Submissive by Moonlight by Sindra van Yssel

Submissive by Moonlight by Sindra van Yssel
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (117 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Thistledown

Marisa is a witch. Nolan is a cop – and a skeptic of all things supernatural. When Marisa’s vision helps Nolan find a missing girl, he puts her on the suspect list. But when he searches her home, he not only finds that she’s innocent, he discovers she shares his interest in BDSM. In a small town it’s almost impossible for Nolan to find a good play partner, and Marisa is the perfect woman. But Nolan can’t pretend to believe in her psychic gifts even though the sex is definitely magical.

Marisa had given up on ever finding a Dom, but now one has found her. When he ties her up he’s the kind of hot she’s dreamed about, but outside the bedroom there are plenty of challenges confronting a skeptic and a witch. Marisa and Nolan seem incompatible, and neither the Goddess nor hard logic offer any solutions unless they discover that two opposites can make the perfect team.

What’s a witch to do when her visions land her in the middle of a police investigation and right into the lap of a detective with a kinky side?

Marisa is a computer geek and a witch with her own way of looking at the world. Visions plague her occasionally and when she tries to use one to help a missing child, she encounters Nolan. A detective on the case, Nolan is not a fan of supposed psychics and even less a fan of someone who was wandering the woods in the buff. He is hooked by Marisa’s beauty and despite his doubts, finds himself at her door. Marisa is a closet submissive and his dominant side responds in kind.

I liked Marissa for her inner geek. She is a witch, following her own path. It smarts that people think she is a flake, but she stays true to the voice of the Goddess when it speaks to her. Rituals from physical pleasure are what strikes the inner core of her being and as she and Nolan get better acquainted, she becomes even more aware that their relationship is inspiring deeper visions and connection with the Goddess.

Nolan is a detective with a kinky side that comes alive as he tries to figure out what makes Marisa tick. He can’t quite come to the decision that she has any kind of psychic gifts but is undoubtedly aroused by her presence. Showing up on her doorstep after the investigation, the two become lovers but there is some friction. He can’t accept her as a witch. He is a man that only sees what is in front of him and what he sees, he wants to master.

The fun part about this story is the friction between Nolan and Marisa. He won’t see her for what she is, but only as a woman who is dying to be submissive as a foil to his masculine dominance. There were a few points during the book where I felt it was a little too easy the way Marisa fell into his arms and became a docile, pillow at his feet submissive. If ever there were a cozy version of a witchy BDSM tale, this would be it. There was just enough conflict to make it a bit lively, but not enough to send the sheets blazing until the very last portion of the book.

As the relationship continues, the conflict escalates and so does the sexy side of the story. Out of the blue, Nolan shows up with a bag of groceries and his homemade bondage kit. That was very creative. I can always appreciate a man who knows how to use clothes pins and candle wax in just the right way. All in all, I enjoyed the book for the Goddess aspects as well as the light kink.

If you are looking for a light read with some elements of BDSM, suspense and a sexy witch, then this just might be the summer read you are looking for.

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