Right Beside You by Mary Monroe

Right Beside You by Mary Monroe
Publisher: Dafina, imprint of Kensington Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Full Length (215 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

With a successful career, money in the bank, and a solid future, Felicia Hawkins has almost everything she ever wanted. But getting married is the one holiday wish she can’t seem to get. And it’s not helping that she’s hopelessly in love with her co-worker, widower Richard Grimes. They have the perfect office partnership, and he’s as supportive as he is kind. But Felicia doesn’t want to wreck their friendship by letting him know how she really feels . . .

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But what Felicia and Richard get instead is a cascade of misunderstandings; messy, well-meaning matchmaking from family and friends, and a long-distance transfer Richard can’t refuse. Finally, in the middle of one chaotic snow-struck day, it will take all their courage and compassion to risk opening their hearts to each other—hopefully for many more holiday happily-ever-afters . . .

There is something I enjoy so much about this author’s writing style! Her stories are simple plots but her talent for creating characters that seem so real with such big personalities is what impresses me. This is a good read that shouldn’t be missed. It’s a cute story of two adults that for some reason seem to not want to be open to let the person their in love with know how they feel. I really didn’t understand why but I didn’t focus on the reason why for long, instead I focused on the story at hand.

Single and fashionable Felicia Hawkins is a character that cares a lot for others and doesn’t seem to be able to find love of her own. Felicia is a strong-willed independent woman who deserves love and happiness. Richard Grimes is a caring widower with two small adorable and obedient daughters.

I enjoyed the story. It is a very cute story of two wonderful people who find love and I felt the author told their story so beautifully. It’s a quick read that’s bubbling with humor and a trait by this author of course, lovable characters. It’s spectacularly paced. I was engaged from the first page. I enjoyed the friendship between Felicia and Richard, even though I still wonder why Richard wasn’t open to tell Felicia how he felt. I love Pam, their co-worker’s meddling. Even though she always had a lot of work to do she found time to lay bread crumbs for Felicia and Richard. Her son Clyde is eccentric and even though his role was small his brief parts in the book tickled me.

This story did reach my heart to say life is too short and love can be right beside you. The author did a wonderful job creating such fascinating characters, she is one of my favorite authors that truly is talented in storytelling. Add this book to your reading list when your looking for something quick, humorous and a happy ending.

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