Of Witches and Wolves by Allmine and Rileigh St. James

Of Witches and Wolves by Allmine and Rileigh St. James
Publisher: Wicked Women of Color Press, LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Paranormal
Length: Full (154 pages)
Other: IR, M/F, Voyeurism
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

Authors Allmine and Rileigh St James offer you three paranormal tales of lost love, seduction, and romance in their first anthology.

Echolalia ~ Under the light of the full moon, a powerful witch leads her followers into the forest where the men of the North await them. Part man, part beast, the Stag King reveals himself to be the true mate of the High Priestess, and together they embrace a seductive love truly sent from the Divine. Can the magick and mystery of an ancient ritual save them from separation?

Assumptions ~ Lincoln Hastings assumes his live-in assistant is nothing more than that – his live-in assistant. However, when he has to track her down on her night off, after not being able to locate a much needed file for an upcoming business meeting, he’s not prepared for what he finds. Soon, the shifter learns to never judge a book by its cover… or a woman by her wardrobe.

Peaches ~ Vivienne had never known love the way she’d known it with her high school sweetheat, Danny. After his death, she’d closed her heart to any possibility of knowing that same kind of love, or ever being whole again. But, when her past love begins to haunt her dreams, Vivienne learns that true love really is forever – even in death.

Mating ritual involving a high priestess and the Stag King? Check. Seducing a wolf-shifter? Done! Making love to a ghost… whoa! It’s all possible in Of Witches and Wolves by Allmine and Rileigh St. James.

This novel consists of three novellas: Echolalia by Allmine, Assumptions by Allmine and Rileigh St. James, and Peaches by Rileigh St. James. All three stories are unique and captivating on their own, but make a bold statement together in this novel.

I liked the idea that the hero and heroine weren’t afraid to bend the rules in order to forge their blossoming love in Echolalia. Allmine’s descriptions of the mating masks are rich in detail, drawing the reader into the story. I liked the theme of desiring someone even when society or convention forbids it. That point was easy for the readers to relate to and very poignant.

You can’t hide lust, no matter how hard you try. I liked this theme in Assumptions. Lincoln, the hero, assumed his prissy personal assistant Anika wasn’t his type, although he lusted for her. When he finds her at the club The Jaded Underground, all bets are off. This steamy story put a unique shape-shifter spin on the dom-sub relationship. The reader could relate to Anika’s desire to know about Lincoln and her clumsy way of asking questions. We all want to know things and sometimes alcohol isn’t the best truth serum, but it’s a fun way to open the conversation.

In Peaches, Danny’s a ghost. Vivienne’s not, but he still manages to come to her for passionate sex. This story could’ve been depressing, but Ms. St. James gives it a touching treatment that leaves the reader satisfied. Vivienne calls her departed lover, Danny, with her heart, making their joining more profound. The passion sizzling between the characters is very evident and powerful.

If you want a selection of stories to warm a cold night, then pick up a copy of Of Witches and Wolves. I give this selection 4 ½ cherries.

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