My Protector Part 1 by Stephanie Burke

My Protector Part 1 (Angel Falls) by Stephanie Burke
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (75 pages)
Other: M/F, Toys, masturbation, voyeurism
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Being sheriff of a small but unusual town has lots of perks. Richard knows just about everyone in town by name. He gets free coffee at the Planet Quest café. And he gets to spend as much time as he wants with Amber Grieves. The woman he desires above all others.
Amber is everything he always wanted in a mate — she is strong, kind, the perfect mother and ferocious in a fight… but still he finds himself firmly friendzoned, much to his and his shadow-wolf’s dismay.

For Richard is not any ordinary man. He is a Shadow Walker, a born shapeshifer who’s spent his life on the run from hunters who want to wipe him out.

When strange phone calls bring up memories of a dark past that rocks Amber’s soul and strange happenings begin in the woods, Richard might not live long enough to convince Amber to give love a try with the one man who wants to protect her above all others — even if he can’t protect himself.

Sheriff Richard Strong is a Shadow Walker and a frequent customer of Planet Quest cafe’. His frequent visits at the cafe aren’t just for the coffee. The whole town knows that Richard has his eyes set on Amber Graves, a waitress that works there. Will Richard or his shadow win the daily battle pushing him to open up to Amber or will his desire for her remain hidden?

I enjoyed the author’s imagination and writing style. The characters were brought to life with emotions and the author’s expressions of their feelings made them seem real. The emotions and feelings of struggling to express one’s feelings to a love interest, not to mention the fear of opening up your heart to new love because of past hurt.

The hidden attraction between Richard and Amber cause them both to enjoy self-sexual bliss which makes for hot adult scenes and sizzling bedroom descriptions. During the voyeurism of Richard’s wolf shadow he got an eye full of Amber during her heated passion.

I enjoyed the story but didn’t quite understand how the sheriff got a call regarding a robbery in Camp Jolly Times and then Amber volunteers to go along with him. Some how during this trip Richard’s conversation causes Amber to run away. While basking in the sun on a rock Amber starts to daydream. Her vision some what lost me. I am not sure if it’s just a dream of her prior relationship with Todd Ritter or if it’s actual events that happened. I was even more complex when Richard finds Amber and starts to reveal in depth a long version of himself and his skin walker history. They were out on a robbery call but all this talking and getting to know one another transpired. This just seemed like an odd time to bond.

The author did a nice set-up in part one. Both Amber and Richard have a past that seems to keep them bound from opening up and letting go to see what the present offers. Amber has a past abusive relationship that the author touches on and now she is receiving obscene phone calls. Also, Richard starts to open up to Amber about his heritage. Part one is left open ended, hopefully part two will give more depth into their past and if there is hope for their future.

I was delighted with part one and I look forward to reading part two to see how the author continues with the story.

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