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MEDIA KIT Warlocks 1 EBOOK UPLOADCatherine walks in on her husband in bed with her best friend. What is a woman to do? It helps that she is a witch. Unfortunately, so is her husband. Before you can say spell battle, Catherine hightails it up the coast of California to clear her head. Lucky for her, she finds an Aussie hitchhiker. She’s going to have to face her husband in the awaiting spell battle. Can she have a little fun with her new found boy toy, or will he get scorched in the foreplay?

Enjoy an excerpt:

My husband’s arms were wrapped around her naked body. The blankets were strewn and interwoven between their legs. He was spooning her with his biceps draped over her. I stood in the doorway taking in the scene of my husband and my best friend. It was the end of the world, at least for me. But I wasn’t going to take it lying down. I should have known better than to have married a warlock.

I hit him with a force spell that knocked him up against the headboard. He fell back down and braced his hands out to catch his fall. Cassandra scrambled out of the bed, dragging the silk comforter with her. Bitch. She better get out of my way. She was next.

Rich was naked as he sat up to look at me. Normally, the abs-flash trick would work. But not now. I was too pissed off. I knew what spells he used to look like that. It was easy to fool a mortal and ex-best friend on the floor. But not me. Thing is, we were too evenly matched. I think that was the problem.

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About the Author:MEDIA KIT Marilynvixpic avatarMarilyn is a debut paranormal romance novelist. She enjoys the characters that just don’t fit in. From witches to time traveling researchers, she is letting her imagination soar to explore new worlds. Marilyn has traveled to Paris, London, Sydney, and Munich. She loves to include these in her settings. Best of all is letting her readers enjoy her adventures through the perspective of a character. She currently lives in Northern California with her husband and cat. The cat, of course, is the center of attention.

Official Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook
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Never Marry A Warlock Spring Book Blast Giveaway

Q&A and Giveaway: Joanne Kennedy

Long and Short Reviews is glad that Joanne Kennedy stopped by to talk with us to celebrate the release of her newest book, How to Handle a Cowboy. Leave a comment for a chance to win a print copy of the book (US and Canada only).

What advice would you give a new writer just starting out?

First of all, read everything! Second, write a lot. If you want to write novels, don’t spend your time journaling or writing short stories. Plunge right in and write a novel. Chances are you’ll have to write more than one before you get the hang of it, and nothing can teach you to write a novel except the process itself.

Also, go to writers’ conferences. I’ve never been to one that wasn’t worth the price of admission. Keep an open mind, attend every workshop you can, and ask questions.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

I think the number one element of good writing is great characters. When we remember books we loved, we don’t remember plots; we remember people, like Scarlet O’Hara and Jane Eyre. You have to give those characters great challenges to face as well, and the higher the stakes, the better the story. But everything comes from the characters. The plot is a result of their actions and reactions, which are driven by their personalities and their pasts.

Tell us something about your newest release that is NOT in the blurb.

About a third of the way through writing this book, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I wrote the rest of it through surgery, chemo, and radiation. I tried to make sure I wrote at least a little bit every day. I didn’t feel like I got much done, but somehow I ended up with a book I’m very proud of.

I’m so glad that I never stopped writing. It helped me feel normal, as if the world was still turning and I’d come out of the treatments okay. And I did!

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to tell us about?

I just finished the second book about The Cowboys of Decker Ranch. This one’s Brady’s story. He’s the youngest brother, and the most charismatic and carefree. His life is all about buckles, babes, and beer—until he accidentally injures a barrel racer who’s his polar opposite. Suze Carlyle is driven and ambitious, and being knocked out of the running for a season is a disaster for her.

Brady’s determined to accept his responsibility for the accident and help Suze until she’s back in the saddle again, but the disastrous one-night stand in their past makes him the last person she feels she can depend on.

How do you come up with the titles to your books?

My publisher helps a lot. I write down every title I can think of that has the word “cowboy” in it, and they choose the ones they like. Often they come up with something new, like this time. The “Cowboy How-To” books were their idea. I think it’s great!

Describe your writing space.

We just moved, and I now have a beautiful office with floor-to-ceiling bookcases, a beautiful mission desk and credenza, and pictures of my covers and awards hanging on the walls. It looks out on the hill behind our house, and a herd of mule deer often pass by my window.

So where do I write most of the time? At the kitchen table, of course! From there, I can look out of floor-to-ceiling windows at the little canyon we live in, and there’s plenty of room for my three dogs to lay around and “help.”

What is the hardest part about writing for you?

Definitely the last few weeks before a deadline. At that point, I’ve lost all objectivity and I’m convinced the book is terrible. I worry that it’s a career-ender, and that my publisher will decide to cancel all my contracts because I’ve obviously lost my talent somehow and written a terrible, terrible book. Fortunately, I eventually get over this, and it’s never been true!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a writer. But after years of submitting bad adolescent poetry to literary journals and writing awful short stories, I decided I didn’t have any talent. As it turns out, that wasn’t the problem.

The problem was that I wasn’t being myself. I was trying to be all literary and serious and angsty, and that’s just not me.

I gave up and went into bookselling. I sold other peoples’ books for twenty years before I finally realized I should try my hand at popular fiction.

Even then, I got it wrong. I tried to write a mystery, but the hero and heroine kept flirting and falling into bed. I finally figured out that romance was my niche, and I’ve been happy ever since.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I am a pantser. I don’t want to be one. I would love to plan my books carefully and outline them in great detail, so that I knew exactly what I was going to write every day. But when I do that, my stories fall flat. I have to outline pretty loosely, and let the story play out through the character’s responses to the situations I put them in.

If you had to do your journey to getting published all over again, what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t have wasted my time on poetry and short stories. If you don’t enjoy writing a particular form, chances are you’re not very good at it. If I’d moved on to popular fiction right away, I’d have been a writer all my life. That’s my greatest regret: that I didn’t start sooner.

How do you keep your writing different from all the others that write in this particular genre?

I try to write about real people in the real West, facing modern problems through the lens of their old-fashioned, traditional values. Wow – thanks for asking that question! I’ve never managed to define my books so well before!

My books have a conscience – both a social conscience about those less fortunate, and a conscience about some of the challenges facing the West. But I never let those issues overwhelm what matters most, which is the story of two people learning to love and trust each other.

Tell us about the absolute BEST fan letter you have received.

I received a letter from a woman who had read One Fine Cowboy, my second book. She said that the hero, Nate, reminded her of her husband. Like Nate, her husband could show that he loved her, but had a hard time saying the words. She said she felt like I’d brought her husband back to her while she was reading the book.

On the day she wrote the letter, she’d just buried her husband, and she thanked me for writing a beautiful book.

That letter still brings tears to my eyes. If I never write another word, I’m happy I could ease someone’s grief and offer that kind of comfort.


4_9 joanne kennedyHow to Handle a Cowboy CoverHis Rodeo Days May Be Over…

Sidelined by a career-ending injury, rodeo cowboy Ridge Cooper feels trapped at his family’s remote Wyoming ranch. Desperate to find an outlet for the passion he used to put into competing, he takes on the challenge of teaching his roping skills to five troubled ten-year-olds in a last-chance home for foster kids, and finds it’s their feisty supervisor who takes the most energy to wrangle.

But He’ll Still Wrangle Her Heart…

When social worker Sierra Dunn seeks an activity for the rebellious kids at Phoenix House, she soon learns she’s not in Denver anymore. Sierra is eager to get back home to her inner-city work, and the plan doesn’t include forming an attachment in Wyoming—especially not to a ruggedly handsome and surprisingly gentle local rodeo hero.

Praise for How to Handle a Cowboy

“Realistic and romantic… Kennedy’s forte is in making relationships genuine and heartfelt as she exposes vulnerabilities with tenderness and good humor.” —Booklist STARRED Review

“The sex scenes are juicy… Each character is essential to the storyline and the plot moves seamlessly.” —RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars



4_9 joanne kennedy author photoJoanne Kennedy’s lifelong fascination with Wyoming’s unique blend of past and present inspires her to write contemporary Western romances with traditional ranch settings. Her books include Cowboy Tough, Tall, Dark and Cowboy, and the RITA-nominated One Fine Cowboy. At various times, she has dabbled in horse training, chicken farming, and bridezilla wrangling at a department store wedding registry. Her love of reading led to careers in bookselling and writing. She lives with two dogs and a fighter pilot in Cheyenne, Wyoming. For more information, please visit


To Purchase How to Handle a Cowboy:


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Young at Heart – from Rural to YA by Fiona Palmer — Guest Blog and Giveaway

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Young at Heart – from Rural to YA
By Fiona Palmer
Some might think it’s strange for someone who lives in the country and writes rural novels to turn their pen and start writing a young adult series. But if you got to know me, you would realise that I adore both. Sure, I love living in rural Western Australia, miles from the nearest small town, and I enjoy sharing this lifestyle with my readers. Sunrises, dusty paddocks and sexy farmers. I’m passionate about it, hence why I still live here.

But when I want a break from this life, something different for a change – I love to read YA. It’s my escape. Even the shows I love to watch are Vampire Diaries, Star Crossed, Arrow, Veronica Mars…I could go on. My favourite books are Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series, anything by Katie McGarry, I love Harry Potter, Brigid Kemmerer and also authors like Abbi Glines, (The Vincent Boys was divine!), etc.

I’m a kid at heart, I love reading about seventeen-year-olds because I still feel that age in my mind. I promise you I’m not, I’m at 35 with an 11yr old and 9yr old, and I can feel pretty darn old at times. But who doesn’t want to remember their youthfulness? – A time when the world offered up so many possibilities and first loves were found. (Okay, so my high school years weren’t that great, I wasn’t popular at all. Maybe that’s why I live vicariously through these stories.)

Anyway, so that’s how I came to write The Recruit about Jasmine and her friends. Even though my other books are set in the country side, they still have something in common with my YA and that’s a strong female lead character. I love writing about determined women who know what they want and they go get it. And Jaz is that and more. She’s like my dream girl. She knows how to fight, and I mean really fight. She’s not perfect either, she skips school and dislikes material things. Maybe she is someone I wish I could be in another life. So in a way I guess I get to live through my characters, and I savour every minute of it. And Ryan? Well what’s a book without a heartthrob who’s a little dangerous (swoon). I really hope I can keep writing both genres, because no one should put a limit on what we love.

About the Author:4_8 Fiona_PalmerFiona Palmer has been writing bestselling rural stories for years and is now indulging in her love of YA. It’s not a big change considering she already writes about strong women who fight for what they want. She is a full-time writer and mum from rural Western Australia. Her two kids remind her often that she’s not seventeen anymore but writing at least lets her relive it.

Goodreads Link — Author Site — Author Facebook



4_8 book coverJasmine Thomas may not be completely normal, but she’s a pretty typical seventeen-year-old girl. She hates the rich mean kids, loves her best friends, and can’t wait to get out of school each day. Her spare time is spent at The Ring — a boxing gym where she practically grew up — learning karate, boxing and street fighting. So, yeah, Jaz can kick some major butt.

Life seems pretty normal until the day Ryan Fletcher enters her gym…mysterious and hot with heaps of bad boy charm. Sure, she checks him out. Who wouldn’t? But what doesn’t show on his gorgeous abs are secrets and lies that dominate his very grown-up world. Now Jaz has to figure out just how far she is willing to go to know more. Could Ryan really be offering the life-fulfilling life path she’s always dreamed of?

Cover Reveal: Secret of the Souls by Terri Rochenski

4_8 secret of the souls cover reveal

Secret of the Souls
Pool of Souls Book 2
by Terri Rochenski
Release Date: October 6, 2014
Target Reader: Adult
Keywords: Fantasy

Thrust out of their homes by a human High Priest on a vengeful mission, the Natives of Derlund no longer have a place to call their own. One escaped capture, however, and now she, Hyla, is the only one who can save her people.

For, Hyla, though, saving her nation isn’t her ultimate goal—returning to the Pool of Souls is. Becoming its Guardian and preserving their faith is her heart’s desire. The perils of her current journey, though, could leave her unable to fulfill that dream.

To find her way back to the Pool, Hyla must live among dangerous, powerful humans willing to defend the Natives, and must submit herself—her Talents—to them. While her protection is paramount, plots to end Hyla’s life will push her to her physical and emotional limits.

On the edge of sanity, her courage tested, and convictions nearly broken, Hyla’s final test of loyalty to her faith comes with the death of one she could have loved.

Character Creation by Khloe Wren – Guest Blog and Giveaway

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This guest post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Khloe will be awarding four prizes: a Handcrafted leadlight blue heart shaped window hanger/wind-chime and a signed A5 Cover to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour; a Charm Bracelet and a signed A5 Cover will be awarded to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour; a Phone charm and a signed A5 Cover will be awarded to another randomly drawn commenter; and lastly, a Key ring and a signed A5 Cover will be awarded to another randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Character Creation

When creating a new character I’ll often start with the basics: Gender, name, country of origin.
I’m a visual person so the next step is to find an image. Then I’ll give them eye and hair color, height, build. Maybe their occupation and dress style. Once I have all of that I’m normally at a point where I can start writing. I keep my character profiles in a separate document so I can easily go back to them as I write. This is especially useful when writing a series. I’m constantly adding to them as I write. I’ll include things like what they call their lover (baby, sweetheart), habits (eye twitch when nervous) and if relevant names of parents, children & pets.

Characters are interesting creatures. As the author you create them, but once that initial creation is completed they generally run off on their own. Much like your children, you have limited control. To a non-author that may sound strange but once created a character truly comes alive. They get in your head and start making demands. They will completely change what you originally planned to write. I’ve had them change the order of books in a series too. They can be VERY insistent.

Of course, as the author it’s up to us whether we listen to them. I have discovered it is best to follow your characters’ lead. When you don’t, you often get stuck. The story just won’t flow and nothing sounds right. So no matter how much I sometimes don’t want to go where my characters go – I always do. It makes for a much fuller story and takes both me and my readers to places new and unexpected.


4_7 sapphire Cover_Sapphire AngelVampires are real… as is the fact they will only ever take one women. Their Eternal Bride.

When Angelo sees Darcy he knows she is his Bride. Her sapphire blue eyes match his exactly. But he must wait to claim her. He fears he has lost her forever when she disappears.

Five years pass before he finds her again. Just when things start heating up between them, Darcy is taken by their enemies. Angelo must fight to free his one true love. Will he be in time?

Enjoy the book video:

About the Author:4_7 sapphire Khloe facebook profileKhloe Wren started writing her first novel in high school, until it mysteriously disappeared from the family computer (her older brother was the lead suspect but nothing was ever proved). She didn’t put pen to paper again after that for a number of years but she did keep reading. Khloe has always loved all things paranormal: sexy vampires and sultry shifters have always been her favourites. So when she picked up writing again, it seemed only natural she would write paranormal romance.

Khloe grew up in the Adelaide Hills before her parents moved the family to country South Australia when she was a teen. As a young adult Khloe moved to Melbourne. After a few years she missed the fresh air and space of country living so moved back. Khloe currently lives in the Murraylands, South Australia with her incredibly patient husband and two young daughters. When she’s not sitting at her laptop writing, she’s spending time with family or friends, kicking butt at karate or feeding her addictions of reading, eating chocolate and drinking Coke.

Khloe loves to hear from her fans, please feel free to contact her at any of the following:






Buy the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Rogue Phoenix Press.

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Sweet Callahan Homecoming by Tina Leonard – Spotlight and Giveaway

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Will Ashlyn Callahan finally find her magic? The last Callahan rides in the exciting conclusion to the bestselling series, The Callahan Cowobys!

Four Babies—and Her Whole Family—to Protect

Ashlyn Callahan has always known that her fate can only bring danger to those she loves. That’s why she flees Rancho Diablo—and the ornery cowboy she loves—to hide out in Texas Hill Country. But all hell breaks loose when Xavier Phillips finds her…and her four newborn babies.

Xav finally tracks down his warrior woman—only to discover she’s the mother of two perfect little boys and two perfect little girls. And he’s the father! Now Ash has to marry him. With the future of Ash’s entire clan at stake, Xav is ready to lay his life on the line to safeguard the family legacy. Not to mention create a homecoming—and a wedding!—worthy of his Chacon Callahan bride!

Enjoy this excerpt:

“WHAT DO WE do with him?” Mallory McGrath asked, and Ash tried to force her flabbergasted mind to think rationally. It wasn’t easy, and not just because Mallory had set off the panic button on the security system, which was wailing like mad. She crossed to the system pad and shut the silly thing off before staring down at the lean cowboy sprawled on the floor. How many hours had she spent thinking about Xav Phillips over the past few months, especially during her pregnancy? How many times had she wanted to call him to come to her, yet knowing she couldn’t place him in that kind of danger? Anyone from Rancho Diablo who had any contact with her would be in jeopardy—the Callahans had learned that the hard way, time and again, over the many years they’d battled Uncle Wolf and the cartel. It was no game they were playing, but a full-fledged fight for survival.

Sometimes it felt as though they were losing. It almost always seemed as if they might not ever defeat an enemy that was determined to destroy the ranch and the Callahan legacy. Good didn’t always conquer evil.

Ash knelt down to move Xav’s long, ebony hair out of his face. “Poor Xav. I could have told you that you should stay away from me.” The tree twinkled, sending soft colorful light against his drawn skin. “What am I going to do with you now?” she asked him, though she knew she wouldn’t get an answer.

She was startled when he opened his eyes. “Marry me,” Xav said. “You can marry me, damn it, and tell the woman with the wrought-iron Santa Claus she whaled upside my noggin that I come in peace.”

“Xav!” She wanted to kiss him so badly, yet didn’t dare. Of course his marriage proposal wasn’t sincere; clearly a concussion rendered him temporarily senseless. “Can you sit up? Mallory, will you get him a glass of water?”

“Who is he?” Mallory asked, reluctantly setting down her festive weapon.

“Just a family friend,” Ash said, her gaze on Xav as his eyes locked on hers.

“Friend my ass,” Xav growled. “Do you have any idea how hard it was to find you? Do friends search every nook and cranny of Texas and parts in between to find each other?”

“Definitely a concussion,” Ash said, frowning at the big handsome man, all long body and sinewy muscles. “I’ve never heard him talk like that.”

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Tina Leonard writes with humor, sexiness, and fun. With nearly three million books sold, she plans to keep writing the stories readers enjoy. Her schedule keeps her very busy creating independent heroines and the irresistible heroes who love them. Visit Tina at,,, and

Buy the book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

What a Bride Wants by Kelly Hunter – Feature & $20 Amazon GC giveaway

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What a bride wants…

Ella Grace Emerson adores her father, but he keeps trying to marry her off to every eligible rancher in Montana. When he puts an ad in the paper on her behalf – for a docile house-husband – Ella retaliates with one of her own, pinned to the noticeboard of the local saloon. No husband required, housebroken or otherwise. What she wants is the perfect lover.

What a bride needs…

Newcomer Cam Sawyer is perfectly willing to tear up the sheets with Ella and be her partner in chaos. She wants a bad boy and he’s had experience aplenty. But what she really needs is a strong and loving partner, and until Sawyer stops running from his past he can never be that.

Sawyer’s the one Ella wants. But can he be the man she needs?

Now enjoy an excerpt:

Mardie greeted them with a cheerful smile. “Ladies. Table for two?”

“Booth, if you can swing it,” said Jo.

“I can swing it.”

“Sawyer working tonight?” Jo asked next.

“Not you too.” Mardie’s voice was dry, very dry.

“Ella Grace wants a look. She’s hoping he’ll spark a little something deep down inside. I’m hoping to say I told you so.”

Mardie laughed. “He’s not exactly docile. And I don’t think marriage is on his agenda.”

“It’s not on mine either,” offered Ella.

Mardie slid her a puzzled glance. “So what was with the ad? Not that it wasn’t awesome, because it was.”

Ella blinked in confusion, and then shrugged it off. Maybe Mardie was talking about some television commercial. Given that Ella rarely watched television at all, it stood to reason that she had no idea what the other woman was talking about.

They were halfway to the booth when Ella realized that something other was going on. Lots of eyes in this here saloon for it was Friday night and a snowy, wintery one at that. Lots of eyes fixed on her. A pair of women laughed suddenly, over by the bulletin board. Reese Kendrick looked her way and there was a warning for her in his dark, dangerous gaze… and what the hell was that for? Ella had done nothing to fan his ire of late. That she knew of. “Am I missing something?” she asked warily.

“The ad,” Mardie answered, equally wary now. “Your ad. In the classifieds.”

Ella shook her head. “I never put any ad in the classifieds.”


Accidentally educated in the sciences, Kelly Hunter didn’t think to start writing romances until she was surrounded by the jungles of Malaysia for a year and didn’t have anything to read. Eventually she decided that writing romance suited her far better than throwing sterile screw-worm flies out of airplane windows, and changed careers.

Kelly now lives in Australia, surrounded by lush farmland and family, 2 dogs, 3 miniature cows, a miniature pig, a 3-legged cat and a small flock of curious chickens. There are still flies, but their maggots don’t feed on flesh. Bargain.

Kelly is a USA Today bestselling author, a three time Romance Writers of America RITA finalist and loves writing to the short contemporary romance form.

Visit her at



Amazon author page:

Barnes and Noble author page:


Dreams of Perfection by Rebecca Heflin – Cover Reveal and Giveaway




Welcome to the Cover Reveal of DREAMS OF PERFECTION by Rebecca Heflin a Contemporary Romance available this spring from Soul Mate Publishing. The tour is organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Rebecca will award an ebook copy of Dreams of Perfection to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Check the Rafflecopter at the end of the post for other ways to enter. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

What if perfection isn’t truly perfect?

Best-selling romance writer, Darcy Butler, is holding out for perfection in the form of her own carefully-crafted heroes. Once blissfully engaged to be married, Darcy’s post-traumatic commitment phobia is depriving her of the very thing she wants most: her very own happily-ever-after. Now, here she is just six months shy of her thirtieth birthday, and not a Prince Charming in sight.

Successful lawyer, Josh Ryan, is the boy-next-door with a soft spot for the less fortunate, and Darcy’s best friend without benefits. Darcy often comes to him lamenting her love-life, or the lack thereof, whereupon Josh patiently doles out his sage advice. Problem is Josh is in love with Darcy.

But when Darcy finds herself looking into the handsome face of the man who graces the cover of her soon-to-be-released novel, she’s convinced her dreams of perfection have come true. Or have they?

About the Author:

Rebecca Heflin is an award-winning author who has dreamed of writing romantic fiction since she was fifteen and her older sister snuck a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss’ Shanna to her and told her to read it. Rebecca writes women’s fiction and contemporary romance. When not passionately pursuing her dream, Rebecca is busy with her day-job as a practicing attorney.

Rebecca is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Florida Romance Writers, RWA Contemporary Romance, and Florida Writers Association. She and her mountain-climbing husband live at sea level in sunny Florida.


2013 Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Award Finalist (Rescuing Lacey)
2013 Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence Winner (Rescuing Lacey)
2013 Virginia Romance Writers Holt Medallion Award of Merit (Rescuing Lacey)
2013 Georgia Romance Writers Published Maggie Finalist (Rescuing Lacey)
2013 Shooting Star Award (Rescuing Lacey)
2013 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist (Rescuing Lacey)
2013 Wisconsin Romance Writers Write Touch Readers’ Awards Finalist (The Promise of Change)
2011 Royal Palm Literary Awards Finalist (The Promise of Change)

Website ~ Blog ~ @RebeccaHeflin
~ Facebook

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Moral Dilemmas by M. Garzon

4_4 VBT_BlazeOfGlory_Banner

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4_4 SeriesImage

Moral Dilemmas

For the past several months I’ve been trying not to buy anything made in China. Until people in that country stop skinning dogs alive in order to eat them, or boiling cats alive to pass off their fur as “fake fur”, I don’t want any of my money ending up in the hands of potential abusers.

People, do you have any idea how much stuff is made in China?! It’s been nigh impossible to completely honor my desire. Similarly for my plan to avoid palm oil (‘cause, you know, deforestation and endangerment of orangutans and elephants). At the grocery store every second food item on the shelves contains palm oil. Hot chocolate mix, ice cream, salad dressing – you name it, the evil is lurking.

Compounding this difficulty is the fact that I’m alone in supporting two kids. On a writer’s income. So, you guessed it, buying $10-dollar-a-bottle, locally-made organic shampoo (or anything, for that matter) is not an option for me. I face a moral dilemma every time I step out the door, along with the more pressing question of which is ‘more right’: Do I spend extra money on conscientious items, thus helping to preserve the planet but allowing for much less ‘stuff’ for my kids? Or do I save by buying whatever’s on sale, thus ensuring my kids are provided for comfortably, but potentially creating larger problems for their generation? Which option will my kids thank me for in the long run, and which will allow me to sleep better at night?

These are the kinds of moral dilemmas that fuel my writing, too. Small decisions can take on a very large import in the context of a story with well-developed characters. Once your readers truly know your make-believe friends, they’ll immediately grasp why, for instance, not sharing that apple with the begging pony haunts your main character for weeks. They’ll know because your character is like their neighbor, their best friend from public school, or their cousin. And because of that, they’ll care.

They’ll exclaim, “Share the darn apple already!” while they’re on the bus to work, reading your story on their phone. People will look at them funny, and it’ll give them a complex. And it will be all your fault… another moral dilemma to mine for next time.

4_4 Cover_BlazeOfGloryThe first book in the popular trilogy, soon to be a major new television series!

Some fires can consume you.

Last year, I had it all. Two jumpers on the show circuit, a lot of wins, and a lot of attention – the good kind. But now I have nothing. My life is circling the drain. The only spark of light that exists for me is my new, forbidden passion. If my stepfather finds out, he will kill me. My twin brother, my only blood relative in the world, has already begged me not to. But I can’t help myself. If it can’t be horses, it has to be this…

About the Author:4_4 AuthorPicM. Garzon rode horses professionally for ten years, until an injury prompted a career change. She returned to school and completed a BSc; then for good measure, an MBA. After several years of toiling as a business consultant, she turned to writing in a desperate bid to regain her sanity. A mom of two fabulous children, she lives in St Lazare, QC and considers herself extremely lucky to be a writer.

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Vampires Never Grow Old by Saloni Quinby – Guest Blog and Giveaway

Vampires Never Grow Old
For me, Vampires never grow old, and despite many traditional vampires being immortal, in this post I don’t mean it literally.

Seventeen years ago my first story was accepted for publication. It was a short erotic vampire tale. All these years later, I’m still writing erotic vampire fiction and love it as much today as I did back then. All my life I’ve been a fan of vampires.

When I was a kid my mother was into vampire movies and books, so for as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed vampire fiction. I remember watching Christopher Lee’s Dracula movies with my mother. She introduced me to vampires in literature, starting with Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Hotel Transylvania.

Vampires are a fascinating combination of power, romance, animal magnetism and strangely enough, vulnerability. They can be terrifying or sexy and while I enjoy vampires in horror, I’ve always preferred vampires with a tender side.

In my Weapons of Redemption series, both the good side and the evil side of vampires are explored. The main villain inspires fear in his vampiric sons, but by the end of the series his vulnerable side is finally exposed, taking them by surprise.

Weapons of Redemption 5: Fangs and Floggers is my latest vampire story, but I don’t plan for it to be my last. As I’ll keep reading vampire fiction and watching vampire movies, I hope to keep writing about my favorite supernatural beings for a long time to come.

Are you a vampire fan? How long have you enjoyed them? What are some of your favorite vampire books and movies?

4_3 Kate Hill fangsandfloggersmedFangs and Floggers
by Saloni Quinby
Available from Changeling Press
Also at All Romance Ebooks

To lure his rebellious blood children back into the fold, ancient vampire Tarun abducted the hunter Adrian. He hadn’t bargained on his human prisoner being a match for him in every way–including his darkest desires.

Now Tarun is the captive and a player in Adrian’s carnal game–an orgasm for an answer. Though Tarun warns Adrian that he won’t like what he hears, the hunter is determined to uncover the secrets of the vampire’s twisted past.

The following excerpt from Weapons of Redemption 5: Fangs and Floggers is for readers 18 and over.

The door opened and Adrian stepped inside, wearing only black leather pants slung low on his narrow hips. Somewhere beyond his rage, grief and self-loathing, Tarun found himself appreciating the sight of Adrian’s broad shoulders and powerful chest covered in dark, curling hair. It tapered to a fine line down his flat abs.

“Feeling better?” Adrian asked, closing the door and strolling toward Tarun, his bare feet silent against the stone floor.

“So it turns out you’re just a hunter after all. I won’t mind dying by your hand, Adrian. Just answer one question, though.”

“Anything.” Adrian bent and brushed a kiss across Tarun’s forehead.

Funny how the bastard’s touch still made him tingle all over. His cock wakened and he hated being naked because it gave Adrian such a clear view of how he affected him.

“Why didn’t you just let me die at the house?”

Adrian’s cool blue gaze met Tarun’s. “You know I have no intention of killing you, any more than you’d planned to kill me when our roles were reversed.”

“Oh, I had every intention of killing you at first.”

“But not at the end.”

They fell silent for a moment, their gazes locked.

About the Author: The child of a painter and a psychic dreamer, Saloni Quinby feels spirituality and storytelling go hand-in-hand. She loves the scent of gardenia, the sound of wind chimes and the taste of honey. By listening to what isn’t said, she creates works based on unspoken desires. Saloni prefers blurred gender lines and many varieties of romance. In a world where passion must at times be restrained, she believes erotica is a pleasure to be shared. With her stories she would like to make her fantasies yours and hopes you enjoy the ride. She also writes under the name Kate Hill. Please visit her online at, and

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