Passionate Cravings by Marisa Chenery

Passionate Cravings by Marisa Chenery
Canyon Creek Wolves #4
Publisher: Forever More Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (47 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

For Memphis, a simple trip to town turned out to be a whole lot more than buying items on his shopping list. Being mate branded and finding his mate in the center of a disagreement with some of the townsfolk within minutes of each other hits him like a ton of bricks. From then on, his life won’t ever be the same.

As a wildlife biologist, and working for a foundation to protect the wild gray wolves, Tori was used to butting heads with those who didn’t agree with her opinions. Having a gorgeous hunk come to her rescue was new, though, and something she liked more than she cared to admit.

Having convinced Tori to stay at his place to study the new species of “wolves” he’d told her about, Memphis soon learns his mate will do anything to protect them. Even if there’s risk to herself.

Memphis is a wolf shifter. During a trip into town for shopping he finds his mate, Tori in an argument with some of the members of the town about the need to protect the wild gray wolves. One thing leads to another and she has a gorgeous hunk for a protector and probably for more than that.

I loved the family and the how the relationship developed between both Tori and Memphis. Memphis wants to be together with Tori but not simply because she is his mate, he loves her.

This is the fourth book in this series and I think somehow I expected a bigger glimpse into Memphis’s family. The ending was wrapped up a little too hastily but otherwise for a short story, this was perfect. I enjoyed this short read a lot more than I initially thought I would. The romance and the passion between Memphis and Tori was what dominated the story at first but I was relieved to find it was not the only element to it.

Shapeshifters, love, romance and family – they are an ideal recipe to wind down with…It’s a good read and worth checking out.

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