Spirit in Time by Julie Howard

Spirit in Time (Spirited Quest Mysteries) by Julie Howard
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary, Historical
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Time travel isn’t real. It can’t be real. But ghost-blogger Jillian Winchester discovers otherwise when an enigmatic spirit conveys her to 1872 to do his bidding. Jillian finds herself employed as a maid in Sacramento, in an elegant mansion with a famous painting.
The artwork reveals another mystery: Why does the man within look exactly like her boyfriend, Mason Chandler?
Morality and sin live side by side, not only in the picture, but also within her. As her transgressions escalate, she races the clock to find the man in the painting, and hunt down a spirit with a disconcerting gift.
But will time be her friend or foe?

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My review of House of Seven Spirits, the first book in this series, mentioned my desire to see more character development for Jillian. I was pleased to see her gradually begin to grow and change in this sequel as a result of her experiences. Just like it often happens for people in real life, her evolution was filled with stops and starts. She often needed to learn the same lesson more than once, but I did begin to see the progress with this character that I originally wished the audience could have observed in her first adventure. I will continue to hope for more advancements in this area for Jillian as this series hopefully continues, but I’m glad the author paid more attention to it here.

The mystery storyline wasn’t given as much time to shine as I would have preferred to see. While basic information was provided as needed, it seemed to me that the author could have gone into much more detail about why Jillian and her boyfriend were sent back in time and what they were expected to accomplish there. It would have been nice to dig into the hints about these things in greater detail.

Some of my favourite scenes were the ones that described the many ways in which life in 1872 was wildly different from how people live in the present day. This was especially true when it came to how women and people from minority groups were treated. Jillian’s reactions to the double standards and deep-seated prejudices of that era made perfect sense. It’s one thing to read about them in a history book and entirely another to experience them first hand, especially since the social safety net was so sparse back then. She had to adjust quickly to a world that was much harsher than our own in many ways. I appreciated the fact that the author took these things seriously and made them such an integral part of the plot.

This definitely can be read as a standalone work, but I would recommend also checking out House of Seven Spirits to anyone who wants to follow Jillian’s adventures from the beginning.

Anyone who enjoys history or paranormal mysteries should check out Spirit in Time.


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