Escape! A Writing Bloc Anthology

Escape! A Writing Bloc Anthology by Multiple Authors

Publisher: Writing Bloc Indie Publishing LLC.
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror
Length: Full length (305 pages)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

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As is obvious from the title, Escape! is the theme here, and it is woven beautifully within all the stories of this anthology. There is something here for everybody, from contemporary to futuristic, history to Sci-fi, horror to fantasy, and even a fairy tale-like story can be found within these pages.

People have different ways in which they need and seek escape, and different things from which they need to escape. The tales here address this from various, quite entertaining viewpoints.

The fact that the stories are short keeps the pacing quick. The styles of presentation are unique for each one as well, and the writers have different backgrounds. Some are chilling, and some are charming, but all of them will leave readers with much to ponder. Readers will laugh at times and shudder at others. The stories have surprising jewels in them, unpredictable turns. One thing they all have in common is imagination.

If you want to be surprised and widen your scope of tastes, why not check out this anthology? You’re sure to find several stories here that will suit your taste well, and you may even become a fan of new genres