Review: Hot Rio Nights

By Stella and Audra Price

When Starla Gibson learns of the bet that the sexy stranger across from her is putting forth, to be his darling little slave for the night, she thinks it’s a joke. Strong and dominant Gibson, has been hurt too much to play anyone’s subordinate and tells him that she can’t possibly sink to sub level. When he presents her with the answer to both their problems, a small bottle of clear liquid that Derrek claims is a potion to turn her into the most willing toy he’s ever had, Starla can’t back out of the challenge. Little does she know that what she’s about to experience is going to change the way she looks at herself, and the man before her.

This is a story about hot sex. The characters are hot and alluring, and the sex is tinged with a dominant/submissive quality – minus the toys and bonds that are most often associated with the genre. This is more about having mental control and being in charge of the way, when and how things progress. It was exciting and hot.
This story is told solely from Starla’s perspective, and I liked hearing her thoughts and reactions to the events of the evening. She is looking for a fun time and has no inhibitions, so it really was like living in a fantasy world because I know I would be totally against ingesting some unknown substance a stranger handed me in hopes of a good time. It was dangerous and sexy, more so because it was something most of us wouldn’t ever do.

Derrek is a very sexy guy, physically, and certainly lacks nothing in the bedroom. I didn’t really find much in the emotional development of him, though. When he speaks to Starla, it was a bit off-putting at times with the words he used to describe her and took me out of the heat of their encounter, which I was enjoying so much. While there’s no denying the heat and compatibility they share in the bedroom, this story lacked a deeper emotional connection that I think would have added to it.

If you’re looking for a hot, forbidden sexual story, this one hits all the high notes.


Reviewed by Aster

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