Secrets of Bennett Hall by Jordan Elizabeth

Secrets of Bennett Hall by Jordan Elizabeth
Return to Amston Book 2
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Genre: Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery, YA
Length: Full Length (197 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 16+
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Darkness once twisted Adelaide Dinsmore’s mind, but she thought she had grown out of that. Her job as a teacher in Hedlund proved that – until she discovers one of her students dead and the town turns against her. As her mind starts to crumble, she is offered a new job, this time as a governess for Gentleman Bennett’s granddaughter back east.

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Then, Theodora begins to speak of a Villain who haunts secret passages in the manor, and Adelaide stumbles upon a sealed off wing where ghosts whisper from the shadows. Twisted inventions fill the basement and the villagers are wary of the Bennett family.

The longer she stays at Bennett Hall, the less likely her chance for escape, but she cannot leave Theodora or Joseph. The darkness in her mind might be the only thing to save them.

The past won’t let Adelaide go.

Adelaide is a magnet for trouble. She triumphed over the troubles of her childhood only to have tragedy strike again when one of her students dies under suspicious circumstances. Adelaide had my sympathy from the very first page. It is clear she cares for her students and had nothing to do with the death of the young girl, yet the town is determined to blame her. Adelaide isn’t even given a chance to defend herself and is sure her prospects as a teacher are ruined. Miraculously, a position as a governess falls into her lap, but is it too good to be true?

Adelaide is a strong young woman. With the love and support of her parents, she’s overcome the troubles of her past to become an accomplished teacher. When she accepts the position with the Bennett family, Adelaide is once again looking toward the future. However, I immediately suspected that all was not well at Bennett Hall. Theodora is a sweet girl, but everyone else behaves so strangely. Parts of the house and property are sealed off or forbidden, and strange noises haunt the night. The darkness surrounding Bennett Hall is suffocating. I wouldn’t have spent more than one night in such a creepy place, but Adelaide is determined to protect Theodora even if it means putting herself at risk. Joseph is a ray of sunshine at Bennett Hall. His kindness and warmth toward Adelaide immediately won me over. It was a pleasure to watch them fall in love and face the evil in Bennett Hall together.

Secrets of Bennett Hall is a very good read. The eerie atmosphere gave me goosebumps, and as the truth of Bennett Hall’s past is gradually revealed, I was truly horrified. I was on the edge of my seat wondering how it all end, and I must say the conclusion was unexpected. While this book is part to in the Return to Amston series, it stands alone extremely well. I highly recommend Secrets of Bennett Hall to anyone looking for a spine-chilling Gothic tale with a touch of romance.

Stein & Candle: Cold Wars by Michael Panush

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Stein & Candle: Cold Wars by Michael Panush
The Stein & Candle Detective Agency Volume 2
Publisher: Curiosity Quills
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (221 pages)
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

A wealthy Hawaiian hotelier is chewed to death by sharks – in his penthouse office.

A traveling salesman goes missing – in a shady New England town full of monstrous fishmen.

A new casino gets supernaturally good luck in Vegas – thanks to ancient Egyptian magic.

These are the cases taken by Morton Candle and Weatherby Stein. Mort’s a hardboiled ex-paratrooper turned two-gun shamus. Weatherby’s a fourteen-year-old wiz kid and heir to the greatest family of European sorcerers.

They met in the fury of WWII, when Weatherby and his parents were being held hostage by the Third Reich and Mort’s squad was sent to bust them out. Now they’re a pair of private detectives specializing in the paranormal, the supernatural and the just plain weird.

But sometimes, arcane evil goes back a long way and a dangerous force from deep in the past of Stein’s family is about rise. Weatherby and Mort will put everything they have into stopping it – and it might not be enough.

This is an unusual book. Set in the 1950s, it has the air of old detective cartoon books about secret agents. The book follows the careers of Morton Candle, a retired army sergeant turned detective and Weatherby Stein, genius of the supernatural and inheritor of his father’s knowledge of the supernatural.

Their reputation is for solving cases of the unusual kind and each section covers a different crime for the two intrepid heroes to solve. First is the case of a man killed by a shark – in the penthouse office. Other similar strange cases come their way and they attempt to solve them with their usual combination of investigative experience and supernatural expertise.

The two main characters are fun. Mort knows Weatherby is still a child as far as maturity goes, but he treats him with respect. Most of the time Weatherby goes along with Mort, but when he feels strongly about something he digs his heels in and goes his own way.

Weatherby’s sister, Selena, makes a few brief appearances much to Mort’s irritation. Due to the fact it’s separated into different stories (or cases) it’s a book that can easily be put down and picked up again as time permits. Maybe it was the 1950s style of writing, but I found although I enjoyed it, this book didn’t grab me enough to want to make me read more of the series. On the whole the book is lighthearted despite the paranormal aspect and I read it with enjoyment.

The Stein & Candle Detective Agency, Vol. 1: American Nightmare by Michael Panush

The Stein and Candle Detective Agency, Vol. 1: American Nightmare by Michael Panush
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Genre: Suspense/Mystery, Action/Adventure, Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (254 pgs)
Heat Level: 12+
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Water Lily

Morton Candle is a tough guy.

He grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, dodging from mobster-ruled neighborhoods to reform school before the army snapped him up and sent him to Europe to fight Hitler. That’s where he met Weatherby Stein, the scion to one of the greatest occult families of Europe. Weatherby and his parents were being held prisoner by the Nazis, forced to use their supernatural knowledge to aid the Third Reich’s war effort.

Morton Candle got Weatherby to safety, but the kid’s parents didn’t make it.

Now it’s the 1950s.

Weatherby’s a teenager, with his father’s knowledge and a chip on his shoulder from the indignities of the modern world. Morton bumps into him again and they decide to go into the only business they can – paranormal private detectives.

This time, Weatherby and Mort have cases that will take them from a vampire’s decaying mansion to the mob-controlled streets of Havana. They’ll take on roadside attractions gone wrong, hordes of the living dead, and ride against the devil in a high speed car race to the death.

Between them, Weatherby and Mort have a small arsenal and a deep knowledge of matters arcane and bizarre. They’ll need brains and brawn to survive in a world where horror, action and hardboiled noir come together in a cataclysmic mix.

Move over Mike Hammer and Sam Spade, here comes Morton Candle. If you like 1940’s/1950’s detective stories, you are going to love Michael Panush’s The Stein and Candle Detective Agency, Vol. 1.: American Nightmare This is book noir with a paranormal twist. The bad guys are frequently monsters—literally.

Written as a chapter book, with one case per chapter, this is marketed as a Suspense/Mystery, but I think the real target audience is young adults, especially boys age 10 and up, depending of their reading level. As a mother of boys, I know how rare it is to find a good “boy book”–something featuring boys that’s exciting enough to hold their interest but not too graphic to bother their mother. The Stein and Candle Detective Agency, Vol. Fractures or Dental Trauma Tooth fractures ordine cialis on line can occur anywhere, either on the tooth itself or on the bone that surrounds it. With the help of spinal decompression by a viagra sale online professional healthcare provider. There are get viagra cheap a number of reasons for the emergence and development of the disease. You can get the greatest deals on both order levitra online the sides, until your partner tells you that you have found two tender spots. 1 has monster/comic book style violence that’s perfect for this age group. I think my thirteen year old will love this. The fact that each chapter comes with its own “cover” adds to its appeal and the young adult feel of this book.

My only complaint is character development. Because of the presentation—separate stories for each chapter—there was no particular chronology and therefore, no character growth. If you read each story as a tale in itself, this isn’t too objectionable. But if you read it as a novel, it may bother you. I don’t think it will bother my son at all.

It’s a credit to Mr. Panush that, while reading, I kept “seeing” the scenes in black and white. If you’re a film noir fan or have a son you want to entice into reading, you might want to pick up a copy of The Stein and Candle Detective Agency, Vol. 1: American Nightmare.