Swiss Mistletoe and Macarons by Amey Zeigler

Swiss Mistletoe and Macarons by Amey Zeigler
Christmas Cookies
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Holiday
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Baking enthusiast Livi Hanson never misses Jean-Marc’s online videos. Hoping to save money for pastry school, she agrees to nanny over Christmas break in Switzerland for generous overtime pay.

To expand his audience, pastry chef and internet star Jean-Marc Dobrinsky scores a contract for a network TV slot with one caveat: he needs an attractive co-host who equals him in the kitchen.

When she’s invited to bake with Jean-Marc, Livi must prove she has the culinary chops, and Jean-Marc must put aside his pride. Can they rise to the challenge, or will it flop?

Change can be frightening, but it can also be the best thing to ever happen to someone.

Livi’s character development was delightful. When I first met her, she was the sort of person who would bend over backwards to help others regardless of how difficult it made her own life. Her generosity and compassion were admirable, but I yearned for her to learn how to set appropriate boundaries and take better care of her own needs, too. It was wonderful to see how she grew and changed throughout this novella.

Some of the most memorable scenes in my opinion were the ones that showed the characters making the best of disappointing circumstances. For example, Livi found ways to celebrate her favorite Christmas traditions in an unfamiliar country where it wasn’t always possible to recreate everything exactly how she’d like. Sometimes she had to make substitutions or even try new things altogether. Having such a sensible approach to the holiday season goes a long way in making it special even if one can’t celebrate with the people they miss or eat exactly the same foods they would normally enjoy.

I loved seeing how the romantic storyline unfolded, especially since Jean-Marc had such a strong and opinionated personality. His biggest strengths were often Livi’s biggest weaknesses and vice versa. This led to a few personality clashes between them in the beginning, but I could see each side of their conflicts so well that I couldn’t pick between them. Both of these characters made good points, and it was evident from the beginning that they could learn a lot from each other.

Swiss Mistletoe and Macarons was an immensely satisfying Christmas romance novel that I can’t recommend highly enough.


  1. That cover makes me hungry! What a beautiful cover.

  2. Thank you for such a great review! I’m so glad you enjoyed my novella!

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