjoyed watching both Greta and Jacob have to work to mend and then build their relationship and blips on the path are a part of what life’s all about.

With modern and interesting characters, a good cast of strong secondary characters and plenty of twists and turns I found this to be a fun and interesting read.