Parts of Me – From Me to You by Cisel Ozbay

Parts of Me – From Me to You by Cisel Ozbay
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Romance, Poetry, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

There is always one person who changes you in ways nobody else has or ever will. That person will always be a part of you because they’ve helped you find yourself. There is a you before them and a you after them. It is not the connection or the person here which is important as such, but the ways in which they have transformed the writer. This collection of poems captures the author’s journey with that one person, with all the bitterness and pain, there is something beautiful in this journey of finding the self in love.

Love has many faces.
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I truly enjoyed seeing how many details the author was able to fit into her concise poems. Some of them were only two lines long, and yet they were every bit as vivid as they needed to be. There is definitely something to be said for trusting the reader to fill in certain blank parts of the plot ourselves, and I was grateful to have the opportunity to do so when I read things that suddenly stopped when I was expecting them to keep going for at least another stanza or so.

The story of this love affair was told non-linearly at times. That is to say, the narrator might share a big fight the two characters had once they’d been dating for a while only to leap back to a lighthearted, romantic moment between them from earlier and happier days on the next page. While I generally do enjoy putting the pieces together in something like this, it was jarring for me as a reader to move between such contrasting emotions over and over again. Anger, lust, joy, uncertainty, and contentment all require such different responses from the audience. It would have been nice to make those shifts between themes less often even if I were still expected to figure out how all of the scenes fit together chronologically.

With that being said, the ending was written nicely. I was glad that Ms. Ozbay decided to keep things more or less in order for the last several poems. They all played an important role in describing what the narrator learned from this relationship and how it affected their life moving forward. It was interesting to me to observe the obvious character growth in this section of a protagonist whose name and gender I’d never figured out. Luckily, those things aren’t required in order to get to know a character quite well, indeed, especially when the audience’s goodbye to them is as meticulous as this one.

Parts of Me – From Me to You was a heartwarming collection that should be read by anyone who loves romance.

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