The Color of Dreams by Tia Dani

The Color of Dreams by Tia Dani
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (128 pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed By Daisy

What happens when a Wiccan high-priestess and three mischievous nymphs conjure spells on an environmentalist and a jet engine designer? Magic, mayhem, and wild nights of passion.

Justine Tori Cryst is to be initiated into Gaia’s universal coven. Problem is Justine must conjoin with a perfect soul-mate at the last stroke of midnight on her 29th birthday.

Shaun Kelly can’t believe his luck, or bad luck, when the woman who crushed his heart in college magically returns into his life. But crushed hearts mend. He still loves her. However, the chances of his rekindling their romance are zip because he’s certain Justine is hell-bent on putting the company he works for out of business permanently.

Unbeknownst to either, Justine’s goddess mother is determined to bring Shaun and Justine back together because Shaun has exactly what Justine needs to become the mother of the next generation of powerful little Wicca’s—his gene pool.

Tia Dani creates a magical world that uses potent sexual fairy dust against the backdrop of a modern world. Miniature pixies are guardian angels to Justine and manipulate her love life, and dreams, mischievously. But despite — or maybe because of — their interference, the sexual tension is thick, swelteringly so, and the dreams start a sexual adventure.

However, due to the need for Justine to conjoin with a soul-mate, the story focuses on sex and sexual activity, sometimes to the point at which it detracts from the plot. For instance, the first third of the book focuses on dreams and getting Justine and Shaun to fall for each other again but, due to the lack of instant action and reaction which comes from an environment in which the two actually meet, this section slows the pace of the novel. It also contributes to the feeling this story is more sexual than romantic. Despite this, the detailed description of their imagined meetings are very hot and would be a great addition to any bubble bath bookcase.

General description is also well executed. For example, a be-ribboned Elektra is immediately visual in the reader’s mind and portrays her character well. However, there are also instances where more can be made of description. There are also places description has perhaps gone too wild and so many colours are used that the narrative seems chaotic. For example, ‘the tiny faery readjusted the top to her maroon, short dress and then straightened her white tights with blue-violet hearts’; there are so many colours in this sentence, a reader can become lost in colour rather than what they are describing.

There was also an issue on a number of occasions when masturbation is referred to as ‘sex’, which jolted and disengaged me from the writing as I consider masturbation a lone activity while sex is a joint activity and therefore this word feels erroneous.

However, after the sexual dream, descriptions come to the point quicker and are more apt for the situation. Senses are also well used to create effect and the sexual encounters feel realistic but not overly intimate. This is also the point at which the plot picks up, the characters meet and the sparks fly. Due to this more direct conflict, the story becomes more interesting and the pages go by quicker to lead to the story’s climax.

The story is, in essence, two people in lust and love finally joining in the climax. The colourful ritual is full of well-meaning relatives with echoes of old ancestors. It is well-described and magical in more than just romantic ways. The paranormal aspect of their relationship now adds to the joining, potently and visually underlining the love between two people and providing a satisfactory conclusion.


  1. Daisy, Thank you very much for reviewing our book, Color of Dreams. We appreciate the time you took to read our story and give us 3 1/2 stars. You brightened up our day. Again thanks!
    Tia Dani

  2. This book looks fun! And I LOVE that cover. Gorgeous! 🙂

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