Tempted by the Gargoyle by Lisa Carlisle

Tempted by the Gargoyle by Lisa Carlisle
Part 1 of Rise of the Fire Witch
Boston Stone Sentries Book 1
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Romance
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Danger. Desire. And a forbidden attraction between a cop and shifter.

The eclipse of the red Supermoon is coming.

Humans hype the event as a night of passion.

But, the gargoyles sense a threat…

Larissa, a police officer, wants nothing to do with the media-driven event pushing soulmates, but her friend convinces her they need a night out to move on. It will be their first night dancing since the attack. When they visit a gothic-themed club, Larissa catches an attractive stranger watching her.
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Roman, commander of the Stone Sentries, patrols from a Boston rooftop. When a blast of dark magic soars past him, he attributes it to a brunette. Something about her is different, demanding all senses be on high alert.

Is she dangerous? Or is she in danger?

Roman tracks Larissa to find out…

A night out and a one night stand brought both Roman and Larissa together on a ride of a lifetime.

This is Book 1 in the Boston Stone Sentries and Part 1 of Rise of the Fire Witch.

Larissa never imagined that she would be exposed to a whole another world and to a secret that had been hidden from her for her whole life just because of one night out with Janie, her best friend.

Larissa is strong woman who works in a male dominated career as a policewoman. She does suffer from PTSD. Her initial meeting with Roman ignited the romance between them which may have led to a one night stand but also opened doors for her that she never thought was even there.

Larissa and Roman are Fated Mates and it is wonderful to see them both working from strangers to lovers to Mates. Working together to strengthen each other and protect the ones they love. The main story does span all three books, though it does not feel like a cliffhanger by the end of book 1.

Roman is a Gargoyle shifter and the leader/captain of his group who protects humans against threats. Roman was instantly attracted towards Larissa. The book was descriptive and so was the sex. It is recommended for readers 18+ yrs. It has a couple of sex scenes with oral but not so much that it feels like it is the only thing you are reading. The story was a great read and I really liked it.

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