The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio by Belle Ami

The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio by Belle Ami
Publisher: Tema Merback
Genre: Historical, Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full length (272 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

Art historian Angela Renatus knows she’s different. She can see into the past—into the lives of the greatest artists of all time—but are her visions a gift or a curse?

Angela and her fiancé, Alex Caine—a former Navy Seal turned private detective—recover precious works of art for private collectors, museums, and galleries. Enlisted by the Uffizi Gallery in Florence Angela and Alex investigate what is considered one of the greatest art heists in history—the theft of Caravaggio’s “Nativity”. But the deeper they delve into Caravaggio’s life, the more Angela realizes that her visions about the tortured artist go far beyond the missing masterpiece.

A web of secrets and lies entangles Angela and Alex on a twisted and treacherous journey into Caravaggio’s very own heart of darkness…and the truth could propel the couple to a point of no return.

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In modern-day times, Angela, a psychic woman and art historian, has nightmares about this duel. Unfortunately, her fiancé Alex is in her bad dreams, as the killer, the brilliant artist Caravaggio. Alex is aware of her past lives with Alex, and flashes of these are interspersed to add excitement to the plot. Caravaggio’s work is dark and bloody, and his character has been maligned by history, but is this an accurate assessment of him? As Angela relives pieces of his life, she and Alex travel around Italy in quite the adventure. Angela’s visions of the future add more tension to the plot.

Alex discovers there’s a mystery concerning Angela’s family in the perfect subplot. What is her father hiding?

We get treated to mini art history lessons in between moments of intrigue and espionage. The way Angela describes paintings allows readers to visualize them with clarity and understanding. Emotion is vividly painted with words that create stunning imagery.

The process of art retrieval and investigation is enlightening. We also learn a lot about Italian food and culture. It’s really brought to life. Sensuality wraps its way around the story, and the chemistry between Angela and Alex is hot. Sex talk is ubiquitous and serves to show the deep connection between the couple.

The danger picks up constantly. Could the Mafia be trying to stop them?

Angela discovers a bigger mission wrapped around her smaller, more dangerous mission. There are plenty of fascinating situations in this novel and unpredictable episodes. The paranormal is a natural part of the flowing narrative. This is a good story that readers are likely to enjoy.

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