Waiting On A Friend by Megan Slayer

Waiting On A Friend by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Recent Historical, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Holiday, LGBTQ
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

King Mason doesn’t want to spend another year alone. He loves his job at the men’s shelter, but there has to be more from life than work. He’s seen the pretty blond man around the community and can’t wait to make a move at the Christmas street party.

Randall Stevens has big plans for Christmas 1980, and all of them involve meeting King Mason. He’s fallen hard for the man, and his wish is to take things to the next level. Christmas Eve just might be the night — except some wishes are meant to go sideways. Can Start Me Up help provide the solution he and King need?

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I enjoyed this Christmassy short story. While a few of the previous couples are mentioned in relation to the potion store Start Me Up this book can totally be read as a stand alone and I had no problems following along with it having not read any of the previous stories. I enjoyed that despite the short length of the story the author gave a fair bit of time at the start to properly introduce King and Randall’s characters, this helped me get a good feel for what they’re like and where they are at in their respective lives so as they slowly became more attached to each other their relationship felt more realistic and understandable to me.

I was pleased the author managed to explain most of the “magic” or paranormal aspect of this story without info-dumping or bogging the pace of the plot down. It was quite unconventional but I enjoyed it and while I feel readers will definitely need to suspend their disbelief – Christmas magic and a bit of “love conquers all” is never a bad thing in a romance story to my mind.

Readers looking for an intensely erotic story might not be satisfied with the two quick sex scenes. Personally I felt the blossoming relationship between King and Randall, as well as the paranormal/magical element to the story and the rest of the plot was more interesting and important than a second or third sex scene between the two men. Especially considering the short length to the story I feel the author managed to balance all these elements really well – but for an “erotic romance” even though the sex was steamy and sensual I could understand if this might not be satisfying for everyone.

Christmassy and full of magic and the first blush of a new relationship I enjoyed this happy and short story.

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