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Favorite Christmas Treat: Chocolate Angel Pie

My mother-in-law was famous in the family for her pies. Every holiday celebration we all looked forward to a piece of any of her fabulous creations. We had the traditional pumpkin and mince pies, but one almost everyone wanted a piece of was her Chocolate Angel Pie.

This particular confection required a meringue shell laced with walnuts and filled with a special chocolate/whipped cream combination. Not being a whiz at meringues myself, and witnessing how this kind of crust/shell crumbles and defies easy removal from the pie pan for even the most expert bakers (including my mother-in-law), I have since adapted the recipe.

If your family craves chocolate for the holidays, and you are contemplating a small gathering, this recipe will satisfy both, plus add the delightful pizazz of the unexpected to your dinner. And it’s surprisingly easy. (Something we all need during the holiday rush.) 

Chocolate Angel Pie

1 plain pie crust, baked and cooled (premade or from scratch)


1 bar (4 oz.) Bakers German Sweet Chocolate (found in stores alongside the usual Bakers Chocolate)

3 tablespoons water

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½ cup finely chopped walnuts

1 cup whipping cream or 2 cups Cool Whip or 1 package Dream Whip, prepared as directed

Break chocolate into pieces into a small saucepan. Add water. Stir chocolate in the water over low heat until melted; cool until thickened, a few minutes. Blend in 1 teaspoon vanilla and nuts. Whip cream or Dream Whip or measure Cool Whip. Fold chocolate mixture into whipped cream. Pile into baked pie shell. Refrigerate. Serve with more whipped topping, if desired. Enjoy!

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Helen C. Johannes writes award-winning fantasy romance inspired by the fairy tales she grew up reading and the amazing historical places she’s visited in England, Ireland, Scotland and Germany. She writes tales of adventure and romance in fully realized worlds sprung from pure imagination and a lifelong interest in history, culture, and literature. Warriors on horseback, women who refuse to sit idly at home, and passion that cannot be denied or outrun—that’s what readers will find in her books.


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  1. Wow, that pie sounds amazing! I want to try it someday, so I’m tucking this recipe away for later. 🙂

  2. Linda Tillis says

    The pie sounds delicious and so does the story!

  3. Sandra Dailey says

    Yes, the recipe sounds amazing – so does the book. Perhaps I’ll have them together. Happy Holidays!

  4. sounds tasty

  5. Mariah Lynne says

    Yum! I love chocolate cream pie but this version sounds wonderful. The romantic adventure in Lord of Druemarin sounds better… no calories!

  6. Light Cool Whip or Dream Whip can cut the calorie load and still keep the taste, Mariah. Or you can say the antioxidant power of the nuts counters the cream!

  7. AuntySuzany says

    I’d love to read this book! And chocolate too!?

  8. The pie sounds wonderful! Best on the book!

  9. Steve Mitchell says

    Loved the book. I’m going to have to try that receipe.

  10. Thanks for the recipe… it sounds yummish and is going on my rota for next year’s baking. My grandmother used to make divine meringues… she, unfortunately, did not pass on that particular skill set to me.

    • I hear you, Judith. I tried for several years to duplicate my mother-in-law’s skill with meringues but decided instead to concentrate on the recipes I could duplicate or modify to suit my own family’s tastes. Thanks for commenting.

  11. Ilona, you’re the winner! Congratulations! I’ll contact you via email. Thanks to all of you for commenting and interacting online. Please enjoy the chocolate pie and have a Happy 2021!

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