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For centuries, Gamekeepers have used their magical abilities to create a buffer between the creatures who dwell in the enchanted forest and the sleepy coastal town that sits in its shadow. When Gamekeeper Stan Ross’s magic begins to fail, he must find out what went wrong, then fix it before the two worlds collide. His hit or miss magic has already led to a few close calls so he journeys to the Sacred Isle searching for answers and advice. Finding a cure proves elusive—until Stan encounters a kitchen witch who captivates him body and soul. Lynnette Peters is healing from her own wounds, however, and it isn’t clear whether she’s ready to open herself to the possibility—or the peril—of love.

Enjoy an Exclusive Excerpt

“So, you want a dozen doughnuts?” she asked.

“No, I’m sure they’re delicious, but even I can’t eat twelve doughnuts in a one day. I meant to say I would like one doughnut today, and tomorrow I will come back for another, and so on, until I’ve had a chance to try them all. As a bonus, each time I come in, we’ll get to know
each other just a little bit better.”

Taken aback by his brazen self-confidence, she asked, “And you have decided that getting to know you is a bonus for me?”

“Of course,” he said and flashed another smile. “Just as it’s a bonus for me to get to know you. We didn’t have an opportunity to get to know each other back on the Isle, but we have a chance to do it now. We already know each other’s names, and we’re working on finding out
what my favorite doughnut is. How about you tell me one thing about yourself?”

“I own a café and bakery shop.” She gave a pointed look at the two cars that just pulled into the little parking lot outside her storefront. “One thing about me is that I’m very busy in the mornings.”

“I take your point,” he said, nodding his head with a serious demeanor. “Perhaps I’d best go away and rethink my strategy. I’ll take a Maple Dip for the road, and a large double-double. My brain always works better with sugar and caffeine in the mix.”

Handing him a little paper bag with a Maple Dip doughnut inside, she couldn’t help wondering what he would do next. He didn’t show up the next morning, and Lynnette wondered if he’d already lost interest in his little game. Despite insisting that she was too busy to stand around flirting in the mornings, she found herself watching the window, and listening for the sound of truck tires on gravel throughout the day.

About the Author:

Barbara Robinson is an author of contemporary and historical romance set against a backdrop of magical realism. She is a deep thinker and tea drinker who finds inspiration in myths and folktales, poems and ballads, and academic writing on a variety of subjects. Diagnosed with autism and giftedness as an adult, she enjoys exploring themes of neurodiversity and opposing character perspectives in her writing.

She is an avid gardener and lover of nature who works out plot lines and character sketches while nurturing her garden, walking in the woods, or sitting by the shoreline watching waves. She is known for world building that features rich and immersive detail, supported by meticulous research and careful observation.

Barbara lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, in the shadow of ancient mountains that lie along the Bay of Fundy coast. These rugged vistas shape her story settings, while providing the perfect backdrop for life with her husband, her hounds and her dragon (Pogona Vitticeps). She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of King’s College and a Master of Arts at Dalhousie University, and she recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from the Humber School for Writers (Humber College, Toronto).

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