Shift Into a Higher Gear: Better Your Best and Live Life to the Fullest by Delatorro McNeal

Shift Into a Higher Gear: Better Your Best and Live Life to the Fullest by Delatorro McNeal
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Genre: Contemporary, Non-Fiction, Self-Help
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Kick fear-based living to the curb and discover exactly how to manifest the life of your dreams!

Is there another level of life that you want to live? Are there goals you’ve been struggling to achieve? It’s time to stop settling for excuses and start achieving excellence!

With nearly two decades of experience working with high achievers globally, peak performance expert Delatorro McNeal II is passionate about teaching people how to live life full throttle. As a motorcycle enthusiast, McNeal uses powerful biking metaphors to vividly illustrate how to reject the monotony of living on cruise control. Packed with interactive exercises, compelling questions, and thought-provoking analogies, this book teaches you the methodology and the psychology to bring the best out of yourself! Each of the twelve chapters starts with the word Shift and invites you to make a simple but profound change that will accelerate your results and expand the horizons of your possibilities. You’ll discover how to

• Lean into the curves of life and business
• Sever your dependency on the “kickstands of life”
• Put your weight into the changes you desire most
• Steer the flow of your emotional states
• Shift your core relationships to invite the right posse to your biker club
• Drive defensively to avoid the potholes that stop most people from succeeding

From the introduction all the way through to the conclusion, this book is a transformational seminar on paper. Join Delatorro McNeal as he takes you on the personal development journey of a lifetime.

I don’t even know where to start so I’ll start by saying this is a book you will definitely want to not only read but study and keep handy. And to think this was a book that I picked at random with the preconceived notions that I wouldn’t enjoy it… Boy was I wrong. While reading I texted two friends to share the book’s title and told them that the author’s writing style and message are so inspiring and I also posted a comment on Facebook. I read the book in one sitting and was so thankful for no interruptions.

This book will be a staple for anyone…for business, finances, personal, relationships…just life in general. This is an amazing book that shares great pointers and thought provoking questions that will stick with you well after you finish reading.

I love the motorcycle riding to life concept. I’ve ridden motorcycles before but never would have compared riding a motorcycle in any way similar to having life goals and accomplishing them. I love the layout of the book, along with the thought provoking questions. The author didn’t just write for reading pleasure he wrote so that the readers can receive the message as well as making sure readers take action. I related his writing style to what I imagine it feels like being present at one of his conferences.

Each chapter starts off with a catchy sentence and then is followed by in depth details. The questions, examples and quotes made me pause and meditate on how I can put into action giving 1% more each day, and not just living life but experiencing it. I enjoyed every chapter! I can’t even pick a favorite because I took away a lot from the entire book. I like that he wasn’t wordy, his message is to the point and that he gives practical guidance and various learning exercises that opened my mind to reflect as a consequence I can see myself on the right track to reach my fullest. I love the conclusion at the end of the book and how it gives a snippet of the information included in each chapter. I’m sure I’ll be using this for a quick reference for now on.

I am thankful for the fresh pair of 3-D lenses. A collection of words that help me to live life actively, with intention and purposeful. There is so much I took from this book that I can implement into my life furthermore shifting into a higher gear. To name a few nuggets: no matter what I want it will require my best effort, to also recognize that small changes are just as potent as huge changes and each morning I’ll be asking myself “Will I be better today than I was yesterday?”.

I can’t recommend this book enough!


  1. Wow, what a powerful review! So glad you enjoyed it.

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