His Prize by Doris O’Connor

His Prize by Doris O’Connor
The Cleaners 1
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (79 pgs)
Other: M/F, BDSM, Spanking, Anal sex, Forced Seduction
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

It’s the choice of her life—submit or die.

When Susie Elliot stumbles into the middle of a clean-up, undertaken by none other than Ellis Reynolds, she expects her life to be over. No one disturbs this ruthlessly efficient killer and lives to tell the tale.

The man they call Ren has no time for tender feelings, but there is something about the curvaceous redhead that calls to him. Rather than killing her he claims her as his prize. One night should be more than enough time to get her out of his system. However, Susie’s submission means Ren has to confront emotions, completely alien to him. Killing is easy. This relationship thing is fraught with problems.

When his criminal activities catch up with him, loyalties are tested to the max, and Susie has another choice to make—walk away, or stay and accept the darkness within.

The first two things that caught my eye about Doris O’Connor’s latest release, His Prize, was the blurb and the super sexy cover. I knew from the start that this was a dark romance, so I was expecting a hero that wasn’t too nice and some possible scenes where I’d cringe.

O’Connor didn’t disappointment. His Prize is dark, but not to the point of unpleasant.

The hero, Ren, was even in his role as a killer, appealing. He was rough, mean, and yet, strangely sexy.

Susie was twenty years younger than Ren and though she was not a bad heroine, she could have been better. Her naivety tended toward nerve grating at times. Also, the fact that she fell in love with the hero so fast (mere hours after meeting him) because she submitted to him so easily made her attempts at having a backbone a bit pointless. I did like the fact that she was a voluptuous young woman.

There is no doubt that Doris O’Connor knows how to write sex. The relationship between the characters was sexually scorching. Their chemistry is off the charts. However, just as this was great, I did miss a stronger emotional connection between Ren and Susie. O’Connor tells us that the characters are in love, (Susie even mentions that Ren is tender with her and we glimpse some of that in the story), but it would have been nicer to read how the relationship developed. In the end, I felt that they were united by sexual drive and not so much by emotions.

Finally, I particularly enjoyed the nail biting twist near the end. It came unexpectedly, and for a moment, I doubted about how it would play out.

His Prize, was a short, enjoyable, extremely hot, dark romance read. I’ll definitely be looking forward to some more books in the series.

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