Spell-Weaver by Angela Addams

Spell-Weaver by Angela Addams
The Order of the Wolf, Book #4
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (99 pgs)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4 Stars
Review by: Sorrel

Coloring outside the lines can sting like hell…

The Order of the Wolf, Book 4

Shot by a Huntress, his wolf trapped within him, Dyami Storm is battling a poison that is eating him alive. His only hope is finding his mate, but without his wolf to guide him, he doesn’t know where to look.

The second the sexy bad boy stumbles into her tattoo shop, smelling of booze and oozing attitude, Summer Sinclair knows he’s trouble. She should turn him away, but a strange magnetic pull compels her to help him out with a little ink.

When Summer’s boyfriend walks through the door, Dyami senses he’s in the presence of a Hunter, and the Hunter recognizes him as a wolf. With hackles raised, a weapon coming at him, Dyami’s only choice snaps into place. Bite Summer, marking her as his—and unleashing her powers as a Spell Weaver.

On the run from Hunters and losing his fight against the poison, Dyami is in a race against time to convince Summer her power could change the course of the war…and that his fate is in her hands.

A rock star with a secret!

Dyami or Dy for short is not just any normal rock star drummer. He’s a wolf. A wolf in a lot of pain. He’s willing to do anything to distract himself and his wolf from the poison in his body. However, when he sees Summer, his mate, inside the tattoo shop… Everything changes.

Summer was a restless tattoo artist who moved from place to place looking for something until she arrived in town. She immediately felt at home when she arrived. But when she met the local famous drummer at her tattoo shop she felt something else entirely. Too bad her boyfriend picked that moment to walk in. This is the day her life did a 360 turn.

The first thing in my mind when I finished reading Spell Weaver was that I have to read more. It was a very good book but the only problem I had was that there seemed to be a lot of missing background info. Between the plot, the characters and the chemistry between Dy and Summer I almost forgot about the background info. It was that good but in the end it still wasn’t quite complete since there were unanswered questions.

Considering this is the fourth book in this series I think it might be understandable. The questions I had could have been answered in the first three books. Just in case, I would suggest that readers start the series from the beginning.

In my opinion Spell Weaver is a descriptive read that will engage each of the readers in an urban fantasy world that will draw them back to this series time and again.

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