The Christmas Letter by April Zyon

The Christmas Letter by April Zyon
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short Story (48 pgs)
Other: M/F, BDSM, Spanking, Anal Play
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Will a Christmas letter be enough to restore his faith in love?

Dante had been serving his country faithfully as one of the elite SEALs when he got word of his baby sister’s death. To say he had been devastated would have been an understatement. He was taken out of commission, away from the only job he ever knew, to take care of the niece he only saw when he was on leave. He toyed with the idea of allowing them to put her with a foster family—for about two minutes.

Noelle Henry spat out form letters for children who wrote to Santa Claus each holiday season. When she read a letter written in crayon from a six-year-old named Molly Davidson she knew that she couldn’t simply send the child the standard letter, especially since she had known the child’s late mother. Instead, Noelle wrote a personalized letter for the little girl, something that would likely get her fired. She never anticipated what would develop between her and Molly’s new guardian, Dante Davidson.

Noelle loved her job reading letters children had sent to Santa and sending back customized letters to the kids. When she gets a letter from Molly – a little girl whom Noelle knows – her heart breaks. Molly’s parents had died and now her Uncle Dante took care of her. Noelle knew Dante was way out of her league, but that didn’t stop her from lusting over him. Determined to make this Christmas special for Molly and Dante, Noelle decides to play Secret Santa.

Check your brain at the door, settle down with a lovely spiked drink and enjoy this fun Christmas story. In some respects this reminded me of a very spicy, slightly naughty Harlequin Christmas book. A dedicated SEAL who comes home to look after his orphaned niece and bumps into the girl-next-door who he’s been crushing on. This story is slightly clichéd, but I still really enjoyed it, even if the storyline is a little tried-and-true. I chuckled a fair bit at how Noelle was trying to be secretive and devious – giving Molly the Christmas present she dearly wanted – and while Noelle managed it, she also got to snag the man she’d been crushing on since school.

Understandably, most of the plot revolves around Dante learning to take care of Molly and the start of Dante and Noelle’s relationship. While part of me wished the plot had been a little more fresh – or that the conflict and “twist” near the end had been at least a little believable – this had the definite feel of a comfort read to me. I was also a little disappointed that the editing wasn’t tighter. I found there were quite a few repeated words/echoes throughout the story and this jarred me out of enjoying the story a number of times. Having said that – I really enjoyed both Dante and Noelle’s characters and I liked their friendly, flirty banter. I really enjoyed how they didn’t just jump straight into bed, but talked and got to know each other a bit first.

Readers looking for a fun, “solider becomes an instant dad” type Christmas stories should give this a try. There is some mildly kinky sex – though it’s all kept fairly light – and plenty of chemistry between Noelle and Dante which should keep erotic readers satisfied and entertained. I enjoyed Molly, the little girl really adding to the story and not just being a part of the plot and left overlooked. Overall I found this to be a fun, sexy story and an enjoyable read. So leave reality and logic behind, have a drink and relax with this quick, spicy short story.

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