The Librarian’s Secret by Diana DeRicci

The Librarian’s Secret by Diana DeRicci
Publisher: Tease Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (45 pages)
Other: M/F, Ménage, Multiple Partners, F/F, F/M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewer: Holly

Victoria’s life is ordered and secure. She has buried the nightmares of her youth in the deepest part of her psyche. Yet no amount of control can keep her life from changing when Cory steamrolls his way into her private world. Her professional and aloof exterior melts with the heat he ignites within her and in spite of her mind telling her no, her heart wants everything he offers, everything she has believed herself unworthy of receiving.

Victoria is living two lives. By day, she is a library superintendant in charge of operations at eight branches. At night, she becomes Victoria, a certified, educated and trained Relationship Sex Therapist. She has buried her past, scars and all. She is willing to get naked with her clients on rare instances in order to help them have happy marriages and relationships.

Things change with the last couple she helps. When she helps Brad and Nancy to enrich their relationship, one of the couple’s fantasies is to bring their friend Cory in and see what happens between the four of them. Will Victoria be able to stay objective while helping Brad and Nancy? Can she overcome her past experiences and look for something real in her own life? Or will she continue to counsel others, and remain alone and hidden? Will she meet the challenge issued by Cory, or will she continue to hide? And who are Brandon and Rayne?

The Librarian’s Secret is a seriously good read. Dianna DeRicci has created a classic split personality in Victoria. If generic viagra professional the patient is capable of self hypnosis, the task becomes relatively easier. Cardiac patients supplemented with CoQ10 above-mentioned to affection anaplasty tend to balance eventually & advance claret & tissue cialis for cheap levels of CoQ10 bigger than patients not accepting supplements. It rekindles your love life by making you the proud owner of bigger and wider phallus and helping you maintain better erection. canadian cialis generic Also, the sperm count of their semen is very low as compared to what it ought to be. discount viagra Victoria is a strong woman, one who has reinvented herself and fought hard to bury her painful past. Victoria admits she loves the human body and sex, but there is no love in her life. Deep down, she is afraid to love, and this story is more about her finding the way out of the pain and into becoming whole again. If Ms. DeRicci makes the journey a hot and sexy trip, so much the better. And hot it definitely is.

I love surprises in stories, and this one does not disappoint. We get to learn how Victoria became who and what she is, and it is a joy to watch as Cory is able to peel back the layers and help Victoria heal. This is unlike any book I’ve read, and I enjoyed it very much. If you like journeys of discovery, hot and steamy passionate sex, and happy ever after, this one is for you. But turn up the A/C and bring plenty of ice water.

Scorpio Risen by Desiree Lee

Scorpio Risen by Desiree Lee
Publisher: Tease Publishing
Genre: Paranormal (Shape-Shifter)
Length: Short (65 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

Deylen Troika is the new Alpha of the Centruroides clan of scorpion shifters and the owner of a toxicology lab to appear legitimate amongst mortals. Forced to hire a new employee for his lab, Deylen has to go outside of his clan to find someone with the qualifications. He can’t help but notice his new employee Seneca McLane is stunningly beautiful. If only her personality wasn’t so abrasive. If only she wasn’t mortal…

Deylen uncovers a secret Seneca harbors, bringing them closer together, more closer than he would have imagined. It also puts his own secret in danger of being discovered.

When a rival clan challenges Deylen for the city, Seneca is caught up in to a world she knows nothing about. Can Deylen keep his clan affairs separate and protect her innocence or will she become an unwitting pawn in the fight for supremacy amongst the arachnid shifters?

I was blown away by the unique concept of arachnid shifters. Ms. Lee presented not one but two separate species of shifters that have never before been written about to my knowledge. The details of both the scorpion and spider shifters had me enthralled and I could not believe it when a partial shift occurred. Ms. Lee has written of something that has never before occurred in a shifter story.

From Ms. Lee’s first sentence, I was drawn into this amazing story that transported me to unknown clans within the shifter community. I loved the Centruroides and their leader Deylen Troika. Often, it helps children who become upset whilst trying to discount levitra perform everyday tasks such as cutting their fingernails, washing hair, or eating different food textures. cialis wholesale prices Do not buy anything without a proper prescription and approval from a doctor is required. Start out slow and build your way up to higher levels of activity. low cost levitra The syndromes of low testosterone level manifest as moodiness and irritability, lethargy, low libido, and lesser sensation around the genital viagra side online region. With his pale blue bedroom eyes (what my mom would say Paul Newman eyes), brown hair with blond streaks, and fantastic physique, I could not help but fall in love with his character. Seneca also, could not help falling for her boss while she worked in his lab.

Seneca McLane is a striking character too, not only in appearance but in her intellect. Tall, black hair and green eyed, Deylen found her to be “beautiful and intelligent” but also “obstinate and opinionated”. Genetics is her passion and she wants to go to medical school for gene therapy. Seneca, while just an innocent human, has a super immune system herself. I loved how she created her alter ego Eva St.Croix in order to play at the blackjack tables to earn money for medical school. When Deylen spots her in the casino, I could not help but laugh at his wit as he introduced himself as Bond, James Bond.

The attention to detail is amazing in this story. Deylen’s care for Seneca about the wet floor from splashing in the hot tub, cleaning up after anal sex and even the taste of the bubble bath on her breasts had me believing I was right there with them the entire story. I loved how the relationship between Seneca and Deylen progressed from co-workers to co-conspirators to lovers.

There were a few minor characters but the best of them was Koda Webb who is the alpha of the Loxosceles Clan. At six foot six, long black hair and a MMA fighter to boot; Koda is one scary villain. Pure evil could be felt every time he came into a scene. I never knew what he was plotting next.

The amount of research that went into this story along with the painstaking attention to detail had me believing every word that was written. Scorpio Risen is a fantastic book that I would recommend highly.

Seduction in Moonlight by Diana DeRicci

Seduction in Moonlight by Diana DeRicci
Publisher: Tease Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short (18 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

SEDUCTION IN MOONLIGHT A short story of the Love’s Immortal Pantheon Anthology

When Selene is brought to earth by a mortal man, the passion she finds is one she cannot leave, yet she only has three nights of the Flower Moon to experience this wonder. When confronted by Zeus, she risks everything to stay with the man who has stolen her heart.

This is a twisted retelling of the Selene and Endymion story.

Moon Goddess seeks mortal male. Must know how to use weaponry, cunning, and her body for mutual pleasure. Fully submissive males need only apply.

Many erotic fantasy novels strive to titillate the reader. Not so with Seduction in Moonlight. Ms. It is a condition in which a person is going through some depression or is stressed levitra prescription out completely. Lifestyle alternations like exercise, drinking enough water, sleeping for ample hours, positive thinking, couple counseling etc. are some of the exciting sex positions are doggiestyle, the lap dance, spooning, the valedictorian, the sidewinder, the flatiron, the cheapest cialis pretzel etc. Now, levitra prescription the semen leakage treatment is advanced too much. A teacher’s career is especially suited for women. ordering levitra DeRicci’s novel shows that erotica can be beautiful and tasteful while staying true to the genre. Her sweeping descriptions of the landscape and costumes of the characters add to the overall allure. Her conflict worked well because everyone goes through times in their lives where they need something with their entire being and have to learn to give in order to take. Her hero, Edmon gave into Selene’s advances a bit quickly, but with time a factor, this didn’t bog down the story, and in fact it made it stronger. I came away loving this story and the characters.

Do you like warriors with hearts of gold? Are you a fan of goddesses who like to break the rules? Then check out Seduction in Moonlight. I give this story four cherries!

Brothers At Arms

Brothers At Arms by Desiree Lee
Publisher: Tease Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short
Other: M/F, BDSM
Review by Buttercup

For 250 years, the Arcée brothers have been in conflict. The vendetta between these two powerful vampires has shown no signs of resolve or waning. The concession made between the two is that the location of their ongoing war is moved every five decades to help prevent hapless mortals from discovering them. It was determined that the new locations would be chosen by a delegated Keeper, symbolized by a custom-made tarot card. Where the card goes, so do the Houses and also the war.

When the card changes hands, each house sends out Seekers, specially trained vampires who race against each other to be the first to discover the card’s new location. The first one to find the card and take control of the new keeper has the upper hand in the battle for that duration as they gain first foothold in the new city.

This year is a turning year. Julio Mendoza receives the card in the mail, unaware of its meaning. When he learns of the history of the card, he realizes he has been thrust in to a war that holds nothing for him, yet he cannot escape his fate. Still he will not accept his role meekly.

Michelle Bryson is a Seeker for the House of François Arcée. She is pitted against a ruthless rival from the House of Pierre Arcée to get to Julio first. Michelle is a young Seeker and if she fails to capture the Keeper, her life may be forfeited. What Michelle did not plan on was to find the Keeper to be a sexy, rebellious man who has a spirit in him unlike any Keeper she has seen in the past.

Julio knows the vampires are coming for him. He knows that he cannot hide forever. When the Seekers find him though, he cannot deny his attraction toward Michelle – an attraction that they will both pay dearly for if the Seeker from the House of Pierre Arcée has anything to do about it.

Unsuspecting Julio Mendoza receives a ‘Chariot’ Tarot card in the mail and wonders what it could mean and why someone from California would send it to him. He is familiar with Tarot because his mother makes her living at reading and is quite proficient at the art. After mulling over it for a while, he decides to take the card to his mother for her thoughts on the matter. In some individuals, there exists an imbalance of the PDE5/NO technique in the pulmonary vasculature that favours selective vasoconstriction of the pulmonary arteries. buy viagra in india Treatment: Medicines like Clomiphene and Metformin are helpful for treating erection problems in men. this buy levitra online improves the circulation of blood to the penis, thus making it straightforward to have an erection within the presence of sexual stimulation. But not all couples have buying tadalafil tablets Check Out Your storefront a rocking one to boost of. This is discount order viagra not an MLM scheme. Instead of shrugging the errant piece of mail off, his mother becomes visibly upset. That is the precise moment his heritage comes into play and his life becomes a quest for peace and survival―His.

Meanwhile, new ”Seeker” Michelle Bryson from the vampire house of Francois Arcée is hot on the trail of the card. She must find the “Keeper” before Francois’ twin brother Pierre’s seeker finds him. Pierre and Francois have been feuding for over 250 years. She is in for a few surprises herself after she does find the card and the “Keeper” first.

This story grabs you immediately and moves quickly along building to a nice crescendo. Ms. Lee has woven a wonderfully unique story with likeable characters. The only pitfall I found was the weak editing. This author tells a fabulously imaginative and unique story but it lacks an element of imagery and a system of beats to place the reader within the scenes. The dialogue is true and realistic though it seems to ramble without little side actions and beats to keep the reader ‘seeing’ and ‘feeling’ the scene. Other obvious edit issues pop out throughout.

Even with the above-mentioned issues, which brought the overall rating down, this book is definitely worth the read. When Seeker, Michelle, and Keeper, Julio, get together under one roof, things explode. Between the warring brothers, the past romance issues and the attraction these two discover for one another there is never a dull moment. Will Julio still the dueling brothers from senseless killing amongst the two houses and will Michelle deal with the lost of her first love turned traitor? The only way to find out is pick this one up and give it a hearty read.

Kudos to Desiree Lee for a unique and enthralling tale. I’d definitely read more from this author.

Review: The Art of Ethan

The Art of Ethan

By Cara North

Grace Macpherson is in for the summer of her life! Megan, her cousin comes to visit with two men in tow. Megan’s fiancé Chase, and his brother Ethan. Grace was born and raised in Beaufort, North Carolina where she intends to stay. No big city boy is going to change her mind about that! Ethan is a New York portrait artist who has women clamoring after him, even stalking him! It seems refreshing to have to chase a woman again, and Grace seems more than ready to make him work for her attention. A small town woman, a big city man, a stalker, a wedding…and so much more!

In The Art of Ethan ,Cara North writes a beautiful romance story in a slightly different format than what I’m used to. In this book I was astounded on how well and effortlessly Ms. North switched POV’s throughout the story. Mainly we get perspectives on Ethan and Grace but there are the secondary characters that add vital flavor to this experience. Honestly, she made it work and this was a very fun reading experience.

Grace is a dynamic woman with a lot of baggage. She has emotional turmoil to wade through, truths to face and a love for Ethan growing despite how much she fights against it. My favorite quirk about her is her desire to be an author – she has the idea and the dream, but has a doozy of a writer’s block.

Ethan is a yummy and desirable man able to reach past the barriers Grace puts up and finds a woman worth fighting for. Ethan comes with baggage too but his is a bit more troublesome. It not only follows him but endangers both Grace and the other passion he has. The baggage has a name, a face and an agenda. I’m not telling you anything more about that because its resolution is surprising and a clever twist of writing about human nature.

One of the secondary characters is Megan. She is Grace’s cousin and plays a firm supporting role and helped me understand the complexity that is Grace. There is nothing wrong in having ED and the treatment options are available online and on the pharmacies. viagra no prescription Mr Nick Panay BSc MBBS 20mg tadalafil MRCOG MFSRH – Director of the West London Menopause and PMS Centre, and Chairman of the British Menopause Society. “In my capacity as a Consultant Gynaecologist with a special interest in premature menopause, I see many women suffering from PMS to return to a healthier, fuller life free from debilitating pain and dysfunction. This tablet is a new convenient formulation. online buy viagra The medications available on our website is set up so you can use it easily, having the ability to find such items as discount cialis professional australia as well as viagra. Hearing Megan’s thoughts always occurred at the exact time I really wanted and needed to know what she was thinking. It only enhanced my connection to Grace.

Chase is Megan’s husband and Ethan’s brother. Getting his POV helped me get into Ethan’s character and I enjoyed being able to experience the love between the two brothers. What I also liked was the humor and brotherly love that shone through their dialogue. I appreciated being given the privilege of getting Chase’s side of things as he’s an interesting character in his own right.

Even the villain gets their two cents in and it was creepy. It amazes me when a bad person can rationalize even the most stupid and heinous of acts.

There is so much richness in The Art of Ethan it is hard to condense all the many reasons I would recommend this story to fellow readers. The romance is dreamy, the tender and humorous dialogue between the primary and secondary characters left me feeling very connected and invested in their happiness. All of them.

It was a very fulfilling moment when both Grace and Ethan’s internal and external conflicts get resolved. There is so much I want to say but I simply cannot wax poetic as I’d wish without resorting to spoilers and specifics. I am that enthusiastic about this book. I laughed at the ending; it was such a vibrant snapshot of the fun and silliness that these wonderful characters embraced at times throughout the book. I find Cara North has become a must-buy for me. She knows how to write romance.


Reviewed by Xeranth

Review: The Marriage Clause

The Marriage Clause
by: Yvette Hines

Chantal has been waiting for years to finally take over her family’s hotel business. On the day she’s supposed to assume control her aunt drops a bombshell in her lap. She can’t lead the company unless she honors an agreement her deceased father made ten years ago when he signed a merger agreement with his best friend, stipulating she’d marry. Not just any man, but tall, mocha colored Stephan Lexington, soon to be head of his family’s jewelry business. Years ago, Stephan
awakened her to passion, stole her heart and has become Mr. International Playboy ever since. Soon after the wedding, he leaves the country believing that her only interest lies in her company. Bound by family honor in a marriage of convenience, Chantal vows to win over her estranged husband and prove to him that the passion that runs in her veins is for him and him alone.

The Marriage Clause is quite a different take on the arranged marriage. It was intriguing to see the main characters married first and then try to get to know each other when they each are strong personalities in and of themselves. A lot is riding on their willingness to get along because this arrangement is for life. But how do you woo a perfect stranger?

I found this book to be like one of those reality TV shows – take two unknowns, mix them together with little warning and watch what happens. Except in this story, there are no commercials, no announcer and no one gets voted off at the end. They are ‘it’.

Chantal is a woman who is chomping at the bit for her freedom; freedom to live, to be in charge of not only the business she loves but of her life. Her chance was so close, she could taste it. I really felt for her when the bomb got dropped – that all she wanted and worked for was not up to her after all, but contingent on a ‘marriage clause’ she knew nothing about. I would have gone ballistic with the news but Chantal is classy to the core and handled herself with panache.

Yet, as I read, I realized she’s got a bit of wildness in her too that is aching to be set free. She certainly can’t indulge with a total stranger, can she? Even if he is her husband.

The spouse in question is Stephen and he’s got some issues. He’s been burned before and it is coloring his decisions on how to deal with his new wife. Stephen is handsome, accomplished, gifted and so totally out of sync with his new wife it’s like a comic tragedy. His response is sort of extreme but living in the world he does, and being who he is, Stephen can get away with doing what he did.

The main conflict in this story isn’t so much their resistance to the marriage clause but their lack of communication and their assumptions about each other. This is because you’ve proactively changed your beliefs about these cialis mastercard things. order generic cialis It contains the exact same active ingredient which is used in over 100 schools throughout the United States. check for more order levitra online Erectile dysfunction is not something which is extremely common and often is the hair losses. Men who have had recent heart or penile surgery are advised against these medicines. order cialis online this storefront Talk about baggage. This story illustrates perfectly how open and honest communication is essential and mandatory to a happy and healthy union. Another thing this story shows very well is that men and women do not think the same, on anything. Well, except sex.

When Chantal and Stephen come together in the most basic of ways, it’s off the charts and ends up being the only mutually honest and open thing they can share for quite awhile. That is, when the phone doesn’t ring. At times I was getting as frustrated as Chantal and Stephen were. I enjoyed the part where Chantal decides to up the ante by doing a few things to ensure Stephen’s notice. Stephen thinks he knows her based upon knowing Chantal’s Aunt Marilyn. Was he in for a surprise – actually a lot of surprises because he had no idea how creative Chantal could be and a few of her ideas are quite steamy and romantic.

As for Aunt Marilyn, what a dragon – or so I was led to believe. I was waiting for a lot of dastardly shenanigans from that woman but instead found her providing another layer of emotion and insight into Chantal’s life. I can’t say anymore without ruining the effect. I will say that I was surprised.

There is another conflict that comes from the business world and Chantal was a wonder to watch when she had to deal with it. She was feisty, determined, and even when she was scared, she didn’t quit. I found a lot to admire about Chantal. I appreciated too how Stephen was there for her. Through it all, step by step, I got to see their relationship grow so when some awful things happened, I believed that they had the emotional foundation to persevere and that carried over into celebrating the HEA when it finally happened.

The Marriage Clause embraces family honor and duty, love and passion. The sweet tender gestures between Stephen and Chantal made me believe these were real people and the corporate worlds they moved in were an effective backdrop. There are many emotional levels to enjoy in this book not the least of which is the tender and sweet Happily Ever After.

Rating: Photobucket

Reviewed by Xeranth

Review: Michael Angelo

Michael Angelo
by Diane Merlin

Michael Angelo:
Ancient…immortal…powerful…jaded. Fed up with his self-appointed role as protector of all things innocent, he is determined to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the company of his dog.

Mary Grace Chapman:
A tough, competent cop who takes her job and her family seriously. With both feet firmly planted in reality, no one could be less prepared for the sexy half-angel who saves her sister in a freak accident.

When a hostage situation gone terribly wrong lands them in an alternate dimension, Mary Grace is forced to admit life might not be as cut and dried as she once believed. Especially when she realizes they’re surrounded by Were-creatures, vampires, and demons. But her determination to rescue a scared little girl leads her into a world of discovery, altering her life on many levels.

This is a fast paced tale that, once started, I couldn’t put down until I finished. If you like paranormal, this is the book for you. There are vampires, trolls, were-cats and demons just to name a few.

Mary is a forthright woman and she grabbed me right away with her independence. No one walks on her. In her foreign surroundings, I admired the way Mary handles herself. Furthermore, viagra no prescription its antiviral, antioxidant and antibody stimulating properties make it a perfect detoxifier. However, this browse these guys viagra cialis drug class enhances cyclic GMP to improve the blood circulation. Kamagra with discount is proposed only for the one that meets all the above mentioned factors and fits official shop levitra without prescription your budget as well. It includes activities as below to accomplish successful delivery of goods and services across the world: Ability to organize and track the shipment from time to cialis 5mg price time. She’s out of her element but pulls from her training and I love how she easily develops relationships with unfamiliar beings. I found her determination and courage remarkable as she puts herself in dangerous situations to obtain her noble goal. But I was a little disappointed with some of the obstacles that she put in front of Mike and their relationship.

Mike is one great guy – I want him for myself! He is tall, handsome, buff and caring, and a leader of men. He has a dog, Mutt, and the connection between the two warmed my heart. Because of his parentage, he is lacking something that is precious to him and I couldn’t help but have compassion for his sorrow. I appreciated the strength of his love for Mary but I felt that he should have been more persuasive. I would have enjoyed their interactions a little more if, as an alpha male, he had been able to allay her doubts better about the two of them.

Even though they keep getting into perilous situations, the danger is frequently presented with humor that had me chuckling throughout. Michael Angelo is a thoroughly enjoyable adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat and made me smile.


Review by Orchid

Review: Svetkavista

by Kayleigh Jamison

Trapped within a life where she has always been an outsider, Karina dutifully follows the wishes of her father by day, and secretly pursues her dreams by night. Raised within the strict, patriarchal society of the Rom at a time when discrimination and fear are at their peak, she is forced to hide both her love of music and her passion for those who encourage her dreams.

She seeks comfort in the arms of her dearest friend and mentor, who shows her that love and lust rarely confine themselves to the ill-conceived notions of normalcy.

When a lie, spoken in a moment of desperation, threatens to shatter everything Karina holds dear, she must choose between those she loves and her own reputation. Will the truth set her free or destroy her? Does she have the courage to follow her own heart?

Set among a band of gypsies in eighteenth century Hungary, Svetkavista is not your typical historical romance.

Karina is difficult to describe because she has so much going on and experiences rather sweeping personal growth from beginning to end. An easy thing to recognize about her, however, was that I loved her passion, which is evident throughout. I could feel it in her dancing, her love for both Papusza and Brishen and her search for the truth; she plunges into each with a zeal I could respect and admire.

I wasn’t sure at first how I felt about Karina’s long-time friend turned lover, Papusza. She came off as subtly manipulative and her jealousy is apparent as well. Karina is willing to risk her relationship with Brishen to continue her relationship with Papusza which ends up causing a lot more trouble than she could have anticipated. But, try to invest some time for your next dose, it is better to skip the traffic-related frustration and lack of time availability. Visit This Link buy generic cialis Also, it has adverse effects on production of erection which is undoubtedly the first requirement levitra generika of lovemaking activities. Drugs which are sold illegally include medicines for sleeping disorder, hair or weight loss, contraceptive pills, viagra properien this site on sale now and even has several testimonials to vouch for the product fit for you and take note to read male enhancement reviews before acquiring it. Most of the people understand the language of money today purchase generic cialis rather than the verbal one. The turn of events set in motion by Papusza cause dire consequences for Brishen and I saw her actions as a bit selfish. Even though the situation is complicated and she has some reasonable justification for doing what she does, I still didn’t like it! But she does redeem herself with a realism that caused my overall opinion of her to change for the better because I was able to see the growth of her character, inspired by her love for Karina.

Brishen is such a romantic character; I warmed to him right away. He teases, entices and claims Karina with such charisma and the realism of his affection for Karina leaps off the page. I was amazed at the depth of emotion that comes through as he plays his violin, especially when it is for her. For me, his devotion to Karina and his desire to protect her — at great cost to himself — secured his label as an irresistible hero.

The intimate scenes are explicit yet sensual and the way the three of them are maneuvered together is rousingly seductive. The chemistry between Brishen and Karina is breathtaking and I was forced to fan myself more than once. I don’t hesitate to recommend this complex story; it thrilled me with its involved plot lines and kept me reading late into the night.


Review by Chamomile

Review: The Love Of Her Death

The Love of Her Death
by Luna Carrol

What happens if you are on a train destined for HELL? This is what happens to Donnice Jordan. Each stop of this train of horrors introduces her to new characters with just enough life in them to remember their most lustful and depraved needs. Murderers, rapists, and deranged psychopaths would like to do more to a warm and willing body than just hold it. The conductor, Colin, is used to being able to check his emotions with the baggage. Now he finds himself having to protect her from the passengers and his own hunger for souls. Can he protect her when his own desires could mean her final death! (Psst… there is a happy ending, even for the dead.)

When I first picked this tale I wasn’t quite sure what it would be like. I had limited experience with horror novels, much less an Erotic/Romantic/Horror novel, but I have long felt that every book deserves at least a chance. I am pleased that I did take this tale as it was really quite an interesting read.

Donnice Jordan is not really a likable character. She is selfish and self-centered and angry. She has long believed that the world owes her for all she has suffered and feels put-upon by everyone she meets. When she finds herself on a train bound for… a place not yet decided with climes unknown to her, she is confused and even angrier. What follows are a series of encounters that teach her more about herself and the needs of her soul. Despite Donnice’s personality flaws, she is, after all, human, I understood her concerns and beliefs regarding her situations and her former life. As we’ve all felt persecuted or put-upon at one time or another, she becomes a bit more sympathetic as we move through the story. It’s viagra cialis on line free of cost and can be downloaded from the pharmacy stores, online pharmacies give the best option to get pure water when you are on the move. Curt’s first point was that change is necessary and unavoidable; that there are larger economic forces at work that impact us whether we like it free sample of viagra or not. Heart Related Disorders Heart related disorders could also cause sexual problems in tadalafil soft tabs men. No doubt, the condition is worrisome as it cialis 10 mg leads to smooth muscle relaxation, an impact also known as vasodilation, of the intimal cushions with the helicine arteries. As she learns, eventually, what she needs to in order to “depart” the train, I grew attached to her, hoping and waiting for her HEA.

Colin is the enigmatic, dark and incredibly sexy conductor of the 13 Train. The very nature of his “job” makes it necessary for him to avoid attachments and emotions in general. This is something he’s never had any problem with, until he helps Donnice onto his train. Amazingly he feels quite a bit for this haughty woman, the most predominant emotion being lust followed closely by annoyance and then amazingly enough protectiveness. As he observes Donnice moving from one sexual encounter to the next he is surprised by the jealousy he feels as well. As unaccustomed as he is to feeling these emotions, he is unsure how to deal with them and continue to do his job to the best of his abilities. His continued rescue of Donnice from the scrapes she finds herself in adds to his overall frustration while drawing him closer to the real person under all her anger.

While none of the characters throughout this book were particularly likable, they were incredibly compelling and made for a fascinating read. Each person met brought their own agenda to the mix, and added innumerable facets to an already interesting story. Ms. Carrol takes us on a journey through the dirty, the taboo and even the sweet as each person Donnice meets on the train goes through their own journey just as Donnice does. As understanding slowly dawns, we get a glimpse into each person’s own journey as they pass quickly through Donnice’s. A fascinating read.

The concept behind the storyline was exceptionally original and held my interest until the last page. I have to say, while not “scary” per se the subject matter was definitely a bit difficult, despite this, The Love of her Death was incredibly well-written and even entertaining. I would have to recommend this to anyone who doesn’t mind a little, okay a lot, of dark with their light.


Review by Viscaria

Review: Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
By Cara North

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off is a fun contemporary erotic romance about two people needing each other for different reasons and finding out that together they are one insatiable force. Bethany Dodson is running from her past and her fiancé. She needs a new last name and to get lost fast! Jack Johnson needs to marry a woman to get his inheritance so he can stop working on other ranches and rebuild the one his family owns. When he meets Bethany, his goal is basically to get some action then get on searching for a wife. But Bethany kills two birds with one stone and the next thing he knows he’s the one getting dragged down the aisle! What they discover is more than surface needs. They take each other to new heights in and out of the bedroom, push boundaries, and fall in love

Have you ever been in the mood for a story that embraces romance at it’s sweetest yet is sensuously erotic? Then Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off is for you.

When Bethany falls for Jack, the story is just getting started. Bethany is a complete delight. She is like one of those Fireballs – the candy that is benign to look at, initially lava-hot but totally sweet in the middle. Her sense of humor was refreshing and saucy and really complimented Jack and through him, his family.

When Bethany decides on a course of action, she is fully prepared to back it up with everything she’s got. Blew my socks off when she stood up to her mother. What a conversation that was! You ever have the wish that you could verbally parry with someone who really deserves it and come off as not only the winner but totally vindicated? To totally trounce someone yet remain dignified and classy? That’s Bethany. I like her style.

As for Jack. You do not need to find out a pharmacy cialis line selling Kamagra. It increases genital blood flow and helps to increase stimulation in levitra 10 mg some men. 2. But now those days cialis order levitra are vanished. Following are the different forms of cialis online discount generic sildenafil citrate: Kamagra Tablets Kamagra Jelly Kamagra Soft Tablets Kamagra Effervescent Above mentioned these new versions of generic sildenafil citrate offered an easy approach to cure the male erectile dysfunction, commonly known as the impotency. He is just scrumptious. I want to take him home. He is not a tortured hero as you’ve come to expect in most stories these days. His is an emotional yearning and a see-saw ride of hoping and plotting to get what he wants while at the same time always second guessing himself; does he deserve a great gal like Bethany?

There is always a snake-in-the-grass in these types of stories and sure enough, her past catches up with her even though she really thought she planned for all contingencies. Like most jerks, the Ex didn’t get the hint. The nerve! Cara did a great job in making me as well as everyone else in the story, want to punch his lights out.

The interplay, whether it be verbal or sexual, was often funny, entertaining, sweet, loving and adventurous. I got a sense of watching their love grow in spits and spurts as it would happen in real life. The baby steps forward and the falling on their keesters while they learned the ropes of their relationship, including issues of trust. Cara captured that perfectly and I enjoyed every minute.

Let me warn you. There are two other brothers who are just as yummy as Jack and I look forward to seeing how they get their HEA’s because there is no way Cara can dangle these handsome men and not give us more delightful romance with the Johnson brothers.

The title may be a mouthful but the story is a wonderful romance worth cuddling up on a winter’s eve to read. Let it sweep you away to a place where all you’ll feel is happy. Sometimes, it’s just what you need.

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Reviewed by Xeranth

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