Think Kink by Natalie Dae

Think Kink by Natalie Dae
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (45 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Menage, Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Anna, Kline, and Jack. Three people who all have the same thing in mind – ultimate pleasure and a night they won’t forget.

Anna has longed for a third person to join herself and her permanent lover, Kline, on their monthly trysts at a New York City hotel. Kline always takes control on these evenings, calling the shots and only allowing Anna to come when he wants her to, so what makes her think he will grant her request of having a threesome?

Kline has made Anna wait for her deepest desire, and tonight she will get the second lover she asked for a year ago. Kline will do anything to make Anna happy, including allowing the stranger inside her body, but he isn’t prepared for how sharing her will make him feel.

Jack is hired to join Anna and Kline for an hour of rampant sex and is hit with confusing emotions once he sees the beautiful woman spread-eagled on the bed, duct tape holding her wrists and ankles to the posts. Something about her changes his perspective with regards to his job, and he finds he wants more than just a sample of the woman who has gotten under his skin.

Anna and Kline had a standing arrangement. Once a month they had a decadent tryst in a hotel room, then went back to their regular lives. To where Anna couldn’t scream in the night at Kline’s attentions for fear of their neighbors who shared their walls might call the cops on them. Anna had divulged one of her secret fantasies to Kline, almost a year ago. And when a stranger entered their bedroom, Anna guessed they were finally going to fulfill that fantasy.

I found this to be a highly sensual threesome story. Each chapter is told from differing points of view – Anna, Kline and their third lover. This really helped me understand the situation from everyone’s stance, but also helped me get into their motivations and expectations. The scene was hot and very well paced. I loved the interaction between Anna, Kline and their stranger – but more. I loved the ending. I refuse to spoil it – but it was completely different to what I had expected. It was (for me, at least) a unique twist on what could have otherwise been a fairly standard “third man joins the loving husband and wife fantasy” style of short story.

There is certainly kink in this lovely short story – but nothing that I found too outrageous. Toys, clamps, spanking and a threesome. All hot and very well written. But again, it’s the ending that really stuck in my mind. I love how the author changed it up and gave me as a reader something quite different. I’ve noticed that there are two more books and I’m quite eager to read the next one.

I found this to be a steamy hot, sensually written short story. While the focus was on the fantasy and sex, I enjoyed the snapshots of Anna, Kline and their stranger that I was shown. I really, really enjoyed the ending and found it interesting and refreshing enough I plan to move onto other stories by Ms. Dae. A different look on a tried-and-true style of story, and one I am very interested to continue reading. Recommended.

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