Way of the Wolf: Ascension by Rebecca Anne Stewart

Way of the Wolf: Ascension by Rebecca Anne Stewart
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full length (248 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Dryas

My father is the alpha, a mantle my unborn brother will take one day. But as daughter of the alpha, my role isn’t yet certain.

My heart is set on becoming the beta, I want to show our kind that a female can be just as strong as any other wolf, without needing a mate to protect her.

Whatever got into you Rodney?” I smiled and told her that it was because I found her undesirable after having three children. levitra properien https://www.supplementprofessors.com/levitra-2865.html The air flows over this structure, embedded in a honey-comb like cooling order viagra australia fins, carrying coolant. The ingredient that matters in anti tadalafil soft tabs ED medicines is the core ingredient which the medicine is based around. The owner of a drunk penis quickly vardenafil vs viagra finds that his penis is becoming dulled and deadened to touch. But when my father is called to help a neighboring pack, suddenly everything changes. I’m thrown into a world of intrigue, deadly plots, and a fight for power.

As a female who never wanted or needed a mate, I now find myself torn between two males. One, the leader. The other, an untamed wolf.

Either way, taking a mate requires submission, and it’s not in my nature to submit. But no matter how hard I try to fight it, it seems my fate has already been decided.

A pack of wolves on the far eastern border of Ireland are going to a different pack to help smooth over a new Alpha’s rule. All should go well, but it doesn’t and that’s where this book gets good.

There were times I laughed and times I got a little irritated. Cathwulf is very stubborn. She has her way of doing things and won’t deviate. She’s seen things and isn’t willing to change her thoughts. But then she meets Roark. I liked how the author treated the characters with dignity and a deft hand. The author does something different than most shape shifter books by having wolves touch cheeks to get each other’s scent.

There were a few things that I thought could be changed. I thought some of her stubbornness could have been toned down. I would have liked to see her come to understand that her feelings for Roark were deep. I would have liked to see her support him more in the major decisions he has to make. Also, the ending was very abrupt. I was reading along and then suddenly there was the glossary. My poor pets were surprised as I shouted, “What the heck?!”

Otherwise this was an interesting story where the I enjoyed how the author gave us a peek into a real wolf pack. She gave us a different approach to wolf shifters. The characters were extremely well developed. The plot could have been fleshed out more, but it was still interesting. If you want a good shifter book to keep you busy during this time, then this book is for you.

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