Silver Presents: Love is Love by Various Authors

Silver Presents: Love is Love by Various Authors
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (616 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Play, Fetish, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Hydrangea

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Love does not conform to any one narrow definition. Love between two men is as poignant and true as love between a man and a woman. Love is love.

Never too Late by Chris Quinton
I liked this book because it reminded me to live every day and to love every day. Stuart lost his love, and thought that he was going to die. He was physically ill and heartbroken. Tom loves Stuart, but after Stuart’s second chance at love he is still not ready for a second chance at love. Age difference also plays a part in Stuart’s decision.

Chosen by Pelaam This is a nice dark Gothic tale. I actually wanted the Vampire Dragomir to get his love. When his love is not ready to embrace the life a vampire, he gets used as a pawn to destroy Dragomir. I really liked the Vampire world that Pelaam created, and I want to go back. Alexandru is innocent and young, which is the case for many vampire victims. However the attraction and love that Alexandru feels proves that he is not a victim at all. I liked the dark and frightening aspect of this story! I cannot wait for sequels, or a longer look into Pelaam’s imagination.

Smoke Break by Allison Cassatta What would you do if you saw an attractive man enjoying himself? I know what I would do! That is what Daryl does when he sees Charlie after their brief encounter. This is a hot, steamy, short and arousing story! You’ll need a cold shower after this one.

Watching for Love by Sara York
This is a sexy look into Mac, a man who cannot stop watching the man he loves: Ryan. He is afraid to talk to him, so he uses voyeurism as his only release. Ryan is not afraid and finally decides to call Mac on his behavior. Ryan uses dominance to teach Mac a lesson, and the lesson he learns is that he loves Ryan even more than he thought. If you fantasize about voyeurism, and brief dominance, then you will love this story.

Far from Home by Serena Yates
I think that two men who want to be left alone make the perfect match! When Luca gets rejected from his family for being gay he has no choice but to live alone. On his adventure he finds a wounded dog. The dog’s owner finds him just in time to accuse him of hurting the dog. After a trip to the Vet, and after Jonathan realizes that he was wrong in his assumption there is an apology. Along with Jonathan apologizing he offers Luca to spend the night. Luca falls for Jonathan’s plan, and a night turns into a lifetime of true love.

Lord Godiva’s Pony Training by S.A. Garcia
Would you help your lover live out his fantasy? Matt’s lover does when he comes home early to catch Matt engaging in Pony Play. This older couple definitely loves each other enough to live out each other’s fantasies. Matt made a great story teller and was indeed funny. There were a few times I found myself laughing and smiling. I learned something, love a good fantasy and laughed all at the same time!

A Return to Normalcy by Anel Viz
This is a story about a man that cares about everyone else but himself. He still eats dinner with his wife once a week while having a bipolar lover. This only confuses the family members more, especially his son. It is only after Patrick learns to take care of himself that the people in his life do as well. This leads to a happy coexistence for all of them. I liked the story and would not mind hearing more about the other characters.

Solitude Disrupted by Andy Slayde and Ali Wilde I didn’t know what to expect with 2 different authors. What I found was the touching story of how Heath opens up Quinn’s heart. Quinn is a shut in, and does not want to deal with anybody, especially not Heath. However as Heath uses his determination on Quinn a bond is made. They decide to let each other be and to live with each other. Before that truce can happen there is a lot of arguing and power plays, in and out of the bed. If I was stuck in Paradise with a hot man, I would find reasons to argue and make up too!

Leap of Faith by Lexi Ander
A bachelor party gone wrong changes everything for Ben. It is only after he finds himself that he can let Dawson love him, like he thought his previous fiancé did.

Clean Monday by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly
When you are at the end of your rope, and no one cares about you, what do you do? Aleczander decides there is nothing left for him. So he jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge. Only he survives, and discovers that people do care. Especially about him. He realizes that there are support groups. Then he finds Tommy. I believe in life. Death is never the answer and this book proves that point beautifully.

My Unintended by Faith Ashlin
The grass is not always greener on the other side. This book to me was about sibling rivalry. Noah is living with Greg.  However, when his parents change their will to leave their house to his sister with kids, he starts to think that he is missing something. It is only after he realizes that he is giving up more by leaving Greg does he learn what he truly wants.

Roadside Rescue by Nicole Dennis
I would love to be rescued by a strange sexy man who invited me back to his house! Especially if he is a Deputy! He must have handcuffs! This story was fun to read and the ending of this one alone was worth buying this whole book!

Unmasked by Patricia Logan
This story had everything, sexy men, BDSM, love and trust. Byron becomes Anthony’s slave, and he likes it. This story was written in a very steamy way! If you like reading about sex, than you will love this story.

Checkmate! By SammyJo Hunt
I liked this story because I liked the idea of using chess as a sex game. I also enjoyed thinking about a hot lifeguard and how willing I would be to trap my king for my opponent. Chess is a mental game, and when the author mixed it with great sex scenes I was hooked.

Overall I am giving this book a 4 because I didn’t like that very few people accepted their gay loved ones. I thought that this would be a better book if a few of the stories started with happy beginnings, too.

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