Slider by Harley Wylde

Slider by Harley Wylde
Hades Abyss Book 3
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (148 Pages)
Other: M/F, spanking
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Vasha: Being groomed for the man who purchased me is the only life I’ve known. But I want more. I want freedom! My husband-to-be is a cruel, vicious man. I dread the day he claims me. When my bodyguard and friend, Anatoly, arranges my passage to America — as a mail order bride — I hope it means things will be better. I never counted on my husband being so handsome, or so tender. Nor did I know that passion between a man and a woman could be so consuming! He leaves my knees weak and makes my heart race. There’s just one problem… He doesn’t know we’re married! I don’t know how it happened, or how to fix things, but it’s clear Slider is angry. Leaving is the only thing I know to do, but it is also the hardest decision I have ever made.
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Slider: I’m not even thirty yet, but I’m already tired of the bullshit that comes with easy women. Maybe seeing my Pres settle down gave me a new perspective. Having the same woman in my bed every night is starting to sound more and more appealing. Or guy. I’m not picky. Love is love. What I didn’t count on was my ex-lover deciding to “help” me with my problem. When he left a naked woman in my bed, I was pissed… until I realized she was in trouble. She needs me, and maybe I need her, too. I always did have a hero complex, but it only takes a few minutes of knowing her before I want to slay her dragons, keep her safe, and show her that not all men are evil.

I didn’t count on her being my wife. F**cking Surge! Always putting his nose where he shouldn’t. When she runs, I realize I seriously screwed up and I have to get her back.

Slider is the Hades Abyss secretary and attracted to both male and female. Vasha was groomed relentlessly to be the perfect wife for her cruel husband. To get away, she signs up to be a mail order bride.

Slider is a biker, rough but with a soft heart. When I saw that Slider’s ex ordered a mail order bride for him, I have never seen a beginning like this and it definitely grabbed my attention and kept it until the end.

The instant attraction was there from both sides. The author did a great job of writing and creating Vasha. She is really different from all the other old ladies (wife/official partner) in everything, but she is strong even though she has had a sheltered life from the public if you don’t count the sexual/wifely training. I loved the dynamic of their relationship. The changes that came up on him when he met her were interesting. This story is different, yes, and it had a bit of an insta-love story quality which I didn’t mind one bit. There are scenes that may disturb some, though. The sizzling chemistry was loaded with action. There was some light BDSM–tying up–during the scenes.

This story is perfect for readers who want a self-healing story with action and romance.

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