Platinum Passion by Jennifer Lynne

Platinum Passion by Jennifer Lynne
Gods of Love 1
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: Contemporary Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (49 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F, Ménage, Anal Play
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Waratah

Three people. One erotic fantasy. And a twentieth wedding anniversary like no other.

Jeannie longs for the return of passion in her marriage. Jake craves new excitement in the form of another man. Pothos is one of the erotes and an aspect of Eros, the ancient Greek god of love, and this couple’s distinctive yearning has called to him. By the power of the erotes he intends to rekindle the flame of Jake and Jeannie’s passion in a night of desire that will be the ultimate platinum anniversary gift.

And when the gods of love decide your marriage needs a boost, they never do it by halves.

How many couples through the years fall into the trap of complacency with one another? Too many, and it’s really no one’s fault, it is what it is.

What if there were an entity out there listening, ready to help a couple in need, a couple who have lost their passion but not their love? Jennie seemed to conjure her fantasy right from the book she was reading. Pothos was the very meaning of sexual power and passion. He oozed it. Moreover, he was going to help Jake and Jennie get back what they’ve lost.

I really liked this book, it was easy to follow and get caught up in. The emotions were palpable and readers will have a hard time not finding Jennie at the middle of a pleasurable epicenter.

The story is very easy to identify with. Jake and Jennie are over worked and not taking time out for each other as a couple. Jennie tends to fantasize because in a dream you don’t need to think about repercussions or guilt.

This is a short read and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed how the writer had the lead female reading when she started fantasizing. I’ve often wondered how many readers, including myself, substitute our name in for that of the leading ladies we read about.

There is a lot of love between Jennie and Jake. Intense, passionate, complete. Even Pothos felt emotions that he hadn’t felt in all his years. I’d love the chance to read the other books in this series. It can be a stand- alone and I liked that it wasn’t a cliffhanger. I enjoyed it and hope others who look for a bit of the mythical will also.

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